The Blue Door

The Blue Door

Lise Kristensen Ken Scott / Feb 21, 2020

The Blue Door A unique and heartbreaking memoir of a child s imprisonment in a Japanese POW camp during World War II It was towards the middle of the year when my friends started disappearing On the island of

  • Title: The Blue Door
  • Author: Lise Kristensen Ken Scott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A unique and heartbreaking memoir of a child s imprisonment in a Japanese POW camp during World War II 1942 It was towards the middle of the year when my friends started disappearing On the island of Java, the stirrings of the Second World War in Europe and the angry looking man called Hitler seem a million miles away from Norwegian born Lise and her siblings Then onA unique and heartbreaking memoir of a child s imprisonment in a Japanese POW camp during World War II 1942 It was towards the middle of the year when my friends started disappearing On the island of Java, the stirrings of the Second World War in Europe and the angry looking man called Hitler seem a million miles away from Norwegian born Lise and her siblings Then one day, her friends and neighbours start to disappear, and she begins to realise that they are not safe after all.Through ten year old eyes, Lise tells of her family s two year imprisonment in POW camps and the brutal treatment received at the hands of their Japanese captors For respite from the rat infested floor of their shelter they adopt a blue door, which sits on concrete posts in the ground They live on it during the day as young Lise plots ways to protect her family from disease, starvation and the desperate behaviour of fellow prisoners This is a little girl s heartbreaking tale of survival A devastating portrayal of a child s loss of innocence to humiliating cruelty Observer

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    1. This is a non-fiction book I had never heard of before it turned up at my house as the November BookBuddyBox (check them out here). I was so very glad that this did turn up though, because instantly it sounded like a book I knew I would probably like, and I definitely did enjoy listening to the story of Lise and her family.What I liked most about this is that it feels like an easy or fictional read at times as the writing style is simple and just lays out the facts and interesting points in an e [...]

    2. One of the most harrowing, heartbreaking books I have ever read about World War 2, yet also one of the most uplifting. The spirit and resilience of the women and children in the face of such horrific circumstances is truly awesome. The depths of depravity to which human beings can sink is laid bare, and like many others, I'm sure, I have been in tears while reading it. Lise Kristensen tells her story unemotionally, in a very matter of fact way, and this book is a true testament to the human spir [...]

    3. Some novels come along and grab you from the first page and keep you holding on until the last page. This was one such book. I simply couldn't put this one down.Perhaps I was drawn to the story because I like non-fiction stories that include exotic locations, or perhaps it was the storyline itself: a young Norwegian family living in Indonesia find themselves suddenly prisoners of war under the Japanese, during World War II. Although I was never a prisoner of war, I lived in Japan for a couple of [...]

    4. This is a non-fiction book provided as part of my November Book Buddy box from Elena Reads and what another amazing selection.This is the story of a young Norwegian girl called Lise who is living with her family in Java during the second half of World War II when the Japanese invaded the country and placed a lot of men, women and children in prison camps and work camps.This follows Lise's very personal journey and perspective of her life prior to imprisonment and her ability both mentally and ph [...]

    5. A friend from work lend me this book saying it was quite depressing but that she was sure I was gonna love it. The term "love" is inappropriate as it feels even cruel to say that this is a "good" book. It's the heartbreaking story of a family destroyed by cruelty and violence, and more over by the aftermath of all this tragedy Lise's sad story doesn't stop at the camps but continues after with an coward father, a brave but too-ill to work mother, a society that was both understanding but judging [...]

    6. I was surprised to find this was a real account it first appeared as though it was a fictional novel from front and back cover. The very matter of fact story telling style protects the reader quite a lot I imagine from the real trauma suffered at the hands of the Japanese by this family and others during the 2nd world war. I'm very glad she chose to tell her story though as it was incredibly thought provoking. Sad and braverhaps a book everyone ought to read but not the kind of story you'd say y [...]

    7. Erg beklijvend boek over een periode die in het westen te weinig bekend is. Er zijn geen woorden genoeg voor de gruwel die de auteur heeft meegemaakt. Haar boek spreekt voor zich. Erg moedig van haar om haar "herinneringen" aan het papier toe te vertrouwen. Verplichte lectuur wat mij betreft!

    8. ** Books 21 - 2015 **This books to accomplishNew Author Reading Challenge 2015 and Yuk Baca Buku Non Fiksi 2015 4 of 5 stars! Actually i have just random brought this books in kinokuniya books store since i curious why the story takes place in my country, Indonesia. It was a story about an Norwegian Family whose Lives in indonesia and they trapped into Japanese Camp Fyi, Indonesia was colonized by Japan in 1942 until 1945. I have read many victims in their colonialization's time period such as : [...]

    9. This is the story of how a 10 year old girl and her family survived in the Japanese POW camps of Java. A lot is known about the German camps but not the Japanese and they were just as horrendous. As a child she admittedly was not aware of the full horror but none of the family fully recovered from the experience. After the war ended a civil war broke out on Java where the natives tried to kill any surviving white person. It is a miracle they made it back to Norway at all. This is a worthwhile bo [...]

    10. author is relaying on her own memories which does make the book feel a little sparse in places, i would of liked more information into her readjustment and time after the war. She is very honest in her account and what she did to survive, even a bit of boastful pride in face of her situation. wish there were more published accounts of what happened in the POW camps.

    11. This heartbreaking true story shows the resilience of young children when faced with unbelievable circumstances. The survival instinct is an amazing thing. These life stories of war horrors must be retold to hopefully stop history repeating.

    12. A very interesting and enjoyable read. At times it was very heartbreaking to read some of her experiences this little girl went through while in a Japanese POW camps in java think it might be aspects of this book that will stay with me

    13. The writing is very smooth to read and I just got sunken into the world immediately and cannot put down. Such a good story. This makes me wanna read more Historic Fiction. Loved it.

    14. Waargebeurde verhalen over de oorlog. Er zijn er al veel geschreven en ik heb er al enkele gelezen. Altijd pakt je dat aan je hart. Je kan je het niet zelf voorstellen wat zij allemaal hebben meegemaakt. Ook nu met dit boek hoop ik steeds dat ik dit zelf nooit moet meemaken. Wat Lise, haar zus, broer en ouders hebben meegemaakt is niet voor te stellen. Wat kleine Lise allemaal heeft gedaan om niet dood de gaan van de honger. Wat ze voor haar moeder en zus en broer allemaal doet om aan eten te ge [...]

    15. Dit waargebeurde verhaal heeft indruk op me gemaakt. Nu maken waargebeurde verhalen altijd indruk op me maar dit is het eerste waargebeurde verhaal dat ik lees over de oorlog. Lise is acht jaar oud als ze samen met haar moeder, zusje Karin en broertje Lasse opgepakt wordt en naar een jappenkamp vervoerd worden. De omstandigheden daar zijn gruwelijk en de beproevingen die ze moeten doorstaan zijn echt verschrikkelijk. Zo moeten ze vaak buigen voor de Japanners (dit heet Tenko), soms urenlang, zod [...]

    16. In The Blue Door the author, Lise Kristensen, tells the story of her family's incarceration in a Japanese POW camp on the Indonesian island of Java during the Second World War. She was only 9 when she, her mother and siblings were separated from her father and taken to the first of the terrible camps they were to inhabit.The book is written in a very clear, spare style which I feel conveys the horror of the situation more strongly than a more descriptive style. The author is very matter-of-fact [...]

    17. At every stage of schooling I was taught about Germany, Russia, England, and Poland during world war 2, but, with the exception of Pearl Harbour and the atomic bombs, the events to the East were never covered. Even these events were only covered from the American perspective. The Blue Door has given me a knowledge and appreciation for the horrors suffered in Japanese POW camps, and being from the perspective of a cold makes it even more heartbreaking. Children have an incredible resilience that [...]

    18. The book provides an individual perspective on the Japanese camps in Indonesia during WWII. I thought it was interesting that it was written in such a simple way as if we really listed to the 10-years-old Lisemor and how she perceived the war. As a European, I was interested in reading what happened on the other side of the world at the time when Nazis where killing Jews over here. I was disappointed to find out that such terrible violations of human rights were also present in Indonesia. I woul [...]

    19. This is the most powerful book I have ever read. Being from Malaysia which also suffered from Japanese occupation, this book really hit close to home. I recalled the stories my greatgrandmother and grandmother told me and now realize they must have been hiding the worst. This is a book I'm extremely grateful for having read, as it makes me a more compassionate person. But I will never read it again. It was THAT powerful.

    20. Told through the eyes of a child POW during WW2, the language used is raw, simple & at times, blunt, which hits like a brick wall. Insightful read as this autobiography sheds new light on the lesser told stories of victims in countries such as Java during the Japanese occupation. At many points in the book, I had to pause & wish that I was reading a work of fiction. Deeply disturbing & highly evocative.

    21. I felt a bit ignorant after reading this book. I had never known that in Java people were not safe from Hilter and his war. This book is difficult to read because its true and even although Lise survives the Japanese terror the damage that is done to her is very deep. Its beautifully written but very sad.

    22. This is a hard book to read if you keep remembering that it isn't fiction. You know at a basic level that the author survives. There are many times I found myself reading, guessing what was coming next but also hoping it wouldn't happen. I'm so pleased this is the November Book Buddy Box pick - I doubt I would have found this book otherwise.

    23. A very gripping insight into life as a WW2 POW. The fact it's through a young child's eyes, in Java, as well as being set in a Japanese camp, just adds to how harrowing and just absolutely mad the story is. Imagine! It could have been us. Would definitely recommend reading this to anyone remotely interesting in either personal memoirs, psychology (sort of) or world war 2

    24. This account of a Norwegian woman's experience in a Japanese POW camp in Java is told in a simple style as she was only ten years old when her family was swept out of their comfortable life and into the brutality of camp life under the Japanese.her account really points out that war is corrupt and brutal and the real victims are the women, children and men who are in its path

    25. Seldom we have heard about Japanese concentration camps. "The little captive" is all about that; the torment a Norwegian family had to undergo at a Japanese concentration camp at Java (Indonesia) during the second world war. Emotionally a tough read and may be quite depressing at some times. Yet, will never disappoint.

    26. A moving and often shocking account of life in the Japanese POW camps in Java through the eyes of the author as a young girl. How this experience affects her life in so many ways after the war makes this a very poignant book.

    27. Version I read was The Little Captive. Amazing story of survival, So horrific at times I had to put the book down but then in the knowledge the writer lived through that compelled me to keep reading. I really appreciated the afterword, thank you Lise Kristensen for sharing your story.

    28. A moving and compelling true story of a Norwegian family's time in Japanese prisoner of war camps during the Second World War. The disgusting, unbelievably horrid side of human nature is shown, and I was left in shock at what some individuals are capable of.

    29. Intersting read of experiences as a prisoner of war, through the eyes of a child. I was particularly taken by the section after the war, when life does not go on to 'happily ever after'. The effects of war lasted a lifetime, and awareness of PTSD was lacking then.

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