The Painter's Apprentice

The Painter's Apprentice

Charlotte Betts / Aug 17, 2019

The Painter s Apprentice Beth Ambrose has led a sheltered life within the walls of Merryfields her family home on the outskirts of London a place where her parents provide a sanctuary for melancholic souls A passionate

  • Title: The Painter's Apprentice
  • Author: Charlotte Betts
  • ISBN: 9780749958220
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1688 Beth Ambrose has led a sheltered life within the walls of Merryfields, her family home on the outskirts of London a place where her parents provide a sanctuary for melancholic souls A passionate and gifted artist, Beth shares a close bond with Johannes the painter, a troubled resident at Merryfields, who nurtures her talents and takes her on as his apprentice But1688 Beth Ambrose has led a sheltered life within the walls of Merryfields, her family home on the outskirts of London a place where her parents provide a sanctuary for melancholic souls A passionate and gifted artist, Beth shares a close bond with Johannes the painter, a troubled resident at Merryfields, who nurtures her talents and takes her on as his apprentice But as political tensions begin to rise in the capital, Noah Leyton arrives at their door in the middle of the night with a proposition that turns Beth s world upside down Meanwhile, Merryfields becomes refuge to a mysterious new guest, whose connections provide an opportunity for Beth to fulfil her artistic ambitions But she soon realises it comes at a price As the Glorious Revolution begins to throw the whole country into turmoil, can Beth find the courage to follow her heart and defend all she holds dear And change the course of history for good

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        Charlotte Betts discovered a passion for writing after her five children had grown up and left her in peace Demanding careers in hotel design and property force her to be inventive in finding time to write but she has achieved seven novels in eight years One of her short stories was published in Scribble and others short listed by Writers News and Real Writers She has won first prize in five short story competitions and wrote a regular column on interior design for The Maidenhead Advertiser for two years She is a member of WordWatchers wordwatchers and the Romantic Novelists Association.


    1. My favorite book so far in 2012. Much of the plot line is predicatable but that does not diminish the total enchantment of the story. The characters are quirky and endearing and the sights and smells of the times come alive on the page.It is a book that has made me happy and that is a wonderful treat.

    2. I think reading this book was rather well timed. At the beginning of the book, Beth's painting tutor commits suicide and she struggles on to find meaning and happiness again. Of course she finds it, but a change of scenery helped. I think reading this book was quite well timed because one of my best friends committed suicide in December and I had been struggling to understand and look past the sorrow of no longer seeing her. Finally, I find a book were the character can relate and I can use her [...]

    3. 'The Painter’s Apprentice’ by Charlotte Betts is a romantic historical novel set in London during 1685-1688, during the time of religious unrest. It is set after Betts’ first novel, ‘The Apothecary’s Daughter’, and involves the same characters, but in no way do you need to read the first to understand the second. As it is just as wonderful however, I highly recommend you do.In this novel we meet Beth, daughter to Susannah (who was the Apothecary’s Daughter in the first novel) who i [...]

    4. I really enjoyed "'The Painter’s Apprentice’ by Charlotte Betts, set during 1685-1688. It was interesting as an accurate history of the short reign of Catholic King James of England after the great fire of London, as well as the story of Beth, a gifted artist at a time when women were only expected to marry well and be good wives and mothers. The character Noah also compares the new world of America against an older land England with its smelly streets and rivers and struggling parliamentary [...]

    5. This novel follows on from Charlotte Betts 'The Apothecary's Daughter' and tells of her oldest daughter's wish to paint, her life with the family and her love life. Nothing complex or difficult and the main characters are people the reader can like and hope life turns out well for them.It's a sweet read, a candy floss story suitable for all those dull days or sad days when you need a little cheer up.

    6. İlk kitaba göre daha durağan başlasa da güzel bir hikaye idi Romanın kahramanı Eczacının Kızındaki Susannah ve William'ın kızları Betts Ambrose ve Noah Leyton'ın hikayesi idiBu hikaye diğer romana göre daha derinliği vardı. Tarihsel kurgu olarak da VIII:Henry zamanın da geçmesi ve onun Elizabeth ile olan ilişkisi Katolikler ile protestanlara savaş açması dini halka karşı kullanması anlamlı idi. Ayrıca Beth ve Noah'ın hikayesi de oldukça güzel idi

    7. Mi è piaciuto, anche se titolo e trama mi avevano lasciato intendere ad una trama ben più articolata e "oscura". Tuttavia ho apprezzato la tematica storica sempre presente e la descrizione di luoghi e personaggi.

    8. Very good sequel. Interesting period in history interwoven with fictional artist romance. Beth is a promising artist who gets involved with Princess Anne and the future if England as Protestant or Catholic. Meanwhile she is also falling in love which doesn't go to plan.

    9. It was very well written and I enjoyed the characters and the historical setting- but I did find there to be more than a few likenesses in the story to Austen's "Sense and Sensibility".

    10. Un libro perfetto: scrittura scorrevole e piacevole, trama ricca, personaggi interessanti e quadro storico ben definito. Non manca nulla a questa lettura, davvero brava l'autrice.

    11. Buongiorno fanciulle belle e intrepide!!! Oggi porto avanti un libro che ho mangiato in poco più di due bocconi, un libro che mi ha rapita e ha dato nuove speranze di riuscita ai miei sogni, ai sogni di una giovane mamma che non vuole mettere da parte le sue ambizioni lavorative pur avendo trovato l'amore e pur essendosi realizzata dal punto di vista familiare. Questo accadealla protagonista del romanzo storico/amoroso "L'allieva segreta del pittore" di Charlotte Betts, edito dalla Newton Compt [...]

    12. "Se lo si cerca, c'è sempre del buono in una cattiva situazione."L'allieva segreta del pittore è ambientato nel 1688 in Inghilterra. La storia si sviluppa attorno alla figura della giovane Beth Ambrose. Beth ha sempre vissuto insieme alla sua famiglia a Merryfields, luogo che non è solo casa sua ma anche di tutte quelle persone che soffrono di mali dell'anima. In questo luogo così particolare Beth è cresciuta e ha conosciuto Johannes, un pittore olandese che ha saputo riconoscere il talento [...]

    13. The Painter's Apprentice is a sequel to The Apothecary's Daughter, but it doesn't mean you have to read it first before coming on to the second book (The Painter's Apprentice). Although it would be a better idea to read the first book before hopping onto the second book. At least then you will know the characters and who's who in both books. I thought it was a wonderful read, cosy at bedtime, pleasing at daytime. I liked the drama (as with all other books: betrayal, love and romance, heartbreak, [...]

    14. This book had a bit more depth than recent books that I have read of Charlotte Betts. There was the underlying romance story to follow between Beth and Noah, but there was also a bigger historical story happening at the same time. I enjoyed this story more than The Apothecary's Daughter because this one had much more story involved. It was interesting to see what was happening in England during this time since I don't know much history after Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth. I enjoyed how the fict [...]

    15. Quando mi hanno proposto di leggere questo libri, che sinceramente non avevo mai nemmeno sentito nominare, cosa molto rara; non sapevo esattamente cosa aspettarmi.Dalla trama non mi ispirava più di tanto e si tratta di un genere che leggo abbastanza di rado.Fortunatamente quello che mi sono ritrovata davanti è una storia ambientata nel 600' davvero ben scritta.La protagonista, Beth, cerca di ritrovare la sua arte dopo la morte del suo mentore. è un percorso lungo e tortuoso quello che le aspe [...]

    16. Dit verhaal speelt in 1688 in Engeland. Beth woont bij haar ouders op Merryfields, net buiten Londen. Haar ouders runnen daar een soort psychiatrisch tehuis voor melancholische zielen.Daar verblijft ook een Hollandse schilder, wiens vrouw en kind zijn vermoord en Beth leert van hem haar schildertalent te ontwikkelen.Maar er ontstaat politieke onrust omdat King James het land weer katholiek wil maken.Bijna het hele volk is hier op tegen en uiteindelijk worden ze gered door Willem van Oranje.Hier [...]

    17. I bought The Painter's Apprentice because I liked the prequel The Apothecary's Daughter and wanted to hear more of the story. Sadly, I wasn't too convinced. The story is focused around the next generation and I feel like it was trying to replicate the love story of the first book, just in a slightly different setting. The surprises were really enjoyable and clever in the first book but didn't quite hit the mark in the second one. I liked the history aspect in the first book but the events in the [...]

    18. I hesitated between 3 and 4 stars (my computer won't let me do 3 and a half.) An interesting read but not as good as "The Apothecary's daughter." Sound research and detailed period detail are pluses but why is this book not a complete stunner? The period is not as well known as the Great Plague and Great Fire of London even tho' it is a constitutional landmark. But another reservation is that the dialogue lets it down. No, A princess of England and the gardener would NOT have interchangeable spe [...]

    19. Another beautiful novel by Charlotte Betts. This is the sequel to her first book The Apothecary's Daughter. The first book is about Susannah Leyton and growing up in her father's apothecary shop. Now married to a doctor and living in the country where they provide refuge for the downcast. Their daughter Beth has been developing her painting skills under a very esteemed artist. She gets a job with Bishop Compton where she paints flowers to develop a record of all the plants in the garden. The fir [...]

    20. Set in 1688, Beth lives at Merryfields, her father's "sanctuary for melancholic souls", on the outskirts of London. She is a gifted painter, and one of the residents of Merryfields takes her on as his apprentice. She declares that she will never marry, as she intends to dedicate her life to her art, but when her cousin Noah arrives from Virginia she is torn between her dedication to her art and her growing feelings for him. As the country begins to sink into political turmoil Beth befriends some [...]

    21. Ho dato tre stelle arrotondando per eccesso (ma solo due non le meritava). Mi ci è voluta tanta buona volontà per riuscire a portarlo a termine. Molto piatto. Inizialmente si legge così, tanto per, non ho trovato una trama, una storia vera e propria ma semplicemente Beth, l'allieva (neanche segreta) del pittore. Verso il 35% pensavo stesse per prendere il via la storia e invece niente. Ho proseguito fino a ben oltre metà del libro leggendo senza interesse alcuno. Poi finalmente inizia (poco [...]

    22. This is a romantic/historical novel set in the years 1685/1688. It tells the story of Beth a young botanical painter. There is a lot of religious unrest during these years and Beth's story is entwined with the history of this. I loved this book there is history and romance but never to much of one and not enough of the other. The characters are well defined. I admit that I didn't know much about this period of history and feel that I have learned from it. Highly recommended.

    23. Yet another fabulous historical fiction tale from Charotte Betts. I love how her writing literally draws me into the time and place of the story. I lose myself and the characters become so real. The emotions feel real, the tense fear, anger,love, jealousy, all of it. This story is set in England in the later 1600's at the time of a religious battle and revolution. The behaviors and choices of that era are fascinating, and frustrating Adding to the depth of the story. A great read.

    24. I read the "prequel" to this book, The Apothecary's Daughter, last year, and loved it. However, this book just did not measure up at all. Some of the dialogue and plot for the non-historical characters was a bit unbelievable. Also, the characters of William and Susannah seemed to become very bland and boring, which I did not like!

    25. This book is a long, and a bit boring is I'm being honest. The story progresses quite slowly, until the very end. However is still gets three stars because I appreciate how the author was more realistic in her historical fiction- Her research is clear, and her story is convincing, which is rare for novels under the title 'Historical Romance'.

    26. A wonderful historical novel which tells the tale of the lovely Beth, her family & their entanglements with the monarchy & events taking place at the royal court. Intertwined with art, flowers & healing it is an evocative tale of family, fate, growth, heroism & love. A must read.

    27. LA SUA ARTE È UN MISTEROI SUOI QUADRI NULLA È COME SEMBRA.AVVICINATEVI E SCOPRITE IL SUO SEGRETO.4,5 stelline veramente molto bello una storia magica ed emozionante ambientata nella Londra del XVII secolo.

    28. I really enjoyed Charlotte Betts series of books about London in the 1660's about women.We follow Beth in her career as a painter's apprentice, and then she becomes the main painter for London Horticultural Society.This is the 3rd book in the series.

    29. My very first Charlotte Betts read and I enjoyed it; always satisfying when there is some romance with a happily ever-after at the end of it all. The story also gave some insight of the history and understanding of the great revolution.

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