Signs of Struggle (Thomas O'Shea Mystery, #1)

Signs of Struggle (Thomas O'Shea Mystery, #1)

John Carenen / Mar 29, 2020

Signs of Struggle Thomas O Shea Mystery After losing his family in a tragic car accident Thomas O Shea finds himself driving around the Iowa countryside trying to find peace on a quiet afternoon But when he stops to admire a unique mailbo

  • Title: Signs of Struggle (Thomas O'Shea Mystery, #1)
  • Author: John Carenen
  • ISBN: 9780982697160
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
  • After losing his family in a tragic car accident, Thomas O Shea finds himself driving around the Iowa countryside, trying to find peace on a quiet afternoon But when he stops to admire a unique mailbox, he sees a beautiful, bloody woman racing down the country lane from her home, screaming for help Not wanting to get involved, Thomas considers not helping Eventually hisAfter losing his family in a tragic car accident, Thomas O Shea finds himself driving around the Iowa countryside, trying to find peace on a quiet afternoon But when he stops to admire a unique mailbox, he sees a beautiful, bloody woman racing down the country lane from her home, screaming for help Not wanting to get involved, Thomas considers not helping Eventually his heroic side wins out, one thing leads to another and he discovers an enormous plot to sell tens of millions of dollars worth of prime Iowa farmland.As Thomas continues lifting up and peering under rocks in the beautiful river town of Rockbluff, Iowa, the he learns and the he attracts those who will do anything to stop him Attempts on his life are made, but O Shea is a tough guy with nothing to lose as he struggles with the loss of his family, drinking, women, and his guilt for precipitating so much violence in this peaceful town filled with quirky and unforgettable characters.

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        An Iowa native, I was born and raised in Clinton, home town of the American movies first sex symbol, Lillian Russell I graduated from Clinton High School with no distinction, direction, or enthusiasm I attended several colleges, graduating from the University of Iowa with a B.A in English, then an M.F.A in Fiction Writing from the Iowa Writers Workshop These accomplish ments stunned my high school guidance counselors Later, I earned an M.A from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, in Special Education I have had two careers One has been as an English professor in various colleges the other, working with emotionally disturbed adolescents in programs in North Carolina, Georgia, and South Carolina I am a four year veteran of the USAF I am happily married to my long suffering wife, Elisabeth, who taught English to 9th graders At the end of the day I would say to her, Here, have some wine And she does And so do I She is happily retired.We have two grown daughters The elder is a tenured, published professor at Eastern Connecticut State University The younger daughter is a published poet, living in the Greenville area and working for The Governor s School for Fine Arts Foundation I am unreasonably proud of my wife and daughters We have a pitbull mix rescue dog Lily and a cat Beeker who refuses to follow instructions I was an English professor for ten years at Newberry College, located in the South Carolina town by the same name I have published a variety of articles in various commercial magazines, poetry and short stories in literary venues, and a novel Son up, Son down sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health My mainstream commercial novel, Signs of Struggle was published by Neverland Press in September, 2012 The sequel 2nd in a series , A Far Gone Night, was published October 2014 The third, The Face on the Other Side, was published in March, this year I am hard at work on 4, plus another, stand alone novel about a lonely man living in the mountains of North Carolina, who sees a murder but does not report it For fun, I think about working out, go on a hike every now and then, read everything from Robert B Parker to Dorothy Ayers, and play with my dog, Lily I also take frequent naps.Enough about me I ll be adding books as I come across ones I think you d like, including some classics from the past Thanks for stopping in.


    1. This book has many mysteries surrounding it, such as who is Thomas O'Shea, for he is not the mild mannered person he appears to be, and what is going on in this small town. One is answered the other is not but it didn't take away from my enjoyment of the book.Thomas is a man struggling. His entire family is killed in a horrific car accident leaving him reeling. He is trying to make his way back into life with the help of his bulldog "Gotcha". He moves to the small town of Rockbluff and with the [...]

    2. John Carenen can spin a tale and turn a phrase. These gifts keep his tale of a haunted hero moving from one dangerous escapade to another. Thomas O'Shea is a thoughtful, otherwise gentle, man whose almost-tragic flaw is his inquisitiveness. He stumbles across what appears to be an accidental death, and his suspicion that there is more to it leads him into danger. Fortunately, O'Shea is at his best with his back to the wall, and his gentility hides a knack for violent self-preservation. It's obvi [...]

    3. The fact that Nancy and I both recommend Sings of Struggle by John Carenen is a rare occurrence. We both like the delineation of the characters, who are interesting, intelligent, and distinctive, even Gothcha the bulldog and a small Iowa town—who sets a novel in Iowa?--reminds me of movie Fargo with all the German and Scandinavian names. I agree with the author that this novel is better classified as general fiction rather than murder mystery/thriller despite the violence and action because th [...]

    4. I tend to be a classics/mythology/LOTR kind of guy but with a guilty pleasure in murder mysteries. That being said, Signs of Struggle is really more of a character study of the human condition. O'Shea who is somewhat of a John Rambo is actually human and not just another typical "action" hero, he is a flawed human being trying to figure his life out. Although some flaws are visually evident, Carenen weaves in subtle truths about human nature that are not fully revealed until the final chapters o [...]

    5. Signs of Struggle is much more than just your basic thriller/suspense story. While there is death and lots of violence and action it is really about the struggle Thomas O’Shea is going through after the tragic loss of his entire family. The writing is thought provoking, philosophical, and very funny. I loved the cast of characters and the setting and hope that one day Thomas will find peace.

    6. Thomas is an endearing character and brings to mind the characters of Charles Martin. The mystery he encounters as he tries to escape from the loss of his family kept me engrossed from cover to cover. The richly textured setting and engaging secondary characters add rare depth. Everything about this novel is a pleasure!

    7. Good movement sometimes the protagonist is a little too good, but an enjoyable read It's only missing one quality for books Royalty, Mystery, Sex and Religion. Set in Iowa, not a whole lot of Royalty there. Looking forward to the sequal.

    8. Ron Rash says: "Signs of Struggle is both a gripping murder mystery and a compelling study of one man's recovery from tragedy. John Carenen is a gifted writer and and his novel is an impressive debut."I find it hard to argue with Rash. Carenen delves into a horific situation, weaving an intricate plot in such a way that even this reader who tends to prefer Sense and Sensiblity over a Spencer novel could stop reading. Although the murder mystery incredibly intriguing, for me it is the characters [...]

    9. The protagonist of this book, Thomas, heads back to near his hometown after a personal tragedy. He practically falls right into the middle of a suspicious death and as he settles into his new home, Thomas makes some friends and pisses a few people off as he refuses to let well enough alone. While there are a few moments that made me groan simply for some minor dad-like witticisms, the story is well paced with nice twists to the plot that let you question what's coming. Light hearted murder myste [...]

    10. Slow and plodding at points, this book is simultaneously sanctimonious and preachy while being uptight and prudish. It was a struggle to make it through the end, and the resolution brought little closure.

    11. This first book by John Carenen is a great start. Signs of Struggle combined action, tension, great characters, and humor into a story that was reminiscent of books by Robert B. Parker, Elmore Leonard, Lee Child, and Carl Hiassen. I look forward to redaing Carenen's next book.

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