If Dragon's Mass Eve Be Cold And Clear

If Dragon's Mass Eve Be Cold And Clear

Ken Scholes / Dec 08, 2019

If Dragon s Mass Eve Be Cold And Clear Do you believe in Santa And in his terrible swift sword

  • Title: If Dragon's Mass Eve Be Cold And Clear
  • Author: Ken Scholes
  • ISBN: 9781466809796
  • Page: 326
  • Format: ebook
  • Do you believe in Santa And in his terrible swift sword

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      326 Ken Scholes
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        Ken Scholes is the award winning, critically acclaimed author of five novels and over fifty short stories His work has appeared in print for over sixteen years His series, The Psalms of Isaak, is published by Tor Books and his short fiction has been released in three volumes by Fairwood Press Ken s eclectic background includes time spent as a label gun repairman, a sailor who never sailed, a soldier who commanded a desk, a preacher he got better , a nonprofit executive, a musician and a government procurement analyst He has a degree in History from Western Washington University.Ken is a native of the Pacific Northwest and makes his home in Saint Helens, Oregon, where he lives with his twin daughters You can learn about Ken by visiting kenscholes.


    1. If Dragon’s Mass Eve be cold and clearThe Santaman’s grace may find us here.But if Dragon’s Mass Eve be clouded skyThe Santaman’s grace may pass us by.A young woman learns to cope with the death of her father as the holidays roll around, and life goes on without him.I learned that loss is like a hole in the middle of your living room floor. You rearrange the furniture around it and you visit it once in a while, but less and less often with every month. Eventually, you grow accustomed to [...]

    2. Ah, hope. It seems to be on everyone's pen these days. Maybe it's because our hearts are crying for it and the world has so little to offer us

    3. This is a great short story that hints at a great many things. It also speaks to universal human truths, such as grief, keeping faith with the dead, the value of tradition, and our need for hope in the worst of times. I was pushed to keep my eyes open past my bedtime to read this story, and it was well worth the effort. I have no idea about what else Ken Scholes has published, but the quality of the writing in this story guarantees I will be looking into it. If his novels have the same sort of w [...]

    4. I was looking a comedic short on Tor and I can definitely say that this one is mislabelled. Scholes Christmas themed short is not funny. It's quite dark actually, but ends with hope (fitting for the season, I suppose). It's an odd little story where Santa is a mythical figure that people think will come and save from their enemies. Life is hard; war is hard. But people survive. I am not a fan of "true love is the love a parent feels for their child" so the story didn't really enthrall me, and th [...]

    5. This was my first Ken Scholes experience. I saw it advertised as a free read on Tor so decided to pass some time at work reading it. I became a fan during that story. Filled with pain, loss and hope, it really spoke to me as few stories could.

    6. 3, maybe 3.5 for this story. While I enjoyed the main character and the story's exploration of grief, and the relationship between a father and daughter, I was left pretty cold by the ending of this story.

    7. Taking place in an alternate Santa Claus mythos than we're familiar with, this well-crafted wintry tale packs a lot of emotion surrounding grief, tradition and hope into a short, small festive package.

    8. دقیقاً متوجه نمی‌شم به چی این داستان ریت داده شده. بیشتر شبیه این داستان فارسیای ماسته که هیچ اتفاقی هم توش نمی‌افته.

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