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Cinnamon Cinnamon was a princess a long time ago in a small hot country where everything was very old Cinnamon did not talk Mango trees a parrot and a beautiful room in the palace do nothing to help the t

  • Title: Cinnamon
  • Author: Neil Gaiman Jill Schwarz
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 165
  • Format: ebook
  • Cinnamon was a princess, a long time ago, in a small hot country, where everything was very old Cinnamon did not talk Mango trees, a parrot, and a beautiful room in the palace do nothing to help the teachers who try to make her to speak Can a man eating tiger do so, and exactly who will end up in the belly of the beast This audio is also part of THE NEIL GAIMAN AUDIO COCinnamon was a princess, a long time ago, in a small hot country, where everything was very old Cinnamon did not talk Mango trees, a parrot, and a beautiful room in the palace do nothing to help the teachers who try to make her to speak Can a man eating tiger do so, and exactly who will end up in the belly of the beast This audio is also part of THE NEIL GAIMAN AUDIO COLLECTION.

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    1. I read this story in ebook format some years ago. Unlike other stories by Neil Gaiman, this one takes place in India, but it is not any less enchanting or delightful (Norse mythology is this author's strength so it was no matter of course). It seems that it doesn't matter which mythological theme Gaiman picks up - he always succeeds in submerging the reader in a craftfully spun world full of wonder.What makes this hardcover edition (which is much larger than I though it would be) so special and [...]

    2. 5 stars for the illustrations, 3 stars for the story (I think the elderly aunt didn't come off very well) and 5 stars because there's a magnificent tiger present.So after averaging .4 stars.

    3. بارهای اولی که این داستان رو خوندم واقعا درکش نکردم و ساده ازش گذشتم. حتی وقتی این داستان رو ترجمه هم کردم، خوب برام جا نیافتاد که چی می خواست بگه اما حالا که دوباره می خونمش می بینم، نیل گیمن در قالب داستانی کودکانه سعی داشت نشون بده برای ایجاد شوق زندگی چقدر حس کردن بعضی چیزها [...]

    4. Really a 3.5/5This was a quick, entertaining, and cute read from an author I've heard so much about but never actually read (it's a problem that I need to fix soon). Of course, this being a children's story and being so brief, there isn't much for me to rate. It's something that I think would be very fun to dissect for themes and morals and such, but it's also something I would read to my (hypothetical) children just for the enjoyment of the story. It wasn't something I connected with necessaril [...]

    5. Exquisite art and Gaiman's words. I love that Neil Gaiman writes poetically even for his youngest refers, and although I read the picture book version, I could hear him narrating it in my head which added to my enjoyment.

    6. What a cute tiny fudgy book to end your Christmas night! Oh Gaiman, you are my solace in this depressing world.

    7. Hold that Tiger, Yeah!I'm quite enthralled with this children's book you see, as I love simplicity in its purest forms. It's an artistic masterpiece I believe. Easy and quick reading you see; several different personalities albeit with different emotional maturities. The tiger, being the pragmatist comes across so eloquently in his assertions. The girl, in her coming of age exploratories. The parents, letting go and trusting intuitions. The old lady, souring in life like Trump, losing her God gi [...]

    8. I think every brown skinned princess should be given this book as a gift. It's okay if we decide to withhold our voices from the world until we are presented with nothing but LOVE.

    9. You can see my full post over on my blog at: readslateintothenight This is a sweet book about a blind princess that also cannot talk, what's sweet about that you might be thinking, well nothing really until after many failed attempts by man to get the princess to speak along comes a tiger who not only gets the princess to speak but shows her so much more!By showing the princess real pain, real fear and real love the tiger gets the first word ever out of the princess, the word "love". The tiger d [...]

    10. I had never heard of Divya Srinivasan until we had our son. My husband (and his dad) is such a fan of owls that I had several board books featuring owls as the protagonist ready for our little one's joining of our family.When I saw that Neil Gaiman had a new children's book coming out, I was excited, having been a long-time fan of both his novels and graphic novels. At the last second, I noticed Srinivasan's name and knew I needed this book for our home library.I just read this (with my son list [...]

    11. Cinnamon - Neil Gaiman, Divya Srinivasan  I liked the art, and a couple of lines, and I get the homage to Kipling, but it didn't connect with me.Library copy 

    12. Splendid illustrations now accompany the 1995 story that was only published in audio (2004 or 2006?) & on Gaiman's blog.The illustrations in the 2017 edition are beautiful, but the text is baffling. Although the "exotic" story he wrote resembles an indigenous folktale in style, I don't see any notes that give any sources, nor any reason for him to be writing in this culture. And unlike actual folktales, this one doesn't make any didactic or cultural sense. However, since I'm not from India, [...]

    13. This was a pretty good short story about a young princess named Cinnamon who was unable to speak that a proclamation was made that a reward would be given to anyone that could make her talk. When everyone fails and a tiger appears, will the creature succeed? Read on and find out for yourself.This was a pretty good short story that I read at Neil Gaiman's website neilgaiman under the cool stuff link in the short stories section. It was fantastical and I enjoyed it. Definitely check it out.

    14. What is not to love? Gaiman narrates this short story and his voice is perfection. So smooth and rich, with perfect timing. I enjoy listening to him at night specifically when I have battled with bed time with the two young ones.This particular tale is only eight minutes and some change long, but it is no less beautiful and well done as his others.

    15. Can't complain listening to an audiobook by Gaiman before I go to sleep. His voice is so soothing, it's as if he's born to read his stories to his readers. The story's entertaining too — with that whimsical touch that defines most of his work.

    16. I love Neil gaiman!This is a short story about a little princess who thought she couldn't speak, I can say no more cause it will ruin the story ;)

    17. An exquisite hardcover picture book that would now be considered a collector's item that tells a beautiful tale about a princess called Cinnamon whose eyes are made of pearls - in other words, she is blind and for reasons unknown to her parents, she refuses to speak. After futile attempts to find someone to make Cinnamon talk, suddenly a mighty tiger appears at their palace to teach Cinnamon to talk the illustrations and art in this book are so beautiful and bode so well with this mighty tale Ma [...]

    18. This story is unusual (what else would one expect from Neil Gaiman?), and I was interested in it, because it was a story of Neil's, but bought it because of the gorgeous illustrations. The story reminds me of stories from The Jungle Book and stories from mythology. It's weird and funny and contains amazing lines like, "He was huge and fierce, a nightmare in black and orange, and he moved like a god through the world, which is how tigers move." This is an especially excellent book to read aloud.

    19. From a brief glance at the reviews of this book, I am a terrible mother. Apparently the only people reviewing this book are adults, fans of Neil Gaiman.My toddler picked this out at the bookstore when she got to pick one as a treat. I've read a couple of Gaiman's books, but honestly when I bought this one for my daughter I was just relieved she hadn't picked another Elmo book.She asks to read this one almost every night (after three Elmo books), but now she feels compelled to tell me that there [...]

    20. A strange little story (which I think can be tracked down online), so the stars are mainly for the exquisite illustrations by Divya Srinivasan. I can't stop looking at it.

    21. This book was read for the BookTubeAThon This book is for5: Finish a book completely outside.Ah Neil Gaiman, you are a genius!

    22. An enchanting tale by a favorite of mine! The book is made even more lovely by the exquisite illustrations created by Divya Srinivasan.

    23. I first saw Cinnamon as a short story on Neil Gaiman's website. He mentions it in hisjournal blog in 2002 and credits the illustrator, then sculptor, for the inspiration. She has anEtsy shop if you are interested in seeing her sculpture.The audio was wonderfully read by Gaiman himself. He has that deep throaty drawl that adds so much to this fairy tale. The tale is about a princess who has never spoken. Her father is so concerned he issues a declaration granting a reward to any who can get the c [...]

    24. I'm normally quite a fangirl of Gaiman, but Cinnamon is one of his weaker stories. It's about a blind, mute Indian girl who is taught to speak by a tiger. This sounds like an interesting premise (disability in a children's book!), but Gaiman doesn't do much with it. For a fairy tale, it feels rather humdrum. Also, there are several moments of casual misogyny that are unnecessary and harmful. For example, there's an older auntie who nags people a lot, and she is eventually eaten by the tiger for [...]

    25. Maybe from the view of Gaiman fans this is a good book, but from someone who has read thousands of children's picture books, I have to say this is not one I would recommend adding to a classroom or school library. The dark humor (aunt being taken care of by the tiger, tiger using threats and fear to get princess to understand love) are not at issue. What I disliked was the flow of the written words, appearing to mimic traditional folk and fairy tales while ending up looking like cultural appropr [...]

    26. This quiet little short book was very interesting. I love the art work. I love the talking Bengal tiger. Such an interesting and different story. Leaves you with more questions than you started. And it got the Newberry Medal. Check it out.

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