The Trap Door

The Trap Door

Lisa McMann / Aug 23, 2019

The Trap Door The multi platform adventure through time continues Dak Sera and Riq return to the United States and walk immediately into a deadly trap The year is and the nation is divided over the issue of

  • Title: The Trap Door
  • Author: Lisa McMann
  • ISBN: 9780545386982
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The multi platform adventure through time continues Dak, Sera, and Riq return to the United States and walk immediately into a deadly trap The year is 1850, and the nation is divided over the issue of slavery In these dark days, the Underground Railroad provides a light of hope, helping runaway slaves escape to freedom But the SQ has taken control of the Underground RaThe multi platform adventure through time continues Dak, Sera, and Riq return to the United States and walk immediately into a deadly trap The year is 1850, and the nation is divided over the issue of slavery In these dark days, the Underground Railroad provides a light of hope, helping runaway slaves escape to freedom But the SQ has taken control of the Underground Railroad from within Now Dak and Sera are left wondering who to trust while Riq risks everything to save the life of a young boy.

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    1. This one is the worst yet in the series. The jokes and dialogue are goofy and ridiculous and the 'secret clues' are just so bad. I am officially giving up on this series.The topic of slavery is so somber and important, yet is so trite here. There is hardly anything realistic about it. The writing in this one felt boring and formulaic; the characters like cardboard--like a journaling assignment gone on for too long. This is a mixed media book. I wonder how successful they are. Kids in my class do [...]

    2. This Book #3 is now my favorite in the series so far.Riq, Dak and Sara time-travel to mid-1800s' Many of the great people of this time period are part and parcel of this adventure. Each of the threesome is impacted in meaningful ways, and have an impact on many themselves. 1850 and 1875 are the two spots where Dak, Sara, and Riq go through many struggles while changing history' Don't miss all the action and Dak's corny jokes.

    3. Infinity ring is about three kids, Dak, Sera, and a teenage historian named Riq, trying to save the world from disasters that the SQ created. After visiting Columbus and fighting vikings, they find their next adventure in the United States in 1850. From their knowledge of history they know the Underground Railroad is going to fail, Abraham Lincoln isn't going to be president, and the Civil War is going to last for fifteen years. They also know that slavery is a big thing which puts Riq in great [...]

    4. Infinity Ring's 3rd book. Infinity Ring series was introduced by The 39 Clues to me. Well. I was attracted with the cover of the first book. I never thought such amazing and stunning cover coudl attract me. Imagine, I was so inclined and so -- that's where I started to read the book. In which, I don't regret. This is new to me comparing it to 39 clues. You'll love how the authors change the history with their far-fetched mind. I like that. I remember reading this on a convenience store and I cou [...]

    5. These are such fun books to read with my kids. I love the way each author is able to keep the characters true to themselves. I also love how each story focuses on an event in history and these young kids have to resolve the breaks in history to restore things to the way they should be. The adventure and fantasy elements are really engaging for young minds and things move along at a quick enough pace to keep kids' attention.This story deals with slavery and the issues that arise from prejudices. [...]

    6. I liked "The Trap Door" much better than the previous book. I was a caught off guard a little because the book started after skipping ahead past where the previous book ended. I thought I had missed a book and I had to double check. Once I realized that I did not miss something, I kept reading. This one is set up before the Civil War in the time of the Underground Railroad. It was by far my favorite book so far in the Infinity Ring series and I hope they continue to keep getting better from here [...]

    7. This instalment was pretty good. Interesting to read about an alternate-American history, where the Underground Railway was not a success, due to interference. Some good background/past character development for Riq. Hints of a possible dark future from Sarah. Overall, I actually rather enjoyed it.

    8. This one is my favorite in the series so far. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I know quite a bit about this time period, so there were a lot of things I could see coming. It included one of my all time favorite heroes in here. I also love the fact that, unlike most of the first one, they changed history so it matches what actually happened (with one little exception), and I loved that we got that glimpse into the future.I was somewhat disappointed in the last few pages of it, bu [...]

    9. Within the first 10 minutes of reading this book it felt different. It was as if the characters on a tv show had been replaced with new actors. The humor was forced and flat and far to frequent, and the slavery aspect was seemed to be done poorly. Overall it didn’t fit with the first two books and made me want to skip to the next in the series without finishing.

    10. What a huge step up this one was from the second one!! I flew through this in one sitting. I loved the setting and I also loved the topic and how they dealt with racism. The writing still was a little juvenile for me, but I overall enjoyed this one! Excited to see what the next one is going to be like.

    11. I like these books. Taking a piece of history that are messed up and fixing them. I will read the whole series.

    12. Another good story in the Infinity Ring series. A kids story and so it keeps things simple. Would be a good book and series for the 8-14 reader depending on their level.

    13. I really enjoyed this book, and I thought it was better than the first one -- more action-packed and interesting. I skipped over the second book because I'm not as interested in Vikings.

    14. The first thing I'm going to say is that I still hate the way this series is set up and the gap between books. Eventually I'll probably cave and go to the website to see what I'm missing, but that day isn't today. I still think you shouldn't have to visit a website in order to receive the complete story in a book series. That said this installment of The Infinity Ring series is another winner in my book.Unlike Ryan, McMann returned to a more familiar period of history in her story as Sera, Dak a [...]

    15. “The Trap Door” was written by another scholastic writer, Lisa McMann. The third installment of the Infinity Ring series takes place somewhere near Virginia, Maryland during 1850. The trio of Riq, Sera, and Dak are separated yet again when they are tricked into staying overnight in a house owned by a woman pretending to be an abolitionist. Riq is taken by slave traders, and is put onto a truck with other slaves. “The Trap Door” excellently describes how horribly African-Americans were t [...]

    16. Overall, I really liked this book. This one is about three kids that go back to the 1850s in America to prevent people from messing up time. They see how things were back in that time with slavery. The three kids also see major abolitionists like Harriet Tubman. I would recommend this book to people that like action and adventure. I am really looking forward to reading the next book.

    17. Dak, Sera and Riq have just escaped their last adventure and are ready to address the next Break. This lands them in the US in 1850, and when they seek shelter in what appears to be a Quaker household, they find that SQ has infiltrated many of the safe houses of the Underground Railroad, and slaves everywhere are in danger. Riq is assumed to be a slave and taken to be auctioned off with Kissy and her baby and young son James. Sera and Dak locate another Hystorian, and try to figure out what need [...]

    18. This book was great! It was action packed from the beginning. It kept me on the edge of my seat. Get travel to the new time and that was when people in the united states still considered black people as slaves. So when they got there, Riq and the rest where captured and put down a trap door, then Riq was transported leaving his friends behind.The two people I wanted to compare and contrast are Dak and Sera. Not only was he different because he was a boy, he also liked history so much. So being a [...]

    19. Originally published at yAdult Review.I immediately liked this one better than the last one, maybe because I love Lisa McMann so much, I don't know. I have graduated from disliking to full-on hating Dak though, so maybe that's a bad thing. He has no sense of responsibility, which makes it seem even sillier that a bunch of preteens are saving the world. Kid needs to be sent home. Plot-wise, this (slavery) is a tough subject, because racism is still so rife in our society, no matter what the media [...]

    20. Spoilers:In The Trap Door Dak, Riq and Sera travel to 1850. Riq gets captured and on his way to be sold as a slave he meets Kissy, one of his relatives. Riq and Kissy run away into the forest. This is when Riq realizes that this mission will change his family tree and prevent his birth. When Sera finds Riq, he tells her to find him with Kissy on Federal Hill. Riq, Kissy, and her family then run away to meet a boater who will help them escape. When getting on the boat Riq and Kissy’s son James [...]

    21. This book has to be without doubt the worst book written. I would give it a one star but I do not believe in giving a one star when it comes to books because it is difficult to write so there is a bit leeway. BUT this book makes no sense from the very first chapter.It starts off mentioning Dolly Madison as though that was a previously written adventure and yet I went back through the first two and she was not mentioned. Then in chapter two it mentions that the bad guys tried to stop Lincoln from [...]

    22. First completed book of 2014! :D”When things heat up, don’t fight…just run.”Great Break: Maryland, 1850Reason: Keep the Underground Railroad alive.Dak, Sera, and Riq land in 1850 in the midst of slavery. The Underground Railroad normally helps slaves escape to freedom, but the key word here is NORMALLY. The SQ has taken over the system from within, imprisoning the Hystorians and capturing the slaves. And when Riq is mistaken for a slave, plans change. Will the kids be able to fix this br [...]

    23. I think several reviewers are just too hard on this book. Yes, the topic of slavery is a somber one, but I think the author is trying to be mindful of her elementary school audience. The characters' reactions are quite in line with their readers' thoughts and sense of humor too. I did not feel they took slavery trivially, particularly in the case of Riq. I think this would be thought provoking for young readers who have difficulty thinking of life-experiences beyond their own. What choice would [...]

    24. Overall, I liked this book. I liked how Riq went through a more personal journey and you saw more of his caring side. I also liked that the SQ were harder to find and that they didn't find the Hystorian until most of the way through. This gave more twists and turns to the plot. This said though, I believe that Riq and James found their way off the mainland too easily, I mean a canoe in a tree? Really?Anyway, I also enjoy the fact that the online aspect is a crucial part of the storyline. They go [...]

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