Princess Jellyfish, Tome 1

Princess Jellyfish, Tome 1

Akiko Higashimura Yuko K. / Feb 18, 2020

Princess Jellyfish Tome Tsukimi Kurashita fan hardcore de m duses s installe Tokyo avec le projet de devenir illustratrice Elle emm nage dans la r sidence Amamizu qui a la particularit de n tre habit e que par des filles o

  • Title: Princess Jellyfish, Tome 1
  • Author: Akiko Higashimura Yuko K.
  • ISBN: 9782756026213
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Tsukimi Kurashita, fan hardcore de m duses, s installe Tokyo avec le projet de devenir illustratrice Elle emm nage dans la r sidence Amamizu qui a la particularit de n tre habit e que par des filles otaku, et bien videmment, d tre interdite aux hommes Alors qu un soir, Tsukimi sort pour rendre visite une adorable m dusette enferm e dans un minuscule aquarium, soTsukimi Kurashita, fan hardcore de m duses, s installe Tokyo avec le projet de devenir illustratrice Elle emm nage dans la r sidence Amamizu qui a la particularit de n tre habit e que par des filles otaku, et bien videmment, d tre interdite aux hommes Alors qu un soir, Tsukimi sort pour rendre visite une adorable m dusette enferm e dans un minuscule aquarium, son destin va tre boulevers par sa rencontre avec une fille bien trop fashionable pour tre vraie Tsukimi Kurashita, a jellyfish hardcore fan, moved to Tokyo with the vision of becoming an illustrator She moved into the residence Amamizu which has the distinction of being inhabited only by otaku girls, and of course, be forbidden to men Then one night, Tsukimi went out to visit a lovely jellyfish locked in a tiny aquarium, her fate will be upset by her encounter with a girl too fashionable to be true

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    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ☆ Princess Jellyfish, Tome 1 : by Akiko Higashimura Yuko K. ↠
      493 Akiko Higashimura Yuko K.
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    1. [This review covers manga volumes 1-15]It just occurred to me as I start writing this review that Princess Jellyfish (Kuragehime) is a josei manga that I feel was sort of what The Big Bang Theory would be like if the genders were reverse, and the group of scientist geeks were instead female otakus, while the hot girl next door is a cross-dressing pretty boy and a son of a politician. Basically: IT'S A ZILLION TIMES NERDIER AND MORE AWESOME. That's guaranteed. Spanning for fifteen volumes, this j [...]

    2. Over-the-top, irreverent, hilarious, sweet, melancholic, smart, original.I really enjoyed this manga from Higashimura sensei, I wonder why it took me so long to finally deciding to open its first volume.Tsukimi (beautiful name, written with the kanji of "moon" and "sea"), developed a passion for jellyfishes when she was a little girl and her mother took her to an aquarium. There, in front of a particularly pretty species, whose tentacles form reminded her of a princess' gown, her mother explaine [...]

    3. Impressions:The story is pretty wacky, fantaisist and whimsical but I have a great time going over the mangas. It reminded me of the characters of "Ouran High Scool Host Club" by Bisco Hatori in a very different context but with the same crazy sense of humor. Between panic attacks, the fossils attacks, the rants of the different characters and the sublime makeovers, you get attached to the inhabitants of the residence. Decked out nicknames when they were younger, all these women were retire on t [...]

    4. Excellent first volume. I loved everything about it:- the heroine: Tsukimi. She looks a bit like Yankumi but her personality is like Sawako. Awkward, super shy and with the funniest expressions. She is always flustered, she is awkward around people, especially around beautiful people (like Kuranosuke). I love her outfit, with glasses and ponytails (so much like Yankumi!). I love that she is a jellyfish-otaku, so original. And the way she rolls on the floor! So funny.- Kuranosuke: a cross-dressin [...]

    5. Dün akşam 1Q84ü okumak istemedi canım bunu okudum eğlenceli idi:)Otoku bir kızımız var, Tokyo'da kendisi gibi kadınlarla beraber bir evde yaşıyor, denizanası sever bir insan kendisi :) sonra hayatına giren bir yabancı ile yaşamı alt üst oluyor. Biraz perfect girl evolution tarzı ki ben severim o tarzı ve fazla uzatmamışlar, daha iyi olmuş

    6. I took this because I wanted to try reading all the books on my local library manga-shelf and it was one of the first books on the shelf due to "Akiko" beginning with an A. So it was totally random that I decided that this book should be the first on my big Manga-quest. It was a bit difficult to get through in the beginning but to my to suprise the characters started to grow on me. I am perfectly aware that I am not the targeted audience for this type of book, so I kind of walked into it with mo [...]

    7. What did I think? Hmm How about I go with this was : INCREDIBLY AWESOME?: Jellyfish Princess was a gigantic , hearty laugh. It was simply wonderfully funny. Tsukimi who happens to be obsessed with jellyfish lives with 4 other nerdy geeks - Otakus (Cheiko, Jiji, Mayaya and Banba) all isolated in the building complex- Amamizukan. They call themselves Amars (nuns) and are socially unresponsive. They do not interact well with other people and are extremely hilariously nervous around men. Basically a [...]

    8. Rating: 5/5This is a strong start to a great character driven manga. Tsukimi lives in a boarding house full of female otaku. All the members are passionate about their hobbies, shut-ins to some degree, and despise fashionable women and men. Their home is their safe haven--until that world is shaken up.I love the way this story is showing the different sides of the 'be yourself' argument. A person should know what they like and don't like, what they are passionate about, and what realistic limita [...]

    9. The beginning really had a lot of potential. I was definitely hooked. The cross-dressing element was a bit tiresome and not that original, but I tolerated it because the relationships between the characters were evolving into something interesting and complex. I cared.So I hung in there through several tomes until I realized that the story no longer held my attention. The overall plot had stayed the same; however, the emphasis was no longer on its characters but rather on the technical machinati [...]

    10. Lần đầu tiên bash giai kính để ủng hộ giai không kính đấy. Nhất là khi trước nay giai kính là gu của tôi. Sẽ cho 5 sao khi nào mà Tsukimi và Kuranosuke thành đôi. Không thành đôi thì chết với tôi. ( ̄▽ ̄)

    11. Ok la idea no es la más original del mundo, pero la forma es genial. La justa medida entre la melancolia, la amistad y el romance con una protagonista freaky y antisocial. Me encanta.

    12. Huge fan of the anime, and I FINALLY got the chance to read it. Absolutely loved it! Endearing, original, self-empowering, and cute. Would definitely recommend a million times over!

    13. The following review is based off my own opinions, thoughts and reactions. So in other words brace yourself. *There may be inappropriate words such as curse words.* You have been advised in advance.* I feel like such a little, cheesey nerd for saying this, but so much yes to the main character of this manga! She's a full blown jellyfish otaku and I just adore her! I feel that if you yourself are an otaku then this is going to be a manga series you're going to want to get into. Now, before I actu [...]

    14. I really wanted to like this. It was sold to me as queer friendly and one of the main characters was talked about as autistic coded. I dunno how to address the autistic coding because I can't tell if it's actually there, a cultural difference (since most of the characters are Otaku) or if it just gets under my skin and I want to disregard it because literally none of the chatacers are likeable. Well, none of the characters we really get to know in the first volume, anyway. It also really rubs me [...]

    15. I really wanted to like this. Ok, so a group of women are living their lives in an apartment building. Then a man who likes to dress up in women's clothing (but is very clear that he identifies as male) comes into their lives and tells them that they are living their lives all wrong. He gives them makeovers so people will take them seriously when they want to talk to officials because no one listens to ugly people. Don't get me started on his hatred of the one person's Afro. He also starts getti [...]

    16. Picked this up on a whim at the library because I adore the anime. It's an adorable, sweet story, and in the manga I caught some more of the interesting gender themes that I missed in the anime. I was particularly intrigued by an end note explaining that the Amamizukan girls call themselves "fujoshi," "rotten women," a word that women use to self-identify as not meeting Japan's patriarchal idea of a "good woman". They put their interests and obsessions ahead of what's expected of them as women. [...]

    17. Once in a blue moon, I like to try something that's normally off my reading radar. Manga qualifies for that. I didn't expect to enjoy this at all - the cover is pink, cutesy, with the word 'princess' on it. However, it was cute in a good way, and humorous, with some insights into modern Japanese culture. I liked the concept of a 'nunnery' of girl geeks. And jellyfish! It was a challenge, though, to read from right to left. I don't know if I'll take on the 15 additional volumes. That might be a b [...]

    18. (3.5 stars)Okay Now the plot's development took an unexpected turn for me. Though I enjoyed the first few series, I begin to lose interest in the manga itself as it progresses. But I'm sure it might interest some since the characters are something that I would look forward to seeing. The plot's not bad either, it's just not my type of genre.

    19. I really like this manga! It is so refreshing to read something from the perspective of a completely different culture. I need to read more books in general that have been translated to English. I wish this volume didn't end on such a cliffhanger!I would definitely recommend this as a beginner manga. It was easy to read (for the most part) and the index is great for cultural references.

    20. Tsukimi Kurashita è un amante delle meduse. Il suo sogno è diventare una disegnatrice professionista, e per questo motivo si è appena trasferita a Tokyo, in un condominio in cui è espressamente vietato l’ingresso agli uomini. Un giorno, Tsukimi incontra una ragazza vestita all’ultima moda che salva la vita… nientemeno che a una medusa! Colpita dal suo gesto, la nostra protagonista le chiede di trasferirsi a vivere insieme a lei, ma la nuova coinquilina si rivelerà ben presto decisamen [...]

    21. A beautifully written and warming escapade in the lives of some nerds who start getting in touch with the feeling function and become very confused. Reading this series produces a very cozy feeling, and the characters develop and grow like real people, with motivations that clarify as they learn more about themselves.

    22. I'd watched a handful of episodes of the anime when it first came out, and I was completely charmed by it; I don't know why I didn't keep up with it (tiny attention span?), but the manga is just as cute, and I plan to read all the way through it this time.

    23. It was quite Shojo at first, but the lead crossdresser is very attractive :-)I prefer the Second Act of the story when the big business guy from HK or Singapore appeared, it looks more Josei from that point onwards.

    24. I laughed and laughed and laughed. Great reading. (edit to add- it also does that really annoying 'make-over = beautiful and worthy of love' shit and we already have a love triangle instead of happy learning to accept different people friend puddle. But I can't help being into it anyway :/ )

    25. This is a fun, cute story about a girl who is a totally nerd and fears all attractive people and a boy who likes to dress as a girl. There are some truly hilarious lines in here, and some fun new Japanese terms I've never seen before. A great choice for fans of Otomen!

    26. The story about a girl fascinated with jellyfishes who lives in some sorf of a sorority house that doesn't allow men or "stylish" people.An easy going comedy, very fun and nice art.

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