Alan M. Turing

Alan M. Turing

Sara Turing / Dec 12, 2019

Alan M Turing In a short life he accomplished much and to the roll of great names in the history of his particular studies added his own So is described one of the greatest figures of the twentieth century yet Al

  • Title: Alan M. Turing
  • Author: Sara Turing
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  • In a short life he accomplished much, and to the roll of great names in the history of his particular studies added his own So is described one of the greatest figures of the twentieth century, yet Alan Turing s name was not widely recognised until his contribution to the breaking of the German Enigma code became public in the 1970s The story of Turing s life fascinate In a short life he accomplished much, and to the roll of great names in the history of his particular studies added his own So is described one of the greatest figures of the twentieth century, yet Alan Turing s name was not widely recognised until his contribution to the breaking of the German Enigma code became public in the 1970s The story of Turing s life fascinates and in the years since his suicide, Turing s reputation has only grown, as his contributions to logic, mathematics, computing, artificial intelligence and computational biology have become better appreciated To commemorate the centenary of Turing s birth, this republication of his mother s biography is enriched by a new foreword by Martin Davis and a never before published memoir by Alan s older brother The contrast between this memoir and the original biography reveals tensions and sheds new light on Turing s relationship with his family, and on the man himself.

    Alan Turing Biography, Facts, Education Britannica Alan Turing , in full Alan Mathison Turing, born June , , London, England died June , , Wilmslow, Cheshire , British mathematician and logician, who made major contributions to mathematics, cryptanalysis, logic, philosophy, and mathematical biology and also to the new areas later named computer science, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, and artificial life. Alan Turing Education, Machine Life Biography Synopsis Alan Turing was born on June , , in London In his seminal paper, he proved that there cannot exist any universal algorithmic method of determining truth in mathematics, and Alan M Turing by Sara Turing The first one, really a short foreword, by L Irvine and M Davis, which try to give a current interpretation of the life of Alan Turing and the other two biographies in the book the main one written by Sara, Alan s Mother, and the third one by John, Alan s brother. Alan M Turing Office of the Executive Vice President Alan M Turing Alan M Turing is widely recognized as the father of computer science and is an icon in the history of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT rights. Alan Turing the enigma Many on line papers including a short overview biography of Alan Turing Complete listing Turing Sources Scans and transcripts of original documents Archives and photographs Complete bibliography of Turing s papers Scrapbook Informal pages with pictures, links, and extra comment for browsing. Riveting Facts About Alan Turing Mental Floss Alan Turing Computer Pioneer, Code Breaker, Gay Icon Alan Turing was a British scientist and a pioneer in computer science During World War II, he developed a machine that helped break the German Enigma code. Alan Turing Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Doc Alan M Turing Centenary Edition by traceeddert Issuu If you want to download Alan M Turing Centenary Edition , click link in the last page

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    1. the biography itself was relatively interesting, but this could have done without the extremely homophobic afterword.

    2. This book is presented as a biography by a mother of his son. Book was originally published as a collection of information by his mother for the people writing Alan's biography in future, so they could utilize these records in future. The book majorly is divided into two sections : one main biographical by Sara Turing and other by John Turing. One can clearly tell Alan's mother was very proud of him, it was too much distraction from his actual personality trait, which clearly his mother was not [...]

    3. Turing's mum writes about his life from her perspective and then his brother throws in his two bobs worth 'just to make it more real'. Fascinating reading. You don't get an insiders view of Bletchley Park so much as an outsiders view of the man himself and the struggles he faced to connect with others as he saved the free world, but lost his own world soon after. It's almost a time capsule as the writers views -his family - seem very much from another era.

    4. Here is the book that will make a reader conclude that Alan Turing's mother either honestly did not know he was a homosexual, or had her head buried so far in the sand she could see China. In a commentary from Alan's brother John, we also learn that he hated homosexuals. Despite these things, the book is worth a read, but prepare to grit your teeth at times at the small mindedness of Alan's own family.

    5. Wow! Certainly one of the most important books for me.This edition is a "must read" to anyone interested in Alan Turing because, at the end of the book, they added a section written by his brother which fills in some gaps left by his mother.LOVELY. I had a lot of fun getting to know more about Alan.

    6. Excellent biography. Especially fascinating for the differences in tone between the mother and the brother. A fascinating person presented by a caring mother.

    7. Some 30 years ago I received as a Father's Day present Andrew Hodges's biography of Turing. Recently this bio by his mother was re-released, having been published in 1959. It might better be called a memoir, except that she did not know her son very well. He lived with foster parents for many years since she and her husband were in the foreign service in India for most of his childhood. The book reads more like a hagiography, as she quotes endless letters she got after his death in 1954 praising [...]

    8. I suppose a majority of this is written in a different time so a lot is to be forgiven.His mother's portrait of Turing was obviously biased and rightfully so. It is so painfully obvious she knew little of her son. It grew thin like reading your colleagues children's report cards. excruciating line.His brothers account was disgraceful. It reaked of jealousy. His entire account was simply to discredit his brother while fainly attempting to play up his status. There was a comment about his own esca [...]

    9. It's basically three biographies. The first one, really a short foreword, by L. Irvine and M. Davis, which try to give a more current interpretation of the life of Alan Turing and the other two biographies in the book: the main one written by Sara, Alan's Mother, and the third one by John, Alan's brother. The latter two are interesting in that they display a very different perspective on the quality of person that Alan was; and that was actually John's explanation on why he was pushed to write a [...]

    10. I'm not sure that this book should have been published. Mrs Turing obviously knew very little about her son and was not involved in his life. It appears, from comments his brother John made, that Alan was not fond of his mother. Her account of his life is mainly taken from Hodge's book and there's little new in her biography. It's as if she realized that some people told her he was famous and so she tried to respond accordingly but had little understanding about any aspect of his life. She made [...]

    11. In England of the 50s being homosexual was a crime. Trump will try to outlaw gay marriages and sexual freedom to decide.I think this is tragic for two reasons:- People have the right to decide their way of life.- Homosexuals annoyed do not progress, as citizens can have great virtues and value.Here is the example of Alan Turing. The genius who invented and contributed his mathematics to the functionality of the modern computer. In addition it helped to decipher the codes of the German navy helpi [...]

    12. This is an easy read, written by his mother 5 years after his death as a way to provide future biographers with information she had gathered. There is an additional small section containing technical papers and a final section written by his brother after his mother's death. The brother is quite critical of his brother and his mother's approach to Alan Turing after his death.I am inclined to agree with the mother about his death.I read this after watching the movie, The Imitation Game, and was m [...]

    13. Admittedly, Sara Turing paints a too saintlike picture of her son, Alan Turing. However, it still provides some wonderful insights into Alan and into his relationship with his mother. I thought the account of his brother John at the end was appalling - some parts may have been true, especially compared to his mother's too-wonderful depiction, yet his crude phrasing and opinions sadly made me finish the book with a bitter aftertaste in my mouth.

    14. If you want a book that details Turing's life during the war and what he did to help end it early (and why the movie was made about him), this is not it. Not sure why so many people on the reviews complained about this not being a bio about him and blah, blah. the forward clearly states that Sarah Turing wrote this to be used as a reference when someone else wrote a biography. I learned some interesting things and skimmed over some others. A quick read with some interesting tidbits.

    15. Of course Turing was a marathoner (this marathon thing is following me). Happy to know how odd he was, a non-conformist person. Looking forward to play this running chess: "an experiment to throw light on the physiological effects of violent exercise on the functioning of the brain". :D

    16. This biography was written in 1959 by Turing's mother with a chapter by his younger brother. As such, there were stories that were personal but nothing objective. Interesting account of his life.

    17. A biography written by Alan Turing's mother. A good read if you are interested in Turing's early life, for the later stage is not covered much here.

    18. An interesting take on a man who is just now coming into the limelight to the general public as a 'war hero' and genius.

    19. Good short bio of Turing. Less emphasis on his work than on the pure biographical narrative but an interesting look at an interesting character.

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