Santa Evita

Santa Evita

Tomás Eloy Martínez / May 24, 2019

Santa Evita From one of Latin America s finest writers comes a mesmerizing novel about the legendary Eva Peron Bigger than fiction Eva Peron was the poor trash girl who reinvented herself as a beauty snared Arg

  • Title: Santa Evita
  • Author: Tomás Eloy Martínez
  • ISBN: 9780517452646
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From one of Latin America s finest writers comes a mesmerizing novel about the legendary Eva Peron Bigger than fiction, Eva Peron was the poor trash girl who reinvented herself as a beauty, snared Argentina s dictator, reigned as uncrowned queen of the masses, and was struck down by cancer When her desperate but foxy husband brings Europe s leading embalmer to Eva s deatFrom one of Latin America s finest writers comes a mesmerizing novel about the legendary Eva Peron Bigger than fiction, Eva Peron was the poor trash girl who reinvented herself as a beauty, snared Argentina s dictator, reigned as uncrowned queen of the masses, and was struck down by cancer When her desperate but foxy husband brings Europe s leading embalmer to Eva s deathbed to make her immortal, the fantastical comedy begins From the Trade Paperback edition.

    Evita musical Evita is a musical with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics and book by Tim Rice.It concentrates on the life of Argentine political leader Eva Pern, the second wife of Argentine president Juan Pern.The story follows Evita s early life, rise to power, charity work, and eventual death The musical began as a rock opera concept album released in . Evita film Evita is a American musical drama film based on the concept album of the same name produced by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, which also inspired a musical.The film depicts the life of Eva Pern, detailing her beginnings, rise to fame, political career and death at the age of .Directed by Alan Parker, and written by Parker and Oliver Stone, Evita stars Madonna as Eva Evita Peron Museum On July , , fifty years to the day after Evita s death, her grandniece, Cristina Alvarez Rodriguez, inaugurated the Evita Museum in Buenos Aires. Evita The Complete Motion Picture Music Soundtrack Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Rice Evita The Complete Motion Picture Music Soundtrack Music Evita Original Broadway Cast Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Rice, Patti LuPone, Mandy Patinkin Evita Original Broadway Cast Music Gobierno de Santa Fe Home Facebook Gobierno de Santa Fe , likes , talking about this Cuenta Oficial del Gobierno de la Provincia de Santa Fe Argentina Twitter GobSantaFe About Santa Clara Vanguard Vanguard Music and Performing Formed in , the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum Bugle Corps is a World Class performing ensemble and one of the founding groups of Drum Corps International. Evita musical Verfilming De musical werd ook verfilmd met Madonna in de titelrol Speciaal voor die gelegenheid schreven Andrew Lloyd Webber en Tim Rice een nieuw nummer, You Must Love Me.Hiermee wonnen zij in een Oscar voor beste filmsong Madonna won voor haar vertolking van Evita een Golden Globe. Originele productie Net als de vorige samenwerking van Lloyd Webber en Evita film Evita un film del diretto da Alan Parker, adattamento cinematografico dell omonimo musical composto da Andrew Lloyd Webber e Tim Rice Evita musical Evita un musical scritto da Tim Rice e Andrew Lloyd Webber, liberamente ispirato alla vita di Evita Pern, moglie del presidente argentino Juan Domingo Pern. Tra le canzoni pi famose del musical, Don t Cry for Me, Argentina Non piangere per me, Argentina cantata da Evita, dal balcone della Casa Rosada il giorno della proclamazione dell elezione a presidente ottobre del del

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      196 Tomás Eloy Martínez
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      • Tomás Eloy Martínez

        Mart nez obtained a degree in Spanish and Latin American literature from the University of Tucum n, and an MA at the University of Paris From 1957 to 1961 he was a film critic in Buenos Aires for the La Naci n newspaper, and he then was editor in chief 1962 69 of the magazine Primera Plana From 1969 to 1970 he worked as a reporter in Paris In 1969 Mart nez interviewed former Argentine President Juan Domingo Per n, who was exiled in Madrid These interviews were the basis for two of his celebrated novels, La Novela de Per n 1985 and Santa Evita 1995 In 1970 he and many former writers of Primera Plana worked at the magazine Panorama, where Mart nez was the director.On 15 August 1972 he learned of the uprising of political prisoners in the jail at Rawson, Chubut Province Panorama was the only publication in Buenos Aires that reported the correct story of the affair in Rawson, which differed significantly from the official version of the de facto Argentine government On 22 August he was fired at the behest of the government, whereupon he went to Rawson and the neighboring city of Trelew where he reported the Massacre of Trelew in his book The Passion According to Trelew The book was banned by the Argentine dictatorship.For three years 1972 75 Mart nez was in charge of the cultural supplement of La Naci n, after which he lived in exile 1975 83 in Caracas, Venezuela, where he remained active as a journalist, founding the newspaper El Diario In his book The Memoirs of the General he recounts that he was threatened by the Triple A , the Alianza Anticomunista Argentina, and on one occasion, gunmen held a pistol to the head of his 3 year old son because they were witnesses to a crime Mart nez believed to be an operation led by the far right paramilitary group He subsequently started the newspaper Siglo 21 in Guadalajara, Mexico, and created the literary supplement Primer Plano for the newspaper P gina 12 in Buenos Aires.Mart nez has also been a teacher and lecturer He taught 1984 87 at the University of Maryland In 1995, he took a position as distinguished professor and director of the Latin American Studies program at Rutgers University, New Jersey He lived in nearby Highland Park, New Jersey until about 3 years ago when he returned to Argentina to live He wrote columns for La Naci n and the New York Times syndicate, and his articles have appeared in many newspapers and journals in Latin America.He has published a number of books, one of which, Santa Evita, has been translated into 32 languages and published in 50 countries He was awarded the Guggenheim and Woodrow Wilson fellowships, and won the 2002 Alfaguara award for the novel Flight of the Queen His works deal primarily but not exclusively with Argentina during and after the rule of Juan Domingo Per n and his wife, Eva Duarte de Per n Evita.Mart nez died in Buenos Aires after a long battle against a brain tumor.


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    2. My fascination on Evita Peron started when I heard Julie Covington sang "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" over the radio when I was still in high school. Since our island-town had no electricity, i.e no television, yet and almost no FM radio stations reached us during daytime, we contented ourselves with listening to whatever was played on the AM dials. Since there was nothing else to be busied about aside from studying, helping in the household chores and some puppy loves, listening and scrutinizing [...]

    3. 'Santa Evita' is a great novel blending fact and fiction about the life, or more precisely - the death and thereafter of Eva Peron. Wonderfully written compelling narrative, this is a bizarre but fascinating world where truth seems often stranger than fiction - the world of Eva Peron, the cult of Evita, the mythology of Santa Evita.

    4. As intrigued as I was by the idea of a novel whose main character is a corpse, the parts of Tomás Eloy Martínez's Santa Evita that ended up interesting me most had almost nothing to do with its so-called plot. Because as much as Santa Evita is a novel "about" the late wife of a deposed politician (in which an ensemble cast of characters transport, steal, curse, duplicate, switch, covet, and defile the embalmed body of Eva Perón, in a non-chronological seesaw back and forth over the pivot-poin [...]

    5. I am normally quite a fast reader but it took me AGES to finish this book. I kept getting distracted by inconsequential matters every few pages. However, I don't count that as a negative because it lends a certain credibility to the mystique of Eva Peron that Martinez emphasizes, the difficulty in pinning her down, the ease with which she left all those who tried to keep her. Goodness, this novel sure hit all the right spots for me: politics, surrealism, science, history, romance, multiple langu [...]

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    7. No se en que momento exactamente mi imaginación de niño o adolescente se maravilló con la figura de Eva Perón. Recuerdo haber oído a Licha platicarme del dictador argentino depuesto y refugiado en España y tengo una vaga conciencia de haber leído en alguna revista en la peluquería mientras esperaba turno, un reportaje sobre el embalsamamiento del cadáver de Eva Perón. Esta historia, como la de Rasputín y otras que Licha me platicaba y cuyo conocimiento servía de acicate para nuevas l [...]

    8. "Caminaba siempre un paso detrás del marido, pero él parecía la sombra, el revés de la medalla." Read for the Popsugar Challenge 2018, challenge number 6: a novel based on a real person (María Eva Duarte de Perón).

    9. Seeing that "the only thing that can be done with reality is to invent it again," Tomás Eloy Martínez brilliantly transposes Evita's postmortem journey into an outrageous postmodern fictional montage wherein the author, represented as a fictitious character and narrator in the novel, spins a web of biography, history and myth into a effervescently farcical and sombrely perverse narrative, mellifluously illuminating the woman who "ceased to be what she said and what she did to become what peopl [...]

    10. "Santa Evita" es una mezcla entre novela, biografía y reportaje sociopolítico de una turbulenta época en Argentina. Una historia que entrelaza datos de Evita Perón viva y muerta. Viva, desde su humilde infancia, su lucha por realizar sus sueños de artista hasta su encuentro con Juan Perón que daría un vuelco a su vida para convertirla en un ícono político. Y es también la historia del cadáver de Eva Perón desde que su ilustre esposo la puso en manos de un embalsamador, hasta su recor [...]

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    12. Really interesting book about the strange journey that Eva Peron's corpse took after Peron was overthrown. T. Eloy Martinez reminds us throughout the novel that truth is elusive. We may never really know what happened to her corpse during its 22-year journey because much like Eva herself, who became Evita (remembered more for what people said she did than for what she actually did) the tales surrounding her embalmed corpse are so fantastical they can't be true, or can they? I also learned a lot [...]

    13. Una historia apasionante, llena de misterio y realidad. La narración de la aventura después de la muerte, pero también la descripción de una vida antes del final.Santa Evita es una biografía de Eva Perón y una guía de los lugares y recorridos que su cuerpo embalsamado recorrió. Llena de hechos verídicos mezclados con momentos novelescos, Santa Evita nos muestra una radiografía completa de Evita.

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    16. Un libro completo por su imperfección. Es novela, libreto, cuento, anécdota, memorias, ficción e historia. Eloy Martínez te lleva por todo lo que Eva tocó; las pasiones que despertó; el odio que sembró; el amor que creó. Este libro es una radiografía histórica a un periodo de Argentina que nos ayuda a comprender mas al país a los que no somos de ahí. El primer libro de Eloy Martínez que leó y definitivamente no será el último.

    17. "Every time a corpse enters the picture in this country (Argentina), history goes mad."If you have a penchant for Latin American magical realism, this is a very paradoxical example. The subject could have been simply macabre but instead it becomes oddly real and compelling thanks to the practical point of view of the main characters. The author imagines the history of the 'afterlife' of the venerated corpse of Evita Peron. (By the time she died, the common people considered her a saint.) The sto [...]

    18. This is an incredible book on several levelsif you want to understand Argentina, this book sort of lays out the whole weird reality of it via Martinez's own mind and the story of its central myth--not just Evita, but Sarmiento's Civilization and Barbarism written more than 100 years before but essentially the same mythos. As one ex president said the corpse of Evita is the corpse of Argentina, or the country itselfor words to that affect. I'd compare this to Schindler's List (the book, not the f [...]

    19. Very hard to read not because it's a bad book, it's not, but because kept hearing Don't cry for me argentina in my head. Though in my case it was Elaine Paige warbling away.I imagine a story about Eva Peron whilst alive would be interesting, but one about what happened to her corpse was fascinating. Have to admit I'm of the opinion that when you die there's a moment when it's obvious that something has left the body.I'm also aware that different people, cultures and religions believe different t [...]

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    21. it is rumoured that Marquez said that "this is the book that i have always wanted to read "when "santa evita" first came outrstly it may seem like you are reading one of those book that tells you about a series of incidents that happened but becoming an outstanding piece of post modern art,it tells you more,it has a part of every genre is like poetry,it is like history,it is like novelbut above all,it is one the most striking works of art that one reads.

    22. I am having a heck of a time with this. I'm not entirely sure I'm following the plot. I'm not entirely sure there is a plot really. I'm 4 chapters in, and still waiting to see if something will click. I'm starting to lose hope though, and have already read two other books while putting this one off.

    23. واقعية سحرية سردة عنقودياً، والجميل فيها بأن السحر هو المسيطر على المجتمع أو الواقع الأرجنتيني.

    24. Una de las mejores novelas latinoamericanas de los últimos 30 o 40 años. A los peronistas quizás no les vaya a gustar, pero es deleitable de principio a fin.

    25. «Quello che non voglio è che la gente mi dimentichi, Juan. Non permettere che mi dimentichino».Il romanzo è basato sulla leggendaria figura di Eva Perón e inizia là dove finisce l'esistenza della sua protagonista.Attraverso l'avventurosa "vita" di un cadavere, ripercorriamo la vicenda umana di un'attricetta di provincia che fu capace di irretire il presidente della Repubblica Argentina prima, un intero popolo poi.Subito dopo la morte (annunciata da mesi di grandi sofferenze), il corpo di E [...]

    26. Proseguendo il tentativo di lasciare almeno due parole a caldo (o temperature più tiepide, considerando che qui mi sono decisa a farlo qualche giorno dopo averlo finito^^) su ogni libro che leggo: lettura meravigliosa, assolutamente all'altezza delle aspettative (e non mi capita spesso di dirlo). Un'odissea che è al tempo stesso una riflessione sulla costruzione dei miti - e come spesso i corpi da cui nascono debbano perdere la carne nel processo, farsi di cera o evaporare o imbalsamarsi per i [...]

    27. Santa Evita is a remarkable book, no doubt about it: beautifully written, original, with a captivating premise, complex characters, and multiple layers of meaning. It narrates the story of Evita's body after her death, of the men who lost their mind and peace after crossing its path, including the authors. It plays with the boundaries between history, fiction and myth, drawing a portrait of Evita, but, more to the point, of Argentina, over the course of five decades. Finishing took me ages, and [...]

    28. This story is a slightly magical realism (though more just ‘unrealistic’ in my view) about the consequences of the dead body of Eva Peron being embalmed and the state powers wanting to prevent it being used for political purposes. The whole mix up is exacerbated by several body copies and the key colonels and soldiers getting psychologically disturbed by the lovable presence of such an icon. The journey of Eva includes imagined trips to Germany and hidden places. The author also appears in t [...]

    29. Eva Peron had an amazing life. Born in 1919 and dying in 1952, her story has inspired many creative minds, including my own. You would have to work to make her life boring, right?Unfortunately, Martinez has done exactly that. He passed away in 2010, so I don't wish to speak ill of the dead. However, this novel is very overhyped and not what I wanted at all. Though Martinez is a good author, the book is very jarring. The first chapter is well done as it tells about Eva's death and thoughts while [...]

    30. I read about it in U.K. Elle and decided to purchase a copy. Wow there was so much about Eva Peron that I Never knew, I never realised she was so young when she died. I didn't realise the effect she had in the Argentine people and certainly what happened to her body. Well what worth reading this just to discover that.

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