White Girls

White Girls

Hilton Als / Jul 21, 2019

White Girls White Girls Hilton Als s first book since The Women fourteen years ago finds one of The New Yorker s boldest cultural critics deftly weaving together his brilliant analyses of literature art and m

  • Title: White Girls
  • Author: Hilton Als
  • ISBN: 9781936365814
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Hardcover
  • White Girls, Hilton Als s first book since The Women fourteen years ago, finds one of The New Yorker s boldest cultural critics deftly weaving together his brilliant analyses of literature, art, and music with fearless insights on race, gender, and history The result is an extraordinary, complex portrait of white girls, as Als dubs them an expansive but precise categoryWhite Girls, Hilton Als s first book since The Women fourteen years ago, finds one of The New Yorker s boldest cultural critics deftly weaving together his brilliant analyses of literature, art, and music with fearless insights on race, gender, and history The result is an extraordinary, complex portrait of white girls, as Als dubs them an expansive but precise category that encompasses figures as diverse as Truman Capote and Louise Brooks, Malcolm X and Flannery O Connor In pieces that hairpin between critique and meditation, fiction and nonfiction, high culture and low, the theoretical and the deeply personal, Als presents a stunning portrait of a writer by way of his subjects, and an invaluable guide to the culture of our time.

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        Hilton Als is an American writer and theater critic who writes for The New Yorker magazine Previously, he had been a staff writer for The Village Voice and editor at large at Vibe magazine.His 1996 book The Women focuses on his mother, who raised him in Brooklyn, Dorothy Dean, and Owen Dodson, who was a mentor and lover of Als In the book, Als explores his identification of the confluence of his ethnicity, gender and sexuality, moving from identifying as a Negress and then an Auntie Man , a Barbadian term for homosexuals.Als s 2013 book White Girls continued to explore race, gender, identity in a series of essays about everything from the AIDS epidemic to Richard Pryor s life and work.In 2000, Als received a Guggenheim fellowship for creative writing and the 2002 03 George Jean Nathan Award for Dramatic Criticism In 2004 he won the Berlin Prize of the American Academy in Berlin, which provided him half a year of free working and studying in Berlin Als has taught at Smith College, Wesleyan, and Yale University, and his work has also appeared in The Nation, The Believer, and the New York Review of Books.


    1. This should have been two volumes. The first essay is just so completely different than the rest of the book in every way, McSweeney's really should have made it a standalone book. In fact, I'm just going to review it on its own as if that's how it had been, because I'm going to remember it that way anyhow. After that I'll do a gloss of the rest of the book, because that's what each section deserves."Tristes Tropiques."This slim little 95-page flit absolutely destroyed me. Destroyed. Me. I was s [...]

    2. Probably the most insufferably pretentious book I've ever read -- and this is coming from a big Wayne Koestenbaum fan.I love Hilton Als's writing in The New Yorker -- fascinating little queer reveries disguised as theater reviews -- and I love his public persona of a sort of curmudgeonly, erudite vamp. So I guess I'd like to meet the brilliant doctor who gave Als the full frontal lobotomy that caused him to pinch off this unreadable turd of a book. Or maybe I should blame the editor (are there e [...]

    3. It feels cheap to use adjectives such as "stunning," and "remarkable" to describe White Girls when Hilton Als does so much more with language in his work. The opening essay, "Tristes Tropiques," pushes language past its tipping point and creates some new, dazzling purpose with it. Simply put, this isn't how language is supposed to work, and yet it does. Readers are first thrown into an autobiographical investigation concerning Als' relationships - from friends, lovers, family, and the like - but [...]

    4. I am just gonna have to accept that there is a certain kind of writing, a certain kind of way of making art and text, that just does not do it for me. At all. Because I don't consume media to become intimate with the creator of the media I'm consuming. I want to get into the actual media itself. I don't go, oh look at the creative person's intelligence, their emotions, their sensitivity and cleverness. I don't care. At all. I know this is at odds with the way some people, the tasteful people, pr [...]

    5. I'd heard a lot about Als's book through the literary buzz generated from its publication in McSweeney's in autumn of last year. The Millions mentioned it as one of the year's best reads and the stacks of blurbs on the back were hyperventilating in their approbation. I'd read one of Als's essays before in Harper's, about gender and sexuality and it was stylistically interesting as much as it was philosophically compelling. A rare find, that. So I got it for Xmas from my no-doubt-befuddled parent [...]

    6. At times, this feels so good it should be illegal. Hilton Als is one of the best interpreters of our times.

    7. I want to write a fullblown review of this book, I thinkund it utterly absorbing and provocative. Als uses the figure of the white girl (loosely defined to include, for instance, Malcolm X's "white" mother as well as fashionable young white women like those on the cover) as a way to enter into discussions of race, sexuality, gender, identity and identity politics, interpersonal relationships, literature, film, writing. The first essay, on the Als's experience of "twinning" with a loved one is my [...]

    8. Extraordinary, genre-bending cultural criticism. Along with Packer's The Unwinding, the best non-fiction book of 2013. This is a masterpiece gorgeous, mind-expanding prose.

    9. To say that White Girls was challenging feels like somehow missing the point. The more I slowed down, took a breath, and plunged into the next sentence, the more I could feel myself sinking into the vicarious experience of something a little more sophisticated than stream of consciousness - you know, those moments where you are very aware of your physical self, in the way in which you take up space, and how the loudness of your breath seems in direct contradiction of the smallness you feel? Mayb [...]

    10. This is the type of book that you'd probably really like if you were really into deconstructions of race/gender/sexuality/class but didn't want another "standard" deconstructions of those things. Instead of a "here's the critical theory background we all have let's look at these people" he bounces around subjects and attacks them from a bunch of different intellectual angles. So like, I get what Als is doing and why its appealing to highbrow cultural critics but it doesn't appeal to me. Part of [...]

    11. This essay collection is a piece-by-piece, often focused on celebrities, dense treatise on identity. Als deals with famous figures (Eminem, Michael Jackson, Malcolm X, Truman Capote, and most in-depthly, Richard Pryor) through the lens of gender, sexuality and race - most often using each lens to draw a further microscopic view on the other. His views are often contrary to popular opinion, or introduce new ways of looking at figures that have already been intensely scrutinized, and his voice exi [...]

    12. A diamond - sparkling, cold, cutting glass, piercing your heart with its beauty and intelligence. Wear it on your finger to clear the way before you.

    13. If, like me, this book landed on your lap and you wanted to read it, I recommend listening to this first.

    14. The first essay "Tristes Tropiques"--an ode to complex, romantic friendship--was so gorgeous and arresting; it's one of the best things I've read all year. The remaining essays were uneven for me, though I found the ones on Flannery O'Connor, Eminem, Louise Brooks, and Richard Pryor particularly compelling.

    15. reading this book was an exercise in humility for me. i had no idea what i was getting into when i picked it up before heading on vacation, other than that junot diaz and roxane gay liked it.hilton als does something with the essay form that i can't put into words. the fluidity of perspective, of fact and fiction - i recognize that it's incredible, and sometimes i would have these breakthroughs in understanding and i'd get to enjoy it, too. but mostly it was *hard*. maybe i'll come back to it so [...]

    16. Felt like a book Als needed to write, if also not the book I was hoping he'd write. Great on popular culture icons such as Louise Brooks and Richard Pryor, but off-puttingly insular and coded when dealing with more personal and (presumably) autobiographical material.And here I'll turn it over to Roxane Gay, whose review quote was the one I turned to when other folks asked me about the book: "These essays defy categorization. They are unwieldy, and meandering and as self-indulgent as they are int [...]

    17. Just a warning — it's a collection of disparate bits, rather than a complete book; did you think Hilton Als would give you something sustained? It's a strength & a weakness, since some pieces seem too long & some pieces seem too short. Better not to read start to finish, like I did, but rather to treat it like a magazine. At some point, I'd like to re-read the extraordinary creative biography ('fictional essay', he's said in more than one interview) of Richard Pryor's sister. I didn't [...]

    18. his intersections are fresh, relevant, nuanced and challenging. als writes with such assuredness and respect, with the pure intention of human understanding and creates strong emotional links between taboo cultural pairings (most often white women and black men) - an exploration of how the oppressed and marginalized across privileges and cultures can illuminate or expand our perception of a broader (and more terrifying) contemporary cultural landscape. junot diaz called it "the read of the year" [...]

    19. The best book I've read all year. This book changed my brain. It is a challenging read, in the best possible way. It got me thinking about race and culture and my place in the world and how I'm perceived in a way that no other work has been able to capture. An absolute must-read: and please talk to me about it when you do read it!

    20. Virtuosic and wholly unique, many of these essays are impressionistic studies of identity, not meant to be neatly unpacked. Als' works feels like a poetic personal meditation as much as cultural criticism.

    21. A fun read. At times it was a bit abstract and I had trouble following the thread, but overall it was very enjoyable. Als starts the collection by talking about his friend who he calls Sir or Lady, and who is a kindred soul who shares Als' belief that black maleness in America is, in part, a little bit Daisy Buchanan and Jordan Baker from The Great Gatsby He doesn't really explain the claim, but while reading the collection you feel that it somehow does seem right. Overall, White Girls is heavy [...]

    22. HILTON ALS. I love this guy!! It all began for me, as for so many people, with the infamous New Yorker article about Prince. That was when I began noticing his byline on article after article after review, and all of them were awesome! So when his book came out I was all over it and I was not disappointed. Welll. maybe a little actually. The first essay is so good that it earns the whole book 5 stars, but I have to admit the rest of the collection couldn't really live up to that standard. Still, [...]

    23. Intentionally elusive first chapter -- just read his first book, The Women. Loved the chapter about Truman Capote and the one about Flannery O'Connor, though a little less. Great on Vivien Leigh, skipped the one that opens with otherness and difference -ekch- pleasantly surprised by the one about Marshall Mathers, Michael Jackson, and Andre Leon Talley. Really blew me away with the story of Richard Pryor. Then it all got muddled and ended. I don't know how great the writing is, but he tells some [...]

    24. A few of the essays in this collection, particularly, " A Pryor Love" blew me away. His writing style is unique, and the perspective he brings to even such overwrought subjects as Eminem, allow the reader to be drawn into their world's. "You and Whose Army" cannot be categorized, and I was never sure whether any of it was the truth or fiction. That section in particular is difficult to describe.However, despite some really amazing essays, there were at least one or two, particularly the one abou [...]

    25. 1. Read this, How to Be Black and Between the World and Me all in a row.2. Collect panties of these ladies who believe that dudes who read this book are "hyperaware of using words like ‘intersectionality.’”    2.5 find out what intersectionality means3. Be completely insufferable.

    26. I have no idea what to make of this book. It's an incredibly weird, sometimes gorgeous, densely layered blend of autobiography, wildly fantastical reimaginings of the inner lives of silent film stars, reflections on race in America, and pop culture criticism of a very specific, very campy brand. I imagine that Hilton Als told his editor, "Hey, I'm going to go make a thing," and then came back a year later or whatever with this manuscript and was like, "Well, I made the thing." I really enjoyed i [...]

    27. I made it about 100 pages into my first attempt at this universally lauded cultural critique cum memoir. I remember being fatigued by the frequent tangents and dense allusions that I misunderstood as standing in my way of the cogent critique of Whiteness that I'd been led to expect. Should I approach this next time as an autobiography, a nonfictional, queer counterpoint to great African American psychonarratives like The Invisible Man or Native Son, I'd be better equipped to float in Als' impres [...]

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