The Haunting of Pico

The Haunting of Pico

Patrick Kampman / Feb 17, 2020

The Haunting of Pico Pico Texas is full of secrets as Chris discovers when his family unwittingly moves into the town s haunted house As an Asian adoptee relocating from a big city Chris worries about fitting into a sm

  • Title: The Haunting of Pico
  • Author: Patrick Kampman
  • ISBN: 9780983592228
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pico, Texas is full of secrets, as Chris discovers when his family unwittingly moves into the town s haunted house As an Asian adoptee relocating from a big city, Chris worries about fitting into a small town high school still using a Rebel soldier for its mascot But, to his relief, the attitudes of the town are changing, and soon he has friends, a job, and a cute new nePico, Texas is full of secrets, as Chris discovers when his family unwittingly moves into the town s haunted house As an Asian adoptee relocating from a big city, Chris worries about fitting into a small town high school still using a Rebel soldier for its mascot But, to his relief, the attitudes of the town are changing, and soon he has friends, a job, and a cute new neighbor Still, the shadow of a less tolerant time lingers Sixty years ago, Charlotte Monroe was murdered in Pico, hanged from the oak outside of Chris s bedroom window Chris is sure that it s her ghost he hears every night As the weeks go by and Charlotte s midnight wailing gives way to violent outbursts, Chris knows that to save his family he must put the sins of the past to rest.

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    1. First thing's first, the book was engaging. As a matter of fact, I was up until 2am reading it and read it first thing while on the train to work this morning. I continued reading the book until I was done an hour later. Ssh, don't tell the boss. I really dig Patrick Kampman's style of writing. The principal character, Chris, was genuinely funny and intelligent and I enjoyed reading the story from his point of view. Generally, the paranormal aspect of this book was more like a distant side chara [...]

    2. A young adult ghostly mystery with a male protagonistFifteen-year-old Chris and his beautiful, fourteen-year-old sister Eve are quite unhappy when their parents decide to move from laid-back urban life in California to the small town of Pico in Texas. Chris and Eve are non-biological siblings who were separately adopted by their parents from Korea, and at first Chris is worried that his Asian heritage will lead to prejudice against him and Eve in Pico. Fortunately, that does not happen, but he s [...]

    3. This is a really good book. I'm sure this was meant for a younger audience than I but I really enjoyed it.well, almost all of it. the very end has left me puzzled. Perhaps someone else who has read it can enlighten me? Before I start adding spoilers, I do highly recommend this book. It kept my interest, the characters were very well written and it's a really good story, 4 solid stars.Now.SPOILERS BELOWOk, I'm enjoying this book, moving along, waiting to hear what Rose is all about and how she ti [...]

    4. Wow! That was not how I thought this book would end! The Haunting of Pico was a really, REALLY scary book. I absolutely loved it! This novel kept me gripping to the pages, it was so suspenseful! The scariest part was whenever Rose would show up, oh, she terrified me! What with her just appearing. I totally knew she was some sort of supernatural thing right from the time Chris' family moved into the house! My favorite part was when they were messing with the Ouija Board. Those things are just pla [...]

    5. Great book, even though it was written for a younger audience. The end was very exciting and I found myself not wanting to put it down. Don't pass this up, it's a quick read that will not leave you disappointed.

    6. Received as part of a First Reads Giveaway.Chris and his family have just moved to Pico, Texas from California. Chris and his sister, Eve, are adoptees from South Korea. Remember this if you care, because there is absolutely no reasonable mention in the book other than an over-the-top description of how "disgusting" kimchi smells. There are neither bits of California in the whole of the family nor bits of any Korean heritage other than "what our parents make us do".In other character news, ther [...]

    7. To see this review and more like it check out my site ufreviews So even though this book is kind of a young adult horror (and as we all know from my past reviews I am not a huge fan of young adult, and horror just freaks me out), I was actually pretty excited about this book. And here is why, it takes place in my Texas, my home state which I miss terrible, second because the high school has a rebel for a mascot, my high school had a rebel for its mascot, oh and third I'm adopted too! It's always [...]

    8. An Entertaining Teen Dramedy With Some Ghosty Stuff to Keep It MovingIf I get to choose between teen angst or ghosts and creepiness as the frame for a wise, funny teen coming of age tale, I'll take the ghosts every time, and I'll certainly take Patrick Kampman's ghosts.Asian adoptee Chris moves with his family from the big city to tiny Pico, Texas, and he's not sure this is going to be a good move. We start right off with his opening days at school and get an immediate feel for how Kampman is go [...]

    9. "The Haunting of Pico"Pico Texas, that is. A small town full of secrets, which contains one very haunted house. The main character Chris Harding, his sister Eve, and their parents make the move to Pico from California, when their dad gets transferred to a new job. They move into a huge Victorian mansion, which just so happens to be the aforementioned haunted house.Sixty years previously, Charlotte Monroe who lived in the house, was lynched by the locals for being a witch; they used the oak tree [...]

    10. 2.5 starsThis was another one of those "Good premise, not the best execution" books for me.First of all, I actually quite liked the characters in the book, Monica being my favorite. She plays the dumb blonde role well, but I enjoyed the twist that she was actually very smart. Additionally, I felt like most of what the characters said and did were in line with normal teenagers. That said, I'm amazed that Chris and Eve's parents (and the parents of all the students) weren't a little more concerned [...]

    11. I won this book in a Good-reads giveaway. And was very glad I did.The Haunting of Pico is about a young family that has been relocated to Pico, TX from California. A sixteen year old Christopher and his beautiful sister Eve are non-biological siblings adopted by the Harding’s at a young age from Korea. He is worried at first that he we will not fit-in due to his heritage, but that soon changes. He makes several great friends and a job. But not is all as it seems in the sleepy town of Pico. Six [...]

    12. This was a good read. I liked the characters and the central character, Chris, is just a darling, and clueless about girls in an adorably bemused sort of way.Chris stumbles through the plot (the book is told from his point of view, first person, so it is very intimate with him), from his first day in Pico, through making friends at High School, to the dramatic climax, and just occasionally I wanted to kick him up the bum, but then so did his friends for being a dufus, but, most of the time, it w [...]

    13. Review of The Haunting of Pico by Patrick KampmanI was fortunate to win a copy of this novel via the First Reads program. It’s delightful, winning, and very well done. The underscoring tension between good and evil, multicultural diversity and bigotry, selflessness and self-centeredness, humility and hubris, is deftly woven and no threads are dropped. Mr. Kampman is also particularly skilled at characterization just as much as he is at plotting; and readers will immediately find themselves dr [...]

    14. This review is based on a free copy of this book received from the author through the First Read program.Pico Texas can't be that bad, or can it? Moving from California to a small town in Texas Chris is not impressed. Particularly when he finds out that a so called witch named Charlotte Monroe was hanged on the tree outside his bedroom by the fine citizens of Pico.Starting the first night, Chris finds that sleep is hard to come by with creaking noises coming from his ceiling like someone is wal [...]

    15. I received a copy of The Haunting of Pico as a First-reads giveaway, and am thrilled to have been chosen to receive such a wonderful book!The story of Chris and his family moving to a small town in Texas after spending the first 15 years of his life in San Jose, California is, in my opinion, very well executed by the author! The character development was wonderful, and I felt Mr. Kampman accurately captured the emotions and mannerisms of high school age teens. The challenges Chris and his siste [...]

    16. this was a free book, I choose my ratings for this because it was a pleasant read with good high school story lines, except for it didn't lead to too much of a Haunting. kept waiting for something to be discovered.Made me think of school days back with friends always finding something to gossip about, all the popular kids and football games, not too much Haunting going on, a few eerie sounds and some stuff flying in a main room, the bigger picture I got from this book was about a mystery Neighbo [...]

    17. I won this book through a first reads giveaway. The description caught my attention, but the book surpassed my expectations. The reader is introduced to a cast of very likable characters. The main character, Chris, gives a good insight into the life of an adopted minority. While the books description emphasizes the supernatural aspect of the plot, following Christopher in his new town, dealing with typical teenage issues provides for an intriguing dual plot. While I hate spoilers in reviews I w [...]

    18. First off I was surprised that this was a Young Adult book, I guess I should have figured it out by reading the description, but I didn’t. The characters are, for the most part, high school age and their speech and actions reflect that.The book is well written, and the town and characters are fleshed out and fun. The author seems to concentrate more on creating a humorous escapist ghost story rather than a social commentary on small town racism. As an adult reader I think that would have been [...]

    19. Received as a giveaway.Who doesn't love a creepy old house with hidden doors?! The Haunting of Pico is a fun romp through Pico, Texas through the eyes of 15 year old Chris. Chris has just moved from California with his family, but the sleepy little town of Pico quickly proves to be full of secrets - some of them fatal. For the most part, I enjoyed this book. It was well-written, and I found the characters believable. I wasn't completely thrilled with the "twist", but that's mainly just me since [...]

    20. I won this from Good Reads.I would say this is more like 2.5 stars. Here are my qualms:*Slow to start, and to finish*The paranormal aspect is lacking. The 'haunting' part was anticlimactic for me. And the whole deal with Rose is kinda weird. They never call her for what she is, and they 'kill' her in a way that doesn't make sense and the bit about hiding her body is the basement is unbelievable. *There wasn't much character development. I had a hard time believing that everyone just *accepted* a [...]

    21. The basic plot is that a couple of high school kids (and their parents) move from big city California to small town Texas, and find out that they are living in the town's haunted house. Chris, the protagonist, takes on the task of investigating the ghost. Helping him are his new friends from school and the odd girl living next door. They end up finding out a terrible secret about the past.The characters are likable and funny (except for Chris's enemy at school who is totally UNlikeable, of cours [...]

    22. I got this for free as a First Read. I really enjoyed this book! I found myself not being able to put it down. The thing with a lot of young adult books is that the dialog is just choppy, unrealistic, or way over the top. That was not a problem here. I could have done with a bit more of the creep factor though. A little more on the haunting would have been nice. Toward the end the story went in a different direction I wasn't really expecting, but it wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Overall I thi [...]

    23. Just finished the kindle edition. I liked it a lot! The characters made this book for me -- they were a lot of fun. It's unusual for a book like this to have a male lead, but I liked him -- it definitely worked, and was a good balance to the strong and non-typical female characters.The story itself was good, fast paced (after a slow start), and well written. There were also a couple of totally unexpected twists that kept things interesting. The author kept things open for a sequel(s), which I'll [...]

    24. This was a book I couldn't put down, even though it's aimed at the YA audience and I am definitely not the YA demographic. Well written and fast-paced, THE HAUNTING OF PICO is a YA horror novel about a lynching, a ghost, small-town Texas life and the angst of teenagers trying to fit in and find friends. It's even got _____ in it (not identifying the suprise). Try his other novel, too. CHANCE IN HELL. Both of these should entertain young and not so young alike.

    25. The book had an air of mystery. There are clearly supernatural things happening in the little Texas town of Pico, but nobody talks about them (except in ghost stories). I enjoyed the fact that no character was called out as being *insert mythological monster here*.I received this book through the First Read program.

    26. Engaging but disappointed in the ending. Left me wanting more explanation. I'm assuming Rose and her friends were vampires and that Chris was a nightly snack. How his friends figured this out is a mystery and why Becky spent the night doesn't make sense if she knew a vampire would be joining them. Wish I could give it more stars.

    27. Well-written for the most part and filled with likeable characters, but the plot of The Haunting of Pico wasn't the most original. It also jumps quickly from topic to topic and drags on in some chapters.

    28. free on kindle2.5 stars rounded to 3It started out ok, but as I got closer to the end there were inconsistencies, things were assumed, and then things got rushed. It could have been better.

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