Enchantment: The Life of Audrey Hepburn

Enchantment: The Life of Audrey Hepburn

Donald Spoto / May 24, 2019

Enchantment The Life of Audrey Hepburn Her name is synonymous with elegance style and grace Over the course of her extraordinary life and career Audrey Hepburn captured hearts around the world and created a public image that stands as on

  • Title: Enchantment: The Life of Audrey Hepburn
  • Author: Donald Spoto
  • ISBN: 9780739474792
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Her name is synonymous with elegance, style and grace Over the course of her extraordinary life and career, Audrey Hepburn captured hearts around the world and created a public image that stands as one of the most recognizable and beloved in recent memory But despite her international fame and her tireless efforts on behalf of UNICEF, Audrey was also known for her intensHer name is synonymous with elegance, style and grace Over the course of her extraordinary life and career, Audrey Hepburn captured hearts around the world and created a public image that stands as one of the most recognizable and beloved in recent memory But despite her international fame and her tireless efforts on behalf of UNICEF, Audrey was also known for her intense privacy With unprecedented access to studio archives, friends and colleagues who knew and loved Audrey, bestselling author Donald Spoto provides an intimate and moving account of this beautiful, elusive and talented woman Tracing her astonishing rise to stardom, from her harrowing childhood in Nazi controlled Holland during World War II to her years as a struggling ballet dancer in London and her Tony Award winning Broadway debut in Gigi, Spoto illuminates the origins of Audrey s tenacious spirit and fiercely passionate nature She would go on to star in some of the most popular movies of the twentieth century, including Roman Holiday, Sabrina, Funny Face, The Nun s Story, Breakfast at Tiffany s and My Fair Lady A friend and inspiration to renowned designer Hubert de Givenchy, Audrey emerged as a fashion icon as well as a film legend, her influence on women s fashion virtually unparalleled to this day But behind the glamorous public persona, Audrey Hepburn was both a different and a deeper person and a woman who craved love and affection Donald Spoto offers remarkable insights into her professional and personal relationships with her two husbands, and with celebrities such as Gregory Peck, William Holden, Fred Astaire, Gary Cooper, Robert Anderson, Cary Grant, Peter O Toole, Albert Finney and Ben Gazzara The turbulent romances of her youth, her profound sympathy for the plight of hungry children, and the thrills and terrors of motherhood prepared Audrey for the final chapter in her life, as she devoted herself entirely to the charity efforts of an organization that had once come to her rescue at the end of the war UNICEF Donald Spoto has written a poignant, funny and deeply moving biography of an unforgettable woman At last, Enchantment reveals the private Audrey Hepburn and invites readers to fall in love with her all over again She was as funny as she was beautiful She was a magical combination of high chic and high spirits Gregory Peck In spite of her fragile appearance, she s like steel Cary Grant Audrey was known for something which has disappeared, and that is elegance, grace and manners God kissed her on the cheek, and there she was Billy Wilder There is not a woman alive who does not dream of looking like Audrey Hepburn Hubert de Givenchy Her magnetism was so extraordinary that everyone wanted to be close to her It was as if she placed a glass barrier between herself and the world You couldn t get behind it easily It made her remarkably attractive Stanley Donen She has authentic charm Most people simply have nice manners Alfred Lunt

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    1. Love, love, love Audrey; however, this book was just middle of the road for me. Somewhat repetitious, too. I would have liked to have read the actual critics’ reviews instead of just this author’s opinion of her movies; I would have preferred him to be more factual instead of opinionated throughout. For instance, what was Audrey’s reaction to Julie Andrews’ quip in her acceptance speech at the 1964 Oscars, thanking Jack Warner? (He chose not to cast Andrews - who originated the role on s [...]

    2. A imagem de Audrey Hepburn sobreviveu à passagem do tempo como um ícone de beleza e elegância, talvez mais marcante que as suas interpretações no ecrã. Todavia, atrás da imagem de mulher deslumbrante encontrava-se uma menina que sempre havia desejado ter uma família feliz. Abandonada pelo pai, viveu com a mãe que era rígida e exigente e não sabia expressar o amor que sentia pela filha.Audrey sobreviveu à brutalidade da IIGuerra Mundial mas ficou com sequelas físicas devidas ao longo [...]

    3. I started out this book really rather excited about it. Her early years were fascinating, and the author's style was good. I was really enjoying it up to the point when Spoto started discussing the movies she was in. Then he really started to annoy me.While Spoto's writing is well done for the most part, he seems to blur the line between biographer and film critic. A biographer should deal in the facts. Tell me what films she did, what happened during filming, what the public reaction was to the [...]

    4. I have always loved Audrey Hepburn. I was not overly impressed with this book about her though. The author made it seem like she was never happy. Whether that was true or not, no one but Audrey would know for sure. For most of this book the author focused on the the hollywood making of the movies aspect, not so much Audrey. i felt like she got lost in the shuffle of a book that was supposed to be about her.

    5. For Audrey Hepburn to be one of my favorite actresses and someone's classic ladylike style I've always looked up too, I sure didn't know a lot about her before reading this book. I was shocked to discover how similar we were in many ways, for example she suffered from constant insecurity, never knowing what her self-worth was. She ended up living a pretty sad and tragic life that I think her parents, sadly are partially to blame for. A controlling, unfeeling, private mother (whom never showed af [...]

    6. I recently started watching classic films, which prior to my 25th year held little interest to me. I always WANTED to enjoy them, I just couldn't get past the black and white. Now that I have aged a bit, (that, or run out of Netflix options ;) ) I have begun to really enjoy classic films. I love the simplicity, the straightforward plotlines, the raw emotion of Hollywoods brightest. I enjoy the good simple stories, and the lack of overt sexuality, violence, and vulgarity. It's very lovely.As for [...]

    7. I have always admired Audrey Hepburn, but sadly did not know much about her besides her filmology. This biography is written really well, so it does not seem like a dull text book but almost like I am reading fiction. Her life was so much more than just an actress and this book gives much detail showing that. Even if you don't think you are interested in her life, you might surprise yourself while reading this.

    8. Meh. Audrey Hepburn was/is one of my all time favorite actresses. I've always loved her movies, her classic style, and her anthropic habits with her infamous work with UNICEF. But, in reading this, it kinda disappointed me. For one thing, she was kinda a hoe. She had no qualms about getting involved with married men, or having love affairs while she was married. I can't have a lot of respect for that. Also, I'm just not a big fan of biographies, even one of an actress I like.

    9. I really like reading about her. I don't love this author's writing style. He is a little repetitive and kind of adds his own opinion to some things. He is, however, very thorough, and seems to have a lot of really good sources that actually knew the people he wrote about. He does write in a way that actually makes their lives very interesting and kept me wanting to know more. I would recommend his biographies.

    10. I've been reading all I can about this icon for research with my YA series NO MORE GODDESSES. Let's just say I'm totally falling in love with Audrey. Her story is nothing short than amazing.

    11. Breakfast At Tiffany's is one of my favorite films, and I've enjoyed most of the films in which Audrey Hepburn starred. I adored her when she was the representative for UNICEF, and when I watched her touring rose gardens. She was a heroine, a perfect lady. Well spoken, a face that radiated light when she smiled, a gamine yet a model of style and grace. However, after reading this beautifully written book, I learned that I really didn't know much about her at all. I was amazed at her childhood ba [...]

    12. Enchanting ReadI loved this biography from the moment I read the 1st words. It was well researched and compact, not meandering through her life but clearly bringing out the qualities of a highly professional and talented actress. I was truly enchanted with the story of Audrey’s life and her truly unique personality. Highly recommend!

    13. Audrey Hepburn has always been someone that I have admired. It's obvious to anyone who has seen her that she was a beautiful woman. But deep beneath those looks was an even more beautiful heart. Her charitable works brought about so much change and good things in the world - her acting seems to be just a brief footnote.Unfortunately, this book discusses more of Audrey's career than her life with UNICEF. I learned many things about her, from her childhood in Nazi-controlled Holland to her bad mar [...]

    14. I have always been inspired by Audrey Hepburn's grace and tactics, so when I decided to pick up a biography from the library, I chose one about her. Even though the author gave us a lot of information about the her childhood, movie-making, and her love affairs, it focused more on what made Audrey unhappy rather than what made her happy [such as her sons, cooking, UNICEF:]. The book was very informational on Audrey's career. And maybe I would have given it a higher review had I not had a specific [...]

    15. I just picked this up in the local library thinking I'd take it home and simply peruse it. I ended up reading every word. I mean who doesn't admire Audrey Hepburn? Her movies were fun and some very poignant.I was surprised to learn how unsure of herself she was, never thinking she was good enough. These feelings stemmed from a rather traumatic childhood. Yes I was surprised about her various affairs and her chain smoking as it doesn't fit her "Image" but she was more than her image. She truly fo [...]

    16. Added 4/6/08.1/17/15 - I had forgotten I had read this book already! So, recently I've been listening to the audio version of this book, Enchantment: The Life of Audrey Hepburn by Donald Spoto. I never realized how many problems she had during her life and during her career as an actress. It's almost painful to hear about these things because she has always seemed so enchanting and sweet. It seemed that no harm could come to her. But she had problems like everybody else.

    17. This was a really troubling read. I love Audrey Hepburn and always have, but I found her consecutive adultery really disturbing (her husbands were adulterous as well). I learned so much about her and loved getting details on portions of her life with which I was already familiar. What was most impressive to me about her is how none of her colleagues ever had anything bad to say about her. Other than her reptetivive adultery, she was a really classy lady. And she did incredibly wonderful work for [...]

    18. I have been an Audrey fan for as long as I can remember. Something about her elegance, grace, and compassion for others has always appealed to me. This book made me fall in love with her even more. The details of her life (painstakingly researched by the author) emphasize over and over that she was more than just a pretty face in a little black dress. She was shy, anxious, driven, needy, humble, and kind. The author is a wonderful biographer. He showed the good and the bad while being both hones [...]

    19. Interesting biography of Audrey Hepburn (a favorite actresses from my youth). Learned a lot about her early life; however, the writing was a bit dry at times and never truly developed. I eventually put it down thinking I would finish it one of these days (haven't picked it up yet).

    20. It was so interesting to learn more about her life. She was such a beautiful woman, with such a kind nature and soul. An absolute inspiration.

    21. "Enchantment: The Life of Audrey Hepburn" enters a crowded field. Barry Paris's encyclopedic "Audrey Hepburn" appeared in 1996, Alexander Walker's astute "Audrey" in 1994, and Diana Maychick's chatty "intimate portrait" in 1993 — just to mention Donald Spoto's immediate predecessors. At this point, the impatient reviewer is supposed to complain, "Do we really need another biography of Audrey Hepburn?"This is almost always the wrong question. Biography by its very nature is incomplete. It is a [...]

    22. So I've decided to binge read my least favorite genre so as to clear them all off this year's reading list, both because I was stupid enough to add them in the first place and stupid enough to think having nothing but autobiographies available to read wouldn't take for-fucking-ever to get through. I was lucky to start off the week with Enchantment.Growing up during World War II Audrey and her family are caught in the Netherlands when Germany invades and they're forced from home to home as the Na [...]

    23. Nell’immaginario collettivo sarà sempre la ribelle principessa Anna di ‘Vacanze romane’, la frivola Holly di ‘Colazione da Tiffany’ o la buffa Eliza di ‘My Fair Lady’. Per milioni di donne in tutto il mondo rimarrà un’icona di stile e un modello di eleganza. Ma nella realtà Audrey Hepburn è stata semplicemente ‘Audrey’: moglie infelice, appassionata dei piccoli e grandi piaceri della vita, madre premurosa e professionista instancabile, che all’apice del successo decise [...]

    24. Audry Hepburn was in a league of her own. When was the last time we heard of a star of this magnitude helping a friend in business and firing his/her manager for trying to make a profit from the help? While I was aware of her work with UNICEF, I was unaware of the depth of her commitment. The trip to Sudan was hard enough to read about. I cannot imagine going there as she did.WWII's deep scars were well hidden from public view. For most of the war she and her family had daily fear for their live [...]

    25. I adore Audrey Hepburn & she is one of my favorite actresses, so reading a biography about her was a great opportunity to get to know her more personally. This book is an amazing biography of the recollection of the events in Audrey Hepburn's life. It starts from her childhood & leads up to the events that took place up until the day she died. It not only elaborates on her life history but as well as the people she became close friends with & her co-stars that were with her in her mo [...]

    26. I started reading Enchantment: The Life of Audrey Hepburn by Donald Spoto. The beginning was interesting and sad. Audrey lived during the WWII in Holland when the Nazis had occupied her homeland. As a teenager, she was part of the underground Dutch resistance. She would carry messages to different members of the resistance, which was extremely dangerous and performed as a ballerina to raise money for the resistance. She also shares how she almost starved to death during the war. The story of her [...]

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