My Wife's Story

My Wife's Story

Richard Babcock / Feb 19, 2020

My Wife s Story In this short fiction with echoes of both O Henry and Hitchcock a husband is driven to extremes by the anecdotal story that his wife repeats endlessly Richard Babcock is the author of two novels and

  • Title: My Wife's Story
  • Author: Richard Babcock
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In this short fiction with echoes of both O Henry and Hitchcock, a husband is driven to extremes by the anecdotal story that his wife repeats endlessly Richard Babcock is the author of two novels and a long time magazine editor in New York and Chicago.

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    1. My Wife's Story is a very old-fashioned story, suitable for a more sophisticated time. I could see this story in a magazine in the fifties or sixties, when the art of short story writing was kept in higher regard, and when a story could be told simply, but have this wonderful subtext. I could also see this, with minimal tweaking, as an Alfred Hitchcock PresentsS is very much about the nature of relationships. I could say the nature of marriage, but I'd say there is some spill over into friendshi [...]

    2. this was a very simple book. as i was reading i kept thinking "ok, just keep reading, something interesting is gonna happen soon" & nope it ended very plainly. thankfully i got it from amazon kindle for only 0.99 cents or i'd be really annoyed if i spent more .lol. it was written nicely. very smooth. i would read more from this fella but i would read reviews like i normally do to make sure the book as more depth to it .lol.

    3. It was an okay read, not as funny as reviewer's said, but okay. It just bothers me that nothing was 'resolved', no revelation, no surprises, no anything at the end. I was hoping we would discover the REAL story, maybe she qas lying, maybe it was a horrible experience, and retelling it over and over was her way of getting over it. Not. The book just ended. Simple as that.

    4. This was an interesting short story. It's about a husband whose wife tells the same story to people when she meets them. They've been married for years so after hearing it so many times, it gets on the husband's last nerve. What's a husband to do? He decides to kill her, naturally. What happens? You'll have to read for yourself. This is meant to be a funny commentary on what happens after you've been with someone for so long and how a relationship can deteriorate. About how the things that draw [...]

    5. This story absolutely blew me away. I mean, it had a safe and comfortable feel until the last. eight minutes or so (just guessing). It felt like a nice old man who was a little drunk was complaining to me about a quirk his now deceased wife exhibited that used to annoy him. then boom. suddenly he's plotting her murder? Seriously? What just happened here!? It was pretty awesome actually. I guess I should have guessed from the cover of the book but I didn't see that twist coming at all.

    6. Would make a good Twilight Zone episodeI must say, the story kept me wondering the whole way through. The ending was not what I expected which is good and maybe not what I hoped for, which is okay too. A quick read and a fun story.

    7. Got great reviews on but really? Didn't think it was all that funny. Thankfully it's short so the pain was over quickly

    8. A very good short storyI was looking for a couple of short stories to help me gain ground on my reading goal. This was perfect. It was funny and sad at the same time, if that is possible.

    9. Great Plot TwistThis short story is really good. Well written and well paced. The author does a great job of building up to the climax. Keeping the reader enthralled with thinking about what’s going to happen next. I didn’t see the ending coming but I loved it.

    10. A very brief but fun story. It illustrates in a hilarious manner, how the little quirks of our partners can, with time, drive us completely crazy.

    11. I always love hearing stories and would never act like the author did no matter how many times I have heard it.

    12. This was a quick but entertaining read. It started off strong and made me laugh. The end was a bit disappointing but the story was still worth reading!

    13. Unexpected endingThe story moved along by nicely. As the husband's plan unfolded, I found I couldn't put the story down. The ending was quite climactic, but a slight let down.

    14. I doubt that I’ve ever read anything so simultaneously funny and sad. On the surface, this story is funny in the moment while your brain is telling you that it will only end sadly. Deeper, though, you know the narrator is not good. He’s selfish and lacking compassion. His life is of privilege and he resents losing the power of it. And all the while, he does not consider his wife. He tells you up front that he loses her, and as you read you know exactly why. Such a sociologically brilliant wo [...]

    15. Wasn't that good, wasn't that bad--I don't see anyone ever anthologizing it, which I suppose is how I judge the quality of short fiction. Sometimes I like to imagine that I've been put in charge of this year's Best American Short Stories and Katrina Kenison sends me batches of stories to read and rank. Actually, I think Katrina retired, but what I'm saying is that I don't think this story would have even made it past the first round of judging.

    16. Weird and coolA weird dark comedy and a cool short story- like Edgar Allan Poe in the 20th century. The story starts off in a certain way, you start to expect something but then PLOT TWIST! You get used to the narrative after that twist and start to expect the ending but then again, ironic plot twist!

    17. I was expecting a little more from this book was very simple (but well written) and as I read I kept thinking that something interesting had to happen soon. It never really did. It's redeeming qualities are that it was cheap and a fun quick read.

    18. My wife told me about this book. (Let me say, first off, that I love the new Kindle singles.) All I can say is that I loved it. It totally twists you in the wind. Enough said. Very creative and very well done.

    19. While I liked the wife's little story, I think that I am missing the overall point of this story. What could have ended tragically, ended in mild amusement - but what was the point? The story could perhaps been better told, and ended with his wife's tale.

    20. Book reviewers on gave this book a handful of praises that gave me enough confidence to purchase.Although only 99 cents the book was not worth it. Ridiculous, waste of time story. Took one hour to read soat least the time and money didn't add up to much loss. Would not recommend.

    21. Interesting little tale about relationships and life experiences. I loved how her story gradually become the most important thing in their marriage and really appreciated the smart ending, how it seems he is now the one telling the same story over and over again.

    22. This was a well-written short story. It was entertaining enough to compel me to finish it. The narrator raises some questions that aren't answered. I don't understand why it's blowin' up amazon, but it was worth a dollar.

    23. A nice little story that I enjoyed for the most part. I liked the style of writing and found it rather humorous. The only reason this did not get a 5-star rating is due to the anti-climax of an ending. Such a shame!

    24. My Wife's StoryWhat a funny short story. Just the right length and just the right number of words to tell it. Lovely!

    25. Ultimately, I just didn't get what all the hoopla was about. It felt like hearing a joke from someone with Alzheimer's who forgot his punchline halfway through the telling.

    26. Short story, sold alone for Kindle. I must be missing something in the story. It wasn't that funny, entertaining, or instructive.

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