North of Need

North of Need

Laura Kaye / Feb 28, 2020

North of Need While attempting to escape the agonizing memories she associates with Christmas twenty nine year old widow Megan Snow builds a snow family outside the mountain cabin she once shared with her husband

  • Title: North of Need
  • Author: Laura Kaye
  • ISBN: 2940013625105
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Nook
  • While attempting to escape the agonizing memories she associates with Christmas, twenty nine year old widow Megan Snow builds a snow family outside the mountain cabin she once shared with her husband and collapses in tears against the snowman at the sight of what she ll never have Called to life by the power of Megan s tears, snow god Owen Winters appears unconscious on hWhile attempting to escape the agonizing memories she associates with Christmas, twenty nine year old widow Megan Snow builds a snow family outside the mountain cabin she once shared with her husband and collapses in tears against the snowman at the sight of what she ll never have Called to life by the power of Megan s tears, snow god Owen Winters appears unconscious on her doorstep in the midst of a raging blizzard As she nurses him to health, Owen finds unexpected solace in her company and unimagined pleasure in the warmth of her body, and vows to win her heart for a chance at humanity Megan is drawn to Owen s mismatched eyes, otherworldly masculinity, and enthusiasm for the littlest things, and her heart opens enough to believe he s a Christmas miracle But this miracle comes with an expiration before the snow melts and the temperature rises, Megan must let go of her widow s grief and learn to trust love again, or she ll lose Owen forever.

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    1. 3 Not What I Expected StarsThere will definitely be huge SPOILERSI have to admit that after reading the BLURB and seeing the hunk on the cover I expected this to be some kind of Alpha, Immortal Warrior PNR. There is nothing in the premise to suggest it but come on, you see a half naked guy in the cover, you read the words PNR and Greek Gods and your next thoughts are "When are the daggers coming out?". That's what I get for not reading reviews before I pick up a book, because this book was compl [...]

    2. North of Need had me at the cover. I don't think a woman alive would argue that the man isn't hot. But what kept me eagerly clicking the button on my kindle, so emotionally tied to the story and needing to see what happens next, was Laura Kaye's amazing characters.Megan has to be one of the best-written protagonists I've seen in a long time. The story really only has two characters . . . she talks on the phone with a few family members and friends, and later in the story a couple other character [...]

    3. A cute, sexy romance perfect for the holidays. But something that happens with Owen that makes me go hmmThe heroine Megan is mourning the death of her beloved husband after 2 years. To stop from becoming too depressed on the anniversary of his death, she makes a snowman. The snowman transforms into the hero, Owen, who is also a god. But, if Owen gets too overheated, his body parts will vanish. So this is where I ask, when his peen is having fun with Megan's hoo haa, which is toasty warm, wouldn' [...]

    4. 4.5 - Snowflake, Snowman & Teddy Stars.Imagine yourself waking up on Christmas morning, you slip downstairs, and find a present under the tree, you have no idea who sent it or where it came from, but when you open it, imagine to your surprise that it is that one thing you have been secretly lusting after, but haven’t told anyone that you actually wanted North of Need is just that, an unexpected and totally remarkable gift.This isn’t a review as such, just a few quotes and images to show [...]

    5. 3.5 Stars"I know what this sounds like, Megan, but I was sent here. For you." He released a deep breath. "A Christmas gift, of sorts."This is exactly what Megan Snow needs after grieving the death of her husband, for the last two years (heck I wouldn't mind this kind of gift either!). Megan is keeping up tradition by spending Christmas in a cabin out in the snowy woods, just like she always did with her late husband. Megan can't stop thinking on what she may never feel again: true love and compa [...]

    6. Books on my "Yum! Cotton Candy Reads" Shelf are just that. Hot, light, and fluffy like freshly-spun cotton candy at a fun park. Sure, it's not perfect or even good for me, but it's damn enjoyable!*Okay. I really do like this author. In fact, as demonstrated by my gushing review, Hearts in Darkness is my all time fave novella. This one though I didn't love the "Frosty retelling" premise but the idea of elemental nature gods was new to me and worked well. My biggest issue however, was the sacchari [...]

    7. When I am in the right mood, I plan to read this. Not a fan of deceased spouse tropes, but this storyline still appeals to me.

    8. 3.75Fun read for BW's birthday book.I feel the need to go outside and make a snowman. Only problem is we don't have any snow here. Snowman+ hot guy=

    9. Megan Snow, still grieving the loss of her husband two years ago (on Christmas day) in a car accident, heads to the mountain cabin she and John shared to spend the anniversary of his death in solitude. She heads outside, deciding she needs the physical activity to stop her mind from remembering John and how his death was her fault. In the middle of a blizzard, she builds a snow family. A snowman with mismatched eyes, a black knit cap and John's old flannel shirt. Next she builds a snow woman and [...]

    10. This was a beautiful sweet story. It wasn't hard to guess what was going on, it wasn't even hard to guess what was going to happen in the end. It was a sweet romance through and through and I loved it.Owen was an entirely different kind of hero than what we get now a days. Gentlemen, caring, his wordsYou needed me and I am here for you have not been read by me coming from a mans mouth in a long time. He was patient and really was there for her. Anyway if you want a change of scene and are after [...]

    11. Buddy read with JoI didn't know what to rate it, but in the end I really loved the epilogue so 4* it is :)

    12. If you have ever been sitting by your Christmas tree, drinking eggnog and listening to Christmas music like “Frosty the Snowman” and thought, “This song would make a great paranormal romance novel” - then this is the book for you. Our heroine Megan is a widow, spending Christmas alone in a cabin, thinking about how her husband died on Christmas in a car accident getting her eggnog. And that’s why you shouldn’t drink eggnog - also it’s disgusting. She builds a snowman family, as one [...]

    13. Originally published at readingreality/2012/04Humans have personified the great forces of nature since mankind (and womankind) first created fire. The winds howling outside of those early cave-dwellings must have seemed like godsd so some of the world's most fascinating and enduring myths were born.Zephyrus, the west wind, Eurus the East Wind and Notus, the South Wind are three of these, but the greatest and most feared is Boreas, the North Wind. Boreas is feared because the North Wind brings Wi [...]

    14. Megan is still struggling to cope after the death of her husband so rather than face Christmas with her family and friends she follows their tradition and heads off to the isolated cabin they own in the mountains. Trying to take her mind off her grief she builds a snow family but the reminder of what will never be just makes her feel worse. When Owen appears on her doorstep in the middle of a blizzard she isn't able to leave him outside to freeze and reluctantly allows him into her cabin. What s [...]

    15. I give this two stars.It's still an okayish read but the storyline is boring and come on, let's face it. There's no wow factor here (now I'm talking like one of the judges in Great British Menu). It's dull, it doesn't spark, ignites me or give me any depth of emotion. Before I start, Ladies. A little warning here. Don't fuck a snowman.It'sunhealthy. And hella weird. unless if its in a shape of Jon Snow of course. Anyway, when I found out this story is about a snowman from Megan's porch transform [...]

    16. Grade: B+When I first saw the premise of this book, I thought to myself, now this, THIS, sounds cool! Finally, something different and interesting. I like to read contemporary romance every now and again, and North of Need was a little Contemporary meets a little magic.The story that Laura Kaye crafted was very emotional. Megan Snow, our Heroine is in the midst of grief that is two years in the making. Her husband John was killed in a car accident on Christmas Eve while going for Egg Nog. Mega [...]

    17. 4.5 FABULOUS STARS I chose this book to read with the girls as my birthday read. Since my birthday is 6 days before Christmas, I was looking for something that was wellChristmasy, duh!? The cover instantly grabbed me. I read through the synopsis and thought.m, this could be interesting. Widow builds snowman. Widow cries on said snowman, while mourning dead husband. Snowman comes to life in the form of a super, duper hot and sexy Snow God, disguised as a human to win her love. Yeptally up my alle [...]

    18. North of Need is an exciting and fresh new paranormal romance that captured my heart and kept me glued to the pages!It has been exactly two years since Megan Snow suffered the loss of her husband on that cold Christmas night; guilt ridden and grief stricken she escapes to their snowy cabin to celebrate this year’s Christmas alone. When she’s overcome by painful memories though, Megan ventures into the coming blizzard to make a snow family, a family she believes she will never have now. Using [...]

    19. My Thoughts:Alright, my one sided love affair with Laura Kaye's leading men is well known, as is my serious case of hero worship with the author herself. She's warm, funny, and incredibly smart; and she hasn't served me with papers regarding my stalkerish tendencies. Anywho, I love her and I adore her writing. I pre-ordered my paperback of North of Need back in October for its November 1st release - my birthday is on November 3rd, and decided it was a sign from the gods that it was meant to be m [...]

    20. My Review:Now this is a book that I can get behind. I truly loved this book with it's sense of magic and whimsy for two people that have had enough heartache to last a lifetime. This is the romance between Megan Snow and Owen Winters. Megan lost her husband two years ago in a tragic car accident and her life has been filled with grief ever since. They had a mountain cabin where they spent every Christmas and she has maintained that tradition to honor his memory. Owen is a Snow God, who was betra [...]

    21. I enjoyed this book, but I didn't love it. The premise of how Owen came into Megan's life was really cute and I liked both characters, but somehow it felt too easy. Megan's so desperately in love with her dead husband she's been mourning him for two years, and yet Owen shows up and suddenly everything's different in less than a week? Not to say I wasn't happy to see her moving on, it just cases of insta-love like this always bug me a little bit.I loved the way Owen's powers were displayed and hi [...]

    22. NORTH OF NEED (HEARTS OF ANEMOI) by Laura Kaye is an exciting fantasy romance set in the Appalachian Mountains. It is the first in a new series Hearts of Anemoi. It is the story of Megan Snow,a young widow of two years and Owen Winters,immortial,one of the four Greek Anemoi,and a snowman. It has Christmas magic,snowman,death of a husband,grief, global warming,environmental issues,romance,love,hot sex,second chances,the four Greek Anemoi(Wind Gods),snow,ice,wind(especially the North Wind),and a b [...]

    23. I am considering this my first holiday book of 2011. It was just what I needed. It was sweet, smexy and had a happy ending (Of course) I enjoyed the characters and although everything moved quickly, it worked. If you read romance or PNR on a regular basis you will see where the story is going but it does not make the trip any less enjoyable. The only thing in the book that left a nagging thought was an incident that occurred, was mentioned again but not resolved. It left me thinking "what was th [...]

    24. I really enjoyed this story. I first got an introduction too Laura Kaye by reading Hearts in Darkness. Kaye has am interesting way of sharing a romantic story with. a sweet and heartwarming trust. I loved OwenI'd like to build me my very own snowman right now :).

    25. I really wanted to like this book but it was too far fetched even for a paranormal romance. Spoilers ahead.Basically, the husband of h died in a car accident 2 years prior on Christmas Day. She still pines for him. While crying over a snowman, said snowman comes to life. Snowman has 4 days to make h fall in love with him so he can remain human-ish or else melt away like Olaf in “Frozen”From here on, it gets REALLY stupid. I won’t give away all the details but side characters appear and dis [...]

    26. A Toasty-Warm Read For Any Cold NightStill crippled by grief from the loss of her husband two years ago, Megan Snow is holed up alone in theirher mountain cabin. Christmas is the worst, the two year anniversary of his death, and being with family and friends is unthinkable. Alone is better. Marginally. Or the pain of loss threatens to crush her, pushing her out into the snow, nearly compelling her to exhaust herself just so she can sleep, maybe alone isn't the best thing at all.But she did get a [...]

    27. A simple and moving premise: Megan is enduring the second anniversary of her husband’s untimely death and is close to rock bottom, having a tearful meltdown over the snowman that she builds. She’d made a snow family. A snow man, a snow woman and a snow child. A sob tore up her throat and echoed into the stillness. What the hell was she thinking?When a sexy stranger turns up at her remote cabin – in a blizzard – she gives him shelter and starts to realise there’s more to life that she f [...]

    28. 4.5 stars! Megan Snow is still mourning the death of her husband, John. It's Christmas Eve and she won't forsake the tradition of spending Christmas at their mountain cabin. As the hour of the anniversary nears, she tries to tire herself out by building a snow family in her front yard. Instead of being soothing, looking at the frosty figures rips open her still wounded heart and she breaks down. Owen Winters is a winter guardian, one of the guardians of seasons also known as the Anemoi. Megan's [...]

    29. 3.5 StarsNorth of Need by Laura Kaye is filled with all the wonder and miracles of winter, love, and the human heart. A “magically delicious” tale that swept me off my feet! :DAfter losing her husband, Megan Snow closed up and off from life, love, and happiness. Grief and loneliness consumed her. Alone, in a secluded mountain cabin, enveloped in a winter blizzard on Christmas--Megan receives an unexpected gift at her front door. Owen Winters! Yeah, I get sweatshirts and gloves, people! Where [...]

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