The Crystal Cave

The Crystal Cave

MaryStewart / Sep 19, 2019

The Crystal Cave Merlin the illegitimate son of the South Wales princess is aware at an early age of a great natural gift the Sight We see his emergence into manhood and his dramatic role in the New Beginning the c

  • Title: The Crystal Cave
  • Author: MaryStewart
  • ISBN: 9781444737486
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • Merlin, the illegitimate son of the South Wales princess, is aware at an early age of a great natural gift the Sight We see his emergence into manhood, and his dramatic role in the New Beginning the coming of King Arthur.

    Crystal Cave Pennsylvania Crystal Cave is a cave near Kutztown in Berks County, Pennsylvania, United States, the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country.It was found by William Merkel and John Gehret in Greenwich Township farmer Samuel D F Kohler bought acres , m of land, including the cave, for , in .The next year he began charging cents admission Crystal Cave There s lots to do above ground too gem panning, hiking, picnicking, and shopping in our educational gift shop There s always something new to see at Crystal Cave and you are guaranteed an adventure that is truly under this world Crystal Cave Ohio The Crystal Cave is a limestone cave located in Put in Bay, Ohio, located on South Bass Island in Lake Erie. In a Mr Gustav Heineman emigrated from Baden Baden, Germany to Put in Bay, Ohio, where he established a winery.In he dug a well beneath his winery and discovered a large vug at a depth of feet m On exploring the cave he found the cave walls covered with extremely Crystal Cave Sequoia Kings Canyon National Parks U.S Visiting Crystal Cave The season is May September Crystal Cave is an excellent example of a marble cavern A half mile loop trail leads through the cave, and there s also a steep half mile walk to and from the cave parking area to the entrance. Historic Crystal Cave First Show Cave in Pennsylvania The one hour tour includes a movie in the Crystal Cave Theater, presenting the history of Pennsylvania s First Show Cave and geology of caves. Welcome To Heineman s Winery See celestine crystals up to feet in width Discovered by workers in while digging a well for the winery feet above, Crystal Cave is the world s largest geode. Crystal Fantasy Caves The views of Bermuda s beaches are stunning and the sunsets are the most dazzling anywhere But to see the most breathtaking views on the island, you must get down to the underground, and discover the astonishing wonders of The Crystal and Fantasy Caves of Bermuda. Historic Crystal Cave Additional Attractions Explore Nature on the scenic acres of Crystal Cave where underground wonders, a hiking trail, picnic park, and gemstone panning await you Plan a day of fun with an hole miniature golf course, our Dutch caf ice cream parlor, and the souvenir and rock mineral shop. The Crystal Cave The Arthurian Saga, Book Mary The Crystal Cave The Arthurian Saga, Book Mary Stewart on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Born the bastard son of a Welsh princess, Myridden Emrys or as he would later be known, Merlin leads a perilous childhood Home Crystal Lake Cave With a history older than the state it s in Crystal Lake Cave has been Iowa s hidden treasure from the start From gem mining where kids can discover their own fossils and gemstones in our specialized gem mining area to a gift shop full of great souvenirs and something for every everyone there s alway plenty to see when you visit us

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        Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Lady Mary Stewart, born Mary Florence Elinor Rainbow, was a popular English novelist, and taught at the school of John Norquay elementary for 30 to 35 years.She was one of the most widely read fiction writers of our time The author of twenty novels, a volume of poetry, and three books for young readers, she was admired for both her contemporary stories of romantic suspense and her historical novels Born in England, she lived for many years in Scotland, spending time between Edinburgh and the West Highlands.Her unofficial fan site can be found at marystewartnovels.


    1. I actually read this book first when I was 11 or 12 and would have rated it a 5 with that self. When I was a girl I was lucky enough to be a tomboy and have male figures in my life who taught me the things I would later realize were traditionally "guy stuff". I remembered this book with a mystical fondness because I remember absolutely identifying with the character of Merlin and cast myself in the role of boy adventurer.Unfortunately, I have to now temper that literal reading with things I am a [...]

    2. 5 enthusiastic stars!"The first memory of all is dark and fireshot. It is not my own memory, but later you will understand how I know these things. You would call it not memory so much as a dream of the past, something in the blood, something recalled from him, it may be, while he still bore me in his body. I believe that such things can be. So it seems to me right that I should start with him who was before me, and who will be again when I am gone."Wow! This book was exceptional! I was admitted [...]

    3. The Crystal Cave is a lush, detailed historical fantasy about Merlin the magician, from his boyhood through when he was a young man (before Arthur comes on the scene). It's well written and richly imagined but the pace is rather slow, or "deliberate" if I'm being nice.So I've been having some issues with this book (which is kind of embarrassing since I'm a moderator of the Mary Stewart GR group). I got about halfway through this book a few months back and then stalled out. It's been sitting unde [...]

    4. I loveMary Stewart's work. She always mixes the right amount of supernatural and realism, and here is no exception. Throw out your previous ideas of Merlin, Arthur, and Magic. Here's something a little more Organic. In her Arthurian Saga, Stewart mixes historical figures with figures of myth in a way that is pleasing to the historian's eye. I don't mean in a true historically accurate sense, but in a way that allows you to fall into the world. Details of what was left behind from Roman Rule in E [...]

    5. One of the best Authurian saga I've ever read.It felt as if I were there watching the events unfold before my eyes.

    6. Who was Merlin? Most of us know the Arthurian tales in some aspect or another, and in them each of us has an idea of the role of Merlin, the great wizard who guides Arthur to be a great king. Few of us have ever stopped to think that legends spring from men and to wonder who the man was who was Merlin. Mary Stewart stopped to ask that question, and then proceeded to answer it with such finesse and glory and brilliance that whatever image of Merlin you have ever held will be dispelled and only he [...]

    7. 3.5 I struggled a bit on how to rate this even though I think Mary Stewart is an amazing storyteller. This is the first in the Arthurian Saga series, told from the perspective of Merlin from the age of a young boy into early adulthood. I was really taken in by the story of Merlin himself and the people he encountered. I liked learning about the humanity of his character and what his magic was really about, and reading about the mystery behind his father. Some of the parts on war and politics wer [...]

    8. BLURB:Who was Merlin? Was the famed magician of Camelot & King Arthur's court really a sinister, all-powerful being from another world? Was he truly a Prince of Darkness? Or was he a man with the passions of other mortals? A man with unique intelligence & unusual gifts? Why was he so feared? How did he come by his occult powers? Why was the crystal cave so important to him?5th century Britain is a country of chaos & division after the Roman withdrawal. Born the bastard son of a Welsh [...]

    9. It's hard to put my finger on what bothered me about The Crystal Cave. On the surface, it's something I should love: other people whose taste I trust loved it, and tore through it; it deals with Merlin, whose life I'm interested in; it's set in Wales; I enjoy elaborations on less explored facets of the legends But somehow, it just took me far too long to get through it, and I happily abandoned it for whatever else looked interesting, given half a chance.Merlin's voice never quite felt real to me [...]

    10. This was a reread for me. It didn't quite thrill me as much as it did the first time I read it but I still think it rates a 5.I love Mary Stewarts take on the Arthurian tale in this series, especially this opening book where she she begins with Merlin as a child and draws out the history through him. Stewart has taken some liberties and added her own special twist to the story which, to me, brings a unique viewpoint to the legend. Enter the pages of this series and discover the true creator of S [...]

    11. I first read this back in the 70's & it was a favorite. Merlin tells his story from his boyhood. Read by Stephen Thorne, it's even better. Merlin tells this tale in his old age, but usually the story moves along as if it were in the present. I liked that perspective, but it means you do have to listen closely at times. He glosses over much of his 'magic' at times, explains it at others, & that generally makes for a sense of mystery that would have otherwise have been lacking in a more st [...]

    12. The first, and one of the very few, books that has ever reconciled me to Arthurian myth. After slogging through hideous Victorian sentimental priggishness everywhere else, this is a breath of fresh and magical air into a tired story.

    13. There's still a lot about The Crystal Cave that bothers me, but I think, on balance, I liked it better now than I did the first time I read it. As I've said, it's Misogynistic Merlin, which is my least favourite flavour -- you have some clear-headed, quick-thinking, powerful women, but then you have lines like this: "Duchess and slut alike, they need not even study to deceive." And the whole bit about weak female magic and Merlin needing to be a virgin and blahblahblah. Could definitely have don [...]

    14. 4.5*How does Mary Stewart do what she does?With the best of her books she takes me into another world so completely that I am snarling "What???" at anyone foolhardy enough to try to make me look up from the pages of her book.The descriptions are beautiful & often poetic.Consider this;Then she saw me watching her. For perhaps two seconds our eyes met and held. I knew then why the ancients armed the cruellest god with arrows; I felt the shock of it right through my body.I wasn't familiar with [...]

    15. This book is fantastic. Mary Stewart obviously took the time to go through with a lot of researching of legends and so forth to form this saga. I never imagined there would be a book about King Arthur where I could be dying to know more. This saga is the reason I fell more in love with the stories of Camelot. Stewart brings forth a cast of familiar characters, and the adventure is very exciting. The story is told from Merlin's point of view, though in one of the stories the POV changes over. You [...]

    16. 3.5/5 Yay! I finally finished a book! The crystal cave is the first in an Arthurian retelling saga. Told from the perspective of Merlin, it follows him from a young boy to a young man in his late teens/early twenties.Overall, I really enjoyed it! I love how she incorporated so many different elements from the original legends while still making them new. I think my biggest complaint was lack of character development. Even Merlin didn't feel very developed and he was the one telling the story! It [...]

    17. From time to time I have read lot of modern works based on the history of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, but all in the end all left me somewhat unsatisfied. T.H. White's classic version is very light, the very popular version of Marion Zimmer Bradley seemed to me too much New Age for my tastes, while the most recent of Bernard Cornwell is just a very Cornwellish. So since I read these versions I was looking for something that would please me more. If I found it in what Mary Stu [...]

    18. I recently saw Guy Ritchie's King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, which was batshit insane and thoroughly enjoyable. Alas, King Arthur bombed so hard that Guy Ritchie will not get to make his Merlin movie, which is too bad because (a) it would have been LIT and (b) it could have followed the plot of this book without straying too far out of Ritchie's universe. There are several plot elements in this book that make little to no sense (view spoiler)[(the crystal cave, Merlin getting dragged over to V [...]

    19. I read this for an 8th grade English oral book report. It was a great story, and the teacher was amazed that I was able to explain the complicated plot to everyone so that they could understand it. I never went on to read the other 2 books in the series. I should reread this and then dig out the other two

    20. Crossposted from my blog2 StarsI’ve spoken about my love of all things Arthurian before, so I was really expecting to enjoy this book. All the ingredients are there – it’s centered on a character I normally like, on events that are often just skated over as prologue, and grounded in more unique ‘realistic’ Dark Age Britain than the typical ‘castles and knights’ setting. It was also pretty popular back in its day. Alas, I learn, yet again, that popularity often has little to do with [...]

    21. I really loved this one. It kept my attention throughout, and I'm excited to read the rest of the series. King Arthur legends are always exciting and fun to read!

    22. A book suffused with myth and magic, but also with that mysterious power that sometimes works in mere humans, gifting them with a kind of vision into things long past or things yet to come. If there ever was a Merlin, Mary Stewart is surely right that he was this kind of man--a seeker of truth and wisdom, who learned or had from youth a deep humility and yet who also sensed that he was part of the workings of Providence. In one of the book's most powerful moments, Merlin declares that the King i [...]

    23. Read this in high school. I loved it then, but now it feels a bit less engrossing. At times, it reads like a listing of events. But excellent new audiobook read by Derek Perkins — superb narration! Stewart’s sensory descriptions can bring a simple scene to life: “To begin with, most of the men were surly and half asleep, and we rode pretty well in silence, breath smoking in the icy air, and the horses' hoofs striking sparks from the slaty road. Even the jingle of harness sounded cold”A g [...]

    24. Exquisite tale, exceptionally well written, very suspenseful and pretty close to the legend. It probably inspired the best „Merlin” series - the Sam Neill one and the BBC „(Young) Merlin”.However, one star out for the occasional (thank goodness: one or two more would have ruin the book!) anticlerical, antiChristian and also historically false remarks (e.g. it is very well known to everyone who reads history the fact that, contrary to misconception and propaganda, Christian Church was not [...]

    25. I read this for the Dead Writers Society Genres for Everyone September 2016 challenge. You know when I was a young girl the story of King Arthur and his knights of the round-table fascinated me. I read every book about Arthur I could find and even read Le Morte d'Arthur and had to go digging in my dictionary to figure out certain words. There was something about Camelot, the idea that a King who believed in truth and justice and was surrounded by men who were loyal to him (we will discuss Lancel [...]

    26. When I learn this book and it was about Merlin (a magician who help Arthur to be king as much as I knew) I couldn't wait to begin it. Well, I was waiting for magic in action (such as like in the Magicians series or Merlin series I didn't think It would be same). This book wasn't anything I expected. The story began as old Merlin everyone knew (I guess :)) began to tell his story when he was 12 years old. Even though this book wasn't what I expected, I felt I was in a magical world on every page [...]

    27. This one took me a long time to get through and was easy for me to put down, mostly because I did not have an emotional reaction to anything that happened in the plot. I loved the atmosphere of the book and the history woven throughout, but wasn't as intrigued by the characters, and reading about what did or did not happen to them was a bit like reading a textbook. I am happy I finished it though and may still read the next book in the series. The actual content of the series - Merlin, Vortigern [...]

    28. I love this book. The Arthurian legend from Merlin's perspective. He was always the most interesting character of the legend anyway. Stewart takes him from being "the son of no man" and gives him an interesting childhood. I couldn't help but feel for his vulnerability. The mystery surrounding who Merlin was still intrigues.

    29. I first read this book a long time ago because I've always loved Arthurian stories. After so long, I had forgotten most of it, so I was happy to re read it and found myself enjoying the tale all over again.The time is after the Romans have left Britain, and England is suffering because it's been broken up into several small kingdoms ruled by many local leaders and with a High King to hold them all together. The Saxon threat is eminent and they are encamped on the shores of the Island ready to do [...]

    30. My mother introduced me to these books. I'm a fool for Arthurian legend, wrote a research paper on "Celtic roots of Arthurian legend" in high school-–honestly, one must ask how does an eleventh grader come up with such a topic? Perhaps I had help. Perhaps I must face the fact that I'm a total lit dweebBack to the topic, Mary Stewart's Arthur legend retold. From Merlin's perspective. He's the protagonist. He's the central figure of the saga as well as its narrator, and he, rather than Arthur, i [...]

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