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Mermaids Mrs Flax was happiest when she was leaving a place but I wanted to stay put long enough to fall down crazy and hear the Word of God I always called my mother Mrs Flax So begins this extraordinary fir

  • Title: Mermaids
  • Author: PattyDann
  • ISBN: 9780312333942
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mrs Flax was happiest when she was leaving a place, but I wanted to stay put long enough to fall down crazy and hear the Word of God I always called my mother Mrs Flax So begins this extraordinary first novel about one wild year in the life of fourteen year old Charlotte Flax, when she and her sister Kate move with Mrs Flax into a sleepy 1960 s Massachusetts town Mr Mrs Flax was happiest when she was leaving a place, but I wanted to stay put long enough to fall down crazy and hear the Word of God I always called my mother Mrs Flax So begins this extraordinary first novel about one wild year in the life of fourteen year old Charlotte Flax, when she and her sister Kate move with Mrs Flax into a sleepy 1960 s Massachusetts town Mrs Flax is a woman who wears polka dot dresses and serves hors d oeuvres for dinner every night, and Kate is a child who basically wants to be a fish.And then there s Charlotte, who in Patty Dann s hands, is transformed into a young woman of infinite whim and variety Charlotte s main ambition in life is to become a saint, preferably martyred, though she s Jewish She s smitten with the shy young caretaker at the convent at the top of the hill Dann has created a young girl who accepts the unkindness of the mad universe in which she s whirling and takes it on with a savage glee.Charlotte Flax is like no one you have ever met and someone you know very well.

    Mermaid In folklore, a mermaid is an aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish Mermaids appear in the folklore of many cultures worldwide, including the Near East, Europe, Asia, and Africa The first stories appeared in ancient Assyria, in which the goddess Atargatis transformed herself into a mermaid out of shame for accidentally killing her human lover. Mermaids Mermen Facts Legends Live Science The Mermaids and other Marine Monsters With most of our blue planet covered by water, it s little wonder that, centuries ago, the oceans were believed to hide mysterious creatures including sea Mermaids Directed by Richard Benjamin With Cher, Bob Hoskins, Winona Ryder, Michael Schoeffling An unconventional single mother relocates with her two daughters to a small Massachusetts town in , where a number of events and relationships both challenge and strengthen their familial bonds. Are Mermaids Real Mermaids Caught on Camera in Animal A mockumentary that aired on the cable channel has a brief disclaimer in the end credits. REAL Mermaid Sightings Around The World YouTube Jul , Check out these real mermaid sightings around the world This top list of amazing discoveries of real life mermaid bodies is absolutely intrigueing Mermaids are a part of Scotland s Mermaids Mermaids_Gender Twitter Mermaids is the only UK wide charity working to support thousands of transgender or gendernonconforming children, young people and their families Every penny donated makes a real and lasting difference to the work that we can do. FACT CHECK Mermaids The Body Found Claim An Animal Planet documentary revealed the existence of mermaids. Mermaids Page Fantasy Dress Up Games Mermaid dress up games, dive into the ocean and choose fashionable clothes for the mermaids. Are Mermaids Real Live Science May , In , the television channel Animal Planet aired a show claiming to show evidence that mermaids are real The program was filmed to appear Weeki Wachee Springs State Park The Only City of Live Mermaids Weeki Wachee is an enchanted spring where you can see live mermaids, take a trip on a river boat cruise, learn about Florida wildlife, and swim in the pristine waters at Buccaneer Bay.

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    1. For more reviews, Cover Snark and more, visit A Reader of Fictions.Fact #1: Mermaids came out in 1967.Fact #2: Mermaids is not about mermaids.Fact #3: Mermaids was made into a movie starring Cher as Mrs. Flax, the wild mother, Winona Ryder as the older daughter, and Christina Ricci as the younger daughter. Though I haven’t seen the movie, this is the perfect cast for this book, which ought to tell you something.Guys, this book was strange. Mostly, it was actually a pretty normal YA plotline, n [...]

    2. Was I the only person in the whole wide universe who did not know this was a book first? I think I was.I discovered this very interesting read at the local library. I loved the movie and was very excited to make this discovery. Then I read itWay darker then the movie to me, though Mrs. Flax seemed to care a bit more that Miss Charlotte was seeing a waaay older man. It was disturbing how old he was really. Speaking of Joe, did anyone else think he was a bitspecial? It seemed that he always lived [...]

    3. I had always loved the movie Mermaids and when I watched it again yesterday I noticed that it was based on a book. I don't know how I managed to miss that, but I immediately went on to and got the book to read. The movie was surprisingly true to the book, but there were some parts that weren't in the movie that were just as interesting. I love Mrs. Flax and the fact that she only makes hors d'oeuvres, and the book went into a little more detail. I mean, she goes grocery shopping, she just uses [...]

    4. Honestly, LOVE this book. It was a quick read that took me two days. I had watched the movie first, though. And I gotta say, I love it when a movie compliments the book completely. Almost exactly the same as the book. I love the sarcasm and the dark comedy. xx

    5. I love the concept of this story, but most of it being told through Charlotte ruins it, in my opinion. I would have much preferred to see more dialogue from the likes of Joe and Lou, instead of having to decipher their words through Charlotte’s rambles. This fourteen-year-old girl has some serious problems. Granted she’s a teenager; she’s confused about everything, which is perfectly fine. But she’s also completely neurotic, and her inability to stick to one thought makes this an exhaust [...]

    6. "I pinched my cheeks for color and tried to keep my eyes open as wide as I could. I wanted to be the most gorgeous woman on the planet Earth, so gorgeous that Joe would kneel in front of the whole town and beg me to run away and live in a teepee with him."It was strange reading a book that is the original of a movie I have watched countless times and love so much. I didn’t even know it was a book until I happened upon it at the bookstore recently. I could hear Movie Charlotte’s voice (Winona [...]

    7. This book was recommended to me by a friend, so I agreed to read it despite not liking the sound of it from the descriptions on the back and the jacket. I should have stuck with my initial intuition and not read it. I'm not sure what she liked about it, but religious undertones, pedophilia, and child neglect don't do it for meybe that's just me. I would NOT recommend this book to others, but all things aside I DID read the whole book, so maybe it's attraction is that it keeps you curious to find [...]

    8. I love, love, love this book! It's not just about coming of age, but it's about the relationship between mother and daughter have each others roles. The movie is actually very similar to the book which is amazing.

    9. This is a pretty quirky, somewhat realistic coming-of-age story. Though it is pretty sad to see such an innocent girl like Charlotte lose that virtue (and her virginity to boot). The best part was when Mrs. Flax came out in her mermaid costume and she and the girls had real fun for once.

    10. Prima di commentare questa storia, vorrei porre una domanda: cosa si è fumato chiunque abbia scritto la quarta di copertina prima di scriverla?Da qui leggiamo che Cher, la mamma, alias "la signora Flax" è una persona avara e che spende solo soldi per sé tralasciando le povere figlie, le quali decidono quindi di rifugiarsi in un mondo immaginario.Com'è veramente la storia: la signora Flax e le sue due figlie cambiano in continuazione casa, a seconda dell'umore della mamma, ed ora sono approda [...]

    11. Mermaids is the best book I’ve ever read. I’m tempted to go back and change my ratings of the other books accordingly, but I want the stars to reflect how I felt about the book at the time I had finished it, to be of true representation. There isn’t much I can say, the characters are genius. The plot is perfect. I love this book. It drew me in and never let me out. I see myself in Charlotte, the holiest bits of me and the guiltiest pieces of me. It’s stunning. I will never forget this bo [...]

    12. This beautiful little novel captures coming of age, the longing to be loved, and the hope for stability amidst change. Charlotte is a sweet protagonist, and you can't help wishing things turn out alright for her. Extremely enjoyable.

    13. mermaids was my favorite movie as a teenager got older and read the book the book is just as good as the movie ordered the 2 book to mermaids the name of it is star fish its about an older Kate Mrs flax and Charlotte

    14. The content of this book makes me surprised that it's marketed to teens. Not that teen novels should be prudish - but the religious undercurrent, uncomfortable sexual relationship, and ultimate message are a bit twisted and heavy for what appears to be just a quirky story about growing up. The story centers around the Flax family: Mrs. Flax, the wayward mother, who has moved her family to avoid her sexual reputation catching up to her 18 times; Charlotte, her 14-year-old daughter who resents thi [...]

    15. Originally posted here.I'm going to assume that if you're a woman currently between the ages of about 31-45 you've seen the 1990 Cher/Winona Ryder film Mermaids.  If you haven't - WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?  GO RENT THAT ISH RIGHT THIS SECOND![ahem]What I mean to say is that this movie was amazing.  Well, maybe not amazing, but it was amazing at the time.  It had very little to do with Cher, and instead focused on her young daughter, played by Winona Ryder before she started shopliftin [...]

    16. If you are like me, you probably first saw the movie (Mermaids). Like the movie, the book tells the story of teenager Charlotte Flax, her mother (Mrs. Flax), and her champion swimmer sister Kate. The novel focuses on Charlotte's search for belonging or membership. Charlotte feels alone in the world and strangely disconnected from the rest of society. She sees herself as the "only adult" in her house and sometimes in the whole world. She calls her mother "Mrs. Flax," perhaps to emphasize the dist [...]

    17. Booktube-a-thon 2016: Read a Book-to-Movie AdaptationMermaids, the movie version, starring Winona Ryder and Cher, has always been one of my favourite films. I only recently found out that it was based on a book (and THERE'S A SEQUEL!!), so it was a natural choice for this challenge prompt. "Wake up, Kate", I said firmly, "welcome to home sweet home number eighteen."Set in 1963, Mrs Flax moves around a lot with her young daughters. She's a single mother, a feisty woman who loves the attention of [...]

    18. "Who do you want me to smell like, Thomas Jefferson?" This is a weird book, very unusual. I watched the movie last month and liked the quirky characters, and I'm happy that the book has the same odd feel to it. I think I'll read it again some day, like a human bean.

    19. Mild Spoilers! You have been warned. After being recommended the movie, I watched and immediately loved "Mermaids". Part of my love for the film stemmed from the fact that it has Winona Ryder in it (I love her. Enough said.) but mostly, the movie was your typical "dysfunctional family" tale. Nevertheless, I love any kind of movie with drama/dysfunction in it, so it was a winner for me. The cast was pretty perfect, too. After watching it, I tried to track the book down, but it took me a while - s [...]

    20. If you've seen the film, you have to read the novel - it's every bit as funny and eclectic as the movie adaptation. It probably helps that I read each sentence with an echo of the actors in my head, but the main strength of Mermaids is that the characters are so real. They're strange, but their quirks are what makes the book believable: each odd trait or reaction brings the pages to life. The writing is great, too; Patty Dann has a way of including details that really give dimension, and the fun [...]

    21. This book is funny, witty, and sharply written, and there's an inspirational story behind it that may interest both students of Patty's writing courses (she teaches writing in New York) and her many readers. Patty and I met when we were both working at the A&E Television network in New York, and while she was there she was re-reading a book she had written but had put away, thinking perhaps it was not quite yet ready to be published. But as she was reading it she found that her manuscript wa [...]

    22. I'm one of those people that didn't grow up with the movie, so when I did watch it, I found it boring. But somehow, as boring as the movie was to me, the characters were brought to life. I really can't say the same for the book. I was rather surprised at how bland and mainly boring the characters were here. Even Joe, the love interest, was made a narcissistic idiot here. He was really no fun to read about at ALL. Charlotte's voice was interesting at first, but got old quick. She was really weird [...]

    23. Pros. The character, Charlotte is very interesting and funny! Though her obsession is an odd one, the story is about growing up and it is relatable.Cons. The other characters aren't always believable. The disinterested love interest is only interested in himself. It's very frustrating to listen in on his rambling as he ignores Charlotte. The head honcho nun spills out her entire life story to Charlotte in jerky jumps in monolouge. Mrs. Flax is pleasant only once. (Charlotte and Katies dialouge a [...]

    24. I see from reading other reviews that I am not the only fan of the film version who had no idea the movie was based on a book.And what a wonderful, wonderful treat this book is. Bizarre, heartbreaking, and beautiful. Teenager Charlotte Flax is a freak that will appeal to any reader's inner freak, I'm only sorry the book wasn't around when I was a teenager. Charlotte is a Jewish girl who dreams of becoming a nun, who has never met her father but is obsessed with the thought of him, who has a moth [...]

    25. Mermaids has been one of my top favorite films ever since I can remember. Alas, the fact it was based on a novel was somehow unknown to me until quite recently, and when it did occur to me I was looking forward to reading it. Nonetheless, it was one of those rare cases in which the adaptation rises above its origin. Reading the novel almost felt like watching the "deleted scenes" part on a DVD, as it features scenes that didn’t make the final cut of the film and from a good reason, apparently, [...]

    26. This was such a delightful book. The sort of book you’d reach for when you’re feeling down and want something comforting and funny to read.It’s told from the perspective of fourteen-year-old Charlotte who’s just moved with her single mother and younger sister to a small town in New England in the early sixties. She’s got an obsession with being virtuous and is constantly struggling with her tendencies of telling lies and, especially, falling in love. It’s a wonderful coming-of-age st [...]

    27. This is another book that I read when I was 13 or 14. I remember not understanding it very well. I just re-read it as an adult, and it wasn't just my adolescence and inexperience that made the book difficult. The story is told by the 14-year-old Charlotte, and Patty Dann lets Charlotte be strange and hormonal and irrational and confused. Charlotte is definitely an unreliable narrator and Dann doesn't insert her author self in order to make sure that her readers understand what is happening.Overa [...]

    28. Thoroughly enjoyable, charming story of teenage angst and family relationships (mother-daughter, sister-sister) set in New England in the early 1960s, Filled with unforgettable characters, and both poignant and amusing situations and dialogue. For those who are curious: The motion picture storyline follows closely to the book's, but there are a few differences. Some characters are fleshed out more in the movie, and some are fleshed out more in the book (I won't say which---you'll have to discove [...]

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