The Perk

The Perk

Mark Gimenez / Oct 16, 2019

The Perk Beck Hardin a high profile Chicago trial lawyer loses his wife to breast cancer and is left alone to raise their two young children But he s been a full time lawyer and a part time father so their

  • Title: The Perk
  • Author: Mark Gimenez
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Beck Hardin, a high profile Chicago trial lawyer, loses his wife to breast cancer and is left alone to raise their two young children But he s been a full time lawyer and a part time father, so their lives soon fall apart To save his children, he returns to his small hometown in the Texas Hill Country, reunites with his estranged father a goat rancher turned winemaker ,Beck Hardin, a high profile Chicago trial lawyer, loses his wife to breast cancer and is left alone to raise their two young children But he s been a full time lawyer and a part time father, so their lives soon fall apart To save his children, he returns to his small hometown in the Texas Hill Country, reunites with his estranged father a goat rancher turned winemaker , and soon becomes the local judge He finds himself trying to pay off an old debt by solving the cold case murder of his high school buddy s teenage daughter and discovers that a small town judge s life isn t such a simple life.Best seller lists No 6, IrelandNo 11, AustraliaNo 17, UKEditorial Reviews Remember when John Grisham exploded on to the courtroom drama market with novels of breathtaking brilliance Lightning just struck twice The Daily Record Scotland Gimenez returns to the complex legal thrillers where he seems to be at his best The Perk has mystery, humour and history along with well drawn characters that the reader will actually care about As is often the case in legal thrillers, there is a mix of those characters that take the moral high ground and those who seem just out for their own good Unusually, there are also a few comic and slightly caricatured figures here as well but they all fit well together in the plot Together with great characters and a strong plot there is also lots of interesting historical information The ending may not be what is expected but it is all the better for it and proves to be a good finish to an excellent book As ever, Gimenez is highly recommended, impossible to put down and definitely not to be missed CrimeSquad UK Just as well I started The Perk on the weekend, as I couldn t put down this book This one s a cracker neatly woven subplots, a taut thriller and a wonderfully current statement on American popular culture And yes, Gimenez may possibly be the next Grisham Kerre s Book Reviews UK Gimenez fills the John Grisham hole in the legal thriller genre so well there may be no room left for Grisham The Sunday Times Perth Gimenez s novels are gripping, intense thrillers Guaranteed to keep you up well into the night, The Perk is an exceptionally well crafted novel, populated by a cast of characters that are realistically drawn and appealing As always, thought provoking, intelligent, and addictive Highly recommended Civilian Reader UK Top Ten of 2008 We read lots of thrillers and they can tend to merge into one another The Perk stood out by a mile as an excellent example of the genre and a stunning, well told tale in its own right Gimenez stature continues to grow CrimeSquad UK

    The Perk Official Site If you re hungry for a good time The Perk is probably your kind of place We re the local eatery that feels like home From the moment you step in the front door, you re part of the neighborhood. The Perk Kindle edition by Mark Gimenez Mystery The Perk Kindle edition by Mark Gimenez Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Perk. The Perk, Perkasie Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number Feb , The Perk, Perkasie See unbiased reviews of The Perk, rated . of on TripAdvisor and ranked of restaurants in Perkasie. The Perk Home Perkasie, Pennsylvania Menu, Prices The Perk is a neighborhood hangout and eatery The menu accommodates the spectrum of foodies and wil l cater to those of us who make special requests The ambiance features historical photos of local sports teams in the Sellersville Perkasie area. The Perk by Mark Gimenez Jan , The Perk is hamstrung by some of the most blatant stereotypes and caricatures that I have come across in a legal thriller Mark Gimenez had a bright start with his bebut novel, The Color of Law, but since then his star has waned. The Perk by Mark Gimenez NOOK Book eBook Barnes Noble A grieving widower gets caught up in the politics of his Texas hometown when he returns to make peace with his father THE PERK was selected for BOOKS TO DIE FOR THE WORLD S GREATEST MYSTERY WRITERS ON THE WORLD S GREATEST MYSTERY NOVELS, edited by John Connolly and Declan Burke. Perk definition of perk by The Free Dictionary perk prk v perked, perking, perks vr To stick up or jut out dogs ears that perk To carry oneself in a lively and jaunty manner v To cause to stick up quickly The dog perked its ears at the noise adj Perky Phrasal Verb perk up To regain or cause to regain one s good spirits or liveliness To refresh the appearance

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        Mark Gimenez grew up in Galveston County, Texas, and attended Texas State University and Notre Dame Law School He practiced law and was a partner in a large Dallas firm He is the author of ten novels The Color of Law, The Abduction, The Perk, The Common Lawyer, Accused, The Governor s Wife, Con Law, The Case Against William, The Absence of Guilt, and End of Days Con Law II as well as a children s novel, Parts Labor The Adventures of Max Dugan His books have received critical acclaim around the world They have been bestsellers in the UK, Ireland, Australia, India, and South Africa and have been translated into fifteen foreign languages The Perk won a spot in Books to Die For The World s Greatest Mystery Writers on the World s Greatest Mystery Novels, edited by John Connolly and Declan Burke.


    1. This was the first of Marks books I read. I don't like tags used like "the next Grisham", so all I will say is that Mark Gimenez has his own special way of writing which really lets you understand the characters and he tells a very thrilling and engrossing story.This book to me captured the feel of the town it depicted and was a very good in fleshing out all the main characters. The story about abuse of status, murder and the legal system is very well told (even as a Englishman, my knowledge of [...]

    2. Pros: Strong main characters.Humor (loud Hawaiian shirts).JB and Annie's emails.Cons: The author went into excruciating detail about the Hill Country in the beginning.Lots of stereotypes, although some characters moved beyond it.

    3. The Perk is hamstrung by some of the most blatant stereotypes and caricatures that I have come across in a legal thriller. Mark Gimenez had a bright start with his bebut novel, The Color of Law, but since then his star has waned.

    4. As always with this author I thoroughly enjoyed the story. It took me just a little longer to get completely into it but once I did I was hooked. If there is one drawback it is that there is too much detail in the description of the setting. (The town) On the other hand there is always some interesting historical fact thrown in and I do love that. This story is about Beck Hardin and his two children. He has just lost his wife, so feeling the need to go home he leaves his busy law firm in Chicago [...]

    5. I got this book because I am one of those tourists who love Fredericksburg, TX, with it's German quaintness and shopping and beer and brats, all in the middle of Texas! Boy, this book makes me think of it differently! I know, it's fiction, so I'm taking it all with a grain of salt, but the story was so well written and deals with so many current issues in such a realistic way: small town living, fear of change, racism, cancer, parenting, doping, relationships, justice and trying to do the right [...]

    6. Beck has returned to his hometown in Texas after a successful life as a lawyer in Chicago. His wife has died and he is having trouble coping with raising his two children without her. He moves home to live with his father. He finds himself drawn back into the small-town politics steeped in tradition and racism.I wanted to really love this book. I was raised in Texas and went to college in the Hill Country. Gimenez really gets the setting right -- the descriptive passages and the tone of small to [...]

    7. This is a WONDERFUL book! I'm such a FAN of this author. He is a writer who never disappoints. I've read four of his books, and will start a fifth tonight. In this boo, Mr. Gimenez brings the reader characters that you want to know, or wish you knew. The dialogue is so good in this book, it just sings on the page. There are a couple of mysteries going on, but, in addition, this is a story that makes you laugh, darn near cry, and feel sad when you read the final wordse this is a book worth readin [...]

    8. Mark Gimenez doesn't write just superb courtroom drama. In this novel, he writes about honor, honesty, and justice, and all the shades of grey that are in life and law. This is not an adrenaline packed action thriller. It is a searing and scathing portrayal of the inequities of justice that are in our legal system and in our world. The Perk is thoughtful and thought provoking. It is a serious indictment on the judicial system set in a rural Texas townd the thematic issues that are addressed will [...]

    9. Every one is compering Mark's books to J. Grishem.After reading this book I think one should compere Grishem to M.Gimenez.The book is not just about law, it is also kind of a romantic story, the way he brings back the main character's wife back to life through her letters to his father, before she died.How on earth there is that great author and I've never heard of him before ??There is just one thing that needs to be mentioned. there are quite some side track stories, butthe way they are being [...]

    10. I think this is one of the first Mark Gimenez books I have read. There is no Whodunit in this book since we know who the murderer is within the first few pages.This is more an emotional and soul searching experience for the hero of the book, Beck Hardin.There are instant Karma consequences for the bad guys towards the end of the book which feels like the ending of the book was rushed.Overall it is a 3 star book, the so called plot of the book is well written but the plot itself is not that enthr [...]

    11. The first novel I've read by Mark Gimenez, and I really enjoyed it. It's well written, with an engaging plot and characters, along with interesting moral conundrums posed by the cases on which Judge Beck Hardin has to decide. The novel weaves several plot and subplots together seamlessly, providing an enjoyable read. The twists were well done and surprising, but believable. There are perhaps too many irrelevant diversions into Texan history and geology, but that's a minor gripe.

    12. This was a good, quick read. Typical of Gimenez with unsuspecting twists toward the end of the story. I almost wished that the main story for the investigation of the teenager's murderer started a little bit earlier in the book. It seemed a little rushed to reach the end of the story as this case didn't go into detail until about 60% or even 70% into the story.

    13. The Perk by Mark GimenezThe book starts slowly with lots of filler description of Fredericksburg but once the story gets going, it really takes off. I especially enjoyed the parts where the judge is caught between a rock and a hard place and how he wrestles with the decisions he must make.

    14. Excellent read except for the coyote scene which isn't the way that coyotes behave that was wolf attach behavior. You know the difference when you are a Montana rancher like me. I loved the Texan geology & plant desciptions ~ I learned a lot as well as being entertained by a major sleep deprivation page turner.

    15. Another very good read by one of my favourite writers Mark Gimenez.He has such a good style of writing and crafts his books expertly as he develops the plot and builds up the main characters. Lots of twists and turns.

    16. Love all of Mark Gimenez books.Great law book with wonderful characters. Good and bad folks but you really get to know them. Learned a lot about the hill country of Texas.

    17. Had to abandon a previous book by Mark Gimenez - so was reluctant to try this one. Thoroughly enjoyed this book & the characters.

    18. I had to love this book. Beck Hardin is a high priced and successful lawyer in Chicago but when his wife dies of cancer he is left with two children to raise and he cannot maintain his lifestyle. He goes home to small town texas that he swore he would not return to and becomes the sole town judge. A wonderful mix of characters with a great story line. A john Grisham type of book but I actually thought it much better.

    19. Nice mystery with lots of interesting characters and plot twists and turns.Beck's wife has died of cancer at age 37. He decides to leave his high powered law firm and take his two children back to the little Texas Hill Country town he left behind 25 years ago. Finding himself unexpectedly voted in as the local judge, life suddenly gets very complicated. A good read.

    20. Another great readMark Gimenez knows how to write. While writing a work of fiction, he always includes a story line that includes facts about A situation that is not only relevant to the story but also to current events. This novel is another great story and I strongly recommend it.

    21. Superb legal thriller/murder mystery. The author set up all of the outcomes such that there were no odd coincidences to explain at the end. The characters were fully fleshed out and the plot lines were captivating. A theme of "unintended consequences" ran throughout the novel in the widowed father and newly elected judge's personal and professional lives. Superb.

    22. I’ve had this book sitting on my kindle for ages but thought right let’s get his read and from the first few chapters I knew I was going to be pulled in. Good few times I was welling up thinking about Becks Dad and wife. Had my fingers crossed He was going to get it sorted in time for Aubrey - really really great story

    23. TexasI am left speechless. Normally, the main character beats the "villain". No such thing here. This book was a little to political for me When I read I am looking for at escape where I don't have to dwell my normal stresses. In today's climate I didn't want to read one that hit so close to my own.

    24. Well Wriiten, Poignant StoryReally loved reading this book. In fact I couldn't put it down. It was very poignant, humorous, life-affirming, well fleshed-out, and, in general, just a complete book. His best.

    25. I loved this book!It has all the items I enjoy in a novel - the underdog beating the big shot, unexpected turns, mystery, good life lessons, and especially writing that makes me feel I'm in the story. And all this without excessive profanity and evil.

    26. Another good readIt's not my favorite Mark Gimenez book, but The Perk was a fast, interesting, touching, and thoroughly enjoyable read. I put his books up against other legal thrillers.

    27. Loved itWell written, great character development, believable plot. Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Have read others by this author and they have all been great , if not outstanding.

    28. Another great one by GimenezHis writing is wonderful, the story line is exciting, suspenseful and real. I really cared about all of these characters. He has left it wide open for a sequel and I will never wait I g impatiently for it.

    29. Another wonderful mystery by Gimenez. Not part of any series, this one is written from the Judge's point of view. He is very easy to relate to and the reader gets to know his family - quite well done. Keeps you guessing the whole way through.

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