Dex: The Heart of a Hero

Dex: The Heart of a Hero

Caralyn Buehner Mark Buehner / Feb 18, 2020

Dex The Heart of a Hero Dexter the dog is so little that Cleevis the tomcat bullies him But little Dex has dreams big dreams He wants to be a superhero So he reads all the comic books he can builds his muscles and even ord

  • Title: Dex: The Heart of a Hero
  • Author: Caralyn Buehner Mark Buehner
  • ISBN: 9780064438452
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dexter the dog is so little that Cleevis the tomcat bullies him But little Dex has dreams big dreams He wants to be a superhero So he reads all the comic books he can, builds his muscles, and even orders a hero suit Suddenly, even Cleevis needs his help Dexter has determination, spirit, and heart as he proves, above all, that no matter how little you are, you can stilDexter the dog is so little that Cleevis the tomcat bullies him But little Dex has dreams big dreams He wants to be a superhero So he reads all the comic books he can, builds his muscles, and even orders a hero suit Suddenly, even Cleevis needs his help Dexter has determination, spirit, and heart as he proves, above all, that no matter how little you are, you can still do very big things.

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    1. Dex a skinny Hot dog often mocked by neighborhood cat starts to exercise and becomes muscular superdog, a cape and a red suit and he is off to the rescue of puppies scared to cross the street and mice trapped.When his arch nemesis the cat gets stuck in a tree how sweet it is to rescue the poor cat too.We laughed out loud.

    2. A great book to give to those that love super hero's. I'm not sure if I would read this aloud, it's geared towards the lower grade levels and it was a bit long. I'm not sure if it would hold their attention long enough.

    3. This is the story of a much-ridiculed short and squatty Dachshund named Dex. The ringleader in making fun of Dex is Cleevis, a large tomcat who never tires of entertaining his peers with jokes that come at the tiny dog's expense. Poor Dex dreams of becoming a superhero. But he does more than dream; he trains. Dex does extra laps on the rug before finally lying down. He increases his leaping and running exercises. Yes, through determination, Dex makes the transformation. Ultimately, he proves his [...]

    4. I love this book! Dex the Heart of a Hero is a very cute children’s book about a little dog that works hard to become his idea of a super hero. Poor Dex is ignored and ridiculed for being small but has bigger plans for himself. He decides he wants to become a superhero so he reads all the comics he can about superheroes. From his readings, he devises a training program and works diligently to achieve his goals. One day, the same cat, Cleevis, that torments Dex the most, needs his help. Dex res [...]

    5. Superdog: The Heart of a Hero is a really cute picture book about Dexter a dachshund that has big dreams of being a superhero. The illustrations in this book are so colorful with an emphasis of yellow, green, blue, red, and brown. In his neighborhood, Dexter was often overlooked by the other dogs and cats. The other dogs grew tired of waiting for Dexter to catch up and eventually didn’t invite him anymore. The book seems to have two stories. One story is about Dexter training to become a super [...]

    6. Ahh! It's a wiener dog! An immediate favorite for me. I love this story. He's so cute. And I like the lesson that it teaches of working hard and believing in yourself in order to achieve your dreams. I liked the illustrations, too. It was overall really cute. It doesn't quite seem like what I was looking for in my Book Time, but I don't want to pass it up. Perhaps I can do a Superhero Book Time.12/4/13 I was sure I'd read this in a storytime before--most likely a school-age. So, I don't know why [...]

    7. This is really a good book for both boys and girls but could easily catch the interest of a young boy who is interested in comic books. Dex is a small dog with big dreams of becoming a hero. Everyone laughs at him because of his size but Dex is determined to reach his goal. He works hard and in time the dreams to become a hero prove to become reality, when Superdog must save the day. Written by Caralyn Buehner and Illustrated by Mark BuehnerPublished by HarperCollins Illustrations: The wonderful [...]

    8. This is a very good book. It is well written and has very good illustrations. The story told in the book is describing the "underdog", which any child could relate to if they've ever been picked on or made fun of, which sadly, is most every child. The lesson in this story is that if you keep trying and work as hard as you can, then you can achieve something great and maybe even change the lives of a few people for the better. Dex pushed through all of the teasing and taunting from the cat and th [...]

    9. This book follows a dog named Dexter. He is a small wiener dog and is always made fun of by other dogs and even a cat named Cleevis. However, Dexter wants to be a superhero, and so he trains to build up his muscles and puts on a superhero suit to let people know that he is there to help. Once he finishes his training he helps everyone out and they all know that they can count on him. Even Cleevis ends up needing his help. This book teaches children the power of being kind to everyone and not all [...]

    10. K+ This was my favorite CYRM book for 2008 (it took the award that year!)and one of my all time favorite read alouds. I read this to the current 3rd graders when they were in Kindergarten (2008) and every year, they ask for it again and again.Not only is it a lot of fun with great illustrations, it is a good story. Dex dreams of becoming a super hero and he starts out at the library to read as much about super heroes as he can. Then he sets out to get in shape. At first it is hard to run to the [...]

    11. In which one small dog, through hard work and perseverance, becomes a hero, changing the world for the better one small good deed at a time. The writing is decent and the story is predictable, but this book is full of fun illustrations and positive messages. There are so many great morals and themes in this book: about perseverance, purpose, second chances, making a difference, what it is to be a hero, the importance of hard work, the importance of dedication, not judging someone based on appear [...]

    12. This is a motivational picture book that follows the life of a dog that is struggling to make his life mean something- to become a HERO. Unfortunately, he doesn’t feel that he possess any of the qualities that others might attribute to a “movie star hero.” Some of the themes that are highlighted in this story are commitment to self-improvement, bravery, and a moral responsibility. The author also places attention on the not having to match up to the standards of others, and the hardships o [...]

    13. This book is a funny and animated example of a fantasy. Every child dreams of being some sort of superhero so they can really relate to the main charcter, Dex the dog. The author did a fantastic job of creating Dex to be a lovable and memorable character. Dex is a small dog, who decides that the way to get respect, especially from the ridiculing cat Cleevis, is to become a superhero. He exercises, reads up on other superheroes, and even gets a costume. The illustrations have a retro feel to them [...]

    14. This book is about a small dog named Dex who was bullied and left out because of his size. He dreamed of being a superhero and worked as hard as he could and built up muscle bought a superhero costume and ends up saving some of the very animals (Cleavis) who used to bully him. This stroy would be a great read aloud because it would teach students that as long as they work hard enough they can achieve any dream they have and to forgive those who doubted them or were not the best to them. This boo [...]

    15. This is the story of a little wiener dog named Dexter (and my son Dexter just loves that!) who wants to be a hero. He's so little that he's made fun of by the other neighborhood pets, but he doesn't let that dissuade him. He studies superhero books and works out very hard to get muscles. Then he gets a superhero costume (take a good look at the cape and see if you find special shapes in it too) and sets out to help the neighborhood.In the end he even rescues the mean ol' tomcat that made fun of [...]

    16. My kids and I picked this one up from the library. When I first opened it at bedtime I thought, "Oh my, this is another wordy children's book" But every word was worth it. This is my new favorite kids book and I'm even thinking of going and picking up a copy of our own. It's shows the hard work of a little dog to become something more than what those around him think he is. It's not about magical or out of this world abilities but about determination and a drive to make a difference. I love it!

    17. My boys love this book & I think it's pretty good, but not as exciting as I could have expected. Dex is a weiner dog who wants to be a hero, so he trains & buys a hero suit & becomes the neighborhood hero. I like this one because the "hero" things Dex does are things that any kid could do. He basically just tries to make the world a better place by helping people, & people learn they can count on him when they need help. It teaches a good lesson &, (since it's illustrated by [...]

    18. I met the Buehners about a month ago. I am now a discipline of the Buehners. Always thrilled by the Snowmen seriesI haven't found one of their books I didn't like (Even the ones with the mice in themd I HATE mice)With Caralyn and Mark the books and story and illustrations are awesome. But what is extra extra fun is to find all the hidden pictures. When they say there is a t-rex and a rabbit hidden in each pictureere aren't kiddingd it is a hoot to find! I am not worthy! I <3 The Buehner

    19. This 2007 Monarch Award Winner and 2005 Charlotte Zolotow Award Highly Recommended Title, has become another favorite of my first grade students. This is the classic "underdog" (no pun intended) story of Dex, the little dog who wants to be a Superhero. I loved reading this to my students for so many reasons. One, they love the comic book side story that is going on about Dex the Superdog. Two, the message that this story sends about believing in yourself and doing your best is one we can all ben [...]

    20. "Superdog" is about a dog who has a desire to do good despite his size. He trains to become stronger. He turns into a hero among his friends. This book uses bright colors like red, green, and yellow. Throughout the book there are captions that have texts of what Superdog is imagining. This helps the reader separate what is really going on and what is being imagined. Some of the pictures are outlined or bordered, which puts more focus on them. I would read this book to a child to teach them that [...]

    21. Wanting to be a superheo, Dex trains hard, blocks out negative teasing, and starts helping those on this block.Better than I expected it to be. Fun with a likable hero.Readloud notes: works well with 1st or 2nd. Break out the comic/dramatic narrator voice for the panels. Had the 2nd graders write down a way they could be helpful on a sheet of red paper. I asked kids to share their ideas at the end of class & them take it with them as a reminder.

    22. 2007 Monarch Award WinnerSuperhero: The Heart of a Hero is a delightful story children can easily relate to. The protagonist, Dexter, is a small dog who longs to be a hero. Instead of idly sitting by and waiting to become a hero, Dexter takes matters into his own hands. He begins an exercise regimen and builds his brain power through reading all about what it takes to be a hero. When the large, bully is in need of help, Dexter's clever thinking makes him a hero everybody loves.

    23. Pros: Dex works hard towards his goal and he becomes very helpful, even forgiving a bully and helping him.Cons: Dex's first rule is "a hero must have strong muscles," and he exercises so hard that even this little Dachshund gets an outrageous six pack and arm muscles. I think our kiddos get enough of that narrow image of acceptable bodies outside of picture books.

    24. Even though Dexter is a small dog, he has big dreams. Dreams of being a superhero. He works hard at it tooexercising and building muscles. When he feels he's ready, he dons his red suit and green cape and sets out in the city to lend a hand. Cleevis the cat, however, is making a joke out of him at every turnuntil Cleevis needs some help of his own.

    25. Dexter is certainly an underdog. But this little dog’s small size doesn’t get in the way of his big heart or determined spirit. Little kids will love the way Dex decides to become a superhero, training every day, getting stronger and braver, and finally ending up saving the cat who’s been such a bully to him.

    26. Superdog is one students absolutely love! They like the idea of imagining their own dog being a super hero. This book would be great to use indirectly for bullying. The theme of the book is not bullying, but Superdog gets bullied in the beginning. The illustrations are visually appealing, too!

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