Blood of Angels

Blood of Angels

Michael Marshall / Aug 25, 2019

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  • Title: Blood of Angels
  • Author: Michael Marshall
  • ISBN: 9780515140088
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1st US Jove edition paperback new condition In stock shipped from our UK warehouse

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        A pseudonym used by Michael Marshall SmithMichael Marshall Smith who dropped the Smith to write The Straw Men lives in north London with his wife Paula, and is currently working on screenplays and his next book, while providing two cats with somewhere warm and comfortable to sit.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information 1 Michael Marshall Religion Spirituality 2 Michael Marshall Acting 3 Michael Marshall Fishing Geography 4 Michael Marshall German Children s Books 5 Michael Marshall Indonesian Fiction


    1. "The crucial thing about Michael Marshall is that he is enormously readable.Once you have started one of his books you won't want to stop" (The Independent uk) His books are much more than mere thrillers and his characterization creates memorable participants in stories that have a certain gothic/horror feel similar to the Charlie Parker series created by the amazing John Connolly. Connolly in his books has the shadowy figure of "The Collector" and Marshall has created in this trilogy (The Straw [...]

    2. This is the 3rd (and final?) book in the trilogy that started with "The Straw Men", and while I had high hopes for it after not having liked "The Upright Man", I have to say that I was disappointed.Yet again the author takes 3 seemingly unconnected storylines and brings them together into a conspiracy theory which, this time, manages to involve, of course, September 11. I'm always leary of any book that contains the stupid theory that September 11 wasn't exactly was it was, and I have to admit t [...]

    3. Once upon a time, Michael Marshall Smith was a fresh, exciting voice in the genres of the fantastic. He announced his arrival with "Only Forward," an electrifying debut that spiked its science fiction thrills with a dash of Barkerish horror and Pythonesque humor. His follow-up, "Spares," wasn't too shabby either, and he racked up a handful of award-winning short stories.Then he shaved off the end of his name and took a dive into the lucrative mediocrity of the serial killer novel. His first fora [...]

    4. Michael Marshall is a great writer. His plots are always unique and unpredictable and complex. This trilogy has turned the serial killer thriller on it's head, and Marshall finishes it on a great note. It could have been better, but it could have been worse. The writing is tight, as is the plot. It gets a little silly at times with the history of the Straw Men, but other than that this is a top-notch crime thriller with plenty of action and some quality writing. Highly recommended.

    5. the only stupid to read this one before reading the other in straw man series . so couldn't connect to characters still very nicely written exciting. !

    6. I felt this was a strong conclusion to The Straw Men series. After escaping from authorities, The Upright Man is on the loose. Ward Hopkins and his FBI agent girlfriend just want to remain isolated and avoid the problems of the world. Charles Monroe, Nina's boss, pulls Nina back into reality when he wants her to help solve a case where a man is found murdered with his hand cut off and the suspect is a woman. Nina reluctantly decides to return to work and what ensues is more murder and mayhem. Me [...]

    7. This is the third book in the Straw Men series and whilst not as good as the first, I found it better than the middle on 'The Lonely Dead'.Like the middle book this has some sections where two characters 'in the know' riff on about conspiracy theories and crazy ideas, leaving both the reader and in fact the main character not much the wiser, but much shorter in this book and not so fantastical. In fact the new story line of LA teenage small time drug dealers, showing how Straw man 'recruitment' [...]

    8. Marshall's conclusion to the Staw Men is interesting and complex like to its two predeccesors, but its not as compelling as either. Marshall does a masterful job of continuing to weave the past and present histories of all the key players. He demands that you care for the welfare of one of the key charactures. That is the only part of the book that kept my interest. I didn't find the Straw Men's conspiratory narritive to be as stiring as it was in the previous two novels.

    9. Finally got around to reading this last volume of theStraw Mentrilogy. I remember loving the first book, but it should have stopped there. Both the following were weak. Sure, this was a page-turner, too, and well-enough written for the most part. But the main plot, oh, what a stretch. After three volumes, even the most fun conspiracy theories lose their luster.

    10. Slightly fizzled out conclusion to the trilogy, which peaked at the 2nd book and went downhill from there. Even then, the premise of a group of serial killers active for millennium is a novel one, and this apparently ludicrous premise is valiantly built on by Marshall's gift for creating genuinely creepy ambience inhabited by some seriously scary characters.

    11. This was the final book in the Straw Men trilogy, and for me it was very good, but nowhere near as awesome as the first two. In fact, I found it rather anticlimactic. Overall, the series was impressive.

    12. Didn't capture me at the beginning like other books. Felt it dragged at the start. A lot of stuff seemed meaningless even when I went back to read them. I am not sure if I missed some symbolism or what. The kid dying in a broom closet. I am not sure what the heck that was suppose to mean. That he was so unimportant that he should have a death of no importance. I don't really feel any like or dislike towards the kid, just extreme what the heck? His role was to be used? Out of all the narratives i [...]

    13. The good new is: "Blood of Angels" is the best book in the Straw Men trilogy. The bad news is: It's not a lot better than the first two. I was really hoping it would save face. The main idea of the trilogy was interesting enough for me to want to keep reading, but overall, I feel a little cheated. There's a lot of great action and the last third is mostly brilliantly suspenseful. The problem is that almost nothing resonates. The final occurrences in the book are of epic proportions, as one might [...]

    14. Michael Marshall Smith​​ really did a job with this trilogy. I'm a little late to the party but I'm defintely glad I got here. Straw Men is still my favorite of the three but all are entertaining and have enough depth to be friendly for repeat reads. Great, complex characters and plots that really drive forward. The books drift back and forth between relatively mild content and gruesomely dark moments that will grab your attention. And I thought as a finale, this felt satisfying while also l [...]

    15. The cover says this is the "Exciting conclusion to the Straw Men trilogy!", but I'm pretty sure there are at least 3 more (according to ).Which is fine by me! I'm loving this guy's writing. The second in the not-a-trilogy kind of went off the rails, but this book brought it back around. If this WERE the ending of the trilogy, that'd be fine, as it ended up nice and tidy. This is the first book in YEARS that kept me up well past my bedtime racing through to the end. It has excellent pacing! And e [...]

    16. I have a bad habit of getting songs stuck in my head when I see something that makes me think of them. Book titles are one of those triggers, and a lot of times the titles don't even need to be that close to make me think of the song. Most recently, it happened with Jeff VanderMeer's Annihilation ("Illumination" by Rollins Band), and now it's happened again with Blood of Angels ("Blood of Eden" by Peter Gabriel). I also find it interesting that of the last eight books I've read, three of them ha [...]

    17. So sadly I come to the finale of "The Straw Men" trilogy - Blood of Angels. Now I'm feeling vaguely bereft again. I have absolutely loved my re-read of this set of books and I'm sad that I am done. I can't start again right away can I? No perhaps not. But I'm sure this will not be the last time I read them.This part of the tale finds Ward and Nina hiding out in a remote cabin and trying to leave the world behind them. John is nowhere, unable to contact him they reluctantly decide that their frie [...]

    18. I really enjoyed the first two novels of the Straw Men trilogy and this one didn't disappoint, either. Marshall keeps a good pace, throws enough curves to keep things interesting, and leaves some deliciously unresolved plotlines without sacrificing the integrity of the story. The final chapter in the series, this novel is probably the most "serious" of the group, a more sober adventure than the previous installments which offered numerous moments of dark humor. But it's still a very interesting [...]

    19. As always, Marshall entertains. This time, he also explains. I'm not a huge fan of 'series' books, simply because, in most cases, you can count on the protagonists living through - at least till the last book. That takes away any real sense of drama for me. True, if it were a series of romances, that might not be such a consideration. In an 'action' or thriller series, it does limit the plotline. Blood of Angels extends and theoretically closes the series begun with The Straw Men. I'm not one to [...]

    20. This is the final book in the Straw Men trilogy. It has turned out to be a trilogy of diminishing returns. The first book was great but the other two much less compelling.My favourite parts of this book were actually the new characters - Jim/James was really interesting and I also enjoyed the plot about Lee and his buddies. However, the storylines of the main characters of Ward, Nina, John and Paul felt repetitive: Ward, Nina and John say tough shit, run around shooting guns in every direction a [...]

    21. Op zich een goed boek, maar het totaal van de drie boeken laat mij achter met vragen. Het is meer een herhaling van het tweede boek dan een afsluitend deel. Ik had verwacht meer over de stromannen te weten te komen, maar dit blijft een beetje in de lucht hangen.IK vind het onwerkelijk dat de ex politieman in het boek niet beoordeeld wordt op zijn meerdere moorden. Hier wordt ook niet verder over gesproken.Het einde van het boek zou wat mij betret een meer afgerond geheel moeten zijn, want hoe is [...]

    22. I didn't hate this book. It made up for the 2nd. This series isn't my cup of tea. I couldn't get used to the writing style, and I simply disliked most of the characters. I would groan every time a chapter would begin with some stupid teenager. All of the plotlines connect eventually, and when they do you don't care. Most books make you say, "So THAT'S who that was." This one made me go, "Oh, so that happened. Meh." Also, this was a depressing end to the trilogy. I think he was trying to relay th [...]

    23. It's certainly got a lot packed into it - serial killers, a complex conspiracy theory, good cops forced into doing bad things to try to make the world a better place, more fast-paced action than you can shake a stick at - but it's the third and final episode in a three-part series so I couldn't shake the feeling that I'd walked into a movie halfway through and had a hard time piecing together who was who, what had been going on and why.(full review on my blog : madhousefamilyreviews)

    24. Got a bit fed up towards the end although it was brilliantly written as usual. The Straw Men theory that the world needs to get rid of civilisation and go back to cavemen methods of killing and acting like animals got a bit hard to swallow. Probably why this was the last one written about the straw men. I suppose you could equate the straw men to all sorts of extremism where killing becomes fun for some people. I would have liked another book about the characters as everything was left up in the [...]

    25. The cover reads, "The heart-stopping conclusion to The Straw Men trilogy". I wouldn't go quite that far, but it was a good story. Is it the actual end? I guess we'll see. Enough of the plot is left open-ended for it not to be. But, John, Ward, and Nina do take it to Paul (The Upright Man) and it does have an ending, if not a definitive one. As for "heart-stopping", I would disagree. But, overall, I did enjoy the trilogy. And I would definitely recommend this installment to people who enjoy consp [...]

    26. This was an exciting conclusion, but I must admit that the ending was not as conclusive as I had hoped. Perhaps the author will continue the series the groundwork is certainly there! This book, though interesting and very exciting, was really ultimately soured by the loose ending. After building the conclusion up over the course of three novels, I was left wanting something more solid and satisfying. This is not stopping me from reading his other books, though, because this is a very talented au [...]

    27. There are so many details, plots, subplots and characters in this trilogy that I keep forgetting them, thank God, because it is still thrilling and surprising to read them again. In my humble opinion, a literary jewel.

    28. I was a very disappointed in this, the last instalment of The Straw Men trilogy. It didn't seem to be as tightly written as the first two. There were four threads to the story but at times it got quite confusing and it just seemed to ramble. A disappointing end to what would have been a great trilogy.

    29. Debo admitir que el título me fascinó, y que no leí las dos primeras novelas. Sin embargo me pareció interesante el juego que maneja Marshall, aunque el final me pareció esperado y definitivamente tendría que haber complementado con las primeras dos, aunque no me generó la expectativa o el deseo de leerlas.

    30. The third in the trilogy known as the Straw Men series. When I picked up the first book I was hooked. There is no better writer around in any genre. Read all of his books. You will be entertained, you will laugh. And you will be totally creeped out. I guess I would call the trilogy plausible horror.

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