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Rebirth Narrated by Joel s girlfriend Sara Rebirth is a story of survival betrayal and hope After giving birth to their son whose evident purpose is to fulfill the destiny that Joel had forsaken Sara rea

  • Title: Rebirth
  • Author: Michael Poeltl
  • ISBN: 9781257459629
  • Page: 347
  • Format: ebook
  • Narrated by Joel s girlfriend Sara, Rebirth is a story of survival, betrayal, and hope After giving birth to their son, whose evident purpose is to fulfill the destiny that Joel had forsaken, Sara realizes that her home is no longer a haven Menaced by a power obsessed Earl and frightened by the deterioration of a once tight group of comrades, she flees north into a nihiNarrated by Joel s girlfriend Sara, Rebirth is a story of survival, betrayal, and hope After giving birth to their son, whose evident purpose is to fulfill the destiny that Joel had forsaken, Sara realizes that her home is no longer a haven Menaced by a power obsessed Earl and frightened by the deterioration of a once tight group of comrades, she flees north into a nihilistic world inhabited by dangerous nomads, new friends, and old enemies Early reviewers have commented that Rebirth, while a sequel, is a powerful story in its own right.

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        EXCITING NEWS A.I Insurrection is available NOW This SciFi novel has taken me on quite the journey unexpected at times Artificial intelligence claims sentience, but it s the proof that will divide the world, and usher in the violent end to utopia book show 3Michael Poeltl was voted Best Writer Author for 2010 in October by View Magazine A weekly alternative newspaper reaching over 1 million potential voters viewers Poeltl has released a general fiction novel Her Past s Present, a children s novella West of Noreaso, A Dytopian Trilogy The Judas Syndrome, the Hello Me series teaching children and adults alike the science of their spirit, and in 2015 Waning Metaphorically A collection of short stories An Angry Earth A cautionary tale of ignorance and the apocalypse which is an illustrated Picture book, was released in October of 2016 Always grateful for the opportunity to get my books and ideas out there and into the hands of readers Visit my Facebook page Michael Poeltl facebook fanpageAlso find me on Twitteras mpoeltlauthor Find all my books on by clicking here, in paperback and ebook formatBorn in Toronto, Ontario, Michael Poeltl earned his diploma in Interpretive Illustration and began a career in the field while educating himself on the art of writing Writing quickly became his passion and after completing several shorts, he undertook The Judas Syndrome trilogy Poeltl lives in Southern Ontario, Canada.


    1. Second book of the trilogy just gets better and better, September 3, 2012 By Micki Peluso (New York, USA) This review is from: Rebirth: Book two in The Judas Syndrome series (Paperback) RebirthThe second book in The Judas Syndrome seriesBy Michael PoeltlSara speaks:Eight years after the Apocalypse finds Sara living on a military base used to house the survivors of the Third World war, and the plague that follows. She can't find her eight-year-old son and as search teams scan the base, Sara flash [...]

    2. Rebirth - An Excellent follow-up to Book OneRating: 5 of 5 starsAuthor: Michael PoeltlFormat: Kindle, PaperbackDistraught and destined to raise her child Leif without his father, Sara finds herself in a battle with Earl for leadership over their small house of survivors. As the days and weeks go by, Earl's hunger for power and delusional ideals lead to ever increasing acts of control and violence forcing Sara to take drastic measures. Finding herself on the run, she follows Joel's last words to [...]

    3. Rebirth is the sequel to Michael Poeltl’s debut novel The Judas Syndrome (2009). I’m not surprised that he wrote a follow-up, because the ending practically begged for continuation. But I was also wary, because sequels can be like designer knockoffs- compelling in their own way, but rarely as good as the original.Rebirth continues the dark saga of a teenaged band of post-apocalypse survivors. Narrated by Sara, Joel’s girlfriend, it fluidly resumes where The Judas Syndrome left off. Crises [...]

    4. A Phoenix arisesBIRTH is Michel Poeltl's second book in THE JUDAS SYNDROME trilogy. The author has been careful to give enough back-story to make it understandable by itself, but is best read after the first in the series. That way, one gets a vivid picture of the transformation undergone by the characters—from carefree teens on a pre-college camping trip to survivalist adults in a post nuclear-holocaust world, with extremes ranging from, Sara, now a fiercely protective mother, to Earl, degene [...]

    5. Rebirth takes the point of view of one of the female characters from the first book in the series, The Judas Syndrome. Although I enjoyed the first novel, the second spoke to me more, perhaps because the female protagonist has a kindler, gentler view of continuing to rebuild her life in a ruined world. The story follows her and her son as they edge their way through some gritty stuff Themes of spirituality and the occult bring it to a different level. A very satisfying read.

    6. "It's funny,not that the novel is, but your view of the characters who survive to make book two: The thoughts of them change, and with that, your hopes and worries for outcomes. It fills you with both empathy and anger for Sara, and her long confusing journey. This is what makes 'Rebirth" so touching! It grabs your attention and pulls you in with misery and wonder, till your desperate to know what's next." - Alicia

    7. Really good! The cliffhanger at the end is killing me though. Very excited for the next and final installment!

    8. The third book in The Judas Syndrome trilogy completes the series with some Revelations of its own. Thus the title of the book. It see's a main character lost to the first and second books re-emerge as a powerful player in the third. I loved writing this book as well, and seeing where the characters would take me, where a second generation is grown and ready to take on the world - in spite of what the world thinks of them. The Judas Syndrome series was a delight to write and I hope you enjoy rea [...]

    9. Not having read the first of this series I was a bit lost as far as back story. With this said a review would be unfair but I am going to give my two cents anyway. I feel that the story is good and character development was spot on so I am interested enough to read the first in the series. Everyone should probably keep an eye out for more by this author.

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