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Ripper You thought you knew him You were dead wrong Carver Young dreams of becoming a detective despite growing up in an orphanage with only crime novels to encourage him But when he is adopted by Detective

  • Title: Ripper
  • Author: Stefan Petrucha
  • ISBN: 9781101560556
  • Page: 320
  • Format: ebook
  • You thought you knew him You were dead wrong Carver Young dreams of becoming a detective, despite growing up in an orphanage with only crime novels to encourage him But when he is adopted by Detective Hawking of the world famous Pinkerton Agency, Carver is given not only the chance to find his biological father, he finds himself smack in the middle of a real life invesYou thought you knew him You were dead wrong Carver Young dreams of becoming a detective, despite growing up in an orphanage with only crime novels to encourage him But when he is adopted by Detective Hawking of the world famous Pinkerton Agency, Carver is given not only the chance to find his biological father, he finds himself smack in the middle of a real life investigation tracking down a vicious serial killer who has thrown New York City into utter panic When the case begins to unfold, however, it s worse than he could have ever imagined, and his loyalty to Mr Hawking and the Pinkertons comes into question As the body count rises and the investigation becomes dire, Carver must decide where his true loyalty lies Full of whip smart dialogue, kid friendly gadgets, and featuring a then New York City Police Commissioner Teddy Roosevelt, Ripper challenges everything you thought you knew about the world s most famous serial killer.

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        Stefan Petrucha born January 27, 1959 is an American writer for adults and young adults He has written graphic novels in the The X Files and Nancy Drew series, as well as science fiction and horror.Born in the Bronx, he has spent time in the big city and the suburbs, and now lives in western Massachusetts with his wife, fellow writer Sarah Kinney, and their daughters At times he has been a tech writer, an educational writer, a public relations writer and an editor for trade journals, but his preference is for fiction in all its forms.


    1. "It's Harry Potter meets Angels and Demons!" Which sounds like a great story idea if your plan is to replace your editor's irises with dollar signs. In practice, this young adult novel suffers from being a little too familiar for anyone who's read the most popular of fiction. Ripper is the story of Carver Young; a bullied orphan with skills. His notable companions at the orphanage are a brilliant, know-it-all girl who doubles as a love interest and a socially clumsy, misunderstood, red-headed bu [...]

    2. To make a long story short: I totally loved this book! This is by far the best YA book that has come out this year--and in a long time as well. I loved the characters and their interactions with each other, and the whole story line was great as well. It was fast-paced, and, while, yes, it was predictable, adventure stories usually are and that doesn't take away from my love of this book. It was also a good "guy read" and books guys can enjoy are very few and far between in the Young Adult genre. [...]

    3. I grabbed this book from the YA section of the library because the plot seemed amazing and intriguing. The plot may still be amazing and intriguing - I couldn't force myself to finish it - but the writing style was not. Reading this book reminded me of years ago when I was reading my first chapter book. The chapters are annoyingly short and have abrupt cutoff points; after reading the first 5 or so chapters in about as many minutes, I quickly scanned to the back of the book and was not surprised [...]

    4. This book was _so good_. Every time I was between commutes (when I read), I wanted to get back to it. It was serious and well crafted, the are characters complete, and overall the book had a gravity to it that reminded me of books written in the past. Definitely feels timeless. I worried that the ending would disappoint me (as compared with the rest of the book), but it wasn't bad at all. Really, I can't get over how much I enjoyed this book. Of course, it being YA, there are some contrivances, [...]

    5. This may be a case of disappointed expectations.I was first drawn to this book for the obvious reason that stories of Jack the Ripper interest me. I think it's the morbid fascination of an unsolved mystery - who was this man that did these horrible things, and what compelled him to act? So the large, bold word Ripper across the book with a slash of blood diagonally across - well, it draws the eye, dunnit?And the blurb seemed interesting. An established fan of YA titles, I thought it could be an [...]

    6. So Stefan Petrucha has let old Saucy Jack out of the garden shed, this time to run around New York and get chased by a teen with steampunk gadgets out of an old Wild Wild West TV script. This is a kind of YA "The Alienist" as it is the mid 1890s and so the NYC police commissioner is Teddy Roosevelt, who is mostly antagonistic to the young hero, Carver Young (groan with me at the name) an orphan who wants to become a detective, for probably the same reason that Hermie the Elf wanted to be a denti [...]

    7. Carver Young wants to be a detective, so when he is adopted from the orphange in 1895 by Detective Hawking of the New Pinkertons agency, he is happy. Several other children in the orphange have been adopted by families in the same circle, his friend Delia by a news reporter. There has just been a Jack the Ripper-like murder, and certain segments of New York society, especially Theodore Roosevelt, the Police Commissioned, are concerned. Hawking puts Carver to the task of finding Carver's father, [...]

    8. I've always been interested in the Ripper murders (I'm not a lunatic, I promise) so when I found Ripper for a few bucks I took it and ran. The book follows fourteen year-old Carver Young, a wanna-be detective with a knack for picking locks, as he's forced to leave his home at Ellis Orphanage and adopted by the famous Detective Hawking. Carver is also trying to locate his father after finding a letter from him at Ellis and trying to solve the newest Ripper-style murders.I absolutely loved Ripper, [...]

    9. I have this obsession with fiction 'Jack the Ripper' novels. I find everything about the man absolutely fascinating. I will actively go out of my way to find and read anything on him, so when I say I only have one real complaint about the book it means a lot because usually I find many things to nitpick. Like I said my only real big complaint with this book was the grudges held between orphans. Carver and Phinneas honestly felt like they were 5 year old siblings screaming that the other was liei [...]

    10. Wow. I had a feeling this book would be great, but I had no clue it would be as wonderful as it turned out to be. I’m in love. Can I have more books starring Carver, Delia, and Finn?Carver Young is just a poor orphan with a lock-picking skill and a love for mysteries, when he gets oddly “adopted” by a retired Pinkerton agent, Albert Hawking. Hawking plans to teach Carver how to be a great detective, although his methods are quite crazy. Craver is brought into a secret society of detectives [...]

    11. As a fan of alternate histories (think The Alienist, another book featuring Teddy Roosevelt as a main character, or The Man in the High Castle), this is one of the craziest examples of the genre that I have ever read. To wit (and really, don't read these spoilers if there's a chance you might read the book; I'm giving up EVERYTHING here): (view spoiler)[1.) Jack the Ripper is the main character's father. This becomes obvious pretty early in the book.2.) Jack the Ripper almost kills Alice AND Ted [...]

    12. A severe case of reader/book incompatibility. If I'd been half my age, I'd have given Ripper double the rating I'm giving it now, because the classification on this one is wrong. Despite the serious subject matter, Ripper is NOT a young adult book, it's a children's book. The writing style, the plot on rails, the transparent characters, I would've loved this book years ago, but now that I'm looking for something a bit more serious, meatier and grittier, all of it just irks me.Actually, part of m [...]

    13. The genre of this book is adventure/survival, mystery, and realistic fiction. The main characters of the book Ripper by Stefan Petrucha are Carver, Delia, Finn, and Mr. Hawking. Carver young an orphan from Ellis orphanage wants to be a detective because he wants to find out who his real dad is. One day his dream comes true when Mr. Hawking comes and leaves coordinates of the Pinkerton headquarters at Ellis orphanage. Once at the headquarters Carver shows Tudd Septimus his letters from his father [...]

    14. I had just picked up a few books on my way home, and thought this looked interesting. What I didn't think was that I would be rushing to finish it in four hours. The entire plot is completly original, even though Jack the Ripper has been used before.The phenomenon of serial killers is as interesting as it is terrifying, and Stefan Petrucha uses the terror to his advantage. The characters are multi-faceted and not cookie cutter and one dimensional.One of the biggest plusses would have to be the f [...]

    15. Personally I would have liked to rate this book a 4.5. The start was not slow at all which I liked better because I am a little impatient with some books. The first chapter was amazing and made me want to keep reading right then and there. I was on the edge of my seat the whole entire time I was reading and was sometimes reading till 2:00am. My personal opinion on this book is that it was great and well written but not quite perfect.

    16. As seen on: Bookosaur4.5/5This book is bloody fantastic. See what I did there? Bloody fantastic, since it's a novel about Jack the Ripper?. . . Oh, hey. I didn't expect you to continue reading after my word play there. Your persistence could only mean one thing: you really want to read a review. Alright, alright . . .I loved this book to pieces . . You're still here? Seriously? Even after that one? Though I have many more of those bad boys up my sleeve, I will nonetheless crack on with my revi [...]

    17. Not what I expected in the least. I had no idea it was teen book. I thought it was yet another take on Jack the Ripper, which it was. But I thought it was an adult horror not a teen adventure. Lots of silly parts which may have entertained a younger version of me. But this take barely kept my interest and too many juvenile twists.

    18. First off I would like to say I would have given this 3 stars if I hadn't at one point predicted the mystery. Ripper is a story about a kid named Carver young that takes place in the 1800's. Carver is an orphan from Elias Island and one day runs into a man named Albert Hawking. This Albert Hawking figure adopts Carver and puts him under his mentor-ship. The story continues on and Carver starts to find out his connection with a serial killer the Ripper. Something I didn't like about the book is t [...]

    19.     Eleven women murdered all by one guy. Ripper by Stefan Petrucha is a historical fiction book about the son of Jack the Ripper. The whole story about the ripper is true but we would not know about his son because we do not know who the ripper actually is. This also has some historical facts in it. That is why I would call it historical fiction.    Caver lives in an orphanage but he is getting too old to live there anymore. So he has to be kicked out or get adopted at the reopening. Befo [...]

    20. I admit, I almost didn't read this book. I'm not a big fan of horror and too much gore turns me off as a distinct lack of creativity - and I fully expected 'Ripper', based on the title, genre, and cover, to be full of flying limbs and meticulously described mutilated bodies. A book about Jack the Ripper? It seemed inevitable. Thank goodness another reader(Mara :D) read the book before me and dispelled my fears. Given her glowing review and tempted by the intriguing description, I decided to take [...]

    21. Wow. A truly amazing murder mystery/what if historical-fiction. I absolutely loved this book. Intriguing and fast-paced from the very beginning, Ripper is, in my opinion, one of the best YA books published this year. Carver is a resourceful young man, inquisitive, witty, and everything an amateur detective character should be. And he admires all of the best and brightest literary detectives. And Hawking has the classic, yet perfect, humor that all "foul-tempered, old mentors" are supposed to hav [...]

    22. Okay, you say that there's not enough YA for boys? Here, gentlemen, is a title that should tide you over.At least for a little while.Carver Young is an orphan. He has no idea about who his parents are, or what happened to them, but he does know one thing: he is meant to be a detective. Of course, that's a bit of a dream when you're living in an orphanage and reading dime novels to make use of your time. However, everything changes for him when he's adopted by retired (cantankerous, eccentric - w [...]

    23. OMG this book is amazing and is now my new favorite books. Ripper is an amazing mystery and crime book based on Jack the Ripper. It is the best book and the plot is amazing. I figured out who the next victim was going to be and that what I love about the book, the fact that I had that chance and the fact that it explains all the step the detectives go through to solve these mysteries. I love books like this that have a lot of suspense and crime solving. The cover of the copy that I read from say [...]

    24. True confession time: when my name was called at Penguin's "What's Coming" panel at San Diego Comic-Con last month, I was a little disappointed, as just a few books earlier, they had an early release of the latest Dresden Files book, which wasn't yet out in stores. Still, the idea of an upper-middle-grade book about Jack the Ripper was an intriguing premise, and my kids go through books like potato chips. I put it off for a few weeks, because middle grade isn't normally my comfort zone in readin [...]

    25. A lot of people on this site seem to REALLY like this book, so maybe the problem is with me. I mean, I wanted to like it. I'm a sucker for Jack the Ripper stories, and Teddy Roosevelt is my favorite President. A fictional story pitting the two against each other should be right up my alley. But, in the end, I just found this one to be annoyingly over-plotted and convoluted. Carver Young, the 14-year-old orphan hero of the book, goes on a search for his father, which ends up getting him enlisted [...]

    26. 14 year old, Carver Young grew up in Ellis orphanage and has developed a skill to pick locks and he has an interest in crimes. Life is not that great at the orphanage because of Finn Walker, the bully. One day Carver finds a mysterious letter from his biological father, he believes he is still out there waiting for him. He thinks that the New York Police department commissioner,Teddy Roosevelt, can help him find his father. He wrote Mr. Roosevelt a letter but, gets no reply back. One day, Carver [...]

    27. An orphan, fourteen-year-old Carver Young, is brought under the tutelage of a veteran detective belonging to a clandestine agency, where he is encouraged to hone his craft and solve a mystery that has plagued him all his young life: who is his father? Meanwhile, all across the city, mutilated bodies of aristocrat women are being discovered leaving many to believe that the infamous Jack the Ripper has resurfaced and taken up shop in New York City. With the city in crisis Carver is recruited to he [...]

    28. The plot progresses quickly with lots of exciting turns. This is obvious considering that at the beginning of the book Carver is in an orphanage and eventually ends up chasing Jack the Ripper. Along the way Carver meets future president Roosevelt, lives in an asylum and researches in a secret underground base. Stefan was able to take these great ideas and turn them into an amazing book with a fast-paced plot that keeps you wondering what will happen.The book from the mystery standpoint is fantas [...]

    29. RIPPED caught my eye because of its visually appealing cover, and I bought it because the premise sounded promising. The story starts with a young man who is in search of his father. In this process, he hooks up with some of the best detectives in the world and gets sucked into the hunt for Jack the Ripper who appears to have begun killing women in NYC. It sounded dark and suspenseful, and I was excited to get started.While the book was entertaining, I had a hard time imagining for what audience [...]

    30. This was an exciting historical novel about Jack the Ripper, that brings the infamous serial killer to Gilded Age New York City. Carver has lived all his life in an orphanage, but one day is suddenly adopted by a Sherlock Holmes-esque Pinkerton detective named Hawking. Carver is determined to find out more about his family, but the only clue that he possesses is a letter purported to be from his father. Once he begins training under Hawking's tutelage, he begins to investigate the letter, which [...]

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