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Garbage A R Ammons s poem with the unforgettable title is a defense of meaning this the poet says are awash in ideality Garbage is an epic of ideas all life not that of human beings alone but every species

  • Title: Garbage
  • Author: A.R. Ammons
  • ISBN: 9780393324112
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback
  • A R Ammons s poem with the unforgettable title is a defense of meaning this, the poet says, are awash in ideality Garbage is an epic of ideas all life not that of human beings alone, but every species is shown to be part of an ultimate reality Eternity is here and now The argument ranges widely with a wealth of images taken from science, and the world around us, A R Ammons s poem with the unforgettable title is a defense of meaning this, the poet says, are awash in ideality Garbage is an epic of ideas all life not that of human beings alone, but every species is shown to be part of an ultimate reality Eternity is here and now The argument ranges widely with a wealth of images taken from science, and the world around us, the writing by turns impassioned and witty For power of the thought and language, the poem takes its place alongside Whitman s Song of Myself an American classic Citation for the 1993 National Book Award for Poetry

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        Archie Randolph Ammons was born outside Whiteville, North Carolina, on February 18, 1926 He started writing poetry aboard a U S Navy destroyer escort in the South Pacific After completing service in World War II, he attended Wake Forest University and the University of California at Berkeley.His honors included the Academy s Wallace Stevens Award, the Poetry Society of America s Robert Frost Medal, the Ruth Lilly Prize, and fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, and the American Academy of Arts and Letters.He lived in Ithaca, New York, where he was Goldwin Smith Professor of Poetry at Cornell University until his retirement in 1998 Ammons died on February 25, 2001.


    1. In Garbage, Ammons accompanies the reader on a journey through the wastelands of his discarded ideas and expectations, wheeling through spheres within spheres of the useless and used up: an epic poem in which our hero is the poet and the conquest is an unfailing fortress of trash. Those unfamiliar with Ammons' work may think a one-hundred-plus page poem a daunting place to start; it isn't. Ammons style is so open and playful--his sense of movement so spontaneous and free--that the words take on [...]

    2. Amazing and beautiful. Had to read a section for a modern poetry class, and immediately bought the book so I could read it all. Eventually wrote a paper comparing Ammons's cyclical view of time in the poem to Eliot's Four Quartets. Ammons takes the flawed and ugly (a landfill, humanity), and makes it spiritual. "For where but in the very asshole of comedown is redemption." Thank you Mr. Ammons for reminding us that "reality is holy."

    3. Everything in this book is, in some way, garbage - the verse is indulgent and neverending. At times brilliant items emerge from a sea of geriatric curmudgeonliness in a way that echoes the immanence of beauty in the quotidian. This is not the type of poetry I thought I liked before I read it. Now, seven years after reading it, I think of it often.

    4. This is a book-length poem divided into seventeen section. The form is all couplets and the content mainly concerns man-made garbage and vignettes from the speaker’s life. As these vignettes are occasionally about teaching poetry, I think we can gather that the vignettes are from the author’s life. Many of these vignettes have to do with minor nature encounters (a stray cat eats a chipmunk that likes to frequent the speaker’s yard; a bird shits on the speaker, etc). Intertwining all of thi [...]

    5. A.R. Ammons's long philosophical poem is an autumnal reflection on getting older, death, the creative process, poetry, language, nature, the spirit, the meaning of life, time, and, of course, garbage. His way of seeing the world is not unfamiliar: he combines the dreaminess and pragmatism of American transcendentalism ("the spirit was forever / and is forever, the residual and informing / energy" "fly the / definite lest it lock you in!"), and there are passages here, as in Emerson, that are cle [...]

    6. Garbage reviewI'm always on people about recycling, so after seeing this poem hanging out at the library I had to take a glance. A. R. Ammon picks through the garbage with a vibrant mind of all that matters. Poetry with a unique sound. Here is some of the funnier parts of the poem, not that I was looking for funny but I enjoy a good laugh as always. "The mind picks up on the environment again turns to the practical policing of the scene, restores itself to normalcy and the objective world the bo [...]

    7. Garbage in all its permutations - but most striking for me was what Ammons was saying about poetry (even his long poem), that "poetry is itself like an installation of Marine/Shale: it reaches down into the dead pit/and cool oil of stale recognition and words and/brings up hauls of stringy gook which it arrays/with light and strings with shiny syllables and/gets the mind back into vital relationship/with communication channels" Garbage made shiny and light-filled and vital. Good to have garbage [...]

    8. A really wonderful poem. The title is my favorite part, because to me, garbage is a fascinating topic. I enjoyed reading a fictional, stream-of-consciousness treatment of the subject, rather than the nonfiction books on solid waste management I have read in the past. This poem comes at the concept of garbage from many different angles and shines fresh perspective on it as well as on the human condition. I really enjoyed it, and will definitely read it again.

    9. "beauty is so much in demand it's a wonder naturalselection hasn't thinned out anything not perfectlybeautiful: but nature, if I may speak of it,likes a broad spectrum approaching disorder"

    10. It is hard to believe that this collection was written more than ten years ago while dealing with a subject that continues to retain such powerful relevance. It's no wonder, then, that it received the National Book Award in 1993. This singular meditation of a poem starts with and returns to the topic of garbage in a whimsical, stream-of-consciousness narrative. While it seems to veer off-subject at times in the middle numericals, Garbage is a much larger subject than a straight definition or rea [...]

    11. 4 and a half stars really, like most books I've rated five, and the 3 star books, 3 and a half. This rating system is crapParts of this book really held me. Its premise is sheer genius, and at times reading I could actually smell burning garbage, which I thought was wonderful. I would have preferred more descriptions right at the dump. Garbage is representative of various things in this work, which is a book-length poem, an admirable feat in itself. We have a metaphor for the excess of modern li [...]

    12. I mean, what did I expect from the title, I guess.There were moments in here that created some really beautiful images but they were absolutely drowned out by the sheer meaningless of the other 95% of this book. I found this too self-conscious and weirdly smug about the entire process of writing poetry because it kept drawing attention to itself which just--no thanks. That plus the complete lack of structural variations--I have certainly seen entire books of poetry done in the same exact scheme [...]

    13. ammons' mind--all the things he considers about the world--is mindboggling to me. the long poem form i think is really cool, especially the way he pulls it off. colons separate different ideas as opposed to periods or semi-colons as if to emphasize their interconnectedness and the forward-moving fluidity of his curiousity. visually, a train of thought. not as easy to read as some other poetry, but his fun with language and sense of mischief make all the headier stuff fun to deal with.

    14. This is a brilliant, though not always accessible, book-length poem on the detritus, decay, and delights of life, both liberal and metaphorical. It may come off as ranting or rambling, but Ammons has control of his verse.

    15. A rare animal, the epic poem, this one pulls off rekindling some hope for poetry. Phenomenological sketches of the effects of consumerism, an almost Hindu mysticism surrounding the accumulation and disposal of trash. Some bean-soaking, old geezer shit too.

    16. I've been dreading writing a review for this book, until I realized that that sentiment, in itself, was a sort of review. If you read this 121 page poem, you will be completely uninspired to talk about it afterwards. There.

    17. Quite a powerful book of poetry. I'm new to Ammons work--the title got me--and I love the questions he's raising about the limitations of our consumptive culture as well as language. The way he uses garbage as a metaphor for poetic language is sublime.

    18. From Garbage by A.R. Ammonsere is a mound,too, in the poet's mind dead language is hauledoff to and burned down on, the energy held andshaped into new turns and clusters, the mindstrengthened by what it strengthens

    19. To be honest I wasn't a huge fan. Some of the sections were entertaining, but I didn't get it. This one too me longer to read than all the others for class. Interested in seeing my classmates reactions.

    20. Me gustó mucho este libro. El punto que no le di se debe a que, aunque la traducción de Marcelo Cohen de los "otros poemas" es buena y ayuda a la lectura del original, no puedo decir lo mismo de la de Daniel Aguirre y "Basura".

    21. my intro to Ammons, knocked my socks off. Though Sphere surpasses it, and I haven't yet read Glare, which I suspect is a contender as well. Virtually everything I've ever encountered by him is worthy of multiple readings.

    22. A significant poem that is a tallying of 20th century humanity from the examination of its detritus, with implications in every major field of study.

    23. garbage is the only epic poem that has ever successfully kept my attention. Ammons makes garbage beautiful and he does it through many religious metaphors.

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