Sammy Keyes and the Sisters of Mercy

Sammy Keyes and the Sisters of Mercy

Wendelin Van Draanen / Jan 20, 2020

Sammy Keyes and the Sisters of Mercy While serving a detention in the soup kitchen at St Mary s Church for an infraction committed during her last case Sammy Keyes becomes the prime suspect in the disappearance of Father Mayhew s prized

  • Title: Sammy Keyes and the Sisters of Mercy
  • Author: Wendelin Van Draanen
  • ISBN: 9780375801839
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
  • While serving a detention in the soup kitchen at St Mary s Church for an infraction committed during her last case, Sammy Keyes becomes the prime suspect in the disappearance of Father Mayhew s prized ivory cross Ace detective that she is, Sammy manages to prove her innocence but soon discovers that, under its calm exterior, St Mary s is abuzz with gossip, jealousy, andWhile serving a detention in the soup kitchen at St Mary s Church for an infraction committed during her last case, Sammy Keyes becomes the prime suspect in the disappearance of Father Mayhew s prized ivory cross Ace detective that she is, Sammy manages to prove her innocence but soon discovers that, under its calm exterior, St Mary s is abuzz with gossip, jealousy, and intrigue just like junior high Meanwhile, back at school, Sammy s beloved catcher s mitt her only connection to her father disappears just when her team makes the semifinals Add to this mix a dog who eats everything in sight, a lesson in safe cracking from a homeless girl who bears a striking resemblance to Sammy, and an exuberant trio of gospel singing nuns called the Sisters of Mercy, and you ve got one wild ride of a mystery or just another week in the life of Samantha Keyes.

    Sammy Keyes Sammy Keyes is a series of mystery novels written by Wendelin Van Draanen for children aged The series focuses on Sammy s adventures as an amateur sleuth.The books, which are narrated in the first person perspective by Sammy, involve detective fiction as well as comedy.Sammy begins her adventures in the first book as a seventh grader, and the series will end when she completes the Sammy Keyes Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Welcome to New Wiki Name Edit Sammy Keyes wiki is about the book series of Sammy Keyes by Wendelin Van Draanen Replace this with the name of your topic Edit Write an introduction to your topic here, to explain to your readers what your topic is all about Wendelin Van Draanen Wendelin Van Draanen w n d l n v n d r n n born January , is an American writer of children s and young adult fiction. Aquarium of the Pacific June Keyes Penguin Habitat Get up close with twenty Magellanic Penguins both above and below the water in the June Keyes Penguin Habitat The exhibit is home to twenty Magellanic Penguins and includes a crawl in space, allowing you to feel as if you are in the exhibit with the animals. Aquarium of the Pacific Aquarium News Penguin Exhibit Three Magellanic penguin chicks, two female and one male, hatched at the Aquarium in May and made their public debut in the June Keyes Penguin Habitat on September This is the sixth year that penguin chicks have hatched at the Aquarium, and with the Tara Sands Voiceovers Tara Jayne Sands is an American Voice Actor Sammy Davis Jr s son reveals extraordinary family secret Mark Davis grew up believing he was the adopted son of the only black member of the Rat Pack but when he was shown his birth certificate discovered Sammy was his biological father. CLCD Children s Literature, Children s Books, Pre K books, Young adult fiction, Children s fiction, Children s non fiction, Kids books, Reading for kids, Children s Librarians, Books for teachers, Books for girls, Books for boys, Books for reading disabled, Reading disability, Early Childhood Education, STEM , hi lo books, Readers Advisory, Children s Readers Advisory, Reading Comprehension Books Communities FanFiction filter by first letter Where R You Little Blue Envelopes th Reality series Clues A List A Court of Thorns and Roses A Separate Peace Abarat series Age of Fire series Alex Rider Alexandre Dumas Alice in Wonderland Alpha Force American Girl An Unfortunate Fairy Tale Animal Farm Animorphs Anne of Green Trivia Nights Live Where to Play TUESDAY Martel s at Capital Hills Golf Course pm O Neil Road, Albany Sammy Cohen s pm First Tuesday of each month

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        Wendelin Van Draanen has written than thirty novels for young readers and teens She is the author of the 18 book Edgar winning Sammy Keyes series, and wrote Flipped which was named a Top 100 Children s Novel for the 21st Century by SLJ, and became a Warner Brothers feature film with Rob Reiner directing Her novel The Running Dream was awarded ALA s Schneider Family Award for its portrayal of the disability experience.Van Draanen is also the author of two short chapter book series The Gecko Sticky books, are fun read alouds, perfect for reluctant readers, and the Shredderman books featuring a boy who deals with a bully received the Christopher Award for affirming the highest values of the human spirit and became a Nickelodeon made for TV movie.Van Draanen was a classroom teacher for fifteen years She and her husband reside in California and have two sons.


    1. Although I'm only giving this three stars, I still really enjoyed it and would gladly recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun mystery in an easy read. I just felt it wasn't QUITE as tightly written as the first two books (or my favorite, "S.K. & the Wild Things", which comes much later but which was my first read of the series). It felt like a few too many characters. It takes a while to be able to keep all the nuns straight, and the end was a bit more predictable or easy to figure o [...]

    2. I remembered reading these books when I was little and after days of exam studying stumbled across one that I hadn't read in the library. I picked it up figuring that it would be good for my exam fried brain to read something a little lighter then usual.Well, first of all I'd just like to say that in many respects I was wrong. While the tone may be lighter than the average "adult" book, the themes were no less mature. I was completely blown away with not only how many societal issues this book a [...]

    3. The Title of this book is "Sammy Keys ,and the sister of mercys " By Wendelin Van Draanen.This book was published on Apirl 20th 1999. This book has a total on 224 pages.I personally read this book in about to weeks .The main charcater is Sammy cause she because she is the one being acussent for the cross missing. The setting of the story is the church, this is the main part were all the action happens. There is really no good guy in this story.The major conflict in this story is that sammy gets [...]

    4. Great mystery series for grades 4-6. Sammy is a fascinating detective character--abandoned by her mom and living in senior housing with grandma, friends with everyone in the neighborhood and softball player extraordinaire. She is smart and thoughtful, and in this book uses her skill to solve a crime at the local Catholic Church where she's doing community service following a badly executed plan to get back at a nasty kid. Our lunchtime book group (grade 5) ate this one up and went looking for mo [...]

    5. I thought this book was very interesting. it was about this girl and who got detention and had to work at a soup kitchen and found that things have been stolen for the church. Sammy, the main character, goes through a lot to find out who stole from the church. It is so good that i could not put it down. It was just an amazing book. So if you like mysteries and don't like the 300 page boos then Sammy Keyes is a good book for you!

    6. A fun read. One of the marks of a good writer is that they can transport you. When I could practically smell the paint and feel the drips I knew I was in for a good read. The softball game descriptions practically had my own adrenaline rushing. And I'm always up for a few good laughs, so this book is a winner in my book.

    7. i just got it at the book fair for a dollar and it was HILARIOUS. I mean its about nuns The best thing i think is that sammy calls their SUV a "nunmobile"

    8. I forgot how how good these books were. I loved these books as a kid. I loved them so much. So when I was grabbing books from the book sale to refill the book sale shelf upstairs in the library I work at and I saw the entire collection of Sammy Keyes books, which I checked out and read and re-read so much as a kid, I just had to have them. And so now I get to re-read them, and I just--God, this is like, Nancy Drew, but if Nancy Drew was a badass high-top wearing girl from the late 90s. Like Nanc [...]

    9. I love Sammy’s character. I also love all the supporting characters and the concept that family is not just people you’re related to by blood. I also like that Sammy really tries to understand even people that she doesn’t like.

    10. If I were a kid, I'll probably have rated this a 4 or 5 stars. LOVED the character, Sammy Keyes! Great mystery. Great "issues" that are an integral part of the story and dealt with in a compassionate and kind way by Sammy.

    11. This MG series gets better with each book. I love Sammy and her circle, which widens to include some more characters this go round. Plus some awesome softball playoff coverage in this book, so if that's your jam, jump on this, you won't be disappointed.

    12. This was my favorite series from about 3rd-6th grade. Great mysteries for the age group with a fun and feisty narrator. I remember this title specifically being one of my favorites.

    13. This was one of my childhood favorites. I have always loved mystery books, and the Sammy Keyes series has always been one of my favorites. I love the comedy about the nuns and the "nunmobile," but I also like Sammy's keen detective skills.

    14. This novel was well written with a preteen audience in mind. Our heroine, Sammy, is a displaced person, living in her grandmother's house after being abandoned by her parents. She is picked on at school by some of the older children, and for the background of this book, is paying for her misbehavior by working at the church as a sort of community service (school not court ordered). While she is at the church, thefts occur, and finger pointing abounds. In order to find out who among the eclectic [...]

    15. I had recently read RUNAWAY, and in the author's notes (yes, I read author's notes, and introductions, and acknowledgements, and dedications) I saw it was a companion book to this one. Holly, the 'runaway' was a minor character in this one. So, I hunted it up.I must say, I prefer Holly's voice to Sammy's. Sammy tries too hard to be funny and clevere's hiding her pain in a way Holly doesn't bother doing. But to be fair, this is the third book in the series, so I wasn't there for the first books.S [...]

    16. OMG this book is horrible. I love thrillers but with this book I yawned all the time!I tried to understand that this book was written in a very very very simple way because i suppose it is for children. but really? where is the magic of words? I read many books for children or preteens but this one has no sense, has no suspance AT ALL! Sammy is not a great character I read 'til page 54 and I did not appreciate any character, and we shouldn't even talk about the plot! Well, I gave it a chance but [...]

    17. Energetic and curious Sammy Keyes is working off her detention by helping at St. Mary's. Painting walls, working in the soup kitchen, helping the Sisters of Mercy get ready for their three day concert and trying to find out who stole Father Mayhew's ivory cross. A very busy girl!Father Mayhew is crushed about his missing cross and becomes even more so when two gold chalices go missing. There has never been a theft at St. Mary's. The list of suspects keeps changing to further confuse the issue. I [...]

    18. This book wasn't my favorite out of the first 3 I read in this series. I did enjoy the parts when they had softball games. I felt like the book was more centered on her school life and her friendships. And I'm glad it did because I get to see her grow a lot more. I love the fact that her Grams and Hudson helped her move past it and not sink to Heather's level. I know all of these subplots lead to something better. So I knew everything would be alright. I felt like it wasn't focusing on the myste [...]

    19. I thought that "Sammy Keyes and the Sisters of Mercy" by Wendelin Van Draanen was a good book because I liked how in the plot, Sammy tries to prove that she didn't steal the ivory cross from St. Mary's, a local church, as well as trying to help her new friend find a home. The setting is usually taking place at the church because that's where all the main action happens, including where Sammy does her community service to serve detention. The main characters in the story include Sammy Keyes, Fath [...]

    20. This is a great mystery story of Sammy Keys, an average teenage girl. The mystery starts in the opening chapter, when she is doing community service at a local church. Sammy sees a girl walk in, then a few minutes latter, the head of her church calls her into his office and accuses her of stealing his most prized possession, his cross. When she denies it, he kicks her out of his office. Sammy doesn't see the mysterious girl again, until latter in the story. They become the best of friends, and a [...]

    21. Eh, this one didn't 'wow' me like the first two. The only off element in the last volume was Dot's non-introduction into Sammy's posse; newcomer-to-the-main-credits character Holly gets her own B-plot that's tied to the primary mystery, but this book becomes crowded early on. I didn't mind the crowdedness, but it felt occasionally clunky. I *did* mind that the primary mystery wasn't nearly as engaging as the previous two, at least to me. The requisite everyday school drama focused on Sammy's bas [...]

    22. The book i read was Sammy Keyes and the Sister of Mercy. By Wendeline Van Draanen. I did not really enjoy this book because i just kept getting like distracted by other things in the story. The main setting in this book is at sammeys high schools principles office that he is painting. The main characters are Sammy Keyes and the sisters of St. Marys. The conflict in this book is that Sammy had a lot of detention time to make up and the mystery of a homeless girl in the church school. I would not [...]

    23. When I recently read Runaway by Wendelin Van Draanen, I learned that the main character was introduced in Sammy Keyes and the Sisters of Mercy. I was very anxious to see how Holly and Sammy met from Sammy's point of view. I was not disappointed. While serving detention Sammy is accused of stealing. While searching for the real criminal, Sammy meets some interesting characters, including Holly. I did like this book and would recommend it to anyone who likes mysteries. The only thing that was a li [...]

    24. Another great Sammy Keyes mystery. I love this girl! The only thing I can complain about Wendelin Van Draanen's style of writing and what I have really disliked in this series is how she has Sammy retell with her updated events of what has happened over and over again to various people. There has to be a better way to it. I have just skipped over those parts in all the books. Why do I want to reread what I just read? Why do I want to reread what I just read? (you get the idea). I figured out who [...]

    25. This book was actually a reread for me. I read it not realizing it was book 3 to a series. Anyway, I think I enjoyed it more the first time around than this time. I felt like the mystery aspect kinda fell flat in this one. It seemed to be focused more so on Sammy's soft team and I not only don't like softball/baseball but I don't understand it so I skimmed a lot of the "terms" they were trying to use. Anyway, I still liked it nonetheless but it's not my favorite.

    26. I read this book because I liked the author. Her books were so fun to read. When I met Wendelin she said that she had to get rid of the mother so that Sammy could be wild and get into some trouble in the books. But she laughed and said she was not going to kill the mother because hey, she's a mother herself so she sent her off to go persue her career in acting. This is a great book although I haven't read the whole series. (Again I am iffy on the year but I do have an autographed copy:)

    27. Sammy Keyes has her baseball mitt stolen.Soon she meets a homeless girl who lives on her own and she is only 12 years old.A man tries stealing the girls only warmth at night,a sleeping bag.Sammy gets her shelter.Then they go on an adventure looking for Sammy's fathers mitt with the homeless girl Holly and her other two friends.My favorite part was when Holly threatened Sammy with Holly's homemade weapon.I would recommend this to mystery lovers and people who are into action and suspense.

    28. This book is about Sammy Keys who is working off junior high detention time by helping St. Mary's which is a church. The fathers Mayhew's ivory gets stolen and Sammy is the main suspect even though it wasnt her. She later finds out who it is.I would recommend this book to other people. Its both a fun and interesting book to read, and im sure everyone else would enjoy it.If i were to rate this book out of ten, i would give it a seven. It was better then average!10TH GRADE ADVISORY.

    29. Another great sammy keyes book. The only reason i didn't give it 5 stars is because the title spoils the mystery, and I saw it coming that the nuns had stolen the goblet. Nonetheless, I was happy with the ending and the acknowledgement of homeless youth, with Holly. Holly was a great addition to the story. I enjoyed watching her and Sammy's relationship progress, as well as Holly getting the happy ending she deserved. Overall, a great book.

    30. A great way to introduce/teach the mystery genre. Sammy is a modern Nancy Drew. What I really enjoyed about her was that her homelife was fully fleshed out. Sammy is a typical middle schooler - which means she's going to have issues at home and at school in addition to fighting crime.This one was my favorite of the series; there's just something funny about a bunch of nuns running about in a Winnebago.

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