Beyond the Farthest Star

Beyond the Farthest Star

Bodie Thoene / Jul 18, 2019

Beyond the Farthest Star When a nativity display on public property is torched by a former US Senator the media spotlight falls on the forgotten small town of Leonard Texas and the new pastor of its only church Adam Wells

  • Title: Beyond the Farthest Star
  • Author: Bodie Thoene
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When a nativity display on public property is torched by a former US Senator, the media spotlight falls on the forgotten small town of Leonard, Texas, and the new pastor of its only church Adam Wells Emboldened by the prospect of leading his tiny congregation in a nationally televised, first amendment debate that he considers to be a fight for the heart and soul of AmeriWhen a nativity display on public property is torched by a former US Senator, the media spotlight falls on the forgotten small town of Leonard, Texas, and the new pastor of its only church Adam Wells Emboldened by the prospect of leading his tiny congregation in a nationally televised, first amendment debate that he considers to be a fight for the heart and soul of America, Pastor Wells determines not to let anything or anyone, including his wife and his rebellious sixteen year old daughter, stand in his way But when an old high school friend unexpectedly shows up in their small town and a past secret is revealed, Pastor Wells constitutional crusade collides with an even greater fight the fight for the heart and soul of his marriage, his daughter, and, even his own life In this modern day story of betrayal, forgiveness, and finally redemption, Adam Wells discovers, for the first time, the meaning of the story he s been preaching all his life and his desperate daughter understands what really is beyond the farthest star Award winning authors, Bodie and Brock Thoene, have written an emotional and authentic drama based on a screenplay by Andrew Librizzi and now a major motion picture.

    Beyond the Farthest Star Official Site The BEYOND THE FARTHEST STAR story is so powerful it inspired the brilliant re imagined song Beauty for Ashes by multi Dove Award winner Grammy nominee, Crystal Lewis, a novel by best selling fiction authors Bodie Brock Thoene and a painting by acclaimed artists Thomas Kinkade Zachary Thomas Kinkade. Beyond the Farthest Star Renee O Connor, Todd Beyond the Farthest Star tells the story of a family in crisis who miraculously finds beauty from ashes A twist of fate brings the national spotlight to a forgotten Texas town and a once famous preacher has an opportunity to regain his former glory or seize one last chance to restore his fractured family. Beyond the Farthest Star Aug , User Reviews Beyond the Farthest Star is an insightful, mesmerizing and wonderful story that had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to the breathtaking ending The movie was well written and Rene O Connor, Todd Terry Cherami Leigh were all outstanding My mom sister I thought this was one of the best movies we saw in a long time Beyond the Farthest Star by Bodie Thoene Dec , Community Reviews Beyond The Farthest Star is the latest release from the prolific, multi award winning team of Bodie and Brock Thoene Known primarily for their carefully researched historical fiction, they have proven they are equally skilled in a contemporary setting Based on the original screenplay by Andrew Librizzi, Beyond the Farthest Star Home Facebook Beyond the Farthest Star February at AM CAST CREW NEWS Executive Producer Actor Benjamin Dane can be seen March on ReelzChannel s Murder Made Me Famous Beyond The Farthest Star Rotten Tomatoes Narrated by his fifteen year old daughter, Beyond the Farthest Star tells the story of Pastor Adam Wells, a minister driven by the prospect of achieving greatness as the next nationally syndicated The Cross The Cosmos Beyond The Farthest Brown Dwarf Beyond the Farthest mortal Eye Can Scan is the heading for a short series of poems of which this is the fourth The heading takes its inspiration from the second verse of the hymn Angel Voices ever Ringing Which starts Thou who art beyond the farthest, mortal eye can scan Score below. Beyond the Farthest Star Movie Review Best Movies, Books Parents need to know that Beyond the Farthest Star is a dark faith based drama about a family that s struggling with some profound issues, working through them, and beginning the arduous task of moving forward After a series of professional missteps, a pastor, famous as a child for his amazing evangelical prowess, now finds himself and his family relegated to a church in a small Texas town. Beyond the Farthest Star novel Beyond the Farthest Star novel Burroughs likely intended Beyond the Farthest Star to be the opening of a new series comparable to the Barsoom or Pellucidar sequences, but declining health and Burroughs s World War II service as a war correspondent prevented this from happening However, the story saw new life in , Beyond the Farthest Star film Beyond the Farthest Star film The film stars Rene O Connor, Todd Terry, Cherami Leigh, Barry Corbin, and Andrew Prine The film was shot on location in Leonard, Texas The DVD is being released in the United States and Canada on December , .

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        BODIE AND BROCK THOENE pronounced Tay nee have written over 45 works of historical fiction These best sellers have sold than 10 million copies and won eight ECPA Gold Medallion Awards.Bodie began her writing career as a teen journalist for her local newspaper Eventually her byline appeared in prestigious periodicals such as U.S News and World Report, The American West, and The Saturday Evening Post She also worked for John Wayne s Batjac Productions she s best known as author of The Fall Guy and ABC Circle Films as a writer and researcher John Wayne described her as a writer with talent that captures the people and the times She has degrees in journalism and communications.Bodie and Brock have four grown children Rachel, Jake Thoene, Luke Thoene, and Ellie and five grandchildren Their sons, Jake and Luke, are carrying on the Thoene family talent as the next generation of writers, and Luke produces the Thoene audiobooks.Bodie and Brock divide their time between London and Nevada.


    1. Anne, daughter of Pastor Adam and Maurene Wells watches her father's every breath whose life depends on a ventilator machine.Adam was in his element as a preacher. His profession, his calling, led him and his family from California to Leonard, Texas to a dying church. The Well's family traveled from place to place frequently and Anne always had a hard time fitting in as the new kid in school. The plan by the town council and Adam was to display a wooden nativity scene for all to enjoy, not being [...]

    2. Pastor Adam Wells, former child evangelist and possible next Billie Graham, instead, pulled in to his new church with a sad secret, a damaged daughter and unhappy wife. Each church he accepted became smaller than the previous ones. He longed to do something important, and the burning of the nativity in the public square promised him his chance. But can he withstand Senator Cutter’s desire to annihilate his family with the old secret? The reader wants the best for the characters—though Anne, [...]

    3. BEYOND THE FARTHEST STARBy Bodie and Brock ThoeneBased on the screenplay by Andrew LibrizziThe Wells family is in tatters living on the dreams of what might have been and keeping secrets that have the power to destroy them or to pull them back together. With one last chance to start over can they save their family? Adam Wells was a child preacher phenomenon and expected to be the next Billy Graham. But life turned out differently than expected and he is headed to the middle of nowhere to Leonard [...]

    4. Beyond The Farthest Star is the latest release from the prolific, multi-award winning team of Bodie and Brock Thoene. Known primarily for their carefully researched historical fiction, they have proven they are equally skilled in a contemporary setting. Based on the original screenplay by Andrew Librizzi, Beyond The Farthest Star is an insightful, mesmerizing story that centers on the Wells family. Adam, Maureen, and their teenaged daughter, Anne, are each struggling with internal demons that ar [...]

    5. The authors have written an entirely different type of book with Beyond the Farthest Star from their usual reads. Their historical novels - no matter the timeline - are always wonderful reads. This new book deals with characters who are flawed, deceptive, and evil. The meanness of some of the characters literally makes my skin crawl. I am not speaking of demons and dragons or supernatural. I am referring to the downright meanness of the human nature of fallen men. The book opens with the family [...]

    6. As a preacher’s kid, I have experienced the angst of constant moving. I was miserable when I was sixteen, primarily because we moved again – the third time that year. I related, then to the story of Anne. I wrote a story when I was a sophomore in high school that prompted a phone call from the high school English teacher, and was told to write about ‘butterflies and rainbows’. While my life story wasn’t as convoluted as Anne’s in some respects, I knew her voice was authentic.What too [...]

    7. I want to start my review with this disclaimer: Bodie and Brock Thoene, in my opinion, hold the banner for Christian Fiction. Theirs were some of the first works that I immersed myself in as a young teenager and since then, very few authors have been able to maintain that momentum in my mind. Even now, as an adult who reads professionally, that love of their work still remains deeply ingrained in my heart and I carried it into the reading of this book.I was not disappointed. Though the story was [...]

    8. Amazingly well crafted story that keeps your interest as it weaves through multilayered characters, secrets, betrayal and a thrilling but emotional outcome. What is so interesting about Beyond The Farthest Star, is that it is so rich with deep truths. It is so relevant for today. The Thoenes did an excellent job keeping my interest. I believe this story. It is a fresh look at telling a contemporary story. I am surprised that the Thoenes, recognized for historical fiction, pulled this off to perf [...]

    9. I have read and loved all the Thoene WWII book series. This book is going in the garbage - I won't even donate it to the library. It's good if you love, lying, deceit, darkness, evil. AT the end it all evened out very nicely, but most of the book was simply depressing. I kept reading hoping it would get better. The ending wasn't worth the read.

    10. I really enjoyed this story. Now I can't wait to see the movie! I will admit though, there were two times when something happened very quickly and very conveniently to challenge my suspension of disbelief. Still, a great book with an inspiring message.

    11. I gave this four stars as I am very stingy with 5 star rating. I "read" the audio version. Audio version was a first class production read beautifully by Brodie. Had this been a "real" in your hand book it would have been an all nighter for sure. What a great read! Characters were believable and well defined. Story was compelling. Liked the Christian aspect also (Zondervan is Publisher.) However, it was not that preachy in your face as some "Christian" literature can be. Yes this novel is very d [...]

    12. Wonderful! I am a big fan of Bodie and Brock Thoene's books, and this one lived up to their other great books. Parts of it were dark, but (without spoiling it too much), there is redemption at the end of the book. The Thoenes did a great job of really delving in to the personalities, and the flaws, of the main characters. The climax was exciting and dramatic. The ending was great (again, I won't spoil it). If you like the Thoenes' other books, then you will definitely enjoy this book!

    13. meh. Lots of problems in this preacher's Daughter's life. The preacher gets shot and suddenly everything is alright in the family again. The 'fixing' part of the relationships is done between the last chapter and the epilogue. A cop-out.Bodie's historical fiction novels are much better. They are also longer. Maybe there's a connection.

    14. Ann was such a brat, especially in the middle of the book. Sure, the premise wasn't bad, but I think the provided summary was misleading, since it's actually downplayed in favor of Ann's (and her parents') personal issues.

    15. This book is definitely different from other books read by these two authors but I just loved how they put this one in the here and now. It examines which could be any family who holds secrets and expectations of the members of their family which doesn’t seem to be supportive. Each of this pastor’s family has a different need and expectations. The daughter has given up getting any support from her family and because of an event in her life she is taking medication and although the Mom tries [...]

    16. Another great book by the Thoenes. This book was read and presented by the author Bodie Thoene and I loved hearing one of my favorite authors present this great redeeming story. It is a story of a family who's faith in God long ago died, yet events push them to look to the only One who can take their pieces of thier shattered life and put it back together. In it we find what happens when lies come to the surface and the pain one lie can cause. I loved the end the most, it was presented with flar [...]

    17. Others have given a good overview of this book, so I'll just say that I thought this book did a really good job of reminding us to look beyond a person's outward appearance and see that many times, it's a mask for deep hurt inside. This is part of a conversation between Stephen and Potsy (his grandfather) (Potsy) "Kinda like Midnight and her barbwire scars. Crazy, wild thing. Got herself caught in the wire and fought to free herself. Deeper the wire cut, the more she kicked. The tighter that wir [...]

    18. Most Christian fiction fans know Bodie and Brock Thoene for their historical fiction, especially the multiple Zion series about Israel during and around World War II. Beyond the Farthest Star, however, is not only set in a contemporary setting, it also is an adaptation of an upcoming movie. I had rather mixed feelings about the book; although the writing was good, the story wasn't all that engaging, and the "poetry" contained in the book was just plain dumb. It did keep me wanting to know what t [...]

    19. The book examines the life of a pastor's family. Families of pastors are not always wonderful. They have problems just like the rest of us. Many problems that youth have today are talked about that I had never heard of when I was a youth. Feeling loved is one of the most basic needs of a person and this need is tackled in the book. Some that read this book with me thought this was more of a youth book. The marriage relationship was also one of the topics and so I'm not sure it was just for youth [...]

    20. I enjoy Bodie & Brocke Thoene books. They are a fast read, interesting and have a good Christian message without being in your face about it. This book is a bit hard to read because it's characters are so hurt but it makes for a interesting story that kept me reading. I finished it in two days because I couldn't put it down. It's a story that I could recommend to my non-Christian friends because it doesn't soft pedal the message. The ending is a little far-fetched but I would have been disap [...]

    21. Brock and Bodie Thoene are two of my favorite authors. This novel was a big departure from the Thoene's usual historical fiction, but still excellent. The story line deals with a Pastor, several troubled teenagers, the effects of abuse, the longterm reach of lies, and separation of church and state issues. Interesting from beginning to end, I could not put this one down easily. One character seemed to change too abruptly with no explanation to be believable to me, but I do recommend this one for [...]

    22. I have always enjoyed the historical fiction written by the Thoenes, but I was let down by this one. I knew before I was halfway through that it didn't hit the right chords for me, but I finished it because I don't like to give up on a book if I can help it. The story was not terribly engaging, and some of the motives for the characters' actions seemed contrived and stretched. Some elements of the story were certainly cliche. I wish that it had been better, as usually I really enjoy these author [...]

    23. This was not my favorite. I still am not sure how the daughters life got into such a mess, in fact how the family's life did when they were happy at one time. I listened to the audio book so maybe I missed something? it was adapted from a screen play so I don't know if that played a part but it left me with a hazy feeling of how did they get here.This book is from Scribd- For a free 60 day free trial use the following referral link- clickilribd/?qs=7e3b

    24. I've always loved the THoene books as they are full of historical data as well as a very well constructed plot. This story surprised me because it happens nowadays. The plot as usual is excellent set in today's history with great psychological insights. I was surprised at their amount of knowledge in the world of psychology. I read this book onphone and really enjoyed it. Loved the ending.

    25. Very intriguing; kept me turning pages to find out all family's secrets. None of the characters were likable in the beginning, but by the end, I realized all the hurts that each of them carried and it made me empathize with each of them. Definitely different than any other Thoene book I've read as it's not historical fiction, but contemporary.

    26. 4.5 stars and rounded up. :) There was definitely moments when I thought it was a boring read, but I kept on and really ended up liking the story and characters. This book was the text version of a lifetime movie. :) so if you like the borderline cheesy yet tragic stories with a happy ending, then you'll enjoy this book.

    27. I have loved the other books I have read by this author. This book however was very disappointing. The storyline was very depressing and hard to follow. It was choppy going back and forth between characters. It started out ok, but I kept reading hoping it would get better. It did not.

    28. Good story.This was a good, unpredictable story. It portrays very real struggles and how God's love can heal the deepest hurts.

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