ტიპი მეზობელი საფლავიდან

ტიპი მეზობელი საფლავიდან

Katarina Mazetti Davit Gabunia / Aug 22, 2019

  • Title: ტიპი მეზობელი საფლავიდან
  • Author: Katarina Mazetti Davit Gabunia
  • ISBN: 9789941152726
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback
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      492 Katarina Mazetti Davit Gabunia
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    About "Katarina Mazetti Davit Gabunia"

      • Katarina Mazetti Davit Gabunia

        Katarina Mazetti began her career as a teacher and later moved into broadcast journalism She is a prize nominated author, commentator, musician, poet, and the producer of Freja , a program for women on Swedish radio Benny Shrimp has sold than 450,000 copies in her native Sweden.


    1. I hated EVERYTHING about this book. The terrible, stupid plot line, with its stupid conflicts and "twists" that I had to read TWICE because each event was delved into in excruciating detail by each character (the chapters alternated from Benny's voice to Shrimp's). The crappy poetry intro to each chapter. The annoying characters, especially the librarian, who lived up to all stereotypes of a librarian by being plain and boring and "shrimpy", AND all the stereotypes of crazy women by being moody [...]

    2. Le mec de la tome d'a côté ou comment illustrer le parfait clash social entre deux personnes qui s'aiment. On découvre Désirée, jeune veuve, moderne, bibliothécaire et Benny, agriculteur bourru qui déteste la culture, ne pense qu'à son lait, ses vaches et ses terres. Benny, le mec de la tombe d'a côté. Désirée, intriguée par cet homme, si différent. Baaaam la rencontre. Choc des cultures. Un roman qui m'a fait rire et pleurer. Une plume sublime, typiquement le genre suédois que j' [...]

    3. 17/20Sans doute mon roman préféré de Katarina Mazetti. J’ai rigolé et j’ai adoré cette histoire et ce couple hors du commun qui s’étonne des sentiments naissants. Ils n’auraient jamais dû se rencontrer, et pourtant C’est mignon, c’est original et c’est drôle. Je lirai la suite !Ma chronique : myprettybooks.wordpress/2

    4. Mini Synopsis:Benny is a thirty something, single, hard working, Swedish dairy farmer living on his failing family farm. His mother whom worked diligently with him to keep the farm running has just passed away. “Shrimp” is a librarian whose intellectually based life is in the near by city. She has just lost her husband of several years. Although opposites, the two cross paths numerous times with one another in the local cemetery when visiting their dead loved one’s graves. While both note [...]

    5. I loved this book from the very first page. Every Page had something on it that made me smile, laugh, cringe or just nod my head in agreement. Katarina is so honest with her character's. There were a few times where it felt like she had dipped in my head and pulled some of the thoughts that I don't admit that I think, and then put them in her book. Shrimp was so many pieces of me, and that's probably not a good thing to admit, but it was refreshing. I loved Benny. He was just what I would pictur [...]

    6. Чудесный текст с названием, которое обещает расчлененку, а на самом деле - милейшая книжка про opposites attract, любовь и гибридизацию. Очень смешно, очень трогательно, даже не знаю, почему ее до сих пор все всем не рекомендуют; спасибо, Аня!

    7. J'ai vraiment beaucoup beaucoup aimé ce roman !Le dernier paragraphe de la quatrième de couverture résume assez bien ce que je pense. Mais j'ajouterai tout de même que la psychologie des personnages est très fouillée. Ils sont "normaux", leurs sentiments sont très bien décrits.De plus, le narrateur change à chaque paragraphe. Une fois c'est Désirée qui parle, une fois c'est Benny. Ce système nous permet d'avoir leurs impressions, on voit les choses avec les yeux des deux personnes.On [...]

    8. Не знам за кой път си препрочитам тази книга и откривам нови и нови неща, които да ме разсмеят или натъжат.Много мъдрост има в нея и нещата от живота такива каквито са.Толкова свеж хумор.Тук намерих "Бежовата" като любимо определение.И това , че има хора на които дори с електри [...]

    9. Un libro scandinavo che non é un gialloUn libro consigliato da un'amica che mai e poi mai avrei pensato potesse consigliarmi un libro cosìUn libro da leggere con una fumante tazza di te sul tavolinoE ora, giunta all'ultima pagina, scopro che c'é pure un seguito sarebbe comunque andato bene così!

    10. Benny & Shrimp is the story of two thirty-something misfits. Benny is a Swedish cow milk farmer who has never married. Desiree, A.K.A. Shrimp is a thirty-something, plain Jane librarian who dresses in beige and lives an organized life in her sterile apartment. She is a widow of two years.Benny and Shrimp meet in the cemetery where they go each day to visit their dearly departed --Benny his parents, and Shrimp, her late husband, Orjan. When they first notice each other, their private thoughts [...]

    11. Some books you fall in love with at the very beginning, from page one I was in amore with this little novel. It begins with Desiree sitting on the bench in front of her husbands grave. She is trying to feel bad enough about his death. Desiree is a librarian who lives in the city. Her apartment is in the minimalist in fashion and she dresses mainly in beige. While at the cemetery, she sees a farmer who is constantly planting things at the gaudy, over the top plot next to her late husband.That far [...]

    12. I browse produce at the market the same way that I browse books at the library: whatever looks appealing at that very moment. I judge books by their covers (really, is there any other logical way to choose them?). Sometimes, an intriguing title, an interesting illustration, or an author's name will draw me in. Each time, I never know what it'll be. Benny & Shrimp, what a strange title! And probably why I grabbed it off the "M" fiction shelf at the library. Definitely offbeat. The story begin [...]

    13. Nagyon jó alapötlet, nagyon jó stílus, humor, irónia, stb és tetszett az is, hogy fejezetenként váltogatja az elbeszélőt, így ugyanaz a történet két szemszögből olvasható. (Sokszor épp ettől olyan vicces.) Szóval ügyesen leütögeti a saját magának feladott labdákat, sokat nevettem rajta. De teljesen egyetértek a molyról @ppeva értékelésével, hogy mondanivaló szempontjából mellesleg katasztrófa ez a könyv. Én is néha legszívesebben oldalba rúgtam volna (öh [...]

    14. This slim novel was as addicting as the blurb on the cover claimed. The chapters are 3-4 pages and alternate between Benny and Shrimp's version of the same story. It's a rather quiet story that had me smiling much of the time. The main characters are in their mid-late 30s and getting worried that life is passing them by. Instead of observing, they want to participate in life. So they take a leap and strike up an unlikely friendship that becomes much more - but what? They reach a point where they [...]

    15. This book begs the question, do opposites attract and if so, can it work? That seems to be the theme of this book. Or is it, do two lonely people who are completely opposite fall for each other just out of need? Frankly, I loved this book. It was a fast read, passionate and left me wondering about Benny and Shrimp's relationship. I wasn't sure what I wanted from them. I wanted Benny to find a wife. I wanted Shrimp to be that wife. However, at the same, I didn't want Shrimp to be that wife. Contr [...]

    16. It's rare that I come across a novel that I can't find fault with. Benny & Shrimp happens to be one of those rare books.Mazetti has a way of holding your attention despite the fact that nothing much happens. It's such a simple story, yet the romance between the main characters is anything but. Benny & Shrimp is not plot driven, it's character driven. Such stories require a great deal in the way of characterization and, with such lovable, quirky figures, Mazetti gives us just that.The way [...]

    17. Cela faisait longtemps que je voulais lire ce roman. Je crois que c'est son titre qui m'intriguait le plus, le résumé avait l'air appétissant aussi. Mais finalement j'ai été très déçue et je me suis accroché pour le finirLes personnages sont vraiment très caricaturaux et les stéréotypes qu'ils véhiculent sont vraiment insupportables, si bien qu'on ne s'attache absolument pas à eux. Si encore ils évoluaient au fil du roman, mais ce n'est absolument pas le cas, ils restent tout au l [...]

    18. So, there's a dairy farmer and a librarian. They meet in a cemetery. Her husband is dead. His parents are dead. "Who stands up for the dead? Looks after their rights, listens to their problems, and waters their potted plants?" p.1The development of this relationship is truthful, unsentimental and as stubborn as the characters. I even liked the ending--nonfairytale-type.p.36: "She looked like somebody who reads books all the time, voluntarily. Long ones, with small print and no pictures."p.44: "A [...]

    19. Très bon récit, drôle à chaque ligne, incisif.Sans dériver dans le facile, la romancière entraîne son lecteur dans un final inattendu qui vous fera peut-être moins sourire.

    20. Est-ce que ça vous est déjà arrivé de ne pas aimer quelque chose que tout le monde encense ? De vous sentir du coup un peu en dehors de l’euphorie qui s’est emparée de toutes les personnes qui vous entourent ? Moi oui. Souvent même. Étrangement, plus un livre rencontre de succès, plus j’ai tendance à me montrer plus critique à son égard. Certes, j’ai un esprit de contradiction assez prononcé. Mais est-ce qu’il ne s’agirait pas aussi de savoir mesurer ses attentes ? En eff [...]

    21. Elle est bibliothécaire et citadine, il est fermier et ne jure que par ses vaches. Tous les deux se jugeaient et se détestaient avant même de se connaître. Et puis il y a eu un sourire inattendu d'échangé. Leur lieu de rencontre quotidien : un cimetière. Peu banal. Tout comme leur relation !Même si j'ai très vite accroché à l'humour mordant de Désirée et Benny, je partais tout de même avec une certaine appréhension puisque je lisais sur ce roman plus de critiques négatives que po [...]

    22. Katarina Mazetti's Benny & Shrimp is a quick and delightful tale of the chance meeting, courtship, and breakup of, perhaps, the two most unlikely people to be paired in a relationship. Benny and Shrimp (Benny's nickname for Desiree) meet on a bench overlooking Benny's parents' grave and Shrimp's husbands grave. Benny is almost past his prime and the sole owner and worker of a dairy farm and Shrimp is librarian without much experience with loving families or passionate relationships. What hap [...]

    23. Elle, Désirée, est une bibliothécaire dont la vie est réglée comme du papier à musique. La chose qu'elle n'avait pas prévue, c'est le décès de son mari. Avec son mari, il n'y avait pas d'éclat de voix, ni de joie. Tout coulait normalement, tout se passait placidement. Et puis elle le rencontre, lui, Benny, celui qui fait danser ses ovaires. Benny quant à lui est un agriculteur bourru et un peu vieux jeu. Il a une image très stéréotypée de la vie de famille qu'il veut. On est quand [...]

    24. 1 พวกเขาเข้ากันได้ดีอย่างแมวกับหมาถ้าเรื่องรักในสวีเดนเกิดขึ้นได้ในสุสาน แล้วเรื่องรักใคร่ในประเทศไทยจะกำเนิดขึ้นหน้าเถ้าอัฐิในวัดได้หรือไม่ --- รู้สึกว่าแค่คิดก็ผิดแล้ว กา [...]

    25. Спрях се на книгата, защото заглавието ѝ обещаваше да е леко и забавно четиво – каквото се и оказа накрая.Запознаваме се с Десире на гроба на съпруга ѝ, който е починал преди около година. Тя е умна, красива по един специфичен начин, по-скоро безлична и крехка, отколкото ярка [...]

    26. Opposites might attract but are they able to make it work and stick together? In Benny & Shrimp, Katarina Mazetti tackles the very real issues of love and attraction in an offbeat and unusual way. Told in the alternating voices of Benny and Desiree (Shrimp) the reader follows the characters as they first loath each other, until they develop a curious physical attraction to each other. Desiree is a young, recently widowed librarian that dabbles in poetry and enjoys intellectual pursuits. Benn [...]

    27. I learned that if the librarians stick a 'romance' sticker on the spine of the book you should take the sticker at its word and not be surprised by the odd intimate moments.This was a Swedish novel translated into English and that alone made it an interesting read.It's a story about two "middle-aged"(according to the book this is age 35 and 37) people who meet in a cemetary. She's trying to mourn her husband and he's genuinely sad to see his mother, the last companion he had on the family farm, [...]

    28. A mi-chemin entre la Belle et la Bête revisité et l'Amour est dans le pré, ce roman ne m'a dans l'ensemble pas plu. Après un coup de coeur pour cette auteur dans Le viking qui voulait épouser la fille de soie, je n'ai rien retrouvé ici de ce que j'avais précédemment aimé. Ni le style ni le dynamismerien.L'opposition de l'homme et la femme dans un couple que visiblement tout oppose sauf l'amour qu'ils se portent est très bien faite ! Mais cela a l'inconvénient d'être un peu redondant. [...]

    29. Ce n'est pas tant l'histoire en elle-même qui m'a plu, que la forme. Passer dans la peau d'un personnage à l'autre, nous offrant la version de chacun permet de créer une identification presque instantanément. On se reconnaît automatiquement, parce qu'on a tous vécu ce moment dans une relation où l'on vit un moment tout-à-fait différement, où l'on voudrait être dans la tête de l'autre pour le comprendre. Et puis je me suis attachée à Désirée et Benny. Je pensais lire ce livre dans [...]

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