Cowboys Are My Weakness

Cowboys Are My Weakness

Pam Houston / Jan 20, 2020

Cowboys Are My Weakness In Pam Houston s critically acclaimed collection of strong shrewd and very funny stories we meet smart women who are looking for the love of a good man and men who are wild and hard to pin down I

  • Title: Cowboys Are My Weakness
  • Author: Pam Houston
  • ISBN: 9780393326352
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Pam Houston s critically acclaimed collection of strong, shrewd, and very funny stories, we meet smart women who are looking for the love of a good man, and men who are wild and hard to pin down I ve always had this thing for cowboys, maybe because I was born in New Jersey, says the narrator in the collection s title story But a real cowboy is hard to find these daIn Pam Houston s critically acclaimed collection of strong, shrewd, and very funny stories, we meet smart women who are looking for the love of a good man, and men who are wild and hard to pin down I ve always had this thing for cowboys, maybe because I was born in New Jersey, says the narrator in the collection s title story But a real cowboy is hard to find these days, even in the West Our heroines are part daredevil, part philosopher, all acute observers of the nuances of modern romance They go where their cowboys go, they meet cowboys who don t look the part and they have staunch friends who give them advice when the going gets rough Cowboys Are My Weakness is a refreshing and realistic look at men and women together and apart.

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      379 Pam Houston
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      • Pam Houston

        Houston is the Director of Creative Writing at U.C Davis Her stories have been selected for the Best American Short Stories, the O Henry Awards, the Pushcart Prize, and the Best American Short Stories of the Century She lives in Colorado at 9,000 feet above sea level near the headwaters of the Rio Grande.


    1. The writing here is whip-smart and I would pay a hundred dollars for the reaction I have in my gut when I read this book. Pam Houston helps me locate the memories I forget I carry: the glittering world inside a trout, the mystery and excitement of peeling a deer’s skin from its body, the satisfaction of sewing bait fish onto sturdy, sturgeon-catching hooks—my earliest arts and crafts, mostly forgotten. I grew up plucking ducks and geese in the West with a complicated outdoorsman father who i [...]

    2. Oh wow. I never knew I had a deeply closeted obsession with cowboys and outdoorsmen until I read this collection of short stories. Houston's writing makes me want to trade my corolla for a horse, my books for guns, and my nerdy love interests for roguish deer hunters. Seriously. This is great stuff. Fast, smart, witty, and undeniably unique. A treasure.

    3. Cowboys are NOT my weaknessd they're not Pam Houston's either. I would never pick up a book with this title except that I heard that it was not what it sounds like and that much was true but I still had to hide it in my purse out of embarrassment. It's about relationships but mostly what is lacking in relationships between men and women and in the end Houston's most meaningful relationship is with a woman. It's well written and whip smart.Houston is a tomboy with a taste for perilous adventure a [...]

    4. After reading several raving reviews of this book, I had high hopes for it. The title made me laugh and piqued my curiosity. Its a book containing ten or so short stories about different women and their cowboys The first short story was absolutely horrible, I didn't like the style of writing and was so annoyed by it that I almost put the book down. But I gave it a chance, and thankfully the rest of the stories were narrative and I wasn't distracted by the writing style. In general, I couldn't re [...]

    5. He winked and touched the horse's flank with his spurs and it hopped a little on the takeoff and then there was just dirt flying while the high grass swallowed the horse's legs. I leaned against the door of my pickup truck watching my new cowboy riding off toward where the sun was already low in the sky and the grass shimmering like nothing I'd ever seen in the mountains. And for a minute I thought we were living inside my painting, but he was riding away too fast to tell. And I wondered then wh [...]

    6. This is the first book my then-boyfriend, now husband gave to med he turned me into a life-long Pam Houston fan. He LOANED ME One Hundred Years of Solitude first but he bought me this oneThis is probably my favorite book but everything she's written is fantastic - and while I count the days until her next book, once it's out, I SLOWLY read itnd of like I did with John Irving when I first read World According to Garp or Widow for One Yearevery page is satisfyingd although she's completely differe [...]

    7. I gave this collection to a girl once who I was trying to woo. I truly felt as though Houston had captured the "essence" of modern femininity and that by giving this young lady such a relevant and symbolic short story book, I was on my way towell, you know. The young woman's reaction, however, was laughter and not the kind of laughter I was seeking. It was sardonic, "you thought I would like these stories??" kind of laughter. But I kind of enjoyed the stories. Houston doesn't play games with rea [...]

    8. A friend of mine is on a quest to find the female Bukowski. And while I don't think Houston qualifies that, she certainly found the Carver of my heart. I love stories about people, not events because the most changing events occur when we don't expect them to, over a period of unforseable time. It could be a moment, it could be days, it could be the length of an illness, or a night in the snow with your dogs. Houston does a great job with this. It's a little too gender stereotypical at times and [...]

    9. I enjoyed this book a great deal more than I expected to. I've kind of gotten burned out on western wilderness books, but this had such a different feel to it. It was fresh at the same time that it was still spare and solid. Very nice writing.

    10. I'll admit it, I picked this up based on the title. I mean, what a great title, right? Unlike most books chosen based on title, though, this one paid off. It's a great book of short stories, mostly centered around women's relationships with men who are unsuitable for one reason or another, generally due to being one kind or another of "cowboy."Which I realize doesn't make it sound very good. In fact, it makes it sound pretty fucking trite. But it's mostly not. Houston's female characters are str [...]

    11. Before reading any of Pam Houston's books I attended her reading of Sight Hound because my roommate absolutely loved the book. Seeing Pam in real life, and hearing her book in her voice really added to my experience when I then read the book myself. I followed that up with Waltzing the Cat which I also enjoyed. And then I found this book on my friend's shelf. It turns out that my lack of interest in short stories trumped my level of enjoyment in reading Pam Houston. The format just doesn't appea [...]

    12. I truly enjoyed Houston's prose and her adventure stories, but admit that near the end of the book, they seemed to sort of all meld together into one long story. And seemed to verge on creative nonfiction. Other people obviously enjoyed this effect, however, as it was a huge bestseller. I think her best quality is in her narration--simple, yet profound.

    13. Later, when we were safe and on the two-lane heading home, Jack told me we were never in any real danger, and I let him get away with it because I knew that’s what he had to tell himself to get past almost losing me.“The river gave us both a lesson in respect,” he said, and it occurred to me then that he thought he had a chance to tame that wild river, but I knew I was at its mercy from the very beginning, and I thought all along that that was the point.Well-written stories each from a ver [...]

    14. Striking, visual and dare I say poetic short stories about loving all things untamed, including your own heart.*Note, this edition's cover design (i.e cowgirl legs with strange cowboy figurine standing in-between them) is laughable and just plain awful - do not judge this book by that particular cover*

    15. Replace the cowboys with broody musicians and the series of protagonists, all in their late 20's, distill down into one woman who is me. I asked this book, in the margin on page 26, if it was a mirror when it said, "I saw a series of men--wild in their own way--who thought because I said I wanted security and commitment, I did. Sometimes it seems this simple: I tamed them and made them dull as fence posts" Advice for future love interests: listen to my history, not to my words because I'll only [...]

    16. The author is quite in tune with the natural world about which she writes - that of Colorado, Idaho, Montana and Alaska, primarily - but I struggled with the similarity from story to story; the author never quite committed to a common protagonist, but never stopped hinting that the characters might be recurring, either. As a group, they go together thematically, but when so similar I have to wonder why the stories weren't at least arranged chronologically, to allow a narrative from one to the ne [...]

    17. This is a collection of short stories about women, relationships, independence, travel, and the outdoors. The stories are brief and interesting. Kind of on the cheezy, touch-feely side, but I tend to like that. Also, I think from the very start I just kind of liked the author, her voice and approach and outlook, and consequently had a greater appreciation for her accounts. A quick read, and a good one to just pick up briefly or at intervals.

    18. This book made me wish I was more outdoorsy---it's a collection short stories by Pam Houston, who heads the UC Davis creative writing program. It's not too literary where you feel like you're in over your head, just very strong women who can and cannot remove themselves from sometimes abusive sometimes boring relationships.

    19. SO MUCH LOVE for this smart, lean, hard-yet-tender collection of linked stories. It made me terribly nostalgic, even though I was in kindergarten in 1992, so it's more of an ache for something I never had. Favorites: Cowboys Are My Weakness, In My Next Life, What Shock Heard, Dall, and How to Talk to a Hunter.

    20. i'm so in love w/this book and her stories. i LOVE reading abt camping and hunting and campers and hunters and horses and cowboys and men and women in love. so i do believe this book will be in my list of favorites, indeed.

    21. Pam Houston knows how to write a book! She is an amazingly clear, funny, honest writer who can make you laugh as hard as she can make you cry. This book is for all of you who are looking for a fun book to read that it's own way will make you think about your own life and how you are living it!

    22. What a wonderful collection of stories this is. Each one had something so profound to say, building up to the finale of "In My Next Life", a beautiful tribute to friendship and love.

    23. Reading Pam Houston is like having my mind read. "How to talk to a Hunter," is funny and poignant. I enjoyed "Waltzing the Cat," better- but both 5 stars!

    24. The title says it all. I don't care whether they can construct a coherent sentence, they make we weak at the knees. This is an educated intelligent woman talking. What is there about these guys?

    25. All women should read Pam Houston. Up there for me with the best female short story writers - she's of the amy hempel, lorrie moore sensibility.

    26. These short stories are all about cowboys, but not always the kind of gun-toting, hat-cocking, spur-wearing, horse-riding, tobacco-spitting tough guys. Some actually are, but mostly these men embody the spirit of cowboys. These men are tough, stubborn, sometimes abusive with fingers on their temper triggers, and emotionally removed. They don’t cry or talk about their feelings, they feel alive when they’re in nature or just barely surviving, and they don’t seem like great relationship partn [...]

    27. An easy read about a young woman's romantic adventures (disasters?) in the American West. The protagonist in this series of short stories explores the facts surrounding her behavior of repeatedly placing herself in physical and emotional danger, but doesn't really explain (or understand?) why she feels compelled to do so. In other words, it's familiar territory for a lot of young women out there!!

    28. 42: Cowboys Are My Weakness by Pam Houstonis woman's writing, I tell you: you just have to read at least one of her books! These are short stories, and not all are about cowboys, but each is beautiful in its own way. She has this way with individual sentences, as I've previously said. But more clearly, she sometimes puts into a single sentence all of the most beautiful and amazing story, which another author might spend 250 pages telling.

    29. This short story collection had been on my to-read list forever and I finally got a chance to move it to the top of the list. I really enjoyed this collection and would definitely read it again. There's a depth to the stories that make it obvious I'd pull out something different each time I picked it up.

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