A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship

A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship

Ron Paul / May 25, 2019

A Foreign Policy of Freedom Peace Commerce and Honest Friendship A collection of statements Congressman Ron Paul has made over the past years dealing with foreign policy from the date he was first elected to Congress

  • Title: A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship
  • Author: Ron Paul
  • ISBN: 9780912453002
  • Page: 214
  • Format: None
  • A collection of statements Congressman Ron Paul has made over the past 30 years dealing with foreign policy from the date he was first elected to Congress.

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        Republican United States Congressman from Lake Jackson, Texas, a physician, a bestselling author, and a former 2008 U.S presidential candidate.Originally from the Pittsburgh suburb of Green Tree, Pennsylvania, he studied at Duke University School of Medicine after his 1961 graduation and a residency in obstetrics and gynecology, he became a U.S Air Force flight surgeon, serving outside the Vietnam War zone He later represented Texas districts in the U.S House of Representatives 1976 1977, 1979 1985, and 1997 present He entered the 1988 presidential election, running as the Libertarian nominee while remaining a registered Republican, and placed a distant third.Paul has been described as conservative, Constitutionalist, and libertarian He advocates a foreign policy of nonintervention, having voted against actions such as the Iraq War Resolution, but in favor of force against terrorists in Afghanistan He favors withdrawal from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the United Nations, citing the dangers of foreign entanglements to national sovereignty Having pledged never to raise taxes, he has long advocated ending the federal income tax, scaling back government spending, abolishing most federal agencies, and removing military bases and troops from foreign soil he favors hard money and opposes the Federal Reserve He also opposes the Patriot Act, the federal War on Drugs, No Child Left Behind, and gun control Paul is strongly pro life, and has introduced bills to negate Roe v Wade, but affirms states rights to regulate or ban abortion, rather than federal jurisdiction.While Paul was a leading 2008 presidential candidate in some Republican straw polls, he saw substantially less support in landline opinion polls and in the actual primaries Strong internet grassroots support was indicated by his popularity as a web search term, his lead in YouTube subscriptions, and, on December 16th 2007, the largest one day fundraiser in U.S political history, netting over 6 million in 24 hours through an independently organized effort His book commenting on the presidential run, The Revolution A Manifesto, became a bestseller immediately upon release and went on to be 1 on the New York Times nonfiction best sellers list.Judge Andrew Napolitano calls him the Thomas Jefferson of our day Ron Paul, the New York Post once wrote, is a politician who cannot be bought by special interests There are few people in public life who, through thick and thin, rain or shine, stick to their principles, added a congressional colleague Ron Paul is one of those few.


    1. An excellent overview of an alternative viewpoint for US foreign strategic policy since WWII. Although the author begins his ascent into the Congressional stage starting primarily in the 1980's, his frequent allusions to earlier policy coalesce into well formed themes that persist throughout his oratory challenging to the neo-conservatism and the big welfare/warfare body of politic that emerged at the dawn of 21st century. A political and economic scholar, and not unlike a prophet, Dr. Ron Paul [...]

    2. A selection of Paul's speeches before Congress on topics such as war, taxation, civil liberties, foreign policy, etc. Reasoned, prescient writings against Federal excess: excessive taxing, excessive spending, excessive foreign meddling. If you were to remove references to dates you could apply them flawlessly to their identical, current, policy-blunder counterparts. One maddening déjà vu after another. Many of these fiascos are still festering as badly today.The book is a collection of previou [...]

    3. This book explains how the Founding Father's advice to stay clear of entangling alliances with all countries and free trade with all is the most peaceful and problem free foreign policy any country could possibly have.The current neo-con policy we have now (supported by both major parties and the main stream media) gives foreign aid to both sides of warring parties and puts US service men in the middle of the crossfire. Both warring sides are pissed off at the US for funding the other side, furt [...]

    4. There was a time in America that when we left other nations alone, allowing them the opportunity for self determination, as we desire for ourselves. But there was a stark turning point when Woodrow Wilson brought us into World War I. We had no interest in a war amongst European nations, yet Wilson brought us there on false pretenses that he largely created himself. Since then our presidents have been very active in meddling in the affairs of other nations.Our interfering in the affairs of foreig [...]

    5. A lot of good stuff in this book. Really cool to see Paul's consistency over the years. Ultimately, though, it was a really draining and depressing read because you see how nobody listened to his sensible, just, and upright arguments for so many years. One imagines that Paul was speaking into a vacuum, and the others in congress just shrugged off his warnings in the 90s of potential terrorist attacks on our soil. So much play acting that had to go on in Washington, attempting to act surprised wh [...]

    6. Peace, commerce , and honest friendship with all nations-Entangling alliances with none.-Thomas Jefferson, First inaugural address, 1801.Ron Paul speaks to us -The American people_in the House of Representatives. What more can I say? It is respect for the Constitution at its best, and honest smart, strong thinking.

    7. "America's policy of foreign intervention, while still debated in the early 20th Century, is today accepted as conventional wisdom by both political parties. But what if the overall policy is a colossal mistake, a major error of judgement? Not just bad judgement regarding when and where to impose ourselves, but the entire premise that we have a moral right to meddle in the affairs of others?"This book is a collection of speeches that Ron Paul delivered to Congress between 1976 and 2006. For 30 y [...]

    8. I am still not all the way threw with it, but I like the way it makes me ponder more about American foreign policy. And about interventionism. It makes me want to read more books about Foreign policy and American History. Mostly American conflict History, because I really know little history. It's a deep book. Sometimes a difficult read. Only because I do not have some of the knowledge to understand. I can only read a few chapters at a time before I have to just let it soak in or investigate mor [...]

    9. This book is primarily a compilation of Ron Paul's various speeches on the house floor over the past 30 years he has served. They are evidence of Paul's remarkable consistency and all promote a sound, logical foreign policy of non-intervention. He backs up everything with valuable historical or academic information that is so rare in politicians. It does get somewhat repetitive, especially if you've read or listened to Paul before, but that comes with the nature of house speeches. It's hard to b [...]

    10. Wow! This was a far better book than I thought. It's very eye opening and if more people would get out of their heads that Dr Paul is "way out in left field" and read this book, they'd be voting for him! I was once one of those people. From reading this book, I've realized that Dr Paul and I agree with many things. There's nothing in his book that's not already proved to be of truth. Too bad Congress hasn't listened to him more carefully. I highly recommend this book, even to those who don't agr [...]

    11. This book is eerie in its prophecies and predictions. Ron Paul repeatedly warns against the U.S. providing arms and financial backing to governments around the world and is ignored. Now we see so many conflicts that have emerged from ignoring those warnings.This is an eye-opener. I didn't realize so many corrupt things were going on in the Government in broad daylight. I mean, of course there is conspiracy or agenda pushing, but it's usually subtle. All you have to do is look at the congressiona [...]

    12. An interesting and pretty exhausting read of Ron Paul's stances on the many issues of US foreign policy from the start of his membership in the House of Representatives to around 2006. This book mainly dealt with the expanding American Empire, and America's foreign policy in the Middle East. How intervening in other countries affairs did not strengthen America's National Security, and how doing this caused all sorts of problems for America from the Iranian Hostage Crisis and more enemies to Al Q [...]

    13. The book is a collection of Ron Paul's speeches and journals. As perfectly as such things can translate into a book, they do. The ~300 pages are filled with passion, truth, and honesty. Yet this very property made it somewhat difficult to read. Time and time again Ron Paul would warn loudly of the dangers of U.S. foreign policy. Time and time again he was ignored by those in both dominant political parties--to much loss of life and prosperity. So I was both intensely inspired and angered. I supp [...]

    14. As a US diplomat serving currently in Africa I have a different perspective than some on American Foreign Policy. I see America slipping away from the Constitutional Republic the founders started, and into a militaristic empire that they feared, one that will ultimately bankrupt us economically, politically and morally. Ron Paul, though too extreme in some ways for me, sees this, and offers a way out of this devolution. Just remember, we're all too extreme to someone. That's what representative [...]

    15. Reading this and seeing the sensible, non-interventionist foreign policy that Paul has espoused for 30 years makes one wonder what's wrong with the rest of Congress - I suppose one answer is greed and short-term thinking. I rate this high for content, but since it's primarily Paul's speeches, there is a lot of repetition (fortunately some salient paragraphs are bolded), since when given they were separated by weeks or months. But it's important that they were included to see his consistency; one [...]

    16. A comprehensive collection of all the speeches Congressman Paul has give before the House relating to America's Faulty and unconstitutional foreign policies spanning his entire career as a Congressman since the early 1970's.Full Title is a quote from one of our founding fathers and the words of advice to us regarding the United State's role in the world. "A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship"

    17. An inspiring book which clearly explains what is wrong with our present foreign policy, and how following the foreign policy of our founders worked in the past, and can work today.Since discovering Dr. Paul, I have felt less frustrated with politics, because I know he has read and applies all of his viewpoints according to what Our Constitution allows.I know now that I am not alone in feeling that this is how things should be done.

    18. Not the easiest book to read but the content is worthwhile. This book is mostly made up of speachs that Ron Paul gave on the house floor and other places. It proves one thing without a doubt and that is that Ron Paul is 100% consistent on foreign policy. His non-interventionist approach which he preaches today is exactly the same as the policy that he encouraged and fought for going all the way back to the 80's when he first served in Congress.

    19. It is a colleciton of speeches Paul made on the House floor during his Terms in Congress. This takes Ron Pau's ideas from End the Fed and Revolution and applies them to real life scenarios. The same points are made redundantly throughout many areas; so it may be difficult to read cover to cover. Still they are very good points explained well and illustrated as best they can be; through proposed solutions to the world's real problems as discussed at the House of Representatives.

    20. This is a collection of Ron Paul's speeches in Congress (it does not include other speeches) during his congressional career. It's an excellent book for learning which recent U.S. government policies he has supported and opposed. However, it's no help in understanding Ron Paul's overall political philosophy or his motivation.The book is poorly edited, with many typos and spelling errors, but still perfectly understandable.

    21. Ron Paul wrote a book with a collection of statements he had made over the past 30 years dealing with foreign policy from the date he was first elected to Congress in 1976. His speeches, articles and journal entries are a great history lesson about foreign policies and economics. Dr. Paul speaks simply and with great wisdom since he's been saying the same thing since 1976.

    22. Excellent collection of Ron Paul's speeches while in Congress in regard to foreign policy. It is amazing that he has so much consistency in his message over 20 years in and out of Congress. Number 1 rule he quotes over and over from Thomas Jefferson: No entangling alliances, trade with all. Read this and you'll have a new understanding of Iraq and the Middle East.

    23. I thought it would be Ron Paul's ideas on Foreign Policy and written as such to make a solid argument for non-intervention but it ended up being a compilation of his speeches from the house floor. Still a really good read as he does give that argument in his speeches but not exactly what I expected.

    24. This is a nice work. I don't think it's something intended to be read cover to cover without interruption, I read this book over a month's time a few minutes a day before going to sleep. Nothing new to me personally but I enjoyed it. Generally though, I think this book is only a good buy and read for those already familiar with Dr. Paul and want to only familiarize themselves with him more.

    25. I can follow our nation's pattern of committing to both sides of a conflict, going back 110 years, after reading Dr. Paul's bookWe have lost perspective as a nation; there are no checks on our spending or our foreign interests. Anyone can buy influence with this federal machine; we see no one standing up to oppose this abuse of power, with one exceptionDr. Ron Paul.

    26. Dr. Paul is hekka smart the only guy who makes any sense of our bad foreign policy. He has solutions to the many problems we are currently facing with our economy, health care, immigration etc etc. If everyone read this book we would be well informed on the things that need changing here in the US. He is truly a great patriot in my lifetime!

    27. This was ok, I liked it from a historical perspective to be able to read what Ron Paul had spoken about years ago. I was slightly put off with the fact it came across as "I told you so" type of writing. I also didn't like that Dr. Paul didn't include any of his speeches that history has proven him wrong, maybe he has never made one, but he is human so I doubt it.

    28. This is a collection of Ron Paul's speeches on Foreign Policy in the House. If you have not read or listened to any of his speeches, I can attest they are absolutely great. One can tell that Dr. Paul puts a lot of work and preparation into the speeches which no one in the House cares to heed. Dr. Paul will go down in history as the man who re-ignited the flame of liberty in our day.

    29. Every American should read his books! This book is a collection of statements he made in the past years. Everything he said is all common sense yet I think we've all been blinded by the government that we don't usually see things clearly. This book gets really great after chapter 10.

    30. "Our government fails to recognize that legitimate elections are the consequence of freedom, and that an artificial election does not create freedom. In our own history we note that freedom was achieved first and elections followed-not the other way around. " good stuff

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