Water Harvest

Water Harvest

Eric Diehl / Jan 26, 2020

Water Harvest The continuous harvest of atmospheric moisture by lunar orbiters foments a plan set in place to destroy the Harvest fleet but it is derailed by a twist that allows time for development of a technolog

  • Title: Water Harvest
  • Author: Eric Diehl
  • ISBN: 9781554048670
  • Page: 201
  • Format: ebook
  • The continuous harvest of atmospheric moisture by lunar orbiters foments a plan set in place to destroy the Harvest fleet, but it is derailed by a twist that allows time for development of a technological work around Time passes, and the ruling Houses are caught unawares by an invasion intended to wrest control of the Harvest The interlopers are aided by wizard like pracThe continuous harvest of atmospheric moisture by lunar orbiters foments a plan set in place to destroy the Harvest fleet, but it is derailed by a twist that allows time for development of a technological work around Time passes, and the ruling Houses are caught unawares by an invasion intended to wrest control of the Harvest The interlopers are aided by wizard like practitioners whose hallucinogen induced evocations bend the norms of nature to their will Cairn, heir to Alar, is taken captive and then dispatched to carry the warlord s edict The Maester Viizar, Gezladorn, has his own agenda, contrary to that of the lunar warlord The Maester is able to manipulate some of the players through mind control, pitting them one against the other Cairn learns of a human like species that has always kept to itself in the planet s vast cavern system, and he leads a band of men and UnderWorlders on a subterranean journey to rise into the bowels of House Alar Alliances fall apart and it becomes unclear who is the true enemy before Alar ultimately triumphs.

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    1. First off, I should make known that I am no fan of science fiction novels (or even movies). It’s just not my thing. However, Water Harvest was better than most I’ve read and I actually made it to the end.The writing in this book was SUPERB. I mean, damn. I was impressed. The level of writing far surpassed most authors in any genre I’ve read, and for that alone I knew this book wouldn’t get less than three stars.The plot was another story. Although I liked the concept of futuristic wars o [...]

    2. "The sad truth of it is this: the colonies' need for water is as desperate as our need to deny them. One faction must fall. I would sacrifice the lunar territories to spare the home world"For 3000 years the water harvest has occurred. Supply is limited now and in order to survive, other colonies steal more than their allotted share.While out on a routine watch in the upper atmosphere, Cairn, of the House of Alar, and Dirc, his crewman,come across a shrouded ship. They engage in a battle with the [...]

    3. In November 2012 I received a review request from author Eric Diehl. After reading the blurb I accepted to read and review the book at the end of January 2013. The author sent me a digital review copy.As you can see above, I did not rate the book. The reason is quite simple. I stopped reading after 137 pages and I rate finished books only.That also means I can't review the book. But I would like to explain why I stopped reading.In simple words: the book did not work for me. Characters are quite [...]

    4. Let’s read it: “Water Harvest” (This review is re-posted from elucidreams/) Teaser: A science fiction world of high technology, political unrest, and war, Water Harvest reads like a classic novel from its genre. Protagonist Carin, heir to the house of Alar, is a headstrong and reliable young man. But his home world, Kas’tar is a fragile planet with limited resources, and when a warlord threatens total domination it is up to him to unite the houses of Kas’tar and fight for their surviva [...]

    5. My rating: 3.5 out of 5Water Harvest is set in a future world, Kast'ar, where water is scarce and the inhabitants of the planet and the ruling families must guard against clandestine water harvesting by the lunar colonies. Shortly after being elected as head of the House Alliance, Gar Sa'n Alar finds his mighty house invaded and conquered through deceit and magic, an event that has not occurred in over 3,000 years. Once House Alar is defeated, the invading forces set their eyes on the rest of pl [...]

    6. Water Harvest is a science-fiction story with a lot of treason, sabotage and strange creatures. It’s a story about a war for water (that sounds like a good plot). It’s easy to picture people fighting for a precious thing like water and this is basically a tale about people wanting power and control. The book blends fantasy with science-fiction which is an interesting idea. I like the House division like in classic fantasy novels, each house wanting to take the lead and only thinking on its b [...]

    7. House Alar, the most powerful of the Houses, is attacked by one of the lunar colonies that is trying to take control of the coveted moisture in the atmosphere, with the help of the Viizar, who use hallucinogens to bend the laws of nature. The balance of power is thrown off, and Cairn, heir to Alar, must work together with members of other houses, as well as strange cave-dwelling people, to take back Alar and the planet.At the start of this book, so many characters are introduced that by the time [...]

    8. I don’t usually read much science fiction books, since I never connect with the characters very much, but when the author of this new book contacted me and sent me the synopsis, I thought it sounded pretty good.Yes, it is a sci-fi book, so there are lots and lots of characters running around. Not all of them are crucial so if you forget a few of them, it won’t really impact the rest of your reading experience. Something that I found very interesting and very well done was the mix of futurist [...]

    9. On first read, it felt like a mixture of Frank Herbert and Garth Nix, but it is not really up to that level, not yet.Eric Diehl's Water Harvest set in the future where water is scarce due to over harvesting and stealing between colonies, now it sounds like there's a war coming.There are a lot of characters in the book, Cairn, heir to House of Alar seemed to be the main character. While threats to his home planet seem to vary from mind bending wizards to technologically advanced space ships, the [...]

    10. Review of Water Harvest by Eric Diehl4 starsA tremendous amount of world-building sets the foundation for this sci fantasy (a term coined by Rod Serling). Espionage and sabotage between ruling Houses, space battles, spies, romance, and magickal mind powers stir the cauldron of a story fantasy aficionados will gravitate to. Think “fantasy with the addition of technology” and you will understand the category “sci fantasy.” Space transport, Lunar Harvesters, and scientific research co-exist [...]

    11. The telling of the story as a whole was well done with realistic action and descriptions. I was extremely pleased with the concept and writing of this book. The concept in my view could actually be a very realistic possibility: wars over water. The execution of the concept at least just did not sit well with me. The changes in character perspectives became quite confusing and I found I had to go back and reread through parts to even see whose perspective it was coming from. The characters themse [...]

    12. A science-fiction adventure, fall of battles, this story draws heavily on concepts and terms that will be familiar to all that enjoy the genre. The plot was interesting, with some unusual twists. Unfortunately I found it hard to follow in places, which was quite infuriating considering the length of the book. I think this was partly due to the long battle scenes, and partly due to sudden changes in alliances. The battle scenes were complex and, at times, quite gripping. They were full of detail [...]

    13. Over time my willingness to read this book died. As much as I wanted to get into the story I could not. Water Harvest was a very wordy book. It was also confusing as to which character was speaking I often was flipping pages to find out which person was talking. There were far to many characters for me to keep up with and not enough detail on the main characters of the story. I found it difficult to keep reading but I did finally make it to the end.For you sci-fi fanatics this maybe right up you [...]

    14. Eric Diehl tells a detailed story of a future world torn apart by fighting, with sorcerers secretly controlling the minds and thoughts of others. Read full review in the 2012 July/August issue of InD’tale Magazine.

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