The Seven States of California: A Natural and Human History

The Seven States of California: A Natural and Human History

Philip L. Fradkin / Feb 27, 2020

The Seven States of California A Natural and Human History The author divides California into seven distinct ecological provinces selecting from each one a feature upon which to hang a series of linked stories about characters as dissimilar as Native America

  • Title: The Seven States of California: A Natural and Human History
  • Author: Philip L. Fradkin
  • ISBN: 9780805019476
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The author divides California into seven distinct ecological provinces, selecting from each one a feature upon which to hang a series of linked stories about characters as dissimilar as Native Americans and ranchers, politicians and railroad builders, Chinese laborers and Hollywood celebrities Photos.

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        Philip L Fradkin is an American environmentalist historian, journalist and author Fradkin has authored books ranging from Alaska, California and Nevada, with topics ranging from water conservation, earthquakes, and nuclear weapons.In 2005, Fradkin was given the Californiana Award by the Commonwealth Club of California.


    1. Fascinating book. Learned an immense amount about the history, geography, & racism of California.The writing, author's personality, & organization are not so admirable.

    2. Originally conceived as a racial history of California, this is no light romp through the state. Using the metaphor of his travels around CA in a beat-up VW van, Fradkin, a former newspaper journalist, explores landscape as it relates to human history. Full of remarkable details that are never sugar-coated, this is not a quick read, but worthwhile for readers who want to understand CA historical facts that are usually glossed over or ignored entirely.Three of Fradkin's major themes are diversion [...]

    3. 3.5 stars. I really enjoyed this book and found it very readable and fun, with all kinds of interesting stories and facts. I liked the synthesis of natural and human histories. I was disappointed that the areas I was most interested in (Bay Area, because I live there, and Central Valley, because its farmland is so central to CA's economy) were given short shrift in fairly brief sections which addressed only narrow areas. The book intentionally did not try to cover every single thing in Cali's hi [...]

    4. "'The palpable sense of mystery in the desert air breeds fables, chiefly of lost treasures.' The people were a bit off: 'There are many strange sorts of people bred in a mining country, each sort despising the queerness of the other.'" (quoting Mary Austin, 28-9)"The Indians feared grizzlies in much the same way they feared the whites: the Washo names for an unpredictable wild beast and a white man were the same." (75)"This landscape [around San Jose] can be the most beguiling and lyrically beau [...]

    5. I picked this book up as natural history, and have indeed learned much about it, getting beyond a simple coast/valley/mountains/desert mindset into the different mountain regions, their formation and more.Of course, it's arguable that the way Fradkin breaks up the coast ranges into separate sections is more social history than natural history. But that's fine.Speaking of that, his phrase names for each section also reflect social history as much as natural history. And are insightful in both way [...]

    6. As a native Californian, someone who is curious about geology, and someone interested in social history and human nature, I adored this book. He accurately divides California into 7 parts, by area and culturally, and writes about the geology, history, social history, and everything California. I was really engrossed by this fascinating book. It shows the diversity that is California, and some of the reasons for it. Some little map drawings and photos; I wish there were more.

    7. Not quite what I had expected from the description on the back cover, but quite interesting nonetheless. A lot of the human history turned out to be stories of various racial oppressions in California's violent past. The author used to be a journalist, so it's quite well written and extremely well researched. I enjoyed it -- but I wouldn't recommend it unless you've lived in California for a long time. Too many local place names, etc.

    8. Not an encyclopedic history, but a series of seven narratives that captures, better than anything i've read or watched, the collective, disparate beauty of my native state. If you like watching Huell Howser, you will LOVE this book.

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