Wanted: Handsome Alien Abductor

Wanted: Handsome Alien Abductor

Myra Nour / May 21, 2019

Wanted Handsome Alien Abductor When a handsome alien kidnaps her Amber s sexual fantasies become reality but can she handle her growing love for a spaceman

  • Title: Wanted: Handsome Alien Abductor
  • Author: Myra Nour
  • ISBN: 9781603945479
  • Page: 358
  • Format: ebook
  • When a handsome alien kidnaps her, Amber s sexual fantasies become reality, but can she handle her growing love for a spaceman

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        Myra Nour grew up reading s f, fantasy, and romance, so she was really thrilled when these elements were combined in Futuristic Romances She enjoys writing within all these elements, whether the hero is a handsome man from another planet, or a tiny fairy from another dimension Myra s background is in counseling, and she likes using her knowledge to create believable characters She also enjoys lively dialogue and, of course, using her imagination to create other worlds with lots of action adventure, as well as romance She uses her handsome husband as inspiration for her heroes he is a body builder, a soldier, and has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.Email myranour aol


    1. Magically Captivating!What an awesome magical fantasy come true that captivated me with the down to earth smooth tone writing and its humorous Alien take on courting and bedding a woman after 10 dates. The story was sweet from the very beginning and had me glued to the pages and smiling from ear to ear.With Amber being a normal American girl with standards of dating a guy for at least 10 days and then decides if she wants to take the next step to a sexual level she never in her wildest dreams wo [...]

    2. Originally published at readingreality/2012/04Every Star Trek fan has wanted Scotty to "beam them up".But Amber doesn't want an engineer, she wants an alpha male with the body of a Viking hero and the same interest in history that she has. In fact, when Amber puts her wish list together in Myra Nour's Wanted: Handsome Alien Abductor, the title pretty much sums up her perfect man.Sounds like an impossible dream, and that's just what Amber figures it is, a dream. Especially when her best friend Sa [...]

    3. Interesting twist on alien abduction, but rather slow in places which took it from 4 to 3 stars for me, along with some formatting errors. Will look for more from the author, though.

    4. Amber is looking for her perfect man. Only thing is, he's not out there. She had a perfectly good guy once upon a time but the fates were against her on that one. Desperate, and quite frankly not thinking it is real, Amber takes Sarah's offer to go on a journey to visit someone who can bring her the man of her dreams. When nothing happens, they head back to the hotel where Amber decides to take a quick nap. When she awakens, that's when the real fun happens.Full of adventure, love, and sex appea [...]

    5. Wanted: Handsome Alien Abductor is an enjoyable read. The sex scenes are hot when they happen, and development of the relationship with all the cultural differences is interesting. I liked the android Mica as well, and thought he was a nice touch to the story. I think the thing that was hard for me with this story and brought the rating down a bit was its predictability. I was able to guess the outcome early on without much trouble, and the whole ten dates thing I think was part of the problem. [...]

    6. I downloaded this book to read for book club,I found it was a easy read,with a different twist to the usual hero.I had previously finished a book which really connected emotionly,so it may have influence how I felt slightly bored.Maybe I will read again in the future and feel differently .A women wishes for the ideal man who is an alien historian who looks like a viking!

    7. This was such a let down, actually quite boring in places. The book is sold as a sexy romp with an alien abductor, the abduction is glossed over, the sex is few and far between and lacking when you get there. Overall this was a romantic story not an erotic one and just not what I expected, so I didn't find it as enjoyable.

    8. I usually love the alien plot but not this time. This book was slow and not engaging. Nothing orginal or compelling here. Too bad! These Nour is usually a fun read.

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