The Doomsday Vault

The Doomsday Vault

Steven Harper / Jul 18, 2019

The Doomsday Vault In a clockwork Brittania Alice s prospects are slim At her age and her unladylike interest in automatons have sealed her fate as an undesirable marriage prospect But a devastating plague sends Al

  • Title: The Doomsday Vault
  • Author: Steven Harper
  • ISBN: 9781101558836
  • Page: 307
  • Format: ebook
  • In a clockwork Brittania, Alice s prospects are slim At 21, her age and her unladylike interest in automatons have sealed her fate as an undesirable marriage prospect But a devastating plague sends Alice off in a direction beyond the pale towards a clandestine organization, mad inventors, life altering secrets, and into the arms of an intrepid fiddle playing airship piloIn a clockwork Brittania, Alice s prospects are slim At 21, her age and her unladylike interest in automatons have sealed her fate as an undesirable marriage prospect But a devastating plague sends Alice off in a direction beyond the pale towards a clandestine organization, mad inventors, life altering secrets, and into the arms of an intrepid fiddle playing airship pilot.

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        A pseudonym of Steven PiziksSteven Harper Piziks was born with a name that no one can reliably spell or pronounce, so he often writes under the pen name Steven Harper He lives in Michigan with his family When not at the keyboard, he plays the folk harp, fiddles with video games, and pretends he doesn t talk to the household cats In the past, he s held jobs as a reporter, theater producer, secretary, and substitute teacher He maintains that the most interesting thing about him is that he writes books.Steven is the creator of The Silent Empire series, the Clockwork Empire steampunk series, and the Books of Blood and Iron series for Roc Books All four Silent Empire novels were finalists for the Spectrum Award, a first


    1. From the cover and what I skimmed of the description, I was expecting a trashy steampunk romance novel, where the dashing but stranded airman sweeps the poor but brilliant society lady off her feet and they have adventures.In retrospect, I kind of wish it HAD been that trashy. It would have been more interesting.I feel like this book really wanted to be a clever adventure in the vein of "Soulless" and the other books in the Parasol Protectorate, but it never quite got there. For one, although "T [...]

    2. Confession 1: I might have picked this book up because I liked the dress the girl wore on the cover (even if, historically speaking, it is a monstrosity).Confession 2: I might also have bought it because there was a mention of someone named Gavin on the back, and I love the name Gavin.Confession 3: I did not buy it because of the zombies. More like in spite of the zombies. Zombies bore me. There. I said it.That's not a crime, right? In any case, I actually did like it. (And I might have crushed [...]

    3. Every now and then I stumble upon a book with a concept that makes me prematurely fall in love with it and every now and then, something about said book makes me fall out-of-love with it. I want to enjoy the novel--because who actually enjoys rating someone's pride and joy poorly?--but I simply cannot.In THE DOOMSDAY VAULT (TDV), the voice was what ultimately made me give up. While it has an interesting concept, and while I enjoy both steampunk and zombies, I could not become immersed within thi [...]

    4. It is the first book in a series and it is definitely steampunk.A lot of gadgets, interesting twists and turns.There are two reasons why I did not give five stars:- From my point of view some of the solutions have been a way too easy- Alice Michaels, one of the main characters, has been a pain in my neck too often.Anyway I own a copy of The Impossible Cube which is the secon book in the series and I will definitely read it.

    5. All across the world, zombies roam the streets at night, infecting those they touch with the Clockwork Plague. Most of the infected die horrible, drawn-out, deaths, but some people are affected differently and instead of destroying their brains the plague enhances them. These people are called Clockworkers and they are responsible for creating the greatest inventions of the time. Unfortunately the disease eventually causes them to go mad.In Victorian England, Alice Michaels lives with the horrib [...]

    6. See my full thoughts here: youtu/SMTit-Cl234I have very little to say here. Just look at the cover of this book and imagine how stupid it is, then add a little more stupidity on top of that. This is overbloated cheesy fun of the highest order. I could pick it apart and examine every problem if I wanted, I just don't want to. When a book has a scene where a man fires an electric rifle into a crowd of zombies, you know it isn't meant to be taken the least bit seriously. If this sounds even remotel [...]

    7. Reviewed for Vampire Book Club.There are a couple of things you need to know right off the bat: I'm a big fan of steampunk and I can't resist a good cover. I guess I'm trying to say that this book was practically custom made for my palate. And that was before I even opened it. Then it had to go and be all super awesome what with the plague zombies and the clockwork bits and the fighting. Oh, and the vaguely frowned upon romance between an upper crust lady and a lowly airman who's *gasp* younger [...]

    8. I was pleasantly surprised by this novel. I am not generally a fan of alternative history or zombies, but this story has both and I enjoyed it. Set in the late 1800s it is a mishmash of 19th century and more modern technology as the backdrop for Steven Harper's enjoyable tale of a young American "sailor" who finds himself abandon in London after his "ship" was taken by pirates. Some of his shipmates were killed, while others were ransomed to the shipping company. Being just a cabin boy, he does [...]

    9. My limited experience with steampunk has been of the more gritty variety. Most of the steampunk I've read has been more the Cherie Priest variety, where the setting is more dark and things are Very Wrong and not so much fun. Thus, when I read a book like All Men of Genius or this, it feels different and fresh for me.This was a fun one. On one hand, you have Alice, she of high society in London and great with a wrench. On the other, Gavin, a cabin boy flying over to Europe in a dirigible from Bos [...]

    10. I hope this wonderful book becomes widely known in the steampunk community. It has all the elements we love in the genre--airships, gadgetry, mad geniuses, automatons--plus an unexpected and delightful aspect revolving around the power and possibilities of music. Moreover, not only the protagonists but the secondary characters as well are beautifully drawn--human, believable, and complex. Particularly notable is the assortment of strong and interesting female characters, who play a variety of ro [...]

    11. The book almost lost me a few chapters in. I think it was due to the fact that I initially wasn't buying the main character's situation. Someone with a mind which worked like that should be able to shake off the social conventions or at least work around them especially with the examples provided elsewhere in the postulated society. I think I would have believed the set up more if there had been some sort of legal/outside impediment to breaking the social mold rather than just a cartload of psyc [...]

    12. I really loved the premise of this novel. I loved the idea of the clockwork plague, loved both Gavin and Alice, loved the evolution of the characters through the story. But I disliked a lot more than I loved. I take exception to the word 'zombie' being tossed around in any alternative history novel that doesn't have clear ties to the word's history. The storytelling was confused, there seemed to be a sudden shift at the end where either the author realized he wanted to take this (or the next) bo [...]

    13. A steampunk romance; a 22 yr old spinster whose family was killed/crippled by clockwork plague, (a plague that either kills you or turns you into a superbrilliant inventor) tries to reenter society, becomes engaged to Norbert Williamson, who runs an automaton bordello secretly; then meets a handsome young airman who escaped pirates and falls in love. Her aunt Edwina, a clockworker, engineered their meeting and coerces them to free her from prison and spread the CURE for the clockwork plague; lig [...]

    14. If you are a fan of steampunk, suspense, plot twists, romance, and a slight historical romance feel, I'd recommend giving this book a shot. Also, did I mention zombies? This book has many elements that oddly works well together with this particular story and writing style. I really enjoyed this book as a fan of all the subgenres I listed. Very much looking forward to the sequel. You can read my full review on my blog Nov. 1, the release date. ataleofmanyreviews

    15. I really enjoyed this one. The characters were interesting and the story was lots of fun. There were a few odd bits I could have done without, the plot was a twisty thing that never stopped winding and the main character surprised and saddened me at the same time. Overall, a fun, invention-mad, genius' fever dream of an adventure.

    16. I found it difficult to get into this book. The ideas of science in the 1900's version on this book, was interesting. But the characters weren't very well developed for me, and hence I found the story had less impact.

    17. started out okay but got progressively sillier. The romance angle lacked any heat or chemistry so that didn't help.

    18. Sometimes, a book carries you along so easily and so completely that you don't notice minor issues. The Doomsday Vault is such a book for me. The story is told in third person, in alternating character points of view. Gavin, an American dirigible airman and musician, is the story's soul. His origin story is traumatic, and his choices, bad and good, feel authentic. Descriptions of Gavin flying, playing the fiddle, riding a giant automaton into battle--I could have read the whole book in his viewp [...]

    19. Steampunk adventure. Very PG-13, though, why they are using modern swear words in the 1800's, I'll never know.She has nothing, but a name and he is a young man from America left with nothing after pirates take his captain and the dirigible they were flying in.Oh, and there's a plague.She's older - He's younger.Stilted. A summer read.

    20. Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: An action packed and imaginative take on zombies and the creation of a steampunk world.Opening Sentence: The zombie lurched out of the yellow fog and reached for the door on Alice’s hansom cab.The Review:Alice B. Michaels was born into nobility. As the daughter of a Baron, she is expected to act like a proper lady. The Clockwork Plague has devastated her family and now they are in deep debt. Alice uses one last opportunity to seek a suitor [...]

    21. You may also read my review here: mybookishways/2011/11/Alice Michaels’ prospects are not good. In 1850’s London,it’s all about appearances. Well,appearances and money,and Alice and her father simply don’t have any. She’s to be a Baroness,but since Alice’s mother,brother,and fiancé were killed by the clockwork plague,it left her father a cripple,and Alice a social pariah. Hoping to get back into society’s good graces,Alice decides to attend a ball,and see if she can meet someone w [...]

    22. 3.5 starsAlice is the daughter of an impoverished Baron. Almost all of her other relatives have died from the clock work plague, all but her father, and her mysterious aunt Edwina. Her aunt sends her clockwork inventions to put together every year for her birthday. One day she attends a ball, hoping to make a name for her family in society, and maybe even meet a man. She happens meet someone, but on her way home she is overran by plague zombies, only to be rescued by the mysterious group of peop [...]

    23. Is it just me or is the steampunk genre becoming more popular these days? I’m not very familiar with the genre since I’ve only read a few books, but I think I’m becoming a true fan. So far, I’ve enjoyed all of the steampunk novels that I’ve read, and The Doomsday Vault is no exception.Obviously set in a Victorian London, this novel takes us on an adventure through balls, pirate attacks, zombie attacks and crazy clockworker meltdowns. When I first started reading this book, I thought it [...]

    24. Well this book took me a laughably long time to finish. I would look for every excuse NOT to get back to this book. I reread several book instead of finishing this. It was rough.Don't get me wrong, Harper had some really neat ideas. The clockwork plague as a concept was neat, as was the government putting clockworkers to work for them.The problem is that Harper was not a very good storyteller. He seemed to have a lot more interest in explaining fantastic inventions instead of developing characte [...]

    25. 3.5Alice is the daughter of an impoverished Baron. Almost all of her other relatives have died from the clock work plague, all but her father, and her mysterious aunt Edwina. Her aunt sends her clockwork inventions to put together every year for her birthday. One day she attends a ball, hoping to make a name for her family in society, and maybe even meet a man. She happens meet someone, but on her way home she is overran by plague zombies, only to be rescued by the mysterious group of people cal [...]

    26. Alice's life has been slowly deteriorating since the Plague struck her family hard. She lost her mother and brother to the clockwork plague, and then several years later, her fiance as well. So now everyone treats her like a pariah. At 21 she is already long past the prime age for a desirable marriage, and her love of automatons has even further outcast her. In a last ditch effort to save her family's honor she goes to one last ball to try and snag a fiance. This sets in a chain of events that w [...]

    27. This review was first posted on my blog at candacesbookblogWow! This book got me all sorts of excited! It was absolutely fantabulous! Yes, I know that's not a word. It had amazing gadgets and a super strong steampunk aspect. And while I love steampunk seriously, I do, I seek it out I'm always a bit worried about how detailed it will be because I have a short attention span. This book though, this book had the very strong steampunk aspect without lengthy descriptions, at all! And while that's [...]

    28. Review written for steamingenious where I have many steampunk book reviews.I don't know why I begin most steampunk books with low expectations. When I haven't heard of the book or the author before, well, I always at least halfway expect it to suck. Which means that I'm almost always pleasantly surprised. In the case of The Doomsday Vault, I was extremely pleasantly surprised. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys steampunk.The world depicted by Harper is ver [...]

    29. The clockwork plague hits rich and poor alike, turning some into zombies covered in sores that hide from the sun and others into geniuses called Clockworkers before burning them out in fits of destructive madness. The balance of power between nations rests in the Clockworkers and the improbable and often deadly inventions they create before the plague finally takes them. Alice lost her mother and brother to the clockwork plague. Her father survived, but is an invalid. The daughter of a Baron, he [...]

    30. Mediocre at best. Which is sad, because there are some zinging ideas in there. The Clockwork Plague that may kill you or may turn you into a zombie or might (just might) make you a genius (briefly)? Superb. I mean, sure, it's a little "how does the science go on that one again?" but it's multi-layered plot-enabled worldbuilding in one fell swoop, and I can handwave like a champion if you pay me well. But the writing's quite workaday and the characters are pretty ordinary and there's a plothole I [...]

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