Believe in America: Mitt Romney's Plan for Jobs and Economic Growth

Believe in America: Mitt Romney's Plan for Jobs and Economic Growth

Mitt Romney / Dec 09, 2019

Believe in America Mitt Romney s Plan for Jobs and Economic Growth None

  • Title: Believe in America: Mitt Romney's Plan for Jobs and Economic Growth
  • Author: Mitt Romney
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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      342 Mitt Romney
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    1. First of all, it's difficult to review an economic proposal in terms of readability. I read this as I'm trying to make myself informed on the economic proposals of all of the major candidates. Little in this plan should come as much of a surprise to readers of Romney's No Apologies. This takes those ideas and expands upon them, adding in figures as well as attacks of the current administration's record. Even if you don't agree with the policies, I think it's important to be as informed as possib [...]

    2. I will admit up front that I was an extremely unlikely supporter for Mitt Romney. That being said I am an avid follower of politics and thought that I had a sort of duty to read the plan that was being proposed by the Romney campaign. I would recommend that everyone read it, you can download the ebook for free. I read it on kindle. I think that the most disappointing and confusing part of this plan is that almost nothing in it was written by Mitt Romney and the words that were from Romney seem t [...]

    3. My mother sent me a link to this. I didn't immediately recognize this wasn't written by Mitt Romney. Rather, this is campaign-speak. Yuck! "A President Romney will do . . . " grew tiresome.There was one paragraph about Social Security. Yup, Romney is going to save the world and he had nothing to say about the largest entitlement there is. There was more written about Obama's $2 billion to Brazil for oil exploration than there was Social Security. The entire entitlement section was glossed over.V [...]

    4. With all the Republican debates going on, I checked out this free kindle read of Mitt Romney's plan for if he wins the nomination. It was okay. As with any politician (Democrat or Republican) there were things I agreed with, and things I disagreed with. No one person has every correct answer for every person, family, or situation. So, since Mitt Romney did sound like a politician, but didn't sound like a total bone-head, I have to wonder why there is so much "anti-Romney" sentiment in the Republ [...]

    5. The words "jobs" as a good thing and "regulation" and "taxes" as bad things are so prominent that they overwhelm the document. Contrary to some of the Primary criticisms of this plan, it is fairly specific, and it offers a fairly obvious contrasting vision to President Obama's. It's a fairly long and at times arduous book to get through.There are a couple positives, beyond the bruising effect you can get if you are a glutton for punishment. One key one is that you can see just how much Obama has [...]

    6. A quick read for the afternoon, and it's just bleh. Nothing much. I honestly believe that Mitt Romney should provide more substantial evidence as to why we should undergo the policies he prescribes. Romney tells us the readers that Obama makes mistakes, and Romney is going to correct them, but eh Romney cannot even explain properly Obama's mistakes. However, one policy did catch my attention: Romney *might* raise visa caps for high-skilled foreign workers. I decided that I am going to understan [...]

    7. My review has nothing to do with Romney's politics. It is about the book and it's structure. I don't consider myself a Romney fan. However, because he has a realistic shot at the GOP nomination and the presidency, I felt it was important to read up on his thoughts. The first section of this free ebook outlines what Romney thinks is wrong with Obama's presidential leadership. The second major section outlines Romney's leadership plan for America. On a side note, I thought it was a clever thing fo [...]

    8. Not sure what I expected, but this book reads like a long list of "coulda told you that wouldn't work" statements from Mr. Romney. Of the 59 proposals listed, not a single proposal that addresses any education, hunger, the poor, or how we should act in a global setting.In the end, this isn't a book about America - or at least Americans -- its about turning America into a capitalistic Disneyland, where business gets a chance to run even more roughshod over consumers and workers and the little peo [...]

    9. Romney's ghost writer does not convey the message in the most appealing and infatuating manner. There is clarity and succinctness, yet I was left wanting a few more details on some proposals. The policies seem to be a reversion to many Bush-era practices and do not necessarily have robust empirical evidence to support them.Overall, I recommend it to political junkies and wonks because it provides valuable information on a major party candidate and forces one to consider another's opinions. That [...]

    10. It was clear, easy to read and understand.It provided concise, targeted bullet points of the policies that Romney would implement if elected as president.The best part was that it was released for free so that anyone can read and understand his platform.Even if you disagree with him, this is exactly the sort of thing every presidential candidate should have released to help inform the voters.

    11. This book gets three stars only because the writing was actually decent. With that said, the policies in here are nothing new. It's essentially a massive head-nod to the center-right part of the conservative movement (the part that's going to fund his election campaign). I was hoping he would have some original ideas and that was sorely missing from this. If I was evaluating this book purely on the content it would have gotten 1 star because there is absolutely nothing new here.

    12. Straightforward and comprehensive, what more can one ask from a candidate who simply wants the country to be informed about his stance on different issues and subjects? I wished to be more informed and I liked what I read. And I got it--for free. Thanks, Mitt.

    13. Oh politicsad it with hope that maybe there would be some insightbut just as bland as the last plan by every presidential candidate.

    14. This wasn't as difficult to read as I thought and does give an insight to what Mitt Romney plans are and compares his to what Obama has done.

    15. This book provides some insight into what Romney believes and says he will do as President.It would be very good if he would actually do what he says he will do.

    16. I am reading this book because I want to learn more about the plans Mitt Romney has for our country in this time of desperate need.

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