The Joy of Pi

The Joy of Pi

David Blatner / May 27, 2019

The Joy of Pi No number has captured the attention and imagination of people throughout the ages as much as the ratio of a circle s circumference to its diameter Pi or as it is symbolically known is infinite and i

  • Title: The Joy of Pi
  • Author: David Blatner
  • ISBN: 9780802775627
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback
  • No number has captured the attention and imagination of people throughout the ages as much as the ratio of a circle s circumference to its diameter Pi or as it is symbolically known is infinite and, in The Joy of pi, it proves to be infinitely intriguing With incisive historical insight and a refreshing sense of humor, David Blatner explores the many facets of pi and hNo number has captured the attention and imagination of people throughout the ages as much as the ratio of a circle s circumference to its diameter Pi or as it is symbolically known is infinite and, in The Joy of pi, it proves to be infinitely intriguing With incisive historical insight and a refreshing sense of humor, David Blatner explores the many facets of pi and humankind s fascination with it from the ancient Egyptians and Archimedes to Leonardo da Vinci and the modern day Chudnovsky brothers, who have calculated pi to eight billion digits with a homemade supercomputer.The Joy of Pi is a book of many parts Breezy narratives recount the history of pi and the quirky stories of those obsessed with it Sidebars document fascinating pi trivia including a segment from the 0 J Simpson trial Dozens of snippets and factoids reveal pi s remarkable impact over the centuries Mnemonic devices teach how to memorize pi to many hundreds of digits or , if you re so inclined Pi inspired cartoons, poems, limericks, and jokes offer delightfully square pi humor And, to satisfy even the most exacting of number jocks, the first one million digits of pi appear throughout the book.A tribute to all things pi, The Joy of pi is sure to foster a newfound affection and respect for the big number with the funny little symbol.

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        David Blatner is the author of 15 books, translated into 14 languages with over a half million copies in print, including Spectrums, The Joy of Pi, and The Flying Book As an expert on digital publishing, he has lectured in five continents over the past two decades He and his wife and two sons live, explore, and write outside Seattle, Washington.


    1. This is a book all about history, facts, and basically all you need to know about the number that has sparked people minds the most in history- pi. I enjoyed this because there is a lot of interesting and random facts about pi. There is also a lot of math language that helps you learn some calculations for getting more digits of it. There are also many times where David Blatner adds tips and opinions from others who have tried to calculate pi and have seceded amazingly. I definitely recommend th [...]

    2. ‘It seems like such a simple problem: draw a square that covers the same area as a circle using nothing but a straightedge and a compass.’In this book, David Blatner explores the history of Pi: who has tried to calculate it, and how. This book includes early estimates of the value of pi and the modern quest to find more digits of pi by using computers. The book even includes the first one million digits of pi.Way back in the last century, I became acquainted with pi. After I left school, I n [...]

    3. This was a very enjoyable book, dealing mostly with the history of pi. Amazingly it also included pi to the 1,000,000th place, in very, very small print, naturally. One of the most interesting sections is about deluded people who try to square the circle, or calculate the "true value" of pi. There's even some advice on how to memorize pi to as many places as you want, mostly by making up a story where the number of letters in each word are the digits.

    4. Less a primer on the mathematical constant, the book focuses mainly on the history of and facts about the enigmatic pi - from the quirkiest to the downright fascinating of anecdotes and tidbits, which stretches all the way back to Dynastic Egypt to our modern times of record-breaking number crunchers and memorizers.It is a delightful read, and I dare say it would intrigue even those who consider themselves uninterested in anything relating to math. The book is also very readable. While terms lik [...]

    5. This was a funny book. Granted, there are a lot of historical stuff you need to get through. The good thing is that they’re not so much and it’s written in a way that makes it easier to get through the historical blubber. There are small facts about Pi that I didn’t know yet. Now I can ramble on against everybody about the strange link between Pi and the number 360.Read the full review at my blog.

    6. Very easy access and makes you interested in looking at things further - though I found the section about squaring the circle a bit too long

    7. I first read The Joy of Pi on Pi Day--not Pi Approximation Day, i.e. 22/7, on the 14th of March, 2011, and I'm glad. While I didn't take the sciences route after high school, I did heartily enjoy my mathematics and geometry classes, and there's something wonderful about π, the irrational number (3.14159) that manages the ratio of any Euclidean plane circle's circumference to its diameter, is a number of note. It's certainly the irrational number that I, and other non-mathematicians, have the gr [...]

    8. For anyone interested in the subject I'd recommend it. It's not an exhilarating read, but a cozy one. It's a light read, the book is using a cool and refreshing layout. Sometimes the simple fact/name mentioning goes a little too far, but ultimately I found the mix of history, exploration of properties and quirky little stories/quotes a fun read. The first half of the book is dedicated to the history of Pi, and how subsequently more digits of precision was added throughout time until finally with [...]

    9. When you begin to read a book that's about six inches by six inches square and 120 pages, you can't expect a masterwork. That being said, Blatner does a decent-enough job giving a cursory look at the number pi, its history, and the current state of research and application. The weakest (by far) section is the first, historical section. Blatner has done most of his writing on scientific and computer-related issues, and as such I guess it is to be expected that his view of history is weak. His inc [...]

    10. I am a math nerd, but I didn't really find this book all that interesting. Not that the history of pi isn't interesting, just the book itself. I didn't like it's organization or presentation. It's books like this that give math history a bad name. Take something facinating and cool, and make it boring and tedious. The presentation way particularly irksome. There were times when the text had busy print behind them, which made the text difficult to read. There was one quote that had me laughing ou [...]

    11. Short book on the discovery and study of Pi through history. The first half of the book traces the different ages of this exploration and how many different people helped to discover its true value and meaning. The second half of the book loses focus and seems a bit scattered in where it wants to go, one chapter focusing on something very mathematically detailed and the next on people who try to "square the circle" and how irrational they are. It's a quick read to get some basic information, pre [...]

    12. Interesting and quick read on the number pi, and all its weird connotations. From an interesting overview on ways of determining pi, to poems used to remember the first couple digits of pi, this book covers pretty much everything you wanted to know on pi. There was a section on quotes from circle-squarers which was kind of tedious, but otherwise, neat book. Blatner concludes with a quote form Carl Sagan's "Contact" which brings up the interesting idea that in the randomness of pi might be a secr [...]

    13. 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286208998628034825342117067982148086513282306647093844609550582231725359408128481117450284102701938521105559644622948954930381964428810975665933446128475648233786783165271201909145648566923460348610454326648213393607260249141273724587006606315588174881520920962829254091715364367892590360011330530548820466521384146951941511609

    14. I read this book with the intention of understanding how the concept of Pi evolved across geographies and over time. While it kind of served the purpose but the information was quite scattered over the book and lacked a consistent flow. I understand it is hard to achieve a flow with a topic like Pi, since it is almost impossible to account the history of an powerful idea accurately which developed in a very adhoc and distributed fashion across the space and time of our civilization

    15. For someone who is a professional mathematician, this little collection of facts and anecdotes about the number Pi might seem trivial or boring. But to a math amateur like me who had about two dozen hours of math in the college of Engineering, this book was great fun. Lots of interesting facts, and many many humorous and sometimes scary stories about people who were fanatical about the number Pi and "squaring the circle". I enjoyed this collection!

    16. An odd little book. If you're looking for extensive mathematical PI insight, not the place to go. A rather whimsical look at the number (or should I say numbers?) In the book you get a little history, the personality of PI, even how to memorize all those right of decimal numbers, if you wish. It is also beautifully illustrated and designed, and if you want to memorize PI to a million, well, all the numbers are there found throughout the book. Fun little read.

    17. A spark notes type guide to the history of pi. The most fascinating story for me was the first tale of the origin of pi and the first person who had some idea what the ratio was. I believe there are better Pi books out there but this is a nice quick reference. Honestly, my favorite part of the book was the printed out pi to a million digits. Even though in font to small to read without straining the eye, it was a nice refresher on just how big a million is.

    18. The book was enjoyable for a time, though the history of pi gets dry fast.Something along the lines of: In year A - this many digits of pi were calculated, in year B - this many more were calculated, etc now lets do the same thing for every human civilization!I found it interesting, but it's certainly not for everyone.

    19. This was part of my research for the Holly's March quilt. It was fun to read - but then I enjoy reading odd things. It was intersting to read all the things I was not taught in school. Like at the numbers after the 359th digit are 360 and the millionth number is 1. That finding Absolute Pi will crash a computer. And this search led me to read the book Absolute Pi.

    20. Ὁ διασημότερος καὶ ἐκλεκτότερος ἴσως ἀριθμός. Κατὰ τὸ μνημονικόν στιχούργημα τοῦ Ν. Χατζηδάκη: ΑΕΙ Ο ΘΕΟΣ Ο ΜΕΓΑΣ ΓΕΩΜΕΤΡΕΙ ΤΟ ΚΥΚΛΟΥ ΜΗΚΟΣ ΙΝΑ ΟΡΙΣΗ ΔΙΑΜΕΤΡΩ ΠΑΡΗΓΑΓΕΝ ΑΡΙΘΜΟΝ ΑΠΕΡΑΝΤΟΝ ΚΑΙ ΟΝ ΦΕΥ ΟΥΔΕΠΟΤΕ ΟΛΟΝ ΘΝΗΤΟΙ ΘΑ ΕΥΡΩΣΙ Κάποτε εἶχα μάθει ἀπ᾿ ἔξω τὰ 120 πρῶτα [...]

    21. More of a history about development of PI. I got this book from my lab-mate (John) after I told him that PI is 22/7. He was so embarrassed and let me borrow this book. The presentation of the content is somewhat unusual, some pages have boxes with information, some have circles with information and so on. In my point of view, It has a lesser wince factor for a history book.

    22. There are a lot of interesting tidbits in this book! I found the design to be an obstacle at times. And sometimes I felt like I was joining a conversation that was already in progress--a lack of transitions, perhaps. But I enjoyed reading this book and especially liked learning different poems people write to help memorize pi.

    23. I have learned that I am NOT a mathmatician. I did find this book interesting and I have learned more about Pi than I knew that there was to learn. I liked the fun facts but I was frustrated that the million digits of Pi that were printed all through the book were too small to see with out a magnifying glass

    24. This short book was very appealing and would be to anyone with a mathematical bent. It discusses, inter alia, the digits of pi, including their randomness, but also the infinite series used to generate them. It does this without becoming weighty text, and includes a bit of history as well.

    25. The math nerd in me loved this book! I celebrate Pi Day (3/14) with my students every year and they always ask how the concept of pi came into being. This book gave a great history of who tried to figure it out and how. Fun for learning.

    26. A pretty book that collects a bunch of history and quotes about pi, along with printing a million digits (some on every page). It's not particularly revelatory and some of the writing is a little dry, but it's a pleasant little object.

    27. Pi is most probably the most famous number in mathematics and history. The write talks about the past and the possible future of Pi. I would advice this book to anyone who wants to read something different and entertaining.

    28. I preread this book before suggesting it to my son, who is fascinated with pi. It's an easy read even for people who aren't strong in math, filled with interesting facts about pi. My son, husband, and I all enjoyed it.

    29. OK, even though I don't understand any of the equations, I still found this book a bit of a flyweight. I'm actually curious about finding a book about pi that might be more substantialif only my high-school math teachers could see that sentence.

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