Getting Involved with God: Rediscovering the Old Testament

Getting Involved with God: Rediscovering the Old Testament

Ellen F. Davis / Aug 21, 2019

Getting Involved with God Rediscovering the Old Testament This is a book about getting and staying involved with God what it takes what it costs what it looks and feels like why anyone would want to do it anyway It is at the same time a book about readi

  • Title: Getting Involved with God: Rediscovering the Old Testament
  • Author: Ellen F. Davis
  • ISBN: 9781561011971
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is a book about getting, and staying, involved with God what it takes, what it costs, what it looks and feels like, why anyone would want to do it anyway It is at the same time a book about reading the Old Testament as a source of Good News and guidance for our life with God The key piece of Good News that the Old Testament communicates over and over again is that This is a book about getting, and staying, involved with God what it takes, what it costs, what it looks and feels like, why anyone would want to do it anyway It is at the same time a book about reading the Old Testament as a source of Good News and guidance for our life with God The key piece of Good News that the Old Testament communicates over and over again is that God is involved with us, deeply and irrevocably so from the Introduction With sound scholarship and her own vivid translations from the Hebrew, Old Testament professor Ellen Davis teaches us a spiritually engaged method of reading scripture Beginning with the psalms, whose frank prayers can be a model for our own, Davis reflects on the stories of the patriarchs and the pastoral wisdom of the book of Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Songs in helping us cultivate those habits of the heart that lead to a rich relationship with God.

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      335 Ellen F. Davis
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        Ellen F. Davis Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Getting Involved with God: Rediscovering the Old Testament book, this is one of the most wanted Ellen F. Davis author readers around the world.


    1. Books like these "keep me alive in famine." There are so many gems in this book, so much insight and wisdom. Ellen Davis has been studying the wisdom literature of the Bible for years and walking with God for a long time. It is a great kindness that she shares what she has learned with her readers. She studies texts which are often marginalized or flat out avoided in the church today: The Psalms of Lament, Song of Songs, Ecclesiastes, and Job chief among them. Reading Davis reminds me that I hav [...]

    2. Highly recommend, even if you only read one section or one chapter, it's worth getting. I read it during a time where I felt really far from God and pretty depressed, and some chapters really helped; it wasn't cheesy, or a cheer up pal, God's got Your back (which I mean He totally does, but sometimes it can come off sounding cliche) type of comfort,but real stuff. It gave me a different perspective on the Psalms and the book of Job too. It was a good mix of scholastic-ness and devotional/feels. [...]

    3. I was wonderfully surprised by how much I was captivated by the author's unpacking of the Hebrew Bible (OT)! Since it was recommended by Walter Brueggemann, I should have guessed as much! But wonderful introduction to themes in the OT, insightful and accessible commentary on Psalms, Proverbs, Song of Solomon, Job, Isaiah and more.

    4. Every Christian should read this book.I've been called an Old Testament Christian before, so it's not likely a surprise that I would like this book. But Ellen Davis does something special and unexpected here, because I don't agree with her on a number of points. Still, this book gave me a view of a facet of the diamond that is the Gospel that, frankly, I'd never seen.The book is divided into five sections: the Psalms, Love, Wisdom, Disciplines of the Heart and Ecotheology.Here are some things th [...]

    5. Exceptional!!!!! One of the best books I have ever read. I am changed, moved, challengedwill be returning to this work often.

    6. A beautifully written and thought provoking look at the parts of the Old Testament that make many modern readers most uncomfortable. Davis shows us how those very passages that make us cringe for the people involved are meant to demonstrate the breadth of God's love and encourage us to break down our own walls that prevent us from honesty with God and one another. She concludes with a very brief section on ecology that was equally insightful and convicting. I'll be teaching this one in Sunday Sc [...]

    7. Getting Involved with God: Rediscovering the Old Testament is a series of essays and sermons that takes a look at the Old Testament with a critical lens, all the while finding the good news of how God wants to be involved with us through the stories, poems and wisdom it shares. I was assigned this book for my Old Testament 101 class in seminary and didn't read it. With 500+ pages per week (!) that we had to read in another book (plus the readings for other classes), I simply did not have time. M [...]

    8. Ms Davis' book is a true treasure! She opens with a rich discussion of the Psalms, beginning with the seldom-used psalms of lament (yes, she really starts there), seeking to show the breadth of conversation God desires with us. For, as she continues, God's love for us expects, demands, anticipates full candor. If you don't believe that, then her chapter on the Song of Songs is for you. My favorite of all the discussions is that of the Book of Job. Ms Davis shows a side of Job that I've never con [...]

    9. This book was a spur of the moment purchase; I think the title caught my attention. It took me a while to get through it, though, because I didn't find it to be a book I could read a few pages, put it aside for a few days and then come back to it. It is a very thoughtful treatment of the Old Testament, and I found the writing scholarly yet accessible to a non-scholar like me. I especially liked her chapter on the book of Job. I didn't know that Job, after the tragic loss of his first family, nam [...]

    10. Beautiful. Insightful. Thought-provoking. I feel like I should buy a copy and give it as a gift to someone (I read a library copy) but there are too many people I want to give it to! I copied so many quotes out into my journal. Here is one of my favorite quotes:"What we must face is the fact that God's vulnerability to sin is total, even unto death on a cross. That is what it means to say that God is love. For every human lover knows that the downside of love is vulnerability to pain. Therefore [...]

    11. Per Lauren Winner, more about the place of metaphor in the spiritual life:If you are not sure what to make of the Old Testament - if it feels alien, or confusing, or dull, or too long, or if you are always starting out with good intentions but getting bogged down somewhere in the Leviticus - read this book. It is the single best book I know for Christians entering the Old Testament. Davis goes many places in this book, but she always circles back to the theme that her title suggests: The Old Tes [...]

    12. Ellen F. Davis' "Getting Involved with God: Rediscovering the Old Testament," published in 2001, was a good read covering the Psalms and wisdom literature, some significant stories about the cost of love (the binding of Isaac, chapter 6, is worth the purchase of the book alone), Old Testament habits of the heart (e.g. lamenting in Psalm 51), and a theology of ecology (yep the Old Testament has something to say about that). I highly recommend this book.

    13. I usually stay far away from theology books but I'm glad we read this one for The Red Couch (SheLoves Magazine's book club). Every time I sat down to read Ellen Davis’s words, I walked away with a new insight. It’s accessible, it’s fresh, it’s compelling. Anyone who advocates for the cursing psalms and makes space for lament is fine by me. Her take on Song of Songs made me sit up straight. It turns out she's my kind of theologian.

    14. Wow. Davis did an amazing job bringing life and understanding into the Old Testament. This was definitely a slow read book only because it was so full of insight and new ideas for me as someone who tends to stick to the New Testament. It helped greatly to bridge the Old Testament New Testament God gap. Will definitely be keeping it close to reference and retread. Simply lovely.

    15. I LOVED this book. E. Davis writes about several books in the Old testament with unique perspectives and an evident love for God and His word. It was refreshing to read a current author who did not try and fit her writing in the mold to "catch" the reader, but was more interested in uncovering some gold truths from the Old Testament.

    16. Davis rightly calls us to a deeper understanding of our relationship to the earth and its non-human inhabitants as a reflection of our relationship to God and His Law. Furthermore, she provides a moving picture of God's interactions with various figures in the Bible and the intimacy of relationship with God which the prophets call us toward.

    17. Excellent. I really enjoyed the author's approach to the Old Testament, and her chapters about different sections were both reflective and insightful--she often explained the meaning of Hebrew words in her exegesis. Her emphasis on the relational and "real-life" aspects of Old Testament Scripture made it a refreshing read.

    18. Davis' fresh interpretations of segments of the Hebrew Bible really bring those stories to life (or re-birth) I especially liked the chapter on Job and will never be able to look at the natural world the same way again.

    19. A lot of information in this book was really confusing. I need to read more of the Old Testament. However, this book gave me new insight of Old Testament books I have read. Reading this book taught me that there is so much to learn about Scripture and God.

    20. Ellen Davis does a marvellous job of examining the Old Testament in a way that is scholarly and intelligent while also being accessible and applicable. I frequently return to it for insight and inspiration.

    21. This book is a lovely, lyrical weave of Dr. Davis' teaching and preaching styles. Read it to be challenged, encouraged, and gain a deeper appreciation for the Old Testament and some of the most difficult passages within it.

    22. Getting Involved with God was a collection of essays on Old Testament Scripture, with each taking its own chapter. I especially liked the commentary on Job and the extensive look at the Psalms. Recommended for anyone who wants a closer look at the Old Testament.

    23. Great read.As a diaconal student, I found this book both informative & inspiring. If you spend time visiting people in hospitals or nursing homes, it contains many valuable nuggets for that ministry.

    24. If I could give this book 10 stars, I would. If you are looking to understand and appreciate the Old Testament and draw into a much deeper and more intimate relationship with God, then run (don't walk) out and get this book

    25. This was a good, solid book. It caused me to reflect and underline some things. I wouldn't call it a fascinating or enthralling book. It's like a good avocado.

    26. The best book I've had to read for school thus far! I can't wait to find more books that offer true (Biblical) insight into the mysteries of the Old Testament!

    27. Not quite as amazing as her commentary on the wisdom texts but still very good, thoughtful and intellectual yet practical.

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