Kutu Adam

Kutu Adam

Kōbō Abe Ahmet Gürcan / Dec 09, 2019

Kutu Adam Kafas n ve v cudunun st taraf n kartondan bir kutu i ine g men bu adam insano lunun hor g rmesiyle bir f ya s nm alayc bir Diyojen de ildir Bir kar t kahramand r k t l g s zl k olan efsanevi bir var

  • Title: Kutu Adam
  • Author: Kōbō Abe Ahmet Gürcan
  • ISBN: 9879751491824
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kafas n ve v cudunun st taraf n kartondan bir kutu i ine g men bu adam, insano lunun hor g rmesiyle bir f ya s nm alayc bir Diyojen de ildir Bir kar t kahramand r, k t l g s zl k olan efsanevi bir varl kt r Bir bak c d r ayn zamanda, nk d d nya ile kurabildi i tek ili ki bak sayesinde olmaktad r

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      253 Kōbō Abe Ahmet Gürcan
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    About "Kōbō Abe Ahmet Gürcan"

      • Kōbō Abe Ahmet Gürcan

        K b Abe Abe K b , pseudonym of Kimifusa Abe, was a Japanese writer, playwright, photographer and inventor He was the son of a doctor and studied medicine at Tokyo University He never practised however, giving it up to join a literary group that aimed to apply surrealist techniques to Marxist ideology.Abe has been often compared to Franz Kafka and Alberto Moravia for his surreal, often nightmarish explorations of individuals in contemporary society and his modernist sensibilities.He was first published as a poet in 1947 with Mumei shishu Poems of an unknown poet and as a novelist the following year with Owarishi michi no shirube ni The Road Sign at the End of the Street , which established his reputation Though he did much work as an avant garde novelist and playwright, it was not until the publication of The Woman in the Dunes in 1962 that he won widespread international acclaim.In the 1960s, he collaborated with Japanese director Hiroshi Teshigahara in the film adaptations of The Pitfall, Woman in the Dunes, The Face of Another and The Ruined Map In 1973, he founded an acting studio in Tokyo, where he trained performers and directed plays He was elected a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1977.


    1. A mystery-filled riff on the nature of identity, the significance of the gaze, the nature of looking and being looked upon and how this defines who we are.The story is told primarily in the first person but we never know exactly who is doing the telling. Is it the box man (a man who, no surprise, lives in a box he has strapped on over his body so he cannot be seen), the fake box man (a doctor who tries on a box for himself and is a wannabe box man) or someone else - perhaps Kobo Abe who is obses [...]

    2. A Strange, Dry, Inhuman Book: Just the Kind of Thing I Like"Box men" are homeless men who walk around inside cardboard boxes. The boxes are fitted out with viewing portholes, little shelves, hooks, and supplies. Three things make this book odd, and the last two of them also make it bitter, misogynistic, and misanthropic.1. I read the book because it uses photographs, and I am trying to survey 20th century books that use illustrations in fictional settings. This book has one of the most idiosyncr [...]

    3. The Box Man was cancelled by the Atikokan Public Library after men began disappearing and reappearing with boxes over their heads (probably in the young adult section). One less person to read a newspaper on a stick in 1982 was no big thing but in 1987 two people checked out and then checked out. Cancelled is stamped on the title page. Cancelled again on the next, and the next page in case any wives of veterans were tempted to buy a box big enough for their Juice Newton hair-dos. In case any tee [...]

    4. This is possibly Abe's craziest book, which is really saying something. Not necessarily best, as book:Secret Rendezvous|10004] is crazy AND highly coherent, but the ways in which this is flirts with incoherency are extremely interesting. It's got the odd, broken time-frame diary format of Rendezvous but in actually a more ambiguous and complex manner, while the actual story has been stripped back to what first seems sheer bizarre simplicity, but then becomes an echo chamber of variations. There [...]

    5. This novel messes with your head. Really.As far as Kobo goes, I prefered Woman in the Dunes for pure entertainment, but the Box Man goes into uncharted territory (whereas Woman in the Dunes grasps at fairly traditional existentialism, albeit from a unique perspective)Who is the Box Man? Is he one? Two? Three? Everyone? You could read this book a thousand times and still not unravel the mystery. I, of course, have my own opinion, but the beauty of this book is that you just can't stop trying to f [...]

    6. Promising as its weirdness may have seemed to me, sadly I failed to connect. Having read and loved The Woman in the Dunes, I like to believe that there was a certain philosophical depth to The Box Man but it clearly evaded me. Other than a few spot-on existential gimmicks, it was mostly a drag for me, since I had lost interest rather early in the book, while the endless monologues following the narrator's non-linear thoughts didn't really help the situation. By no means trash. Just not what I ex [...]

    7. So this book is weird, and I have to confess that I wasn't always exactly sure what was going onMainly the story reads like a journal of a "Box Man" or basically someone who has decided to drop out of society in favor of wearing a cardboard box at all times. However, you can also tell that Abe has a background in science (medicine), because we are given detailed directions at the beginning regarding the construction of the box and specific details about survival methods, as though we were readin [...]

    8. "The Box Man" offers a true parade of endless antagonisms within the text. Whoever the narrator really is - and believe me, it is not easy to answer this question - he is stranded in an impossible continuum that prods him further and further into himself, only to confirm that the exit from this never-ending tunnel does not in fact exist. The box itself seems to have a double meaning - it serves not just as a hideout from a society but also as an object of desire that can be linked to the ultimat [...]

    9. A surreal tale about a fragile identity, and a place of the individual in this uncertain world. We are ready to believe the narrator, but before long we are asking who is he and how much can we believe of what he tells?Was it a real experiment or mystification, fantasies of a troubled mind, or just a dream? There can be numerous interpretations.

    10. So much abject horror. I liked Woman in the Dunes more-- it was more straightforwardly existentialist, made a bit more sense to me, retained powerful imagery-- but I still had a lot of fun with this one.Every image Abe conjures up brings to mind a different nightmarish thing I've encountered: the Japanese horror films of Shinya Tsukamoto and Takashi Miike, Beckett's Endgame, Eraserhead, the music of Throbbing Gristle, the oeuvre of David Cronenberg. Note the overwhelming predominance of films on [...]

    11. Kobo Abe made really high quality, surreal fiction. "Japan's Kafka" or whatever,(IMHO, any critic who resorts to any version or variation ofthat fucking meaningless trick ought to be fired forlaziness, then blacklisted for disrespect.)so if you are into writing serious surreal prose, I'd check him out.Oh, and I like The Box Man better than Woman In The Dunes; so if you liked WITD and happen to like the same things I like you'll probably prefer this book too.(Note: That fucking mad-ass trick wher [...]

    12. I found this playfully odd, though serious at the same time. I think I overall preferred "The Woman in the Dunes," but there were some parts of this that I preferred over that. I suppose that doesn't really help anyone real much reading this, but with this book I don't think you can hope for that. Oh well, back to the box.

    13. I will admit I'm perplexed by this book. There's a lot going on at the same time as there's very little action, and a dense cloud of unarticulated identities. The questions of identity and perception, originating from and reflecting back upon the self as well as piercing one from an outside source, are the central concerns of the story, and in problematizing common conceptions of these ideas, the narrative itself becomes problematic, approaching meta-narrative and introducing other tangential el [...]

    14. Why have I read this 3 times? People always say it is inscrutable, though must it be scrutable, what is valuable about scrutability anyhow?Yes, Abe is using a lot of modern fiction devices--compression of time, faulty narrators, plot hiccups, and even some of my personal fiction peeves. But he is sort of a prankster, a rug-puller, a juggler, a humorist, and I appreciate that, especially some of the more wanton chapters towards the end. "The Box Man" is dimensional, there is something spatial abo [...]

    15. Abe is a writer who takes one really odd, central conceit or image, in this case, that of a derelict who lives his life inside a cardboard box, and builds a dark, disorienting world out of it. There are bizarre shifts in time, identity and perspective as the box man sort of disintegrates and becomes whatever or whoever he sees around him. Much like 'Woman in the Dunes' which I thought was much better, Abe makes these absurd scenarios bleed outward and infect everything around them. Kind of like [...]

    16. էս կոբոյից տենց էլ գլուխ չհանեցի, չհասկացա ինչ եմ զգում նրա գործերի հանդեպ, բայց միանշանակ ա, որ ինքը դիմում ա հույզերիդ, ավելի ճիշտ՝ զգացումներիդ՝ հենց շատ զգայական֊ֆիզիոլոգիական֊մարմնային ձևով, մասնավորապես՝ հասարակություն֊անհատ, մեկուսացում֊կոնտակտ կոնտինիումի վրա գ [...]

    17. I've watched all five of Teshigahara's films of Kobo Abe's stories, so picked this up as supplementary identity-crisis deleted-scene. One quick airplane-bound reading later, The Box Man reigns as the best, most insane Abe story, the excellent films knocked down to second place.

    18. Πειραματικό, μπερδεμένο, γοητευτικά μυστηριακό κείμενο. Πρέπει σίγουρα να το ξαναδιαβάσω.

    19. Damn--J-Lit Binge #11: The Box Man by Kobo Abe.This is another masterpiece from Kobo Abe. In its sheer metafictional ingenuity, it probably surpasses Nabokov's Lolita, Danielewski's House of Leaves, and other tricksters of modernism.Damn.Seemingly, it's a story about a man wearing a cardboard box getting involved in a mysterious series of events involving a beautiful nurse he falls in love with, a fake doctor who wants to become the new box man, and a real doctor who is a drug addict and who is [...]

    20. Good grief! If possible, I would have given this thing a negative rating What an atrociously boring book His "the woman in the dunes" was equally boring, but at least it had a story line that you could decipher in between the lines "The box man" has nothing If I ask you to write 170 pages of whatever comes to your mind about yourself wandering around with an oversized box on your head, you would probably write a far more entertaining book than this I guess this is what Kobo Abe did when he p [...]

    21. At the onset, I was charmed. I thought I was going to enjoy this book, but then something happened. While in a fugue state, I took a hit of acid or od'd on hallucinogenic shrooms because I seriously don't know what the fug else happened in the book. (Let's set aside the fact that it's seriously sad that whilst in said fugue state, rather than going out and accidentally killing a hooker, I read instead.) I'm getting visuals of skinny girl legs pumping a bicyle, an empty box under a bridge, two bo [...]

    22. The problem of being looked at. Gazed upon. I wish Kobo Abe had been a feminist. Overall, I found it too conceptual to actually like. By chance, I happened to be handling a lot of boxes during the course of reading this and I have to say they're difficult to resist. They kind of want to be placed over the head.

    23. I liked this much more than I expected. I planned to say something like "Kobo, you can type this shit, but you sure as hell can't read it." But I found that I could. There's two or three really good bits amongst a very tolerable amount of po-mo bullshit (writing upside down, photographs, characters arguing over who is writing the story, etc).

    24. The fact that all I do now is sit in the corner with no clothes on inside a box must be some testament to this book's literary power, but it's driving my wife and kid bonkers. Otherwise, three stars.

    25. ცოტა უცნაური წიგნია. ბოლომდე ვერ გავიგე, ბოლომდე გავიგე თუ ვერ გავიგე. ალბათ, out of the box მეტი ფიქრია საჭირო.

    26. Daha önce yarım bıraktığım bir kitap, bugün tekrar döneyim dedim. Yazarın anlatımı ilginç ve karamsar bir taraf sahip. Bu karamsarlık başta beni çekse de pek alışabildiğimi söyleyemeyeceğim, hatta bir yerden sonra klostrofobik dünyası beni kendinden uzaklaştırdı. Yazarın başka kitaplarına bakıp anlatımı hakkında daha iyi bir fikir sahibi olmalıyım.

    27. Kobo Abe is perhaps my favorite Japanese author—even when writing the story of disaffected, socially isolated men struggling with identity and the tension between traditionalism and Westernization, he does it his own way, clearly distinguishing himself from the other Japanese writers like Sōseki, Mishima, Dazai, and Kawabata that have written on the same subject. The Box Man exemplifies this, as Abe engages with the challenges of modern urban living, and issues like social isolation and lack [...]

    28. It is an odd tale, and thus far the worst of Abe's books that I’ve read. It’s not that this is in any way a bad book, (although incoherent at times) but the characters are lifeless and the narrative leaves one cold. Also, it is a bit of a disappointing follow up to his great novel The Woman in the Dunes, which happens to be one of the best books I’ve ever read by any writer.Translated by E. Dale Saunders, The Box Man lacks some of the lyrical highs present in some other Abe books, and the [...]

    29. 2.5 starsCompared to his "The Woman in the Dunes" (Penguin, 2006), this novel was simply a bit disappointing due to my tedious reading on and on and I could not find any reason why the weird man prefers being naked and being in a box. To continue

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