Borderlands: The Fallen

Borderlands: The Fallen

John Shirley / Jan 28, 2020

Borderlands The Fallen WHAT KIND OF MAN MAKES A LIVING IN HELL His name s Roland Soldier class a former mercenary he s on a full time mission to scrape a living out of the most dangerous planet in the galaxy Is he qualifi

  • Title: Borderlands: The Fallen
  • Author: John Shirley
  • ISBN: 9781439198476
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • WHAT KIND OF MAN MAKES A LIVING IN HELL His name s Roland Soldier class, a former mercenary, he s on a full time mission to scrape a living out of the most dangerous planet in the galaxy Is he qualified He s well armed, he s ruthless, and he s tougher than skag hide And, oh yeah he s strapped with some of the most exotic weaponry this side of the Vault,WHAT KIND OF MAN MAKES A LIVING IN HELL His name s Roland Soldier class, a former mercenary, he s on a full time mission to scrape a living out of the most dangerous planet in the galaxy Is he qualified He s well armed, he s ruthless, and he s tougher than skag hide And, oh yeah he s strapped with some of the most exotic weaponry this side of the Vault, not to mention possessing fists like chunks of steel Zac Finn and his wife and young son had better get on the right side of Roland, because a stopover in orbit has turned into a nightmarish fall to the unforgiving landscape of the Borderlands Zac hopes to find a strange new alien treasure in the Borderlands to turn his down spiraling life around But his wife, Marla, and his son, Cal, just want to survive, and reunite, because catastrophe has left them separated by hundreds of klicks Their chances aren t good and Roland is all that stands between them and the planet s kill crazed Psychos and murderous bandits not to mention the grotesque primals, giant wyrm squids, insane tunnel rats, voracious skags, brutal bruisers, and ruthless mercs An original novel set in the universe of the Rated M for Mature video game created by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games.

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        John Shirley is the author of than a dozen books, including Demons Crawlers City Come A Walkin Really, Really, Really, Really, Weird Stories and the classic cyberpunk trilogy A Song Called Youth Eclipse, Eclipse Penumbra, and Eclipse Corona He is the recipient of the Horror Writers Association s Bram Stoker Award and won the International Horror Guild Award for his collection Black Butterflies.Shirley has fronted punk bands and written lyrics for his own music, as well as for Blue Oyster Cult and other groups A principal screenwriter for The Crow, Shirley now devotes most of his time to writing for television and film Visit the author s website at darkecho JohnShirley


    1. "Mess with the bull, you get the horns."I'm really not certain what the relevance with this line is but it is repeated at least a dozen times by Roland.This novel was supposed to be an original set in the universe of Borderlands the video game, though the time-frame is ambiguous enough to leave you wondering when it was supposed to happen. Is it a prequel or a sequel? There isn't much original here. The author plugged the game's content so much that it immediately felt like a video game more tha [...]

    2. The book wasn’t that badly written per se, but seeing how I had previously played the videogame as a huge fan of the franchise, the protagonists’ appearance, their gear, the plot, the setting, the location and the monsters that kept popping up behind the rocks of a planet Pandora had in abundance were quite familiar to me. My love for the world of Borderlands was precisely what made me pick this book up; but it doesn’t really do justice to this vast universe from a literary point of view. [...]

    3. This book was weird. There was a lot of fan service, but there wasn't much substance to this book. Sometimes novelizations of video games can provide really interesting lore or accentuate the story you experience in the game. This book wasn't like that. It made certain to mention characters and enemies, but the story was completely unimportant.I was also really annoyed at the treatment of the only female character in the book. I can almost deal with the fact that all of the men on this lawless, [...]

    4. This book managed to exceed my expectations. Of course, they were incredibly low, so that's not much of an achievement, but it's still notable.

    5. I'm sure those who want to read this book are thinking about it for one thing, and one thing only: action-packed, hit-and-run survival. The book does a terrific job with pulling us into the world of Borderlands and forces us to know exactly what it is like to live with numerous and very dangerous enemies - and to be captured by them. Between dodging skags and bandits and shooting down every kind of psycho in sight, the reader is able to form memorable friendships with all four characters (not to [...]

    6. I am a pretty huge Borderlands fan. In fact, I would go so far to say Borderlands is my all time favorite video game. So, when I saw that a book had come out I had no choice but to pick it up! Unfortunately, I more or less had to force myself to get through it. Borderlands: The Fallen is an extremely disappointing look into the Borderlands universe.From the cover and the description one can be led to assume, as I was, that the book has the potential to perhaps be the first of four going into the [...]

    7. Being a fan of all the borderlands games I decided the time had come to read this book.I had already read the bioshock book by the same author so I had a idea what to expect.If you are a fan of the game and you know about Pandora and its vices you will understand more about the book than if you have never played the game.Overall the story follows the adventures of a family that has become split up and deposited on Pandora. The story is intertwined with familiar characters from the game and conti [...]

    8. Borderlands is a fantastic game. It's funny, addictive, has a unique graphical style and tons of loot to find. The one thing you don't really think of when it comes to Borderlands is its story. Sure, it's there and it's coherent, there are quite a few memorable characters and laugh out loud moments, but it's largely throwaway.That being said, I wasn't expecting a whole lot out of this book. The fact that it's written by John Shirley gave me some hope, he wrote the Bioshock novel that I quite enj [...]

    9. "Borderlands: The Fallen" is about a young man who travels to Pandora with his parents to look for a brighter future in their career. He must overcome hardships and intense trials to survive in this harsh planet. In this book, you will follow Cal, Marla, and Zac Finn through each of their journeys to unite as a family once again. Roland is a soldier on the planet who helps them against the crazy bandits, psychos, and wildlife. Anyone familiar of the video game, will easily find interest in this [...]

    10. First, let me say that Borderlands 1 and 2 are easily my favorite video games everd I finished Borderlands 2 a few months ago, so I was having Borderlands withdrawal big timebut then I found this book! I was so excited! I love video games, and I love reading, and now I could read a book that takes place in my favorite video game's universe! Then I read the bookd I was likeh. Yes, it takes place in the Borderlands universe, but the book totally lacks the fun and charm of the video gamed I mean RE [...]

    11. I loved the first Borderlands game and decided to check out the first novel about the game. The story doesn't have anything to do with the story in the game, but it's still set in the same world and contains the same creatures and places. Basically it's about Roland and his journey for treasures and a family that crash landed on Pandora and separated, so the book often swaps around each point of view. Roland is a really cool guy just as you imagined him being in the game, unfortunately the famil [...]

    12. In the opening chapters, The Fallen tries a little too hard to assert itself as a part of the Borderlands universe, throwing in way too many cosmetic references in rapid succession that come across as name-dropping more than context-establishing.However, once it gets over doing so and begins to tell its own story set within that world, things get quite interesting. The story tends towards the darker elements of the source material and seems to actively avoid the series' trademark humour.It's a f [...]

    13. It was actually pretty good. I mean, it wasn't with out its faults. I found myself rewriting some parts and slightly switching around words at times but over all I really enjoyed cruising through Pandora. I did really feel like I was there and John Shirley did a fairly good job of getting across the different characters personalities and speech patterns. Also, I was [SPOILERS] glad he took the dramatically tragic route and killed off Vance and Zac. To be honest, as well, I kinda wish the sex sce [...]

    14. This book took off to a really slow start, but it did finally pick up about a third of the way through. Two problems I had with the book. One: there was only one brief appearance by a Claptrap. Two: there was a very bad typo about three-quartersthrough. Specifically, the wrong character name was attributed to an action. That really took me out of the book as I re-read that whole section several times. So If you're a fan of "Borderlands", I'd say "stick with it", and I'd give it four stars. If yo [...]

    15. This was pretty good as far as tie-in novels go. I thought the author got a bit silly with the amount of references to game dialogue but it was otherwise competently written and while I don't think the writing is as sharp as the games themselves it comes close enough.I'd recommend this if you're a fan of Borderlands.

    16. This is a YA novelisation of an electronic game and it should only be read by those who have a deep and abiding affection for the game or, like me, just read John Shirley regardless of quality.opionator.wordpress/2012/0

    17. Enjoying it so far. I am about 70 pages in and the story of the three family members stranded on the planet is keeping me reading! =] Loved the game, which was my reason to read the book, and I am not disappointed. Has creatures from both Borderlands 1 & 2 so far. Cant wait for the second book!

    18. If you have played Borderlands, or Borderlands 2 - I think you'll enjoy this. The writing is action focused, so if you have the picture of Pandora in your head already, this book will come to life.Like the games, this book is not for kids.

    19. A gift from my best friend. Not a bad read! Got into the nitty gritty of Pandora. Lots of animal attacks. Lots of desolation. I wasn't that into the plot, but then one doesn't play Borderlands for the plot, so

    20. I loved this book, the action was intense and never seemed to stop. I am also an avid fan of the borderlands games so seeing the game come to life felt good. I would definitively recommend this for anyone who like borderlands, action or comedy.

    21. it was more about the planet Pandora than the Borderlands characters we all know (Roland is involved) not a bad story not great a decent read if you need a Borderlands fix

    22. Good filler between Borderlands 1 and 2 games. Has little baring on the story in 2 though. Over all a good read!

    23. If you enjoyed the games, then this is a good book. It's not really well written and doesn't at any point force you to be an active reader, but it is fun escapism for fans of the video games.

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