व. पु. काळे [V. P. Kale] / Oct 19, 2019


  • Title: Partner
  • Author: व. पु. काळे [V. P. Kale]
  • ISBN: 8177664298
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Hardcover
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      • व. पु. काळे [V. P. Kale]

        Vasant Purushottam Kale, popularly known as Va Pu, was Marathi writer who wrote short stories, novels, and biographical sketches.He authored than 60 books His well known books include Partner, Vapurza, Hi Waat Ekatichi, and Thikri.


    1. एवढ्यातच वपुं चे 'पार्टनर' सुन्न मनाने वाचून काढले.भन्नाट पुस्तक आहे. मी खूप खूप वर्षांपूर्वी म्हणजे माझ्या शालेय जीवनात वाचली होती. तेव्हाही 'पार्टनर' मस्त वाटली होती. पण त्यातील दाहकता जाण [...]

    2. पार्टनर… ह्या पुस्तकाबद्दल मी काय लिहु… एक विलक्षण प्रेम-कहाणी जी मानवी भाव - भावनांचे कंगोरे दाखवते… "तुला मी हाक कशी मारू?, 'पार्टनर' या नावानं…" " लक्षात ठेव दोस्त, तुला मी हवा आहे म्हणूनच मला [...]

    3. Partner is not a just book , It is the Classical tone of human-life. This book tells us about the nature of various human relations and put forward the life of every conman man.It shows almost every relation through which a human goes. On every other page you will find the sentences which you will want to underline. Such a noble read. Every person can see himself in one of the character. Most of the quotes will be reverberating in your mind even after finishing the book. There are very few autho [...]

    4. पार्टनर खुप छान पुस्तक आहे किंवा खुप सुंदर आहे असं काही मी म्हणणार नाही. महोत्सव खरं तर सुंदर पुस्तक आहे. पण पार्टनर वास्तव आहे, शहरातल्या लग्न झालेल्या चाकरमान्याशी जास्त साम्य सांगणारं वा [...]

    5. 'The cemetery is full of people who once considered themselves indispensable' - just one of the gems scattered throughout Va Pu Kale's work.The storyline moves within the confines of courtship to post-happily-ever-after life of Sri & Kiran. However the crests & troughs are enough compensation for its lack of width. Partner is Sri's nameless friend, confidante & philosopher. He flits in and out of the story , yet remains omniscient. Va Pu's brilliance lies primarily in etching nuanced [...]

    6. व पु काळे यांची पार्टनर हि कादंबरी म्हणजे मराठी साहित्यातील एक मौल्यवान रत्न आहे… अप्रतिम लेखन शैली… :)

    7. I am nothing to review this book. This is something that changes your view towards life. Va.PU. surely sees world differently than others. The story is simply amazing. It makes us accept some bitter truths of human life. He has written on relations and relatives in few but effective words. And that Partner is a kind of friend everyone needs in life. He don't even exposed his name, but staying detached from systems made by society, he always gave life a neutral view, and because of that provided [...]

    8. I don't know why this book is so overrated It is a very general love story keep happening in our surrounding.But I must admit few one linear VaPu used regarding zuluk,narak, restaurant bill, general to specific etc. rest is all so ordinary.

    9. Well, this author is all the way different thinking, in this book the way he has colored the relationship between people is one of its kind. to know different definitions/thoughts of him about people

    10. It is a love story in V.P. styleThe facts about Love & Life, beautifully described by V.P. kaleAwesome Book ! Must Read.

    11. Partner is perfect amalgamation of Emotions, may it be excitement,love, erotic, happy,sad,doubtful,trust,embarrassment etc. It has portrayed various phases of life and relations in a fantastic manner. I thought it was only about married life and typical va pu in a fun and philosophical sense. But it is much more than that. It covers every emotions. while reading first three pages ,I felt I picked wrong book. But 3rd or 4th page just pulls you in, and completely takes over your imaginations. Same [...]

    12. This is the 1st book I read of व. पु. and I regret of not reading him before Partner is one of the most mature novel I read till now I loved the story telling this book makes you think for hours every thought makes you feel something now I want to read all books of व. पु suggestion for those who haven't read व. पु you can definitely start with this book like me it's great book to know author's writing

    13. I had heard many cassettes & recordings of Va Pu Kale. This was the first time that I read a book that was written by him. Very quickly I got comfortable with his writing style.After reading only 2 Marathi Kadambaris prior to Partner, which were Yayati and Mrityunjaya, I was accustomed to the fact that most to the times, it takes a atleast page or two to complete a sentence. I thought that this was mandatory to make a literary work a "Classic".I was very surprised to see that most of the sen [...]

    14. I would say we need a partner in life just like partner from this book. The partner in the form of unknown friend who doesn't need name and we still believe in him. The partner will be the guide in life.

    15. Nice book by V.P.Kale. Once of the well know writer of Marathi literature. Everyone should have a Friend like Partner.You should be enough mature to understand this book and feelings of Hero of this book.

    16. This is first book of VP I read. and I become fan of VP. This book is about relationships.You can say different colors of relationships. You start thinking about life differently. Thanks for writing such a beautiful book VP. Love you

    17. I am in love with V. P. Kale. Every line gives me a different way of a looking at life. This book specially helps one to understand relationships betterlationships which can not be described. A relation which is beyond friendship.

    18. The famous art from Va.Pu.! Typical story writing of VaPu keeps you attached to book throughout the reading.The end of the book shocks you and highlights the tragedy of the life

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