The Big Cat Nap

The Big Cat Nap

Rita Mae Brown / Sep 17, 2019

The Big Cat Nap To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the beloved Mrs Murphy mystery series Rita Mae Brown and her intrepid feline co author Sneaky Pie Brown return with a charming claw biting tale starring Mary

  • Title: The Big Cat Nap
  • Author: Rita Mae Brown
  • ISBN: 9780345530448
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Hardcover
  • To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the beloved Mrs Murphy mystery series, Rita Mae Brown and her intrepid feline co author Sneaky Pie Brown return with a charming claw biting tale starring Mary Minor Harry Haristeen Of course prowling faithfully at Harry s side are the sleuthing cats Mrs Murphy, ever wise, and Pewter, reliably cranky and always primed with a raTo celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the beloved Mrs Murphy mystery series, Rita Mae Brown and her intrepid feline co author Sneaky Pie Brown return with a charming claw biting tale starring Mary Minor Harry Haristeen Of course prowling faithfully at Harry s side are the sleuthing cats Mrs Murphy, ever wise, and Pewter, reliably cranky and always primed with a razor sharp quip Fiercely loyal and on the alert, corgi Tee Tucker is also never far behind This time, Harry and her menagerie throw a wrench into the gears of a killer of grease monkeys.It s mid May, and Crozet, Virginia, is heating up fast, or so it seems to Harry The town s beloved ex post mistress is never idle, dividing her time between raising this year s bounty of crops taking care of her veterinarian husband, Fair indulging her passion for classic cars and adding further to her reputation as a nosy neighbor It starts when Harry s dear friend Miranda Hogendobber takes her on a leisurely drive that ends in a narrow drainage ditch The chaos continues when the Very Reverend Herbert Jones s Chevy pick up also abruptly goes kaput But these vehicular mishaps are nothing compared to the much distressing state of a mechanic discovered by Harry in a local repair shop His head s been bashed in Despite numerous warnings from her much loved coterie of friends, human and otherwise, Harry rather quickly surmises that the time has come to pop the hood and conduct her own investigation Her animal companions see disaster fast approaching but can do little except try their best to protect their foolishly intrepid human Harry s race to the truth leads straight to powerful forces determined to avoid scrutiny at any cost even if it means running Harry Haristeen off the road for good.

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      216 Rita Mae Brown
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        Rita Mae Brown is a prolific American writer, most known for her mysteries and other novels Rubyfruit Jungle She is also an Emmy nominated screenwriter.Brown was born illegitimate in Hanover, Pennsylvania She was raised by her biological mother s female cousin and the cousin s husband in York, Pennsylvania and later in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.Starting in the fall of 1962, Brown attended the University of Florida at Gainesville on a scholarship In the spring of 1964, the administrators of the racially segregated university expelled her for participating in the civil rights movement She subsequently enrolled at Broward Community College 3 with the hope of transferring eventually to a tolerant four year institution.Between fall 1964 and 1969, she lived in New York City, sometimes homeless, while attending New York University 6 where she received a degree in Classics and English Later, when she received another degree in cinematography from the New York School of Visual Arts citation needed Brown received a Ph.D in literature from Union Institute University in 1976 and holds a doctorate in political science from the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, D.C.Starting in 1973, Brown lived in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles In 1977, she bought a farm in Charlottesville, Virginia where she still lives 9 In 1982, a screenplay Brown wrote while living in Los Angeles, Sleepless Nights, was retitled The Slumber Party Massacre and given a limited release theatrically.During Brown s spring 1964 semester at the University of Florida at Gainesville, she became active in the American Civil Rights Movement Later in the 1960s, she participated in the anti war movement, the feminist movement and the Gay Liberation movement.Brown took an administrative position with the fledgling National Organization for Women, but resigned in January 1970 over Betty Friedan s anti gay remarks and NOW s attempts to distance itself from lesbian organizations She claims she played a leading role in the Lavender Menace zap of the Second Congress to Unite Women on May 1, 1970, which protested Friedan s remarks and the exclusion of lesbians from the women s movement.In the early 1970s, she became a founding member of The Furies Collective, a lesbian feminist newspaper collective in Washington, DC, which held that heterosexuality was the root of all oppression.Brown told Time magazine in 2008, I don t believe in straight or gay I really don t I think we re all degrees of bisexual There may be a few people on the extreme if it s a bell curve who really truly are gay or really truly are straight Because nobody had ever said these things and used their real name, I suddenly became in the late 1970s the only lesbian in America.


    1. First I must note that I am a great fan of Rita Mae & her animal friends; therefore, I was wildly anticipating this book, the "20th Anniversary" of Mrs Murphy, sleuth cat. However, the animals are much less involved this time around and don't even save any lives! Seriously, the cats and dog involvement here is minimal, mostly they are observers, and frankly, I find them more interesting than some of the human characters. (Oh, by the way, WHAT is with all the animal fighting in this book??? W [...]

    2. Dear Sneaky Pie: Thank you, thank you, thank you. I wrote you earlier after reading Hiss of Death asking you to please convince Rita Mae to tone down her political rants in what are admittedly your books. I don't know if the two of you had a heart-to-heart or whether you have used your little editing paws aggressively, but the difference is impressive. While I still am aware of Rita Mae's political attitudes, I didn't feel that I was being hit over the head with them in this book. Kudos. On to t [...]

    3. The title sums it up. I love Rita Mae Brown and this has always been a fun, comfort-read series for me. I was very disappointed in this one - almost felt like someone much less experienced was writing it. Rather than letting the characters develop there was the constant "narrating" of background and thoughts on behalf of the characters. There were also many "statements" made in the book generally on "behalf" of Harry, but even though I have to say I agreed with the various statements, they weren [...]

    4. I like hearing the cat's and dog's conversations! Harry is an enigma. A very different kind of heroine. She is funny and hard-working, loyal to her friends and she is nosy. She asks questions and searches for clues that tend to get her in trouble, but she solves it in the end.

    5. To be fair to this book is really not my cup of tea. I chose it because I wanted to try a cozy mystery and the concept of cats helping to solve a mystery seemed cute. Unfortunately the cats have very little to do with the mystery at all. However for me I found the plot to be unfocused and the author's narrative voice to be inapt. The characters for the most part all seem to share the same manner of speaking and the same views. This made it hard for me to tell them apart and made the dialog read [...]

    6. When several of Mary Minor “Harry” Haristeen’s friends have minor car accidents that end up with their cars needing major repairs, Harry becomes more than a little suspicious about the repair shop. Harry, being Harry, starts asking questions but before she can learn much, one of the mechanics is murdered. Soon the bodies start piling up and Harry is determined to find out what is going on. However, she needs to be careful or her curiosity may get her killed.I used to read Rita Mae Brown’ [...]

    7. It’s incredible that “The Big Cat Nap” (love the title!) is the twentieth anniversary “collaboration” between tiger cat Sneaky Pie Brown and her human, Rita Mae Brown. This delightful series has more than 4.5 million copies in print, and has frequently been on the New York Times bestseller list. With good reason.The twentieth adventure begins with a series of inexplicable car accidents in the picturesque town of Crozet, Virginia. They’re all attributed to driver error, but lead chara [...]

    8. With this book and also with "Hiss of Death" Rita Mae Brown is (almost) back to her old standards again! After 5+ years of mediocre novels she has written two pretty good ones again. They still aren't as good as the very old ones - I really miss the times when Harry was still Crozet's postmistress - but the logic in the murders is back.In their 20th adventure Harry and her feline/canine friends are confronted with several brutal murders in a local garage. Harry's passion for cars and her usual c [...]

    9. What I enjoy about this series is that they are nice fast reads, very light. Usually the heroine stumbles upon a mystery, gets in too deep, witty banter ensues, her pets save her butt. Cheesiness is inherent to the cat mystery, and I'm down with that. I tend to read these out of order, generally according to whichever one happens to be on the library shelf, so perhaps more recent books in the series have devolved, but I was surprised by the lack of effort in this one.It was terribly predictable; [...]

    10. That part in Lord of the Rings where Gandalf and the Balrog are locked in a death spiral and neither one will let go even though it means doom for them both? That's how it is with me and cat mysteries.

    11. Unconquerable curiosity and a love of cars and machinery leads farmer/sometime detective “Harry” Haristeen into involvement with a dangerous series of crimes. The book has the usual mix of detection and country life, the usual cast of human and animal characters, and the usual humorous interchanges, which makes it a little predictable.

    12. An exciting mysyeryA well thought out mystery with enough subplots to keep the readers guessing who did what.A true action ending.

    13. The characters are enjoyable. I liked "hearing" the pets' thoughts, but this book had a lot of information about cars, their engines, etc. which is not something I am interested in.

    14. As I have said before, I enjoy Rita Mae Browns cat mysteries. They are easy on the mind. My books for in between heavier reading. I Thought the Big Cat Nap was a fun read.

    15. What can anyone say about the series Mrs.Murphy it's one of the best series I'm proud to read. The Big Cat Nap book 20 has Harry and the gang up to their arms and legs in another Crime to solve and have Harry come out alive.

    16. I received this book through Firstreads. This is the first book that I have read from the Mrs. Murphy mystery series, and I was pretty excited to start it, since I live in Virginia and am familiar with the towns and places that the author writes about. However, the book did not have much in the way of substance or depth. The writing style that the author uses reads as if she were writing for a younger audience that has not developed the language skills an adult would possess. I also feel that a [...]

    17. It’s early summer in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and more than just the weather is heating up. Miranda and Rev. Jones both have vehicles in the repair shop. When Susan and Harry go with Rev. Jones to check on his truck, they discover the lifeless body of mechanic Walt Richardson on the garage floor. Then Nick Ashby, another mechanic at ReNu automobile repair, is shot in the driveway of his girlfriend’s home. Something is connecting the two and Harry just can’t leave it alone. But [...]

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