Kennythe Dragon

Kennythe Dragon

Tony DiTerlizzi / Dec 11, 2019

Kennythe Dragon Now in paperback the New York Times bestselling tale of chivalry and showmanship from Tony DiTerlizzi Kenny is a little rabbit with a very big problem His two best friends are heading into a battle o

  • Title: Kennythe Dragon
  • Author: Tony DiTerlizzi
  • ISBN: 9781442436510
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • Now in paperback, the New York Times bestselling tale of chivalry and showmanship from Tony DiTerlizzi.Kenny is a little rabbit with a very big problem His two best friends are heading into a battle of legendary proportions with each other In one corner there s Graeme, a well read and cultured dragon with sophisticated tastes In the other there s George, a retired knighNow in paperback, the New York Times bestselling tale of chivalry and showmanship from Tony DiTerlizzi.Kenny is a little rabbit with a very big problem His two best friends are heading into a battle of legendary proportions with each other In one corner there s Graeme, a well read and cultured dragon with sophisticated tastes In the other there s George, a retired knight and dragon slayer who would be content to spend the rest of his days in his bookshop Neither really wants to fight, but the village townsfolk are set on removing Graeme from their midst and calling George out of retirement Can Kenny avert disaster Tony DiTerlizzi puts a fun filled, thoroughly theatrical spin on Kenneth Graeme s classic tale of subterfuge and showmanship with this lighthearted romp of a retelling.

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        New York Times bestselling author and illustrator Tony DiTerlizzi has been creating children s books for nearly two decades From fanciful picture books like The Spider The Fly a Caldecott Honor book , to chapter books like Kenny and The Dragon and the WondLa trilogy, DiTerlizzi imbues his stories with a rich imagination With Holly Black, he created the middle grade series, The Spiderwick Chronicles, which has sold millions of copies, been adapted into a feature film, and has been translated in over thirty countries He teamed up with Lucasfilm to retell the original Star Wars trilogy as a picture book and his collaboration with acclaimed author Mo Willems created the bestselling The Story of Diva Flea The beginning of his storied career is showcased in Realms The Roleplaying Game Art of Tony DiTerlizzi He has been featured in Time magazine, USA Today, CNN, PBS, the BBC and The Today Show.


    1. After another night of reading six picture books to my five year old sister, I decided that I should try her on a chapter book. So I set out to find her first chapter book, and on that day I found Kenny & the Dragon. I borrowed it on the spot and we began that night. I am so glad that this book found us, it was the perfect introduction for her to long books. I knew of Tony Diterlizzi's other works, however I had never read them.The characters are endearing to the extremes, the story sweet an [...]

    2. An adorable book with fun illustrations about a bookish young rabbit who befriends a very large dragon. Great for reading aloud.Reread 2016: Got a new copy for Christmas, as ours had inexplicably disappeared! Love this book. The illustrations are so beautiful, and the story is a great take on The Reluctant Dragon. The kids loved it, too.

    3. I almost want to give everyone a copy of this book. For starters it's a wonderful story and if that's not enough, it has these whimsical illustrations.Kenny is a rabbit who lives in the sleepy little village of Roundbrook. Kenny gets out and about on a penny farthing and he always has a book bag with him. "Kenny always had his head buried in a book. Fairy tales and natural history were his two favorite topics, and as far as Kenny was concerned, both held the same merit in the real world."Of cour [...]

    4. This book was so WHOLESOME and honestly the perfect pick-me-up after a tough few days. My heart is literally so happy you have no idea.

    5. Um livro que conseguiu despertar o interesse pela leitura no meu irmão. Muito bom para crianças que se encontrem no 1.º ciclo :)

    6. I saw "Kenny & thee Dragon" at my local library and picked it up solely based on the fact that it was by Tony DiTerlizzi. I have been a fan of his artwork since my days of Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons. His illustrations have an unmistakably recognizable style, and even things that are supposed to be disturbing have a warmth and familiarity to them when he puts them on paper. So of course I had to see what kind of story he could attach to that.As the title states, it's a bo [...]

    7. Kenny is an adventurous rabbit and lives in the sleepy farming village of Roundbrook. Kenny is an avid reader who always has his head stuck in a book, a trait the others in his school finds odd. They aren't interested in the tales of knights or dragons that Kenny finds fascinating. One day Kenny's father comes home and tells of the dragon he saw on their nearby hill. Kenny of course wants to run out and see this real live dragon himself. Kenny's mother allows it, as long as he finishes his homew [...]

    8. There are dozens of books about kids making new friends and looking past outward appearances, but this one takes the cake. A bookish rabbit named Kenny meets a dragon named Grahame and the two become fast friends. Things get complicated when Kenny’s only other friend, George the local bookseller, is hired by the king to slay the dragon. The short book is packed with great life lessons: finding nonviolent solutions to your problems, respecting your parents, talking out your problems with others [...]

    9. The Spiderwick Chronicles sat on my shelf for quite a while before I got around to reading them. Once I did, I realized that I was missing out on the magic and fun of Tony DeTerlizzi.Today I read Kenny & the Dragon -- a heartwarming story about friendship with the time tested lessons of not judging someone until you actually get to know him or her and being true to yourself woven in nicely. There is adventure and the tiniest bit of romance, with some lovely literary references sprinkled in f [...]

    10. I adore this book because of the characters, Kenny a quiet young rabbit meets Grahme a peaceful dragon looking for peace.When people start learning about Grahme a chaotic twist starts. The author leads you on a journey that you realize Kenny has a plan! The story shows much more than just a cover and words, it shows an unknown adventure!

    11. You know those books that you really want to love, and you do like some little parts of them, but overall you just can't say you liked it? This was one of those books for me.I liked the dragon, Grahame. He has amusing potential, and ought to have his own book.The illustrations are lovely, charming and whimsical. It would have been great if the book included more drawings, because really, I enjoyed them more than the story.What is the target reader age group? Young children (I'm thinking six/seve [...]

    12. Reviewed by Rebecca Wells for TeensReadTooKenny Rabbit has always been a little different. While most in the tiny farming town of Roundbrook are, indeed, farmers, he is a perpetual bookworm and dreamer, always with one fanciful notion or another in his head. But now it appears that he may be just a little too different for the citizens of Roundbrook - after all, who on earth has a dragon for a best friend? When the villagers learn of the dragon running loose over the countryside, they immediatel [...]

    13. Kenny is a young bunny who is quite different than everyone else: he enjoys reading, learning and has peculiar friends. The dragon, for instance, who recently showed up in his family's field. All of Kenny's readings portray dragons as cruel and firebreathing, but this one likes poetry, music and crème brûlée. They become fast friends, but the rest of the town doesn't agree with Kenny's new findings on dragons. Everyone is determined to get rid of it and even call on the king, who calls on his [...]

    14. Mais um livro que me arrebatou imediatamente pela capa. Já conhecia o autor das Crónicas de Spiderwick e ao folhear este livro fiquei imediatamente estupefacto pela qualidade, vivacidade e doçura das ilustrações – apesar de serem todas a preto e branco, o que dá a ideia do autor as ter desenhado ali mesmo com o lápis.A história é simples e leve e por isso lê-se num ápice. É uma história juvenil (infantil?) acerca da amizade e inocência, retratadas na personagem de um jovem coelho [...]

    15. Kenny's father burst into the cottage one day and informs the family that they need to move. You see there is a dragon up on the hilltop. Curious, Kenny decides to investigate and initially thinks he would be perfect for the science fair. When more and more people learn of the dragons existence, the king orders his dragon slayer to dispatch the dragon. The only problem is that Kenny and the dragon have become friends and the dragon slayer is also one of his friends. What is poor Kenny to do? Ill [...]

    16. When a bookish dragon settles on the hill near his home, Kenny is anxious to investigate. He is made a little nervous by Grahame’s size at first meeting, but soon the two are best friends. However, the citizens of the nearby town aren’t so anxious to make friends with a dragon. The problem grows when Kenny realizes George, another of his close friends, has been ordered to exterminate Grahame. Soon it will take all of Kenny’s brains and strength of character to save his newest friend from t [...]

    17. This was adorable! Just honestly so, so cute. The drawings were fantastic and made the characters much more relateable.Kenny as the main character was beautifully done. He's exactly the type of character that my students would relate to: would rather read and learn about science and fairy tales than just about anything, doesn't fit in at school because he sincerely wants to be there, and would rather meet and get to know the dragon than automatically assume it's bad.The drawings of Grahame were [...]

    18. When young Kenny Rabbit finds a dragon hanging out on the hill behind his house, he's afraid at first. But once he gets to know Grahame, he realizes that he's found a kindred spirit and a best friend. When townspeople discover the dragon and insist on destroying it, Kenny has to figure out a way to save his new friend without hurting any of the townspeople. Gorgeous illustrations improve an uneven story. I liked the writing for the most part, but Kenny's voice and the tone of the book seemed to [...]

    19. Incredible vocabulary, well told and creative story about friendship within a retold fairytale. A variety of animal characters woven into the plot, with the main character being a boy rabbit and and ancient dragon. I really loved this book. I learned some new things when I was reading. I never heard of birch beer before. Now I am on a quest to find some and try it.Until I read The Search for WondLa, I did not know this author. I have certainly become one of is biggest fans just this summer! If o [...]

    20. This was a delightful little book. I especially enjoyed looking at Tony DiTerlizzi's illustrations. His drawings never cease to amuse or amaze me. The story was a little simplistic, but I think juvenile readers would find it inspiring and want to read over and over again. Tony does an excellent job of having a simple message without dumbing down the reading level. I would recommend.*Taken from my book reviews blog: reviewsatmse/2008

    21. Absolutely adorable. My first grader was enthralled with this story from beginning to end and on the edge of her seat wondering what was going to happen between George and Grahame. There were some words that were difficult for her but the writing was funny and cute and engaging without dumbing down the messages. And the pictures were beautiful. It was a great read aloud for us and I'd definitely recommend it.

    22. This story is short and sweet and made me feel like a child all over again. DiTerlizzi definitely knows what children like to read. It includes many important lessons, mostly about respecting each other despite our differences, and it delivers these lessons without being preachy. The illustrations have a scratchy aesthetic that made the story feel even more like a fairy tale, something that happened "Once upon a farm." I would love to see this one turned into a movie.

    23. They really need 1/2 stars. This book was ok. I guess it had some morals or something. Don't judge a book by it's cover or something. It was a play on the reluctant dragon, which I now have to read. It had little talking animals. Anyways, this rabbit, Kenneth (Kenny) befriends a dragon in his family pasture. The town finds out and wants to destroy the scourge, stuff happens and the end is kind of lame. Really, this sunshine state stuff is a bit disappointing.

    24. This book takes place in a normal town where Kenny lives. When there is talk about a dragon near his house he decides to go and see for him self but what he finds is not at all what he expected. I think this is an outstanding book and I recommend it as a short read for middle schoolers and a book for the younger generation.

    25. I have read this book about 5 times. It is my absolute favorite book in the whole world. You would never be able to count all of the funny parts in this fantastic book. Adventure and fantasy mixed into one. Best combination ever! I would very highly recommend this book to any adventurous reader!

    26. I loved this book! I thought it was a really good book. I had also read The Spiderwick Chronicles by the same author and loved those so I really like this author and I would like to read more of his books. This book just had a really sweet story in general. I loved the dragon in the book and the pictures are really good too! I want him to write a sequel!

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