Please Do Feed the Cat

Please Do Feed the Cat

Marian Babson / Oct 16, 2019

Please Do Feed the Cat A decomposing bodya severed head in a closeta macabre meeting with Mother mystery writer Lorinda Lucas tosses yet another paperback in the trash appalled at the gruesome direction of today s crime fi

  • Title: Please Do Feed the Cat
  • Author: Marian Babson
  • ISBN: 9780312938673
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • A decomposing bodya severed head in a closeta macabre meeting with Mother mystery writer Lorinda Lucas tosses yet another paperback in the trash, appalled at the gruesome direction of today s crime fiction She s even disturbed at the half starved state of Roscoe, the cat next door Before Lorinda left for her latest book tour, Roscoe was as plump and pampereA decomposing bodya severed head in a closeta macabre meeting with Mother mystery writer Lorinda Lucas tosses yet another paperback in the trash, appalled at the gruesome direction of today s crime fiction She s even disturbed at the half starved state of Roscoe, the cat next door Before Lorinda left for her latest book tour, Roscoe was as plump and pampered as her own two felines, Had I and But Known It only takes a modicum of sleuthing to find out that in Lorinda s absence Roscoe s owner, Macho Magee, has acquired a new girlfriend a harridan who has put the gentle Macho and his pet on a strict diet And that s only the first disturbing news in Brimful Coffers, the once quiet village that now includes a writer s colony Lorinda soon discovers that a hit and run has ended a child s life, professional jealousy has taken a deadly twist, and murder is just around the catty corner

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      197 Marian Babson
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      • Marian Babson

        Marian Babson, a pseudonym for Ruth Stenstreem, was born in Salem, Massachusetts, but has lived in London for the greater part of her life She has worked as a librarian managed a campaign headquarters been a receptionist, secretary, and den mother to a firm of commercial artists and was co editor of a machine knitting magazine, despite the fact that she can t knit, even with two needles A long sojourn as a temp sent her into the heart of business life all over London, working for architects, law firms, the British Museum, a Soho club, and even a visiting superstar She also served as secretary to the Crime Writers Association Now she is a full time writer whose many interests include theatre, cinema, art, cooking, travel, and, of course, cats, which feature in many of her mystery books Her first published work was Cover Up Story in 1971 and Only the Cat 2007 was her 44th novel.The publisher s tagline for her style is Murder Most British, a style reflected in each of her novels Any violence is not graphically described and the sleuths are usually amateurs She does re use certain characters, such as the publicity firm Perkins Tate and a couple of ageing actresses, her books all stand alone and can be read in any order Gerry Wolstenholme September 2010


    1. I was a little apprehensive to pick this book up, however I am somewhat happy that I did. This is really the first murder-mystery that I have read, and while it wasn't great it did open me up to a new genre that I previously didn't think that I would like. Marion Babson does a great job at developing her characters. Her characters were people I could imagine actually running into. They did not seem to be distant fantasy characters with whom I could not connect. I enjoyed reading this book until [...]

    2. A light snack of a book, uncomplicated for a "mystery." Refreshing literary pallate cleanser for me - I picked it up because of the cat. I love cats. So does the author, and her main characters. She happily devotes many narrative passages to the behaviors and idiosyncracies of the main character's two cats: "Had I" and "But Known." :-) Cute.

    3. A light-hearted cozy set in a British writers' colony, Please DO Feed the Cat contains murder, mystery writers, and cats. The characters are well-developed. The plot's a little thin and so is Roscoe, a formerly plump cat who's been put on a diet. Entertaining and charming. I'm going on a Marian Babson reading spree.

    4. What a fun-filled book, straight outta Britain, no not Compton. :-) I loved all the characters and that is indeed what they were, a cast of real characters. The storyline was not muddled and moved right along. A great, fun-filled, summer read. Like who wants to read Ayn Rand or "War and Peace" in the summer? :-)

    5. I came across this book on my last library trip and am not going to lie to you. I picked this up because of the title and cover. The cover also states this is a mystery novel. I thought it would be a great little cozy mystery. But, I was sadly horribly disappointed with this novel. I wanted it to be so much more than it was.In this short mystery, Lorinda Lucas has just gotten back to England after a short book tour of the states. She lives in a small community that is filled to the brim with mys [...]

    6. I liked this book a lot, beginning with the cover, a picture of a cat looking hungrily at a birdcage. The characters (cats and humans) were interesting, especially Lorinda and Freddie. I loved that Lorinda's cats were named for that famous literary convention HIBK; they were "Had I" and "But Known." The setting of a colony of mystery writers was very enjoyable. I was glad to find out (from , of course) that there was a volume before this, so now I can read about these characters some more. I wou [...]

    7. BOTTOM LINE: #2 of 2 satirical cosies concerning Lorinda Lucas, author, in peculiar Brimful Coffers, rural England. A wonderfully cosy romp for those of us who love cats and amateur sleuths and Babson, but not recommended unless you’ve already read #1, CANAPES FOR THE KITTIES, 1996, a somewhat better book than this, unfortunately. I adore Lorinda, but Babson kept repeating herself. The weaknesses of this sequel wouldn’t stop me from gobbling up a third though, should there be one - it's stil [...]

    8. Mystery writers Freddie and Lorinda are neighbors in a quaint English village, and concerned about their close friend Macho (he writes that kind of book), a gentle man who has taken up with Cressie, a harridan who starves him and his cat Roscoe. Macho seems to dislike Cressie, as do all the neighbors, but she has some hold on him. Meanwhile, the village has been shocked by the hit-and-run death of a child. When there's a second death, all the neighbors suspect the same person. Things are not as [...]

    9. I'm a sucker for a cozy mystery with cats. They don't have to solve the mystery - just be in it, and I'm happy. This story was a quick read and fairly entertaining, although it felt a bit rushed and thrown together at the ending. I will likely look for more mysteries by Marian Babson, especially since she tends to include animals in her talesw words: harridan, chatelaine, temerity, surcease, proscenium

    10. Cute book. I thought I had picked up a clunker but was pleasantly surprised when it was revealed that the first page was the beginning of a novel the heroine was reading and not the storyline for this book. Her inclusion of the cats in the story was preferable to me to the way Lillian Braun does her cat stories. The mystery is rather predictable, but the blandness in the plot is forgivable because the cats are so lovable. I picked this book up to read for "You'll Love This One" group read.

    11. My first book by this author. Not the best writing, but she does mock the cliches of many far-worse writers. I don't know that I'd pursue the other books in the series, but they're a nice option to fall back on when there is nothing else around. Also a very fast read as it is shorter than your average book.I would've preferred to give it 3.5 stars, but it was definitely above a three star rating.

    12. In the first chapter, the protagonist is reading a book and drops it to the floor. This was how I felt when the 2nd chapter started with another mystery story to read. I was not thrilled. I enjoyed the sections that were not other books, but the chapters that started that way, just made it harder to read.

    13. Crazy but funny story. Small English Village where lots of writers live. Very devoted cat owners and dog owners among them. Murder involved, of course. You have your nervous type of character, who tends to babble. The rude,demanding female character. And the cynical ones. Marion Babson's books usually feature at least one cat.

    14. Fun mystery about a small village of mystery writers and their cats and dogs. It's very fun,and easy to get into. I love the names of the kitties - Had-I, But-Known, and Roscoe. I got this in our library's take-me-home free section and oow I want to try and find the first book as it is the second in a series.

    15. I really enjoy light mysteries, and Marian Babson's cat books fit the bill. You won't figure out whodunit, but just sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy the atmosphere. ***I have read other books of hers, but have found them slightly more disturbing and less fun than the ones that feature cats.

    16. Not a huge fan. I will not be reading anymore of Marian Babson's books. The book dragged and in the last 4 pages mystery solved, it felt like when they took scooby doo cartoons (30 minutes long) and turned them into movies.

    17. This was an OK read. Except that the names of the cats are so unwieldy that everytime they are mentioned in the book, it throws you off your reading rhythm.

    18. Fun little mystery set in the cozy English writers’ colony of Brimful Coffers. Three cats are among the main characters.

    19. Got it for my mother, who asked for a book to read. Large print, for her poor eyes. She still couldn't see it. It's a cosy.

    20. This is a good mystery using a cat as part of the story line. The idea that the story is based in England also makes it interesting.

    21. So So rather unbelievable story, happily it was a short book-not sure I would recommend it, a bit on the British dull side for me.

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