Garden Plot

Garden Plot

Kristen McKendry / Feb 19, 2020

Garden Plot Erin Kilpatrick has enough trouble running a rehab center for recovering alcoholics and drug abusers taking care of her thirteen year old daughter and struggling to pay the bills But finding the dea

  • Title: Garden Plot
  • Author: Kristen McKendry
  • ISBN: 9781608612376
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Erin Kilpatrick has enough trouble running a rehab center for recovering alcoholics and drug abusers, taking care of her thirteen year old daughter, and struggling to pay the bills But finding the dead body of one of her guests sprawled in her garden complicates things

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        Kristen McKendry began writing in her teens and her work has been published in Canada and the U.S She holds a Bachelors Degree in Linguistics from Brigham Young University and has always been a voracious reader Kristen has a strong interest in urban agriculture, sustainable living, environmental issues, and the local foods movement She incorporates these themes in her writing, and she also lets her Mormon background flavour her work to make her culture accessible to mainstream readers She enjoys playing the bagpipes and banjo, learning obscure languages, growing wheat in the backyard, and making cheese Raised in Utah, she now resides with her family in Canada She s also the proud grandmother of the world s cutest kids, Rowyn and E ghann.Kristen won the 2012 Mississauga Arts Council MARTY Award for Established Literary Arts, and her book Garden Plot was nominated for the 2011 Whitney Award for excellence in LDS fiction.


    1. Anyone who knows me at all, knows I really don't enjoy LDS fiction. Knowing this, a friend told me this book was cute and I should give it a chance. So I did. But Too many things had to be explained in detail before the characters got them and I felt there was too much doctrine mentioned that really had no relevance to the story. There were also many loose ends to the mystery that were never explained. If someone is looking for an LDS book that throws in a lot of doctrine and is clean, then this [...]

    2. I thought this was really cute! I liked that Erin worked incredibly hard to get to where she was, and was still having lots of problems! She wasn't rich, and had a 13 year old who wasn't perfect, but wasn't crazy either. She had some love interests, but it was very much back burner in this suspense (even though I knew who the accomplice was for a lot of the book). It was more of a "hhmmm" than a sitting on the edge of your seat book. I love the fact that she always had a hymn in her head! I sing [...]

    3. In my mind, romantic mysteries are supposed to be "unrealistic" on some levels. Just the word "romance" used to described a book implies escape literature rather than anything based in reality. I have read many romances. While they are fun and allow me to escape my present challenges for a few hours, I kept thinking how unrealistic aspects of this book were, and it was distracting. For example, I have been a woman business owner supporting myself, and I would not have had time to solve a mystery [...]

    4. Wait!!!!! Seriously it can't end there! Grrr! This was a fun read. I do think it ended a chapter earlyor how about an epilogue at least. ;) Erin was such a great leading Lady! I loved the strength in her character. She made me laugh with her detective endeavors. Poor Harris had to do his best to keep up with her. Overall it was an easy read. I'm not huge on deep mystery which is probably why I liked this so much. Yes, it is a mystery novel but it had enough humor entwined that kept it light and [...]

    5. I was very disappointed in this book. I didn't like the way it just ended There were to many unanswered questions. Why go through the whole book with Liam liking Erin and finally lead you toward him investigating the church etc. for them to just leave it in the air? Did she get the missionaries to talk to him? Did he join? What happened with 'them'??? WHY did Trevor do it? and HOW did Candace fit into it and WHY??? The book drawls out the murder but then ends I think I could have gotten that muc [...]

    6. This was one of the worst mysteries I've read in a long time. First of all, why was the detective telling Erin all the details of the case? He would not be able to share stuff like that without getting in trouble. And it was really weird that they fell in love when he showed no personality throughout the entire novel until the very end. Also, it drove me nuts how the author kept throwing in random hymns that were stuck in Erin's head. Most of them were hymns that nobody even knows and why did sh [...]

    7. To many unanswered questions. No build up. Just trying to analyze through every chapter "who done it." Needless to say, I was a little disappointed.

    8. I really liked this cozy mystery. I wasn't sure what to expect when I began, but it delivered with even pacing, a good mystery, likable characters, humor, and a touch of romance. The story takes place in Canada and has an LDS main character, though religion is merely part of Erin's life and takes a backseat to the story . It was just what I was looking for!

    9. Full review originally published here: bit/ndw8eo (ldswbr)First Line:It couldn’t be good for business to have a guest drop dead in the vegetable garden.With a first line like that, I knew I was in for an entertaining read with Garden Plot.Erin, the owner and director of a halfway house for recovering addicts as well as mother to a 13 year-old daughter, is our narrator in this story told in first person. The book begins with Erin finding a body of a guest/patient in her garden that has unfortun [...]

    10. Okay, so this book had its faults, but I really liked it. It was a fun murder mystery. It was clean, well-written, and had an engaging plot-line. One of the little side threads that ran through the book, that I could relate to, was that the main character, Erin, always had a hymn running through her head. These weren't just the typical hymns that every LDS person grows up with. Some of the hymns were: "On This Day of Joy and Gladness," "Father, This Hour Has Been One of Joy," just to name a coup [...]

    11. It's kind of rare for me to read a book that someone hasn't recommended, or I am familiar with the author. However, I came across Garden Plot and the cover got me interested (because I totally judge a book by its cover) and the synopsis sounded interesting. I'm glad I picked it up. Garden plot (which I think the title is a clever play on words) was a fun LDS mystery that can be read quite quickly. I loved how Erin always had a hymn in her head. Some of the hymns she picked were just down right h [...]

    12. There is a body discovered in the vegetable garden of a wellness center (after detox) and it appears to be that of a "guest." When it turns out that the fingerprints don't match those of the man staying there, another mystery appears--who was murdered and why? Who did it?I, personally, love it when I can't figure a mystery out. I thought this one was well done. There were twists and turns that I didn't expect. I really enjoyed how the main character thought--the hymns that would come to her mind [...]

    13. I enjoyed reading this book. It was easy to follow but kept my interest. I enjoyed the humor of this single mom as well as her ability to use common sense to help solve the murder of someone she found in her garden. If I'm not mistaken I think this was Kristen McKendry's 1st mystery novel, her 2nd one might be coming out this fall. I am looking forward to reading the next one. I also enjoyed the fact that the main character is a Latter-day Saint so there were references to the Church regarding h [...]

    14. I loved this book. It was clean, well written and had a great story.Erin, the heroine of story, isn't some young anorexic girl with blonde hair and big boobs. She's a real woman, living a real life and dealing with real problems. Her biggest problem is the dead body she finds in her vegetable garden. The body without a face.The naming of the hymns that ran through her head was good and sometimes made me laugh.I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a good murder mystery without any gore [...]

    15. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The owner of an in-patient halfway house of sorts finds a dead body in her garden, presumably one of her patients. Presumably. I love a good puzzle to figure out, and the main character was detail oriented and sharp as a tack. This is an LDS fiction book, meaning the main character is a Mormon and there are a few cultural references that a non-Mormon reader won't quite get, but it wouldn't take away from the rest of the story. My only complaint is there is no sequel!

    16. Erin Kilpatrick is the owner of a half-way house for patients who have just completed detox. Imagine her surprise to walk out into her garden one morning and find one of her clients lying dead there! It takes a while to figure everything (and everyone) out, and a possible romance starts to spark. Like me, certain hymn tunes pop into Erin's head to fit the current situation.A fun read!

    17. This was a cute story. I really liked Erin and Detective Harris, so it was fun to follow them along in the book. It's the type of the story that's very easy to enjoy as long as you don't think about it too hard (the mystery could easily have been solved much sooner & the LDS parts are sort of clunkily placed). But it's light and has some nice humor.

    18. To be honest, I didnt finish it. I love murder mysteries and was so excited to read this because I love gardening too but I dont know if it was the context or writing style i did not like but I couldn't get into it. I think I got to halfway when i decided to stop because I still didn't know what was going onI may give it another try one of these days but it just didnt grab my attention. /:

    19. Erin's got enough to do running a halfway house for recovering addicts, without the body she happens upon in the garden one morning. Oh dear. She gets thrown into the middle of the ongoing investigation--getting to know Detective Harris is an unforeseen bonus.Clean, cozy mystery. Subplots involving Erin's life were well done. Leisurely paced, with a sweet romance. Enjoyable vacation read.

    20. This book was cute and there was a lot of funny stuff in it. But, I felt it took too long to get really into it and a lot of the parts of the book just kind of dragged. So, I guess it's a decent read, but there are others that I like much better.

    21. Yay! Another great LDS mystery writer! I love McKendry's style, her whimsical descriptions, and her offbeat characters. I also really enjoyed having the mystery set in Canada, and a halfway house/rehab center; I learned a bit about both while being completely entertained.

    22. This was a cute LDS novel about a woman who found a dead body in her garden. It had some funny parts, and, of course, was very clean. I thought it was a little boring, and the romance didn't quite ring true. I also thought there were too many loose ends that needed to be resolved.

    23. This was a great book. I liked the characters in this story. The main character is a very observent person who runs a care center. She finds a body in her garden at the center. It was a very interesting story to read. I have read other books by this author and have liked them also.

    24. i got a kick out this book. I found a body in my garden, who is it? I'm going to solve it, so i can get over it. Detective Harris gives me butterfly's in my tummy, always coming around talking the case with me. Dr Callum likes me but i don't like him that way.

    25. this book is absolutely hilarious and i absolutely love it. the love story is classic with a murder twist ,which in my opinion spices things up a bit. so get ready for a book filled with humor, romance, a great amount of sleuthing,and of course murder.

    26. Cute book. There Were aspects of the character Erin that I really enjoyed, I thought she had a quirky sense of humor. But the romance felt a little to wrapped up in the end for me and parts of the plot a little contrived.

    27. This is a cute fast read- that I listened to in the car. It sometimes lost my interest but it plods on slowly but it picked up and I ended up enjoying it. I think the author will learn from this and continue to write even better mystery plots that we can enjoy.

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