Mass Effect: Invasion

Mass Effect: Invasion

Mac Walters Omar Francia John Jackson Miller Massimo Carnevale / Feb 26, 2020

Mass Effect Invasion Mass Effect amp lead writer Mac Walters returns with an essential story from BioWare s massively anticipated video game Mass Effect The Omega space station is the center of lawlessness in the ga

  • Title: Mass Effect: Invasion
  • Author: Mac Walters Omar Francia John Jackson Miller Massimo Carnevale
  • ISBN: 9781595828675
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mass Effect 2 amp 3 lead writer Mac Walters returns with an essential story from BioWare s massively anticipated video game Mass Effect 3 The Omega space station is the center of lawlessness in the galaxy, a den of vice ruled by the deadly asari Aria It is also a strategic foothold in a galaxy wide power struggle, and when the station comes under attack from a new tMass Effect 2 amp 3 lead writer Mac Walters returns with an essential story from BioWare s massively anticipated video game Mass Effect 3 The Omega space station is the center of lawlessness in the galaxy, a den of vice ruled by the deadly asari Aria It is also a strategic foothold in a galaxy wide power struggle, and when the station comes under attack from a new threat unleashed by the humanity first organization Cerberus, Aria is forced to become ruthless than ever to protect her homemdash and her dominion An essential lead in to the most anticipated game of 2012 Over 7 million games sold Includes a story from Mac Walters previously only available online The book stays true to everything we know and love about the Mass Effect games mdash VGChartz

    Mass Effect Mass Effect is a science fiction action role playing third person shooter video game series developed by the Canadian company BioWare and released for the Xbox , PlayStation , and Microsoft Windows, with the third instalment also released on the Wii U.The fourth game was released on Windows, PlayStation and Xbox One in March The original trilogy largely revolves around a soldier Mass Effect video game Mass Effect is an action role playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Microsoft Game Studios and Electronic Arts.Originally released for the Xbox video game console in , it is the first game of the Mass Effect series The game takes place within the Milky Way galaxy in the year , where civilization is threatened by a highly advanced machine race known as the Reapers. Mass Effect Mass Effect Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Mass Effect is a science fiction role playing action game developed by BioWare for the Xbox and later ported to the PC and the PlayStation It is the first installment of the Mass Effect trilogy Mass Effect was released on November , in North America, November , in Australia Mass Effect Mass Effect Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Mass Effect is the sequel to Mass Effect and Mass Effect developed by BioWare for the PC, PlayStation , and Xbox It is the final game in the Mass Effect trilogy Mass Effect was released March , in North America, March , in Australia, Switzerland and Poland, and March Mass Effect Franchise TV Tropes Mass Effect is a Space Opera multimedia franchise, originating as an RPG third person shooter.It was developed by BioWare, which also developed Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Baldur s Gate, Jade Empire, and Neverwinter Nights. The series takes place in the near future Mars turned out to have an outpost of the franchise s Precursors, the Protheans, which yielded up advanced Mass Effect FanFiction Archive FanFiction An AU of mass effect following all three games Not sure on the romance option yet It was just a normal day but that would be the day that everything changed for me and started me on a path that would decide the future of all races within the Milky Way. Mass Effect Mass Effect , BioWare Microsoft Game Studios , Mass Effect Mass Effect Wikipdia Mass Effect est un jeu vido de science fiction de type action RPG, ralis par l quipe de dveloppement canadienne BioWare et crit par l auteur canadien Drew Karpyshyn , qui est dj l origine de nombreux jeux estampills Bioware dont Jade Empire et Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.Le jeu est disponible depuis novembre sur Xbox , en juin sur Windows, et par Mass Effect Mass Effect un videogioco action RPG del , sviluppato da BioWare e pubblicato da Microsoft Games Studios per Xbox e Microsoft Windows.Nel dicembre del uscita anche una versione per PlayStation , pubblicata da Electronic Arts come parte della Mass Effect Trilogy. Il gioco si svolge nell anno d.C con il giocatore che assume il ruolo di un soldato umano di lite, il Mass Effect Mass Effect ist ein Action Rollenspiel in der Science Fiction Spielwelt Mass Effect des kanadischen Spieleentwicklers BioWare und der abschlieende Titel der Reaper Trilogie Die Bedrohung der galaktischen Lebensformen kulminiert in der Invasion der Milchstrae durch das auerirdische Maschinenvolk der Reaper.

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      • Mac Walters Omar Francia John Jackson Miller Massimo Carnevale

        Mac Walters is a writer and director, known for Mass Effect 2 2010 , Mass Effect 2007 and Mass Effect 3


    1. I received this to review through Netgalley. I couldn't resist requesting it -- I haven't read the other Mass Effect graphic novels or books, but I've played Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, and I'm partway through Mass Effect 3, and Aria is a character who has always intrigued me. This book fills in the gaps a bit, showing a person who is passionate about her leadership, protecting her people -- as little as she pretends to care, she's ready to come through for her people and do everything necess [...]

    2. It's no surprise that I thought this one was awesome. I love Mass Effect. I love everything to do with Mass Effect. I play it more for the character interaction and amazing story line than anything else. And Aria T'Loak is a character that I enjoyed while playing the game. So when I saw this baby appear on Netgalley I knew I had to have it. I played Mass Effect 3 prior to reading Invasion, so I knew from conversations with Aria that something had happened to her control of the Omega space statio [...]

    3. 4.5*A very fun and detailed comic that fills in gaps between Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.The artwork was fantastic and a great tie-in to the games, expanding the universe and exploring the back story of Aria T’Loak. The comic also provided hints to a possible DLC, which is never a bad thing.The only negative thing to say about this is that I do not find the digital format to quite suit comics, resulting in some of the panels being confused, but that is just me nitpicking.An advance reader [...]

    4. Comics, as a medium, really shine when you can expand upon a universe like Mass Effect. Minor characters can take on a life of their own like Aria does in Invasion. Do I even need to mention the fantastic artwork? If you love Mass Effect, then you'll love this graphic novel too. Pick it. You won't be sorry.

    5. The Mass Effect graphic novels continue to be interesting, though like book two, I don't feel like these are essential reading. The first book set an incredibly high bar with its focus on what happened to Commander Shepard between the prologue of Mass Effect 2 and the main story. It also focused on Liara, one of my favorite characters, and it was just a great story to boot.This book focuses on Aria and how she lost control of Omega Station, which is something that becomes a sidequest focus in Ma [...]

    6. “Mass Effect: Invasion” is a great comic which no fan of the rich universe created by Bioware should miss. As you may know this is the origin of the story which culminates in the Omega DLC for “Mass Effect 3” and it details how exactly Cerberus got control of Omega and defeated Aria T´Loak, its leader. We are also introduced to Oleg Petrovsky, a cunning and highly intelligent agent of the Illusive Man and the DLC´s main villain. Oleg along with Aria of course, is the main draw of this [...]

    7. Now I'm a big fan of the Mass Effect series. So I was curious to fill this gap between the ME2 and ME3 games.Invasion is an action-packed story with some great artwork.Why am I not enthusiastic then? It's mainly because of plot and narration.Since Invasion was originally released as a series of comic books you had to have a cliffhanger at the end of every episode to keep people interested. Then at the start of the next episode you'll have a few sentences to recap what happened. When reading it n [...]

    8. This is certainly one graphic novel I'm going to try and find when I get the chance, it's worth owning and re-reading. It's no secret I'm a big fan of Mass Effect and any chance I get to find out more from that series I take it without hesitation. This book gives you some insight on Aria T'Loak of Omega's situation after the 2nd game, which if you haven't played the 3rd game will definitely make you super curious as to what's going on in a larger sense. Seeing as I have played the 3rd game I kno [...]

    9. I read this pretty much at the same time as playing through the 'Omega' DLC for Mass Effect, which this is a prequel to (although note this does also take place before Aria's small part in ME3), which was a nice idea as it meant everything going on in the DLC felt relevant to the graphic novel. Really enjoyable story, especially if you're an Aria fan like myself, although not sure how much sense this would make for someone who hasn't played Mass Effect 2. The characters felt like they did in the [...]

    10. Did I like this one the most because it featured so much of Aria? You better believe it! Aria is the best character in the game. And this makes so much more sense now reading this and thinking about what happens in Mass Effect 3. Aria is literally the coolest. The blood pack and the blue suns uniting under her reign to take back Omega. Also I hate Cerberus so much. I don't get why they think they're so much better then all the other life forms when they came to the relays so much later (I was go [...]

    11. The third of the Mass Effect graphic novels which takes place between the second and third game. I thought the story wasn't too bad. It focuses mainly on Aria T'Loak, the queen of Omega, and takes place fully on Omega. Cerberus, the human supremacist group, is the main antagonist here. Without revealing too much of the plot I will say that it starts with Cerberus bringing something to Omega that spirals out of control and will show what lengths Aria will go to to keep Omega. So overall it is a g [...]

    12. A graphic novel which takes place between the 2nd and 3rd Mass Effect computer games, this tells the story of a battle over Omega between Aria and Cerberus. Like the other graphic novels in the series, it lacks any particular depth, but rather gets the plot out in a workman like fashion. The art style was a bit overdone and the text was particularly hard to read at times (this may be due to the eBook version of the ARC which I read). Still, it explains in a bit more detail changes in the galaxy' [...]

    13. An effective little tie in.I honestly wasn't expecting such quality. Generally these days video game comics haven't been that great of quality.Usually just there to sell a little bit of extra merchandise.But the artistic quality shines through, as does the narrative. We get to find out what happens to the Element Zero Spacestation Omega, something that was of, sadly, only minor consequence in the game.

    14. I have enjoyed some of the previous Mass Effect books despite their being rather over-the-top and unlike the video games, but this one was just not particularly interesting. It's a by the book double and triple cross, and other than a couple of characters, doesn't much resemble the world of the games. I would recommend the previous two volumes over this, and only read this if you have gone through them or have some weird love of Aria.

    15. I don't remember really liking Aria in the games or caring about Omega, but this has changed that. I also don't remember Cerberus being so ridiculously anti alien. I got the impression from my crew members that they were bad news and unpleasant, but my renegade self didn't really care. This comic certainly makes them unlikable. It almost makes me want to replay the games, almost. Loved every page though, highly recommended!

    16. I love Mass Effect, it's possibly my favorite game series and it's a universe I just want more and more of. Luckily, with the extended fiction they've done a great job of fleshing out the universe without ever stepping on the toes of your own personal Shep narrative. In ME3 Aria T'Loak is a broken, bitter woman who's been driven out of Omega, this book is the story of how that happened. And it's braw.

    17. Invasion is definitely one of the better Mass Effect comics I've read, but as with the others it suffers from being a limited run. I believe I'd mentioned in a review for a previous collection that I felt the story suffered due to not having the space to stretch, and it's the same case here. But I do love Aria, and it would be great if someone brilliant would write a book or even a (MUCH LONGER) series of comics about her.

    18. While it was cool to learn just why Aria T'Loak is such a bad ass and how she can control Omega, I gave this an average review because while it wasn't hard to follow, it was disjointed in the telling. This story fills in events taking place before Mass Effect 3 and details Aria's situation during the ME3 play through. Note that this story takes place after events in the novel Ascension.

    19. All of these graphic novels would be better as novellas. I love Aria and I loved her questline in Mass Effect 3 so it was cool to see what happened before. Maybe I just wasn't focused enough, but it just wasn't super clear to me what was going on lol. It was all over the placebut I still love Aria so

    20. This is great because you get to find out why Aria is on the Citadel and what took place in her being there. The DLC Omega will continue the story in Mass Effect 3.Recommended for any Mass Effect fan.

    21. Aria T'loak is one of my favourite characters in Mass Effect and it was really great to get to see her in action. Set during the invasion of Omega before Shepard and Aria take it back from Cerberus. Recommend to anyone who enjoys the Mass Effect series.

    22. Pretty good read. Fast and speedy, precisely what I was looking to find. Aria is pretty ruthless, dominating over her own station full of crime, but that changes at the end of the book. I'm really curious as to what she's like in the game.

    23. These just keep getting better and better. I liked it just as much as the second and more than the first. It filled in some plot holes nicely. Art didn't seem as polished as the second graphic novel though but again better than the first.

    24. (more like a 2.5) The art was very pretty and I really loved how/why Aria "left" at the end. Overall though the story was all over the place and didn't have a very good pace or plot. Also it implies that there will be some new characters introduced, but that does not happen, laaaame

    25. prequel al DLC di Mass Effect 3,ci mostra gli eventi sul pianeta artificiale Omega tra il finale di Mass Effect 2 e l'inizio del suddetto DLC,interessante per i fan e ben fatto dal punto di vista della cronologia della serie,ma non troppo riuscito come racconto a se stante.

    26. Pretty good story about a secondary character from Mass Effect 2. Lots of interesting historical references, and it was a nice casual read to help calm me down after a difficult day. It's a welcome and enjoyable experience to read

    27. Tells the story of how Cerberus took Omega. It's got Aria at her best and worst, what's not to like.

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