Nothing Stays In Vegas

Nothing Stays In Vegas

Elena Aitken / Dec 11, 2019

Nothing Stays In Vegas What happens in Vegas stays in Vegasexcept when it doesn t Lexi Titan has mastered the art of pretending everything s fine After all how else could she ignore the fact that her husband is never home

  • Title: Nothing Stays In Vegas
  • Author: Elena Aitken
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegasexcept when it doesn t.Lexi Titan has mastered the art of pretending everything s fine After all, how else could she ignore the fact that her husband is never home, her son barely knows him and the last time she had sex, well, who can remember With her life crumbling, the last thing she wants to do is go on a trip, especially backWhat happens in Vegas, stays in Vegasexcept when it doesn t.Lexi Titan has mastered the art of pretending everything s fine After all, how else could she ignore the fact that her husband is never home, her son barely knows him and the last time she had sex, well, who can remember With her life crumbling, the last thing she wants to do is go on a trip, especially back to Vegas a city full of glitz, excess, and Leo, the man she s spent the last six years trying to forget But when her best friend announces she s getting married, Lexi doesn t have a choice Besides, it s ridiculous to avoid an entire city because of one guy Even if he is the father of your child.Face to face with memories of the past and the gorgeous man who started it all, Lexi can no longer deny the truth to anyone, especially Leo But honesty will come at a price, and Lexi must decide if she s wiling to take that risk And what exactly will she tell her husband Because as she now knows, NOTHING STAYS IN VEGAS.

    Nothing Stays In Vegas Vegas, by Elena Aitken Community Reviews Overall,Elena s first novel is a thoroughly enjoyable read I can t wait for the next one Nothing Stays In Vegas is an enjoyable contemporary romance that will keep you entertained for a pleasant afternoon of reading I enjoyed the dual points of view told in first person with Lexi and Leo. Nothing Stays in Place YouTube Jan , Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Nothing Stays in Place The World Mirror Silence Corporation Released on Auto generated by Nothing Stays In Vegas Vegas Series Book Nothing Stays In Vegas by Elena Aitken is a delicious contemporary romance filled with brazen attraction, misunderstandings, and the gaudy lights of Las Vegas The story is Nothing Stays Buried PJ Tracy Nothing Stays Buried Across town, Grace MacBride and her unconventional partners at Monkeewrench Software find themselves at both personal and career crossroads Weary of the darker side of their computer work for law enforcement, they agree to take on a private missing persons case in a small farming community in southwestern Minnesota As Nothing Stays In Vegas barnesandnoble Nothing Stays In Vegas is a fantastic debut novel from author Elena Aitken The characters are likeable and I was rooting for Lexi and Leo from the very start If you like women s fiction with a side of contemporary romance, this story will capture your attention Nothing Stays Buried Monkeewrench, by P.J Tracy Another brilliant episode in this excellent series Nothing Stays Buried takes the Monkeewrench team on the road and when they travel they do it in style Grace is now very pregnant and is becoming a tiny bit laid back and just a little bit touchy feely with Magozzi. Luke Sital Singh Nothing Stays the Same Lyrics Genius Nothing Stays the Same Lyrics I can taste it in my mouth I am hanging upside down All the faces gathered round To wait and see, to breathe relief To call my name for the first time Cry nothing stays translation Spanish English Spanish nothing stays translation spanish, English Spanish dictionary, meaning, see also all for nothing ,it s all or nothing ,nothingness ,notion , example of use, definition, conjugation, Reverso dictionary Nothing Stays Put by Amy Clampitt Poems Academy of Amy Clampitt But at this remove what I think of as strange and wonderful, strolling the side streets of Manhattan on an April afternoon, seeing hybrid pear trees in blossom, a tossing, vertiginous colonnade of foam, up above is the white petalfall, the warm snowdrift of the indigenous wild plum of my childhood Nothing stays put. Nothing Stays YouTube May , Nothing Stays State Faults Head in the Clouds State Faults Released on Composer State Faults Music Publisher State Faults Auto generated by YouTube.

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    1. 2.5 starsAlthough this book read more like a chick-lit, it uses a lot of ploys that I strongly dislike in romances: Big Misunderstandings, Things Left Unsaid, unsubstantiated profound love, plot-necessary unprotected sex, and a vying love interest. The misunderstandings were huge and lead two people whose one night fling felt like a meeting of soul mates to nonetheless part ways for the foreseeable future. And I don’t mean to sound like a cynic­―I am a romance book addict, I swear―but the [...]

    2. With a title like NOTHING STAYS IN VEGAS, you have no doubt figured out that the old adage "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" is not necessarily true. In fact, it is very likely that what happens in Vegas will follow you around for the rest of your lifeterally.At 27 years old, Lexi Titan finds herself separated from a husband she once loved and longing for a life she never thought she would want. Lexi and Andrew's story is so sad. I am certain their story is a common one among married coupl [...]

    3. I picked this up for free on on the 13/10/2012. I just wanted a quick chit lit romance. That's exactly what I got. Lexi has been dragged to Vegas for her best friend Nicole's birthday. Lexi has never wanted to go to Vegas but is determined to have a great time and not think of her Husband, Andrew, who she has been separated from for 6 months. She still loves him, they had the perfect marriage until she wanted more. She wanted kids, he didn't so they went there separate ways. Nicole see's that L [...]

    4. I enjoyed this story a lot despite the predictability of it. Lexi and Andrew agreed that they wouldn't have any children. But where does that leave the marriage when one of them changes their mind and the other won't budge on the subject? That's what really got me and kept me riveted. The dual POVs helped in determining the H/h's mindset throughout the story, which made me bond with them easier and faster.When we first meet Lexi, she's been separated from her husband for about six months and she [...]

    5. Read more of my reviews and ramblings at Ana's Attic Book BlogNothing Stays in Vegas by Elena Aitken was a chick-lit romance. It was a very enjoyable read, but nothing made me jump out of my seat to say WOW! I read it in half a day, I didn’t want to put it down; especially the second half, and it brought me to happy tears towards the end.Lexi is dragged by her best friend Nicole for a weekend in Vegas. Lexie has been separated from her husband for months, and goes without intending to hook up [...]

    6. Nothing Stays in Vegas is a wonderful love story and shows how a single night can change your life forever. Five years ago, Lexi spent a weekend in Vegas to celebrate her best friend's birthday. She had been separated from her husband for a few months, but really had no intention of finding a little action of her own. Until she met Leo.Leo was the handsome guy on the hotel staff who was instantly drawn to her. With little more than an introduction, he made sure that Lexi and her friend had a mem [...]

    7. Lexi is a strong woman and married aGood man that just wasn't right for her. They are separated after 3 years of marriage, in 2004.Nicole is Lexi's crazy wild and loyal best friend. She drags Lexi to Vegas and thats when the wild ride begins and tall, dark and handsome Leo captures Lexi's heart after a one night stand. Well, neither of them meant for it to be a one night stand but other people and a job gets in there way.2010 rolls around and Lexi is still married or she stays married to her hus [...]

    8. 3.5 stars. What a sweet, sweet story. I really like it! But I do wish it had more to storyline, sometimes I felt that there wasn't enough happening in the story and then sometimes it all happened too fast. I wish we could have gotten to see more of a HEA, instead of a get together as quick as possible before the story ends. However, Nothing Stays in Vegas was still a very enjoyable story. :)

    9. I really liked this book. My only criticism would be the gap of time after the pregnancy to going back to Vegas.

    10. Initially, the writing style threw me a bit. Very few authors can pull off a first-person voice and do it well, let alone be able to shift points of views between characters and still keep the readers on the right page. Ms. Aitken did this with amazing fluidity. I’ll admit the first time she shifted perspectives I thought, “Whoa, wait… backup.” But then I got into her rhythm and it just fit together beautifully.I will note that I had to open a new box of tissues after finishing my first [...]

    11. This was a great story and I really enjoyed it. Nicole has dragged Lexi to Vegas for Nicole's birthday. Lexi is six months separate from her husband. They've separated because while Lexi initially didn't want children, a potential pregnancy scare made her really think about it and she got the baby bug. Her husband did not. At all. She's not really a party girl, doesn't "do" Vegas, but Nicole is her best friend, so she's there. Right away, in a humorous way, she meets Leo, who works for the hotel [...]

    12. It's hard for me to figure out how I felt about this book. There were many good, promising aspects of it, but also several hard-to-get-past points.The Good:- Pretty well-developed, original main characters. Loved Leo (c'mon - who wouldn't?), liked Lexi most of the time, but they were always true to their characters and not your average hero/heroine. Refreshing.- good balance between original plot twists and standard plot devices. You always knew you were reading a romance, but the author at leas [...]

    13. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFIt was okay. I hate to say this, but I didn’t find anything special about Nothing Stays in Vegas. It was missing something. It was extremely predictable and not very original. There were also a couple times while I was reading and I just lost interest for a little bit. I think this story could have used a touch of humor, spice or some more interesting characters.The characters are likeable, but they aren’t spe [...]

    14. I'm sorry I can't put the kind of review on this book that I do usually. I was away and read several beore I could get to my computer again. I do remember very much enjoying this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for some light romance reading that you can fly through pretty quickly because it holds your interest from the beginning.Here is the info on good reads:Lexi Titan has mastered the art of pretending everything's fine. After all, how else could she ignore the fact that her hus [...]

    15. Lexi Titan has mastered the art of pretending everything's fine. After all, how else could she ignore the fact that her husband is never home, her son barely knows him and the last time she had sex, well, who can remember? With her life crumbling, the last thing she wants to do is go on a trip, especially back to Vegas; a city full of glitz, excess, and Leo, the man she's spent the last six years trying to forget. But when her best friend announces she's getting married, Lexi doesn't have a choi [...]

    16. It's been a while since I've read a book in a day and I can't quite put my finger on what it is that captivated me with this one ~ but I just devoured it. Five years ago Lexi and her best friend went to Las Vegas to celebrate her friends birthday and Lexi ends up having a wonderful evening with Leo, a man that she hardly knows but with whom she appears to have a connection. I loved the main characters, how the author managed to switch between Lexi and Leo (which not many authors manage half as w [...]

    17. This is a great read for any time of the year, it had me gripped to the end. I immediately felt empathy with the main character, Lexi, who is a warm and loyal,amusing, yet self-conscious and self-effacing. She had me on her side from the start!The first person narrative (narrated by both Lexi and the other main character, Leo)enhances this story, making it feel more personal than many other books of this genre. The other characters too, such as Lexi's best friend and her Uncle, are believable an [...]

    18. Nothing Stays In Vegas is an enjoyable contemporary romance that will keep you entertained for a pleasant afternoon of reading. I enjoyed the dual points of view (told in first person) with Lexi and Leo. The story is a poignant one in showing how both the main characters struggle to do the right thing and Ms. Aitken does a thorough job in developing the secondary characters of Lexi's best friend, Nicole, and even Andrew. I loved the contrast in lifestyle choices between the fast life of Vegas an [...]

    19. I enjoyed this book. The main character Lexi was likable and I enjoyed the friendship between she and her best friend Nicole. Her husband Andrew was supposedly a good man but I never liked him. He was too self absorbed and really only wanted,work and Lexi in his life. Lexi's Uncle who raised her and then was a big part of her son Ben's life tried to tell her to leave Andrew but she wouldn't listen until their final talk. Leo fell hard for Lexi but the same as Andrew he let work cause the problem [...]

    20. This was such a beautiful story. It's not your typical "party girl goes to Vegas and has a fling that she regrets". It's about a strong, responsible woman who meets an amazing man while on a girls weekend to Vegas. Elena is a very talented story teller. I was drawn into this story instantly. The characters were developed amazingly well and were so fun to read about. I highly recommend this book if you're into romance. I also wouldn't complain if there was a sequel! (The four stars is only becaus [...]

    21. This was a nice light read. You run through all the emotions while reading this (happiness, sadness, love, hate, etc). I found the main character, Lexi was easy to relate to and could feel her pain and joy. The characters each have their demons and it's how they interconnect that draws me to the book. It was sometimes confusing at first to know which point of view the chapter was from, since the author uses the first person of two different characters. I would recommend this book to friends.

    22. Maybe I was just in the mood for a good romantic, looking for the happy ever after, book.I loved that first person narrative that switched back and forth between the two main characters (not all authors do this well) the characters are so well developed that you feel like you know them and I could not put it down. it has been a long time since I stayed up just to finish a book.I mean really late, it was that good! I downloaded it when it was free on the kindle, but I will be reading more by this [...]

    23. I liked the premise of Nothing Stays in Vegas & thought Aitken did a good job of keeping the reader interested throughout the story. MC Lexi was likable & her conflict was relatable and heartbreaking. I only wish Leo's character was flushed out a little more. Even though the story was told in alternating POV, I didn't feel a sense of understanding in Leo's motivations & emotions at some parts of the story. All in all an enjoyable read by an author I plan to watch for future releases. [...]

    24. I'm not a Romance Novel type of person so i didn't really want to read this but a friend talked me into itd I'm glad i did. It read more like a Chic lit which is probably why i enjoyed it. I had never read a book where the writer changes points of view between the characters so that threw me off for a minute But after that i kind of enjoyed itways knowing what each character was thinking and feeling. This book has made me want to give this Genre a second chance!

    25. What is it with me and crying at the last 1/4th of a book? This was a fast read that made me loathe the husband and love the fling which I knew it would. The best friend - a trip and I wish I had one just like her. Heck, maybe I do, but I'm too much of a hermit to realize it. I recommend to all my friends!

    26. I really enjoyed this adult romance. I don't read many of them, and I found this one to be very well written, and touched my heart. I found myself cheering for Lexi and Leo from the beginning. I did feel like I knew where the story was going, but Elena managed to throw in a few twists I didn't see. Glad I took a chance on this one!

    27. Got this book for FREE on Kindle. So figured why not? Lexi and Nicole are on a girl's weekend in Vegas. Lexi has been separated from her husband Andrew for six months, and doubts their differences about having children will ever change. So when she meets Leo, the passion heats up. Could Leo be the real thing she's been looking for

    28. This story has a nice flow. Lexi has a so/so marriage. During a weekend in Vegas with her best friend she meets Leo. The connection is fantastic. Eventually the two reunite and all is good. The story progresses nicely. A good read for a weekend. This is a book I did not really expect to care for, but I was wrong.

    29. This was a really surprising first read!I loved the book and wouldn't change a thing about it! I do not usually read this kind of book because I am really a history buff but I could not put this book down. Keep up the good work!

    30. This is a sweet story about second chances. I really enjoyed the author's style of writing. The characters, Leo & Lexi met in Vegas and they didn't get their chance. Six years later, can they get that chance now?

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