The Cornish House

The Cornish House

Liz Fenwick / Sep 23, 2019

The Cornish House When Maddie inherits a house in Cornwall shortly after the death of her husband she hopes it will mean a fresh start Maddie is enchanted by it and is keen to learn as much as she can about its past A

  • Title: The Cornish House
  • Author: Liz Fenwick
  • ISBN: 9781409142744
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Maddie inherits a house in Cornwall shortly after the death of her husband, she hopes it will mean a fresh start Maddie is enchanted by it and is keen to learn as much as she can about its past As she discovers stories of generations of women who ve lived there before, she feels her life is somehow intertwined within its walls.

    The Cornish House by Liz Fenwick May , The Cornish House is a nice story set in Cornwall with all the necessary Cornish elements of an old house with secrets, a ghost, seascapes, wind, little village where no secrets can be kept gorgeous dark haired Cornishman. The Cornish House Interior Designer, Fabric Furniture At The Cornish House, we work with you to help bring your interior design ideas to life as uniquely or creatively as you would like, to our own exacting standards We offer an exclusive, yet personal service creating a seamless journey from concept through to completion, always aiming to The Cornish House, a great location Houses for Rent in The Cornish House in Penzance is nestled between Marazion and Newlyn and is the ideal location for discovering Cornwall Our house is new and modern with a welcoming, light airy atmosphere With just a minute walk into town you will find shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs, galleries, tropical gardens, cinema, parks, Jubilee pool, harbour and the longest promenade in Cornwall The Cornish House Paperback This item The Cornish House by Howard Hughes Paperback . Only left in stock order soon Ships from and sold by Wordery Specialist A Cornish Stranger A page turning summer read full of mystery and romance by Howard Hughes Paperback . Only left in stock order soon. The Cornish House A New Modern Residential with Exposed The Cornish House is designed by Brett Farrow Architect It is a new modern residential with exposed structural wood beams in the Encinitas Southern California Coastal community. Cornish House Encyclopedia of Arkansas Cornish House The Cornish House exemplifies traditional Craftsman style with the usage of many natural materials in its construction, such as brick, granite, stucco, wood, and clay tile Edward Cornish was one of Little Rock s most prominent and affluent bankers of the early twentieth century until his death in Cornish House Bowdoinham, Maine The Cornish House is a historic house at Main Street in Bowdoinham, Maine Built in , it is a distinctive late example of Italianate architecture, with gingerbread trim elements Built in , it is a distinctive late example of Italianate architecture, with gingerbread trim elements.

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        I was born in Massachusetts and after nine international moves the final one lasting eight years in Dubai I now live in Cornwall and London with my husband and a cat I made my first trip to Cornwall in 1989, bought my home there seven years later My heart is forever in Cornwall, creating new stories.My debut novel THE CORNISH HOUSE was followed by A CORNISH AFFAIR, A CORNISH STRANGER and UNDER A CORNISH SKY, A Cornish Christmas Carol novella , and The Returning Tide All published by Orion in English There are editions in Dutch, German, Portuguese, French, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Estonian, Latvian, Turkish, Serbian, Czech and soon Hungarian My latest novel is One Cornish Summer out 8th March 2018.


    1. I'll confess myself slightly biased as Liz is a good friend of mine, and I read part of this book in manuscript form before it was published.But then again, I'm not biased. I don't like books just because they're written by friends of mine. A good book, in my opinion, has to grab me and hold me with both hands and not let me go. Liz's book isn't my normal sort of read—it's not a storyline or a cover that normally appeals to me in a bookshop. But I'm glad I picked it up, because as soon as I st [...]

    2. I really thought I would like this one. There's an old house in Cornwall, near Frenchman's Creek, that dates to the 1500's. Maddie has inherited it. After the death of her husband she and her stepdaughter, Hannah, move in. The house is really just a small side bit. The bulk of the storyoh my! Too much family dysfunction. I felt I was reading a soap opera. The dysfunction goes on and on. Plus the *thing* that Maddie did was obvious from early on. The story is told in alternating viewpoints of Mad [...]

    3. After the death of her husband artist, Maddie inherits a house in Cornwall. Oh that we should all have a relative who will leave us such a house in such a picturesque setting! Maddie hopes it will bring a new start for her and her stepdaughter, Hannah. Needless to say Hannah resents being moved away from friends and school. The characters are well drawn and I enjoyed reading this story, even though at times I could have slapped Hannah for the way she behaves and mouths off at Maddie. And she sur [...]

    4. I read this in 2013. I actually bought it based on its cover, tut tut. I absolutely love the cover, as it reminds me of the back of our very own Cornish house (that we bought and moved into in 2011). This book had me willing to love it before I even read the first page. However, the story did not disappoint. I do love a good old house with years of mysteries hidden within it, so this was a very entertaining read.I found details about Cornwall and its weather, especially the horizontal rain, road [...]

    5. The reader first meets Maddie and step-daughter Hannah when they’re almost at the end of their journey to reach Trevenen. They’ve been on the road from London since 2pm and have now been travelling for 8 hours. The car breaks down on a deserted country road. It’s Friday and a Bank Holiday weekend. Leaving Hannah asleep, Maddie goes off and eventually finds a home with a light on. The homeowner opens the door in a dishevelled state and after phoning the rescue service, walks Maddie back to [...]

    6. Başlarda biraz, durağan olsa da çok güzel bir ikinci şans romanı idi.Kadin kahramanin üvey kızı ile olan ilişkisini yazar iyi işlemişti.

    7. Em primeiro lugar, parabéns á Quinta Essência por esta maravilhosa capa que condiz perfeitamente com a história que o livro conta.Maddie que acaba de perder o marido, John, parte para a Cornualha com a enteada, Hannah. Herdou lá uma mansão da sua tia-avó (como veio a descobrir), está em mais condições e Maddie não possui o dinheiro suficiente para a restaurar e como se não bastasse Hannah não gosta dela e trata-a como se ela fosse invisivel e uma bruxa. A casa tem muitos segredos, i [...]

    8. Iniciei a leitura deste livro ontem e terminei-o hoje, isto deverá começar por dizer algo certo? Pela primeira vez em muitos anos, estou de férias e não me dá para ler policiais, têm sido romances atrás de romances, e todos eles bonitos mas este quem o tiver na estante por favor, leia os primeiros 2 capítulosA escrita é muito bem conseguida, no entanto a autora passa de uma cena para a outra deixando-nos num constante suspense, género os intervalos da TVI. Quando digo que passa de uma [...]

    9. Ideja mi je bila ok: udovica sa pastorkom tinejdžerkom stiže u staru kuću Kornvolu. Naravno da joj je auto crkao i naravno da joj se našao zgodni komšija, arhitekta sa takođe tužnom ljubavnom pričom. I naravno da su odmah krenuli da flertuju jer takav je žanr. I ostali stanonici tog malog mesta su super ljubazi jer izgleda da svi zli ljudi u Velikoj Britaniji žive u onom selu gde radi Chief Inspector Barnaby. Ali dobro, ništa mi od toga nije smetalo jer, kao što već rekoh, takav je [...]

    10. The Cornish House is a nice story set in Cornwall with all the necessary Cornish elements of an old house with secrets, a ghost, seascapes, wind, little village where no secrets can be kept gorgeous dark haired Cornishman. The characters had lots of issues to deal with, POV was done well, and the story kept me awake as I heard The Cornish House on MP3 in the car. Since I didn't actually read it I couldn't tell if the many two word beats such as 'She smiled' were actually beats or speech tags. Ei [...]

    11. een heel ontroerend boek met interessante personages die je zo voor je ziet. een mooi verhaal over liefde en verlies, hoe je denkt dat mensen je zien en hoe je jezelf ziet, hoe mensen je kunnen verrassen en hoe je jezelf verrast.

    12. "Kuća u Kornvolu" nije ni malo mirisala na zanimljivu knjigu. Ja se sa knjigom povežem dodirom. Ona nije nikako bila knjiga za prvi pogled. Ali zaista, trebalo mi je lagano štivo, neka mekana pričica sa kojom ću da utonem u san. Mekana poput mančmeloV pjene. Prosta. Jednostavna. Bez napetosti. I zaista, knjiga je takva. Dobro, možda malo bolja. Nema tenzija, predvidiva je, sa jednostavnim opisima koji ne zahtijevaju razmišljanje. Da, takva je. Gledano s površine. Možda malo nedorečena [...]

    13. Hot off the heels from finishing The Cornish Affair, (which I loved) I jumped straight into The Cornish House. A little research told me that this was the correct chronological order for Liz Fenwick's series.I really liked the cameos from characters from The Cornish Affair. Now I have read 3 of her books I see that such cameos are a constant intermittent theme throughout the series and that while each novel may be read in isolation by reading the whole series there is a whole extra level of char [...]

    14. Liz Fenwick's debut novel grabbed my attention from the opening paragraph and kept me turning the pages all the way through. From stroppy teen Hannah to the grieving Maddie, Fenwick created a cast of characters who drew me in and made me care about their lives. I even fell a little bit in love with the house at the centre of it all, and now I'm craving a trip to Cornwall. An atmospheric read, this novel transported me to another place. And for me, it really doesn't get much better than that.

    15. What a lovely escapist and emotional read this début from Liz Fenwick is, I will definitely be reading her novels again. Her second novel A Cornish Affair was published in May of this year and she is already writing a third. Personally I find her writing reminiscent of that of Rosamunde Pilcher a novelist I was a great fan of until her retirement from writing in 2000.The novel centres around 'Trevenen' the house of the title, as the novel starts the protagonist Maddie a recently widowed artist, [...]

    16. Após uma grande perda, a morte do seu marido, Maddie decide deixar Londres e ir viver para a Cornualha com a sua enteada Hannah, para uma casa de nome Trevenen que acabou de herdar. Um novo começo estaria assim reservado para ambas, no entanto, estavam longe de imaginar a reviravolta que as suas vidas iriam sofrer.Longe estava eu também de imaginar as emoções que iria sentir ao ler este livro: umas vezes alegria e divertimento, pelas peripécias que algumas personagens provocam, como a Tams [...]

    17. Overall it is a well written book. It is predictable of course but there were one or two surprises for sure. However I had an issue with both the main characters Maddie and Hannah. I don't know if we are suppose to feel sorry for Hannah but I actually hated her and never ended up liking her. I couldn't believe her attitude and that Maddie would allow that. As well, Maddie's constant thinking instead of saying what she is thinking bothered me as well. However the relationships these characters ha [...]

    18. 'The Cornish House' is an absolutely engrossing tale of love and grief, set in the magnificent landscape of Cornwall, which is beautifully portrayed. When a widow and her step-daughter try to start a new life as far from London as they can go, they don't expect their new house to play such a huge part in their lives. But it has a way of drawing out their secrets while slowly revealing its own. The process is painful, but ultimately healing, and the power of love and forgiveness proves that every [...]

    19. Acabei de ler esta historia já há uns dias atrás e não sei por quê, quando é de facto uma historia que me deixa com uma certa carga emotiva, não consigo colocar imediatamente uma opinião :( Não quer dizer que com isto, eu releve todas as emoções que a historia me fez sentir, penso que talvez seja precisamente o contrário apurar as emoções!opinião completa em:marysilverstone/20

    20. Great description really brought the characters in this book to life. Although I felt a lot of sympathy for Maddie I really couldn't like her. I enjoyed all of the references to the history of the house and would like that element of the story to have developed further. Overall, an easy and pleasant read!

    21. This is the first book I've read from this author. I thought it started off a bit slow with too much description but once it got going it was excellent. Looking forward to reading more of her books.

    22. My daughter gave me all four of Liz Fenwicks books to read . I started with The Cornish House because she told me I had too . Once I started reading I couldn't stop . I can see why she love this author so much . I have never felt so warm and comfortable , wrapped up by the fire withe a cup of tea and the dog sitting by my feet . She has a beautiful talent for writing and and pulling the reader into the story . I'm eager to to start the next book !

    23. Ik heb het boek in één ruk uitgelezen.Het is een goed boek over verdriet, verlies en liefde.Het verdergaan na het verlies van een man en vader is heel moeilijk en dit verdriet wordt goed en aangrijpend in het boek beschreven. Ook de bijbehorende keuzes met betrekking tot nieuwe liefde worden goed uitgewerkt. Ik vind het heel goed dat niet alleen Maddie, maar ook Hannahs verdriet, gedachten en moeilijkheden duidelijk worden vanuit haar oogpunt. De personages in het boek zijn duidelijk bepaalde [...]

    24. When I started reading this book I though it might be similar to Jojo Moye's Night Music, which also involves a widow with children and an old house.It is very different, though, and not centered around the house and its problems at all. It offers a charming background (I'd love to see it!) but the story is mostly about parenthood and the relationships - or lack of them - between parents and children. It is also about recovering from pain and starting fresh.I read it very quickly once I got enou [...]

    25. As a west country girl born and bred in Devon, just pretty much down the road from Cornwall means that I am a sucker for novels with a Cornish setting/theme. That's the reason why I love Liz Fenwick for choosing to set her books in Cornwall. This is the second book I read off her and boyyyy it is filled with Cornish yummyness me lovvers.Maddie and her stepdaughter move to Trevennen, not far from where Frenchman's Creek was set (one of my favorites too). After her husband died Maddie inherited he [...]

    26. The Cornish House is a novel about widower Maddie and her teenage step-daughter Hannah trying to make sense of their lives, having been thrown together after the death of Hannah's father John. Leaving London, they move to Cornwall where Maddie has inherited a beautiful yet very run-down house. This is a story about relationships, how they change and grow, how the past shapes the present and makes an imprint on the future. Maddie and Hannah both must try to move on from John's death but neither o [...]

    27. Confession: I think I cried through the entire second half of this book--not because it's inherently sad, but because the characters are so beautifully wrought that I felt every joy, every pang, every heartache with them! The whole village comes to life in the novel. At times it felt like walking into an episode ofCheers, "where everybody knows your name." There's something wonderful about that sense of belonging, which provides the perfect foil to the isolation that 'Maddie' feels in her recent [...]

    28. Reading this novel reminded me continuously of Daniel Steel's books, or maybe it was like watching long hours of a dramatic soap opera, where you keep watching in spite of easily guessing how the end will turn out.I loved the Cornish house, and enjoyed its details, especially those that can actually reveal the secrets of the past. A past which when fully discovered can only help those concerned to move forward.However, the following events were very predictable and held no mystery. Everything tu [...]

    29. A recently-widowed woman artist, still in deep grief, inherits a large house in Cornwall from an unknown relative and moves there with her stepdaughter, who is a teenager with major behaviour problems. The heart of the book is the stepmother-stepdaughter relationship, and the way both of them end up transformed. It is difficult to write a novel in which one of the central characters is consistently horrible for most of the book, and I don't think Liza Fenwick has pulled this off. I found the ste [...]

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