Fangs and Stilettos

Fangs and Stilettos

Anthony DiFiore / Feb 25, 2020

Fangs and Stilettos Fashion s greatest secret is about to become undone Like most people I bet you thought women and gay men have been the driving force behind the globally burgeoning fashion industry Like most people

  • Title: Fangs and Stilettos
  • Author: Anthony DiFiore
  • ISBN: 9781935725077
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fashion s greatest secret is about to become undone Like most people, I bet you thought women and gay men have been the driving force behind the globally burgeoning fashion industry Like most people, you were wrong Since togas were haute couture, supernatural beings have been relegated to the fashion industry by an ancient curse You can blame deep v necks on the vampirFashion s greatest secret is about to become undone Like most people, I bet you thought women and gay men have been the driving force behind the globally burgeoning fashion industry Like most people, you were wrong Since togas were haute couture, supernatural beings have been relegated to the fashion industry by an ancient curse You can blame deep v necks on the vampires and Uggs on the werewolves Assembly lines Zombies Silly Bandz Trust me, you don t want to know.For 2,000 years, these secrets have been kept Until now.

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    1. Over the last ten years there has been an explosion of genre-specific themes in teen writing. From Harry Potter to Twilight, we have seen the rise and fall of many different authors’ views on where magical children and supernatural plots should go. In his book “Fangs and Stilettos” Anthony DiFore manages to mix the concepts of these two worlds and sprinkle in a little “The Devil Wears Prada” for good measure. I won’t lie: the premise of the book is a little shaky. The idea that the f [...]

    2. This book leaves the reader right in the thick of it, so I couldn't give away the ending if I tried! I have to wait anxiously for the sequel to find out what happens to twins Natasha and Marciano, their sister Betty, and all the other colorful and sassy characters in DiFiore's world of “Fangs and Stilettos.” The premise is this: the world's fashion industry is secretly run by supernaturals. An ancient curse forced every being with superhuman powers to work in fashion. Fashion can be so freak [...]

    3. Its your 21st birthday. You and your twin head to New York City. Most of us would simply bar hop, party all night long, perhaps even partake in some crazy stunts. Not twins Marciano and Natasha Genet, who, by lunch, have their worlds turned upside down with the revelation that not only are all the mythical creatures they have read in books and seen in the movies are completely real, but they themselves are suddenly at the center of it all!! Happy Birthday! In brand new twist on what has been a r [...]

    4. Fangs and Stilettos was a very refreshing read. It’s a supernatural read that’s a bit far from the norm. DiFiore’s take on supernatural’s and how they came to be was brilliant; I couldn’t stop reading because I wanted to know what he had to say about each supernatural being. The hierarchy and how the supernaturals are bound gave a very interesting twist to the whole plot as well. The characters were intriguing and big time fashionistas…Marciano, more so then the others; I learned a l [...]

    5. The supernatural has become commonplace in pop culture these days. It’s easy to start rolling your eyes every time a new Twilight movie comes out, or a new show like The Vampire Diaries or Teen Wolf spikes in popularity. My first thought when I picked up Fangs and Stilettos was, “Not another one,” but I was pleasantly surprised with Anthony DiFiore’s fresh new take on an overused theme.All kinds of supernatural beings show up in Fangs and Stilettos, from vampires and werewolves to oracle [...]

    6. Fashion is run by the supernatural? Anthony DiFiore has created a fantastic world where it is just crazy enough to be true. Not the most fashion literate and burned out on cheesy attempts at the supernatural, I was surprised how easily I was caught up in the world of Fangs and Stilettos. Humor, intrigue, and a fresh view of the supernatural carry you along the whirlwind adventure of the twins, Natasha and Marciano. Sent on the trip of a lifetime, fashion week in New York, the 21-year-old twins l [...]

    7. With a plot about vampires (and other supernatural creatures) running the fashion industry, the reader is already prepped for a zany adventure. And I admit, it's easy to gobble up this book as a tasty confection and miss all the nutritional value. But DiFiore doesn't cater to a youthful audience so much as create one--on the tail end of this book I guarantee you'll have a lighter heart and a quicker smile.This is the sort of YA I want my children to read. DiFiore uses a deft hand to weave the he [...]

    8. This book was quick to grab me. It started out in an unexpected dark place where I worried it might be a cliched supernatural book, but it turned around and quickly took me to a lighthearted and very clever place. The witty banter between these "supernaturals" made it go by so quickly, I continuously found myself saying "I'll read for just 5 more minutes". Needless to say, this book kept me reading way past my bedtime. The whole storyline was so creative in how it mixed the supernatural with the [...]

    9. Fangs and Stilettos is a YA must read! It's a mix of Twilight and the Devil Wears Prada. This novel by Anthony DiFiore is funny, action-packed, and fashionable. Fangs centers around twins Natasha and Marciano Genet, the offspring of fashion desgner Maude Genet. When they turn 21, they learn that they're part of a secret society of supernatural beings, the Thirteens. The supernatural beings have been cursed to work in the fashion industry. Those models that look like they're superhuman? In this b [...]

    10. This is Sci-Fi fashion at its best. I fell under its spell from the opening paragraph. The characters are well-developed, believable and fashionable. The many categories of the supernatural are brought vividly to life, and even though there are multiple types of beings, it's easy to keep track of their overt supernaturnal powers and their ordinary human traits.It's fast-paced with twists and turns galore that kept me guessing but were never overwhelming. I identified with Natasha & Marciano [...]

    11. First let me state I won this book on and was thrilled to get an opportunity to see what this book had to offer. I would have to list it as a young adult read. It 's a new and humorous twist on the paranormal community with colorful characters that could be part of your family. If your in the mood to be entertained this book will not disappoint. Not to spoil anything but the ending leaveson opening for a second book (which I all be buying when it comes out). So to sum upa fun easy read that wil [...]

    12. Anthony Difiore’s book Fangs and Stilettos spirals into surrealistic scenarios of mayhem and murder, attempted or otherwise, when fashion icon, Candice Brown, who is a supernatural, tries to put an end to a curse. For thousands of years, supernaturals have been condemned to running and working in the fashion industry by an organization known as Caligae, which is run by other supernaturals. Natasha and Marciano, 21-year old twins who were adopted by a couple that heads a very successful fashion [...]

    13. The fashion industry has a very big secret. There is a world of difference between the backstage happenings of a fashion show and the world just outside the runway’s edge. It is a secret that no one in the fashion world wants to reveal. Or perhaps they doey just can’t. In Anthony DiFiore’s equal parts fun and complex “Fangs and Stilettos,” twins Natasha and Marciano are about to discover what the fashion world is really like.Adopted by a world famous designer, Natasha and Marciano have [...]

    14. REVIEW ORIGINALLY POSTED ON READER VIEWS KIDSI have read my fair share of the recently popular supernatural-themed books, ranging from the “Twilight” series to “The Zombie Survival Guide,” some of which were well done, and some of which were less excellent to say the least. “Fangs and Stilettos” by Anthony DiFiore definitely fell on the excellent side of the spectrum, and was a fun take on vampires and “supernaturals” (a general term for zombies, vampires, werewolves, mummies, or [...]

    15. Fangs and Stilettos delivers the sass suggested by its name: it's a little like Buffy The Vampire Slayer under the guise of Devil Wears Prada. Author Anthony DiFiore is well attuned to the current trends in Young Adult fiction: readers want exciting and impossible characters to exist as supernaturals, wholly undetected by human society, yet functioning within their own order and own agenda. Due to a curse cast on the formerly unruly creatures, the supernaturals pay penance to society by maintain [...]

    16. I had really mixed feelings about this book. I was intrigued by the description, since it didn't sound like something I'd ever read before, and in many ways it was unique. The cover art is absolutely adorable. (view spoiler)[The idea of the different kinds of supernatural beings, each with their own unique powers, made sense in the world of the book, as did the restricting of these beings to the world of fashion (a very original touch). (hide spoiler)] For most of the book, there seemed to be a [...]

    17. Fangs and Stilettos by Anthony DiFiore isn’t your ordinary read. It’s something greater than your self. Imagine Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger had a secret. And that secret wasn’t just their audaciously fabrics and winning looks. Let’s say together they live in a world where the supernatural is a part of their daily lives. And no outsider will be able to understand the empires they’ve both built. Only the ones that are close to the pair of them know what and how they feel.Well, that [...]

    18. Fangs and Stilettos and werewolves and mummies and shape-shifters and robots oh my!A conspiracy behind the fashion industry? One that doesn't involve just outrageously priced clothes and super-thin models? Anthony DiFiore's novel adds a curious twist to the recent explosion of Young Adult fantasy series. Unlike many other series, there is a light campy humor to the proceedings, that will leave you laughing rather than ruminating on the bleakness and despair of a future alternative world. Natasha [...]

    19. Fangs and Stilettos by Anthony DiFiore is fierce, fashionable, and has the perfect amount of young adult danger. He brings the trend of supernatural characters to a greater extent in his novel; DiFiore does not simply write about werewolves, or vampires, or witches - he includes every type of supernatural imaginable, even creating an entire world of unique individuals with never before thought of powers. These characters also have such strong personalities with truly unique jargon, that one can [...]

    20. In an industry already riddled with mysterious glamour and plenty of drama, DiFiore’s Fangs and Stilettos takes the fashion industry to a whole new level! Fabulously entertaining, his book brings alive an underground world of vampires, werewolves, oracles, and other intriguing beings. Bound to the fashion industry by an ancient curse, these supernaturals crave to be free of their hidden lives, separated from humans. Natasha and Marciano, the twins and heroes of this book are withheld from the [...]

    21. Fangs and Stilletos by Anthony DiFiore is a book I picked up with admitted reservations. Pop culture today seems over saturated by vampire lore. I did enjoy Bramm Stoker’s “Dracula” in college, but the Twlight Saga left me rolling my eyes. Luckily, Fangs and Stilletos exceeded my expectations considerably. The story is a fun, creative playground where imagination and fantasy run rampant. The tale follows twins Natasha and Marciano. The two are in their early 20s, and both budding fashion c [...]

    22. When I first got this book I wasn’t sure what to expect. The title of the book “Fangs and Stilettos” doesn’t really give you a clue about what this book was suppose to be about. The synopsis on the back of the book did even less to inform me about what I was going to be reading. With that said, the synopsis nor the title do justice for the book. The plot of this story was so different yet amazing at the same time. Never have I read a book like this. There’s always the book or series th [...]

    23. Fangs and Stilettos is a campy, fun twist to the fictional world of werewolves, vampires and all things supernatural, that most people are familiar with thanks to B movies and television shows that harkens back to the 1950s. The main characters, Natasha and Marciano are twenty-one year old twins who love fashion and are in the fashion business. On a trip to New York, they discover that they are not just your everyday fashionistas but come from a long line of supernatural beings called the Thirte [...]

    24. “Fangs and Stilettos” is a perfect mix of comedy, mystery, and fantasy, all packed into a young-adult fiction book. It really does have it all: sassy mummies, super-model oracles, and power-hungry supernaturals that will do anything to be on top.Natasha and her twin brother, Marciano, find out that they were literally born to be in the fashion world. The fashion industry is actually a community of supernaturals, complete with its own politics and class system. The supernaturals were cursed t [...]

    25. Ever feel like the fashion industry is ruled by individuals quite different than you and I? In Fangs and Stilettos, your suspicions will be confirmed! An amusing paranormal fantasy, "Fangs and Stilettos" introduces the reader to a collection of quirky immortal characters, cursed to run the fashion industry. The book begins on the morning of twins Natasha and Marciano Genet’s 21st birthday. Adopted by Maude and Claude, two famous french designers, they have spent their formative years steeped i [...]

    26. Fangs and Stilettos by Anthony DiFiore is a YA book that seamlessly combines the world of fashion with the realm of the supernatural. In fact, this fantasy utilizes many different supernatural creatures that range from vampires to sorcerers, to create a fascinating world that is simple on the surface but grows more complicated the further you look inside it.We are introduced to this strange world through the eyes of Natasha and Marciano, twins who have just turned 21 years old and are just begin [...]

    27. KazaruleFangs and Stilettos is fascinating mix of fashion and fantasy. Anthony DiFiore has created a world where supernatural beings run amok. Zombies are sweatshop labor and Werewolves are the creators of the terrible Uggs brand. And DiFiore doesn't stop there; he creates a wide and diverse hierarchy of supernatural beings that rule over the entire fashion world. The story revolves around Natasha and Marciano, two adopted young adults from Philadelphia who have been involved in the fashion worl [...]

    28. Fangs and Stilettos by Anthony DiFiore is a fun romp through the world of fashion, but with a twist. Twins Natasha and Marciano are special. They always knew they were adopted, but the reasons why will soon be revealed to them. They are asked by their fashion designer mother Maude to go with their big sister Betty to Fashion Week in New York. However, this trip will be more than just rubbing elbows with the fashion elite. They will find out about their supernatural roots and how they can unlock [...]

    29. I always knew there was something evil and supernatural about the fashion industry and this book proves it! This was a really fun and quirky read with both characters you love or just love to hate. The humor and the danger kept this story interesting - interesting enough that I kept promising myself I'd stop when I got to the next "stiletto", but instead I'd have to keep reading to see what happened next.Marciano was entertaining and somewhat annoying - more of a "girl" to me than his two sister [...]

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