The Hunting Moon

The Hunting Moon

Evelyn Shepherd / Jan 29, 2020

The Hunting Moon Theo Bourne a powerful Phantom has returned to Columbus to escape his past He didn t plan on sleeping with it But the one night stand he had with Carlos is proving to be unforgettable in every sense

  • Title: The Hunting Moon
  • Author: Evelyn Shepherd
  • ISBN: 9781611184334
  • Page: 227
  • Format: ebook
  • Theo Bourne, a powerful Phantom, has returned to Columbus to escape his past He didn t plan on sleeping with it But the one night stand he had with Carlos is proving to be unforgettable in every sense of the word, mainly because Carlos is his new partner on the Preternatural Task Force Theo wants to put as much space between him and the very evident sexual desire he hasTheo Bourne, a powerful Phantom, has returned to Columbus to escape his past He didn t plan on sleeping with it But the one night stand he had with Carlos is proving to be unforgettable in every sense of the word, mainly because Carlos is his new partner on the Preternatural Task Force Theo wants to put as much space between him and the very evident sexual desire he has for Carlos, so that means immersing himself in their latest case the gruesome murder of two lycanthropes.Carlos Ramirez has been pining for Theo for a very long time and he isn t about to let him go Theo s heart is guarded by a protective ten foot layer of ice, though It s going to take a lot of charm and a lot of coaxing for this werecoyote to melt the ice Especially since it feels like every time he starts to warm up to his cold hearted partner, the case takes an unexpected and deadly turn.

    The Hunting Moon Theo Bourne by Evelyn Shepherd The Hunting Moon Theo Bourne Theo Bourne, a powerful Phantom, has returned to Columbus to escape his past He didn t plan on sleeping with it But the one night stand he had with Carlos is proving to be unforgettable in every sense of the word, mainly because Carlos is his new partner on the Preternatural Task Force. Hunting By The Moon Phase Hunting By The Moon Phase Every season, millions of hunters take to the woods with renewed enthusiasm and vigor Unfortunately, many come away empty handed, returning day after day to face similar results It s every hunter s biggest dilemma, but some have found the perfect solution, and that is hunting by moon phase. The Effect Moon Phase Has on Hunting Deer Mossy Oak The Effect Moon Phase Has on Hunting Deer Many hunters believe that moon phase is the critical ingredient to determine when deer move and have believed that on the day before a full moon, the day of a full moon and the day after a full moon that deer don t move as much We ve always thought that on bright nights deer feed, The Hunting Moon Evelyn The Hunting Moon has a fantastic gripping, action suspense plot blended with hilarious dialog, along with steamy lovemaking The setting is Columbus, Ohio The characters are creditable Theo is a detective, as well as a powerful phantom, that comes across as snarky and bad tempered. Home Deer Hunters MoonGuide The MoonGuide tells you the best days, times, and locations to hunt mature bucks during daylight hours Scientific research has shown that the moon has significant influence on mature deer activity The MoonGuide gives you the information you need to plan your hunt around these key times and places. About Pow Wows Hunting Moon Pow Wow About Pow Wows What is a Pow Wow The pow wow is a celebration of Native American culture and traditions It is a gathering in which Native American people come together to dance, sing and drum. New Study Links Moon Position to Deer Movement Deer New Study Links Moon Position to Deer Movement Some hunters feel a full moon isn t favorable for hunting because the deer spend the night feeding and rutting Others argue that the light of the full moon can actually spark activity and get mature bucks moving earlier in the evenings Many believe moon phase and the rut are linked though the QDMA says it s not. What is a Hunter s Moon Universe Today Universe Today Space and astronomy news Posted on June , October , by Matt Williams We have many interesting articles about the moon here at Universe Today. Hunters Moon History, Origin, Name, Dates, Calendars and Info Hunters Moon Name Origin The first moon after the Harvest Moon is the Hunters Moon, so named as the preferred month to hunt summer fattened deer and fox unable to hide in now bare fields Like the Harvest Moon, the Hunters Moon is also particularly bright and long in the sky, giving hunters the opportunity to stalk prey at night. Hunter s Moon or Harvest Moon in October timeanddate Hunter s Moon or Blood Moon Hunter s moon is mentioned in several sources as the Anglo Saxon name for the Full Moon of October This is the month when the game is fattened, and it is time to start preparing for the coming winter Traditionally, this included hunting, slaughtering and preserving meats for use in the coming winter months Other

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    1. 4.5 starsLet's see (1) Characters; written in 1st person, I still get enough insight from the other MC. I love how the two guys are pretty opposite. Theo is a human with psychokinesis and bilocation abilities. He's grumpy, he doesn't do relationships, and he has baggage in the size of the world, plus dark past that still consumes him in nightmares. Carlos, Theo's new partner in Columbus Preternatural Task Force(PTF) is the alpha of werecoyote, who is more friendly and relaxed. So they compliment [...]

    2. In many ways, this was awful. I struggled between wanting to stop reading and not being able to put it down it was that inconsistent. I think the best part about it is the cover. I really love that cover. The book wasn't very well written, especially in the first half where much of the text was stiff and awkward. And then there would be times when Shepherd would come up with a line or three with beautiful imagery. The plot was fine but the execution was terrible. It was like she watched a bunch [...]

    3. 4.5 starsIf you are looking for a coherent and in depth review go check out Ami's.This was a thrill and a great paranormal romance, packed with non stop action all the way. I absolutely loved Theo, he was fantastic along with his idiosyncrasies which were huge, believe me, lol! Poor put upon Carlos cops it all, Theo's an annoying little shit who keeps pushing with his aggressive attitude. He did everything possible to alienate Carlos who was smart enough to integrate himself into Theo's life and [...]

    4. When you decide to make your m/m urban fantasy a police proceedural you cannot solve the crime/s by having a minor character turn up and tell the MCs exactly what the solution is, after zie has investigated it off the page and unrelated to the MCs. That's called cheating. Well, correction, clearly you can do it, but you shouldn't.When a story fails to grab me I get picky and annoying. So when you do this, I start to notice the exact same description for a hairstyle used twice:“He tilted his he [...]

    5. It was mostly good, a few things don't make sense to me though and a few scenes were slow so that's why 4 stars and not five.I don't get why some scenes Theo is so powerful and others he is so weak. He is emotionally broken the whole book but he is supposed to be this all powerful phantom and some scenes he is and others it is like he isn't. Like how he uses his telekinetic powers for pointless stuff but then when it would be helpful it is like he doesn't have the ability anymore. I didn't get t [...]

    6. This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews and can also be found there. The cover draws you in, doesn't it? Personally, I thought it was wonderful and one of the best I've seen lately. It really represents the paranormal side of this book, a part that shouldn't be missed.Theo is a detective in a paranormal unit who has certain powers of his own. While running from his past, he stumbles onto a new partner, new case, and eventually collides head on with all the problems he had been [...]

    7. It was a great read. I really like paranormal romance with cops as main characters. Here, we read the story through Theo's eyes and the book is worth reading just for him. He's exactly what I like in a character. His past is so dark and he's broken in many ways, but still, he shows a lot of strength, with his powers but not only. As for Carlos, it's another story. I liked him but you can't do more sappy. It was too much and was out of place in this story. Because between Theo's nightmares and th [...]

    8. A pretty good paranormal read it got a tiny bit slow just before the big climax at the end but overall I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.I loved Theo and Carlos, two MC’s that are total opposites but prove that opposites attract. I thought they worked well together and even though they immediately jumped into having sex their relationship is not an insta-love. Carlos has loved Theo for years but Theo doesn’t remember Carlos at all so Carlos spends most of the book wooing Theo which turns out t [...]

    9. No, just no. This was I have no words to describe how disappointed I am by this book. I wouldn't even give it 1 star. Instead take all 5 for myself as consolation for having finished this.I had held such hopes for te story based on the interesting cover and summary. (view spoiler)[What I got was a cop who yelled at his suspects, had no procedure whatsoever when it came to investigating murders, interrogating people or plain just keeping a professional attitude. Every 5 minutes or so, he and Carl [...]

    10. 3.5 starsWow, our hero, Theo can kick ass!But even though he is strong physically, he could use some (a lot) mental support and love. I was glad that Theo had found his real love in Carlos, the persistent werecoyote "mutt". They are cute together.+ Loved the cover.

    11. There were bits and pieces of Theo's past I would have added, maybe some off-hand internal comments. When it's revealed that Carlos has met Theo before, it seems like it'll be a huge revelation when Theo finally realizes it, too, and it was kind of a let-down. But, over all, I loved it! It's hard to write an angry narrator and still make him or her sympathetic, and I think Shepherd nailed it with Theo. I loved the comments and analogies and interations between the different preternatural groups. [...]

    12. Good but inconsistent paranormal m/m romantic suspense about two cops, a powerful psychic and a werecoyote, on the Columbus Preternatural Task Force. As the werecoyote pursues the mutual attraction that the psychic denies, they're also trying to solve a string of murders and capture a deranged stalker from the psychic's past. Several things kept me from rating this book higher: an ongoing issue with word usage and substitution ("saddled" instead of "sidled" being the most memorable) and inconsis [...]

    13. All in all this was not a bad story.But I was taken aback by the verbal aggressivity of the characters in this book - especially Theo.They constantly were yelling,cursing,growling,snarling,screaming,barking,snapping,hissingd so on!I couldn`t stand it anymore.

    14. The story and characters had potential. The dialogue between the main characters, Theo and Carlos, in the second chapter was entertaining and even made me laugh more than once. I enjoyed the book in the beginning butTheo (from whose POV the story is told) sees most things negatively. His view of people, places, and things was harsh and, at times, prejudiced, in stark contrast to Carlos'. How long will he hold on to the bitterness and not see the positives and how extremely fortunate he was? He h [...]

    15. If I could have rated this story higher than a 5 you fawking bet I would have. It's a complete ten for me which I guess would be equivalent to a 5 right? :scratching my head: Whatever.I can tell you this though, it was action packed to the max. From beginning to end it's amusing, mind altering, glued to your seat interesting. There's never a dull moment and I could literally 'feel' the sex scenes it. I got butterflies when reading them. That's a bonus for me when reading the book. The characters [...]

    16. 4 - 4.5 stars. Really, really good read! I loved the whole shifter and Phantom alternate world. I thought Theo was such a kick ass character! The plot kept me glued to the kindle and the sexxin' was pretty hot. My only niggle (view spoiler)[would be Carlos knowing Theo when they were kids and Theo's reaction to it. You would of thought it would be some life changing event (or something!), but it was such a small thing for Carlos to fall so hard for Theo.(hide spoiler)] But maybe that's just me. [...]

    17. 4 StarsA "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" ReviewTheo Bourne has moved back to Columbus. It wasn’t something he ever wanted to do but staying in NY wasn’t an option. Theo has run out of place to which to run away. He has a fantastic one night stand with a very sexy werecoyote he meets at a night club the night before he’s supposed to report to his new job on Columbus’ Preternatural Task Force. When he goes into work the next morning he meets his new partner, Carlos Ramirez, the werecoyote w [...]

    18. read 57% of this book before i put it down i and felt like i was forcing myself to read it that far. IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO READ SOMETHING THAT SOUNDS LIKE THIS THEN READ;PSYCOP SERIES - Jordan Castillo PriceSanguis Noctis - Robin Saxon & Alex KidwellMIA case files - KC BurnIn the Shadow of the Wolf - R.J. Scottif you just like cop stuff Life lessons - Kaje HaperLA series - P.A. Brown Cut & Run - Abigail Roux i have a lot of suggestions so if you want an more message methings i liked abou [...]

    19. I won this book online, and while I had read some of the authors short stories online, I was wondering if she could pull off a full length novel.She did. Brilliantly.I loved reading this novel full of romance, mystery and intrigue. She managed to pull so many genres into one book and use them all alongside each other successfully. There are two major plots going on, which I love:1. The murders. There are dead bodies popping up, and as a detective, Theo must go and find the killer with his partne [...]

    20. 3.5 stars - A good, solid action-packed read. Loved Theo and Carlos; their relationship's not an easy one but truly heartfelt and sexy as hell. My one pet peeve was the oftentimes incorrectly written Spanish lines within the story. I can't begin to express how annoyed I get when Spanish is included in a story and it's obviously translated online, the author having no clue of how wrong/off these translations can be. I grind my teeth, strongly wishing these segments had been reviewed by someone wh [...]

    21. I feel like the blurb on the back should include something along the lines of: "And the winner for the character who ends up in the hospital the most times over the course of a single book goes to!" Seriously, there was so much damage to Theo in this it was kind of ridiculous. In all honesty though, I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. Based on the beginning I found myself with a mixed opinion but as it progressed, the story won me over and I really got into it. I enjoyed the mix of paran [...]

    22. I read this back in July while sick with strep(I love text to speech programs)and remembered that it was good, but that's all I remembered. After reading again this evening I recalled why I liked it:Striking cover! I have a folder on my desktop with a handful of favorite covers in it and this is one. I love the powers Theo possessed, though the way they were handled in the story had a few inconsistencies. Carlos's pleasant steamrolling of Theo was a joy to watch. That type of courtship tickles t [...]

    23. Wow, what a great book!! A quirky, snarky and exciting story! Like a really strong gust of wind that got me totally unaware and knocked me over. This was really really good! Captivating from the start, with the right amount of angst and dark streaks mixed with a very sweet couple - kind of an addictive combination. Really looking forward to the rest of this series. And to think I stumbled upon it by accident - there was this little free short from the publisher One Bad Day: A Theo Bourne Story I [...]

    24. I have to admit, that somehow I couldn't accept this story as it was.I liked how Carlos and Theo relationship developed true whole story, but while this plot developed the mystery around the murders developed annoyingly. Carlos as a character was really bad detective and he only cared how to get Theo into serious relationship with him. While Theo was drawn like some superhuman and all action developed around him. Those two worked really bad as a team and I really didn't like this part of the sto [...]

    25. This was okay. A little too violent for my tastes (and I don't like werewolves or were-anything): a lot of blood and gore and fighting in this. The thing that really got me though was the dubcon: how the Love Interest had decided upon the MC in high school (as his forever love or whatever) and when they meet back up, he proceeds to ignore everyone one of the MC's statements of lack of consent. No means no, ugh. (There's a "Oh, I know he's stop if I really meant it" handwave, but NO.)

    26. 3.5 starsWhen Theo and Carlos are investigating the case - the story is good. When Theo uses his powers - it's awesome. When Theo and Carlos are together - not so much. I hate adults behaving like surly teenagers and they did. For all his power, Theo needs some serious therapy and if Carlos used another "Mi Corazón" I would have screamed. Not bad by any stretch of imagination, but not exceptional, especially since the powers weren't consistent. And, yes, the cover is gorgeous.

    27. ?good in the first two chapters way pleasure (sex) between the main characters.Alpha Carlos is way too weak (oblivious, cool) for an Alpha.He should the one who protects Theo, but instead Carlos is always busy or incapacitate when his mate needs help, even if Theo can take care of himself.In fact there nothing alpha wolf about Carlos

    28. Stopped reading because the way the two detectives (Theo and Carlos) investigated the murders started to bug me too much. Sometimes it even felt like they were just going through the motions, playing at being detectives. The annoyance level overwhelmed the enjoyment I was getting from reading the book. I didn't rate because I only read 40% of it.

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