Star Hunter

Star Hunter

Andre Norton / Sep 19, 2019

Star Hunter On the jungle world of Jumala a wanted man is in hiding a man whose mind has been imprinted with the brain pattern of another As a deadly game of hide and seek begins to unwind a man who does not kn

  • Title: Star Hunter
  • Author: Andre Norton
  • ISBN: 9781557429551
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • On the jungle world of Jumala, a wanted man is in hiding a man whose mind has been imprinted with the brain pattern of another As a deadly game of hide and seek begins to unwind, a man who does not know his own powers faces an interstellar safari determined to run him to ground dead or alive Nobody can top Andre Norton when it comes to swashbuckling science fictioOn the jungle world of Jumala, a wanted man is in hiding a man whose mind has been imprinted with the brain pattern of another As a deadly game of hide and seek begins to unwind, a man who does not know his own powers faces an interstellar safari determined to run him to ground dead or alive Nobody can top Andre Norton when it comes to swashbuckling science fiction adventure St Louis Globe Democrat

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        Alice Mary Norton always had an affinity to the humanities She started writing in her teens, inspired by a charismatic high school teacher First contacts with the publishing world led her, as many other contemporary female writers targeting a male dominated market, to choose a literary pseudonym In 1934 she legally changed her name to Andre Alice The androgynous Andre doesn t really say male to English speaking readers, even though it is a man s name in other languages i.e Norwegian She also used the names Andrew North and Allen Weston as pseudonyms.Andre Norton published her first novel in 1934, and was the first woman to receive the Gandalf Grand Master Award from the World Science Fiction Society in 1977, and won the Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America SFWA association in 1983.Norton was twice nominated for the Hugo Award, in 1964 for the novel Witch World and in 1967 for the novelette Wizard s World She was nominated three times for the World Fantasy Award for lifetime achievement, winning the award in 1998 Norton won a number of other genre awards, and regularly had works appear in the Locus annual best of year polls.On February 20, 2005, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, which had earlier honored her with its Grand Master Award in 1983, announced the creation of the Andre Norton Award, to be given each year for an outstanding work of fantasy or science fiction for the young adult literature market, beginning in 2006 Often called the Grande Dame of Science Fiction and Fantasy by biographers such as J M Cornwell and organizations such as Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Publishers Weekly, and Time, Andre Norton wrote novels for over 70 years She had a profound influence on the entire genre, having over 300 published titles read by at least four generations of science fiction and fantasy readers and writers Notable authors who cite her influence include Greg Bear, Lois McMaster Bujold, C J Cherryh, Cecilia Dart Thornton, Tanya Huff, Mercedes Lackey, Charles de Lint, Joan D Vinge, David Weber, K D Wentworth, and Catherine Asaro.


    1. freebie novella here, about 100 pages, pretty decent if you like classic science fiction and don't mind if it focuses more on action and adventure than introspection.Ras Hume, a spaceship pilot now sunk to interplanetary hunting safari guide, discovers a long-lost spaceship crashed on an unexplored planet (no survivors) and has a bright idea. He visits a Mafia-type crime lord and proposes a huge scam: take an orphaned and aimless young man, illegally brain-wipe him so he believes he's the shipwr [...]

    2. Ovo je bilo malo iznenađenje, Andre Norton, kakav Andre Norton?Opet neki pseudoniom wannabe domaćeg autora(ice)???Ma kakvi, malo Wiki kopanja i ispalo je kako se radi o ženi (Alice Mary Norton, 1912-2005), legendi fantasy i SF literature (prekopajte i sami).Ovo je iz 1961. i odmah mora biti jasno što treba očekivati - jedan zabavan SF trash/pulp.I zabavno je bilo ukoliko možete podesiti vremenski preklopnik na "gama cijevi" i "igličaste pištolje"Kratko i baš simpa za malo starije nostal [...]

    3. This is an interesting story which could be developed much better. As it is, the ending feels too abrupt and the whole story rushed. A hotshot pilot turned star hunter (think safari guide on inter-planet scale) holds a grudge against a wealthy family whose representative crippled him as a result of his arrogance. Now he (the pilot) has a very good change to get even: the only heir of that family is lost somewhere in space, but the pilot/hunter found remains of his equipment on one of the planets [...]

    4. (LibriVox Recording) The story line involves an antihero who finds that he has someone's memories as well as his own, an egotistical antagonist, and an antagonist turned friend on an alien world with dangerous fauna. There are some exciting chase sequences but the story falls apart near the end. This is not the best of Andre Norton's stories. The recording is good and made a good companion while on a long drive. I had read this story in the early 1960's so this was my getting re-acquainted with [...]

    5. I listened to the audiobook of this book published in 1961.This was an enjoyable book. A disgruntled guild spacer discovered the crash sight of a family who owned billions of credits and property. He approaches a criminal mind to make arrangements to present some older teenager as the lost son to obtain some of those billions. Jim Roberts, who narrated the book, is not an actor. I'm so accustomed to actors narrating books, that it took a couple of chapters to get used to someone who does straigh [...]

    6. Great ride, interesting twists and turns keep comingThis is my first Andre Norton book, and I really liked it. A seemingly straight forward partnership launches the tale, Hume wants a little payback, and Wass wants a reasonable, if illegal, profit. As they set their plan in motion, and the story unfolds, all of the characters are reminded of the many perils of new frontiers.Vye was an intriguing character, as he wrestles with the situation June and Wass' plot places him in. He comes to learn a l [...]

    7. GreatOne of Norton best even if it is one of her oldest. I enjoyed reading it. Missed this one years ago

    8. not a bad story.I still have some trouble understanding some of the terminology seeing as I haven't read a lot of the other works but otherwise a decent book with some mind boggling twists.

    9. The third in the sweetly priced Andre Norton Kindle set I picked up, and I see a pattern here. Much like the first two books, the story is basically about a young guy, finding his way, paired with an older partner/mentor. Together they have to stay alive etc etc etc.The plot of this one is a bit weird because it starts off really interesting, and ends like halfway through, turning from that point onward into the normal "buddy cop" adventure. This isn't a spoiler, but basically one guy betrays/se [...]

    10. Yet another space adventure novella by Andre (Alice) Norton, originally published as part of a twofer as part of the sci-fi goldmine that was the Ace Double series.A hunter who runs safaris on wild planets concocts a plan to inherit a fortune by planting a phony heir at the site of where the real one crash landed.The imposter has to be implanted with some false memories through the process of "brain-channeling", but unfortunately he still vaguely remembers who he is. More unfortunate still, the [...]

    11. Nahuatl's larger moon pursued the smaller, greenish globe of its companion across a cloudless sky in which the stars made a speckled pattern like the scales of a huge serpent coiled around a black bowl. Ras Hume paused at the border of scented spike-flowers on the top terrace of the Pleasure House to wonder why he thought of serpents. He understood. Mankind's age-old hatred, brought from his native planet to the distant stars, was evil symbolized by a coil in a twisted, belly-path across the gro [...]

    12. The least enjoyable of the three that I've read from the collection Visions of Distant Shores: An Andre Norton Collection. You don't get to know what was in that valley - maybe a ploy for another book in the series?

    13. Simpatično, brzo i nadasve puno ideja za ono vrijeme. Žena je imala mašu na kojoj bi joj mogli pozavidjeti svi današnji pisci sf-a.Pročitala uz popodnevnu kavu i ostala zatečena, slučajno mi došla pod ruku u mom istraživanju neobičnih knjiga.Za nas katastrofalno loš prijevod, to je bila jedina mana, vjerujem da je puno bolja u originalu, ali ipak se veselim i ostalim njenim knjigama.

    14. Historical SciFi is okay, but has a mundane single theme storyline. The cool scifi concept started good but didn't go anywhere. I remember reading Andre Norton when I was a kid and really enjoyed the novels, but then again, I thought Andre Norton was a guy! Ms Alice Andre Norton's novels still in my heart. . . .

    15. Fun book. Didn't remember it at all from having read it in my teen years. Looks like a sequel may have been intended, but I can't be bothered to look it up and see. In any case, fun little old-time SF read. Obvious basis of the "Safari Ship" adventure from Traveller.

    16. Great space pilot gets hurt. Becomes out hunter. Lands on planet and finds wreck. He and another get into plot to trap criminal. Strange trap on planet changes plans.They wrap up case and have happy ending.

    17. Andre Norton is one of my favorite authors. They way she can spin a tale, be it complex or simple, makes any adventure an enjoyable read. The characters are not 2-dimensional.

    18. Swashbuckling sci-fi adventure, indeed. Fun and vaguely cross-genre. Not terribly challenging but awfully well-written.

    19. Alice m does it again.A simple story told well. Written for the young adult who still believe s that good will always win out.

    20. Ha, scheme for billions gone wrong. Creepy semi-sentient planet. Mind control, etc. Great setting, open ending that makes me wish this was part of a series.

    21. Good read. Dated but I'm currently reading the old classics and appreciating them more now than I might have in the past.

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