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Star A lot has been written about Hollywood but not a lot of people get it right Everybody talks about air kissing and the casting couch This book goes well beyond that to show what really happens when a

  • Title: Star
  • Author: Pamela Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780743493727
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A lot has been written about Hollywood, but not a lot of people get it right Everybody talks about air kissing and the casting couch This book goes well beyond that to show what really happens when a beautiful girl comes to Hollywood Lights, camera, action and where are they gluing that hair

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        Canadian born actress, sex symbol, glamour model, producer, TV personality, and author She holds both American and Canadian citizenship For a time, she was known as Pamela Anderson Lee after marrying the drummer for M tley Cr e, Tommy Lee.


    1. They say Star is a book that fictionalizes Pamela Anderson's life through her alter ego, and there is just a thin connection to her real life, especially her journey to becoming one of the most desirable poster girls there has ever been. I am not so sure about that. There was this brief moment when I was interested in Pamela's brains, but it did not last very long because she has other assets that easily distract my interest (hey, what can I say, I am just a simple woman who appreciates visual s [...]

    2. let me just say that this was a birthday gift from my friend billy. i was reading the book jacket (which comes with a naked pinup of pamela on the side cover!) when i realized that billy read the book before he sent it to me and wrote clever, sarcastic commentary in pencil throughout the margins. genius! he breaks down unhealthy relationship dynamics, bad grammar and run-on sentences. once you start reading it just doesn't take long to get through it. just as you would guess it this novel is a t [...]

    3. I can't believe I own this. I really want to put this in the box I have to take my local used book store but don't know if I can bring myself to do so. "uh hi, I'd like to trade this inI swear its not mine, it's my uh.le sistersI meanI got it as a present, yeah a presentat's it. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST TAKE THE DARN BOOK ALRIGHT??" Maybe I could exchange it for Paris Hilton's "Confessions of an Heiress", or Lauren Conrad's "LA Candy"?

    4. I wish I could give it less than one star. Honestly. Couldn't even get past the third chapter. I was hoping for a light read, but ended up disgusted with the writing style and the complete unbelievability of the plot and characters, despite the book being loosely based on Pam's life. I can't quite blame her for it though, considering the entire book was ghostwritten by a male.Awful. If you still enjoy reading youth-targeted fiction like "The Babysitter's Club", but wished it was littered with se [...]

    5. I know, I knowPamela Anderson? Believe it or not this book really made me see her in a very different light. Surprise-Surprise-Surprise. It really is good and although the names have been changed and is supposed to be a made up story but it is loosely based on her life. it was fun to figure out who everyone was.______________________________________________________________________If you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups. Check us out!Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie [...]

    6. I must state that I love Pamela Anderson, and you must have some form of admiration for her to be able to appreciate this book. It's a fictionalized and highly exaggerated version of her rise to fame, but it's a great summer read. Pamela, along with her ghost writer, did an excellent job with the book as it's full of everything a summer book should have: love, romance, drama, action, suspense, money and fame. This is not the next great American novel, and it knows that; it doesn't take itself se [...]

    7. A horrible waste of paper, ink and my time. Ugh! I went into it really wanting to like it. I really wanted it to be a good book, a sort of a "I'm not just a blonde girl with big boobs" kinda book, ya know? I was sadly disappointed. I knew from the first chapter that it was going to be awful, but I stuck it out until the end anyways. I'm not sure why. When it comes to recommending this book, I recommend you stay as far away from it as possible.

    8. get ya thesaurus at the ready! this book never really needed to be good to sell so it's not. face it, it was gonna sell anyway. men were going to buy it for emergency wank material and women were going to buy it because we tend to buy this sort of crap if it has a celeb name on itry boring and bad prose. :(

    9. This is pretty much the type of book you'd expect Pam Anderson to write. Except, she didn't write it. She had someone else ghost-write it. And you'd think that since Pam Anderson is all famous and rich, she could hire someone with talent. But this book was one long, vapid exercise in brainlessness. As a final insult, the sex scenes were bad.

    10. Well, I love how they've changed names and stuff around, so you can track Pamela's career. Like, instead of Tool Time, it's Hammer Time. Really funny.Nice gratuitous sex. Smut.Exactly what summer calls for

    11. I checked this book out from my local library and really disappointed to see that it only got 2.67 stars. The rating was pretty generous considering all the mistakes. Once I got into the book it was somewhat entertaining. Just getting into it was very difficult.

    12. i was at the dollar store in orem, utah and saw this book. i made my mom buy it for me. it was exactly what i thought and wanted it to be. good times had by all.

    13. Okay, what even is this book? It was just awful! The only reason I picked this up was because I wanted to try reading one of the "worst rated books on ", and clearly this book was on the list for a reason.I thought that this would be a light read and just be a quick and simple read. Just a book without deep meaning However, this book was terribly written with such a ridiculous plot. This book was supposed to vaguely resemble Pamela Anderson's life. But, this book was awful. Just awful. I cannot [...]

    14. I like Pamela Anderson and I wanted to like this book; however, its faults weigh heavily on the reader. Thoughts appear sporadically from random characters throughout the story, careening the point of view off course. The lazy writing is especially noticed when the same key phrasing is used to end or gloss over scenes just when they have the potential to get interesting. The final third of the novel is worse than the rest, as even the redeeming sparkle in the main character's voice falls flat. T [...]

    15. Star Leigh is the woman that every girl wants to be. She's busty and popular, and snags a job a beer girl. Shortly after, her acting career is launch, she's living in California, and getting caught up in the whirl wind of partying, fame, sex, and stardom. She must learn who is a friend, who is an ally, and who just wants to see her crash and burn. After all, being a Star comes with a price, and is it one that she's willing to pay?-----This was a quick, easy, typical chick lit summer read. Pamela [...]

    16. I read this book primarily because my cousin was the ghost writer. Given this knowledge, some of the more graphic sex scenes gave me pause,(especially an orgy near the end) if only because I pictured my elderly great-aunt reading them. That being said, it was an amusing tale of a young girl who comes to the Hollywood scene riding on her good looks. At times it is hard to believe how naive this character is, especially the scene when she flies to LA and is completely ignorant of airport policies. [...]

    17. This is a horribly bad yet fun story of Pam's life turned into fiction. The obvious use of "big words" screamed to me, "I am too smart!" All said and done though, I really enjoyed the story. It was a guilty read just like any Harlequin which this novel really is. If I didn't know this was Pam's life I would have just assumed that Fabio would be on the cover. Since it is based on truth though, I wonder if she really did sleep with so many people to get where she is! Although the lead, Star, is a [...]

    18. Looks can be deceiving, and don't judge a book by its cover. that's what i learned to this book.when me and my friend bought this book, i thought it was a teenage adult book but were wrong this book is not for our age by that time, and it's not for teenagers, its for adults!for the first time, in my life, this book made me see things that is way beyond my knowing. this is the book who introduce me in such things (well, for those who read it, you know what i'm talking about)well, i don't know any [...]

    19. It's hard to work out exactly what the point of this book was. It's loosely based around Ms Anderson's life, but why not just have the ghost writer write her bio? If the reason is because it lacked pizazz then why not write a fiction novel that is total fiction? Instead we have a mix of the two which sort of works, but naturally you find yourself comparing names in the book to real people which takes away from the story, such as it is.This book sat on my shelf for over 5 years as I'd heard it wa [...]

    20. Such trash! Why am I reading this!! Must Star is written as an incredibly naive girl. I keep thinking I'm reading about a 10 year old girlwho's kinda slutty let's say a young adult with the mental age of 10. And the plot is so unbelievable, this should be catagorized as a "fantasy" noveloh, and there's a spelling error on page 71!! "THERE going to fly me out to Los Angeles" What?! Also, what is with every character star meets shortening their name?! So repetitive & stupid!

    21. I read this book. I read the whole thing. Yes. I read every page. I read it all. I enjoyed the sex scenes very much. I only gave this enjoyable read one star because Pamela's boobs are bigger than mine, she's rich and I'm not and she was helped by a ghost. I hate that shit. No ghosts help me write MY books! Boo fucking hoo. Also. She was chased down and caught by Tommy Lee. I hear he's an idiot and I believe it but I've never been chased down and caught by a big dick rock star before. So this re [...]

    22. What I realized with this book is that Pam actually wrote this novel. This is not an autobiography. Surprisingly, she didn't do such a bad job. What she did was write the book with fictional characters that mimic her life. So you can tell it is her story of how she got through the business through somebody else. Not my fave autobiography but still okay. Also doesn't hold a candle to the Jenna Jameson autobio.

    23. received this book as a gift from a friend who saw it in the store and thought of me -- hahai'm not sure how i should feel about that any rate, i hate to admit i kinda liked it. i would read it on the train but try my best to hide the cover behind my purse in my lap (nyc-ers tend to be smarty book snobs). it's no literary masterpiece by any means, but it was a nice fluffy summer read.

    24. When I started reading the first page, it was very promising. Then BAM, the softcore Lesbian sex scene at the beach. There were a number of sex scenes and three of them freaked me out. It really wasn't tooo bad of a book. The main character, Star is one of those people who you can't help but like. If the story had less sex, more content and maybe a different story line (haha) it could have been good chick-lit.

    25. This is nothing more than a thinly disguised autobiography of Pamela Anderson's life. But it is a fun read. She is not shy about herself, her past, her faults, her various sexual conquests, etc. And she has a good sense of humor, much of it aimed at herself. There are several times during the book where she makes fun of herself and her very small town upbringing (her first plane trip is a hoot!). Worth the time to read, very fun!

    26. If you ever wondered what would happen if Pamela Anderson wrote a book, lemme tell you it really is THAT bad. This thinly veiled excuse for an autobiography is just painful. Don't think the self-indulgent, ridiculous exploits will be entertaining, like a train wreck, the way it was fun to watch that crazy girl from The Hills keep on getting those plastic surgeries. No, not only is it ridiculous, STAR just isn't fun either.

    27. This was a bargain book that I paid $5 or something for, and I thought it'd be good, light, trashy reading. It was definitely light and trashy but good well, maybe. I am not sure how I could be disappointed by a book I had such low expectations for in the first place, but it was pretty bad! The dialogue was especially horrible--it was written at about a 2nd grade level (except with sex scenes). I'm not sure that there's much else to say about it, but I got what I paid for.

    28. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. Poorly written, not interesting at all. I tried reading it and I really tried finishing it but only got about half way through. I thought I would like it and end up loving Pam but OMG it sucks. I just don't care what a trashy skank Pam is. It makes me think less of her now because you know Star is based on Pam. It's not even good chic lit. Totally not worth reading.

    29. This wasn't bad, sometimes it cracked me up. I wanted a little more insight into Pamela's life so I wish it were an autobiography instead of fiction. Obviously, it was based on her life but to what extent I'll never know. Overall, it was a light book to read and pretty fun with some memorable scenes. She can make a sex scene both sexy & funny at the same time.

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