Deceitful Moon

Deceitful Moon

Rick Murcer / Dec 16, 2019

Deceitful Moon New Edition Detective Manny Williams and his partner Sophie Lee are called to the scene of a disturbing and gruesome murder at Lansing s local adult playhouse the White Kitty The circumstances surr

  • Title: Deceitful Moon
  • Author: Rick Murcer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • New Edition Detective Manny Williams and his partner, Sophie Lee, are called to the scene of a disturbing and gruesome murder at Lansing s local adult playhouse, the White Kitty The circumstances surrounding the ex con s murder rocket deeper into the bizarre as the forensic evidence reveals questions than answers As he begins his investigation, Manny is interrup New Edition Detective Manny Williams and his partner, Sophie Lee, are called to the scene of a disturbing and gruesome murder at Lansing s local adult playhouse, the White Kitty The circumstances surrounding the ex con s murder rocket deeper into the bizarre as the forensic evidence reveals questions than answers As he begins his investigation, Manny is interrupted by a phone call that shakes his world His nemesis, serial killer Dr Fredrick Argyle, has killed again, and sent the evidence to prove it Argyle s heinous actions force Manny and Sophie back to the Caribbean All the while, the body count rises in his city Two serial killers Each threatening to change his life forever One succeeds Few have mastered the art of following their first blockbuster with an even engaging, thrilling, unpredictable bookuntil Rick Murcer released Deceitful Moon It takes your breath away on so many levels, from spine tingling suspense and thrills, to emotional, poignant moments that leave an imprint so deep you can t wait to read his next book Murcer hits a moon shot home run with Deceitful Moon Actually, he knocks it all the way out of the park John W Mefford, Best selling suspense author of COMMITTED This is the second Manny Williams Thriller

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        Rick Murcer lives in Michigan and like many in that part of the country lost his job in 2008 due to a decline in the economy An experienced executive, he sent out over 600 resumes without success With unemployment benefits waning and savings nearly depleted he did the only logical thing he could think ofcide to become a writer Fortunately for Rick, he defied all conventional wisdom about self publishing and literally became an overnight sensation His first three books Caribbean Moon, Deceitful Moon, and Emerald Moon sold than 300,000 copies between April and October 2011 He had two books in s top ten for many weeks and became both a New York Times and USA Today best selling author.Rick graduated from Michigan State University and is fairly new to the game of writing Proving his knack for storytelling, the first piece he had ever written, Herb s Home Run, was published by The Writer s Journal in 2002 Rick attributes his success to hard work and God s blessing and believes that you can achieve any goal you wish if you just set your mind to it Rick has been married longer than his wife likes to admit, and they have two grown children, three grandkids, and a blind, black Lab named Max, who serves as Rick s writing dog Each morning Max pushes Rick to his writing room so that the dog can snore on his rug while Rick ponds away on the keys And pounds away he does Rick is one of those amazing writers that are so energized by the stories in their heads the words just flow onto the page He has many works in progress so expect titles from him in the near future.


    1. Deceitful Moon picks up 3 months after the events of Caribbean Moon, the first book in the Detective Manny Williams series. I would suggest reading the books in order, as the story line from the previous book continues. They are not really stand alones.In Deceitful Moon, there are two plot lines, so there is a lot going on and a lot to keep up with. Firstly, Manny and his partner, Sophie Lee, continue to hunt the serial killer who appeared in the first book, briefly sending them back to the Cari [...]

    2. This new novel is sure to satisfy anyone who loved Caribbean Moon, our first encounter with Manny Williams. The author’s vivid writing style is wielded with more finesse here, and the suspense of several different plot lines weaves throughout the entire story.A few of the fundamental premises of the book, though, stretch credibility a bit too far for my liking—particularly the sheer number of insane women who managed to find each other and develop a credible plan to kill and maim men whom th [...]

    3. Way better than the first one. The two plot lines are keeping the reader alert all the time. But still something is missing for me. The reasonsing of the murder is not very convincing and it feels it's on ffw. Other than that, I really enjoyed it and will definitely continue with the next one of the series.

    4. 4 and 1 / 2 starsDetective Manny Williams and his partner Sophie Lee are detectives in the Lansing, Michigan Police Department and are investigating the murder of a man in an alley behind a peep show arcade called the White Kitty.When Manny receives an unwanted phone call from Dr. Argyle, he suspects the worst. An all-around bad guy and serial killer from the last novel, Argyle has sworn vengeance against Manny and his colleagues at the Lansing Police Department. Argyle calls him to taunt him wi [...]

    5. Good book - likeable characters. My only objection is that the antagonist is as smart as Manny Williams. I rate it 4.4 stars.

    6. Mystery. Couldn't out of down. Really enjoyed this book. Want to read more of Manny Williams series. Very good reads for those who like cop stories.

    7. I enjoyed this fast-paced, well-plotted, suspenseful mystery that comes with a side of light banter to balance the gruesome deaths. My rating 4.5.Manny is a dedicated, driven, workaholic police detective. He loves his wife and daughter but that doesn’t stop him from getting pulled away when he is deep in pursuit of a killer. He gets along well with his partner, Sophie, who, even though married, seems to flirt a bit - okay outrageously - especially with one of the FBI agents they have been work [...]

    8. This is an extremely well plotted mystery thriller with 2 beautifully constructed mysteries, and vibrant characters. It is the second book in the series (I read the first book some years ago), and, while this book can be read as a standalone novel, I think it best if the reader reads this series in order, because these stories interlock so closely. However, even if you read this one first, I think you will find it absorbing.There are 2 sets of villains, and 2 sets of violent crimes that must be [...]

    9. HOLY COW. Justwow. I started this series hoping they would be quick and engaging reads, and my expectations were easily surpassed, particularly with this second installment of the Manny Williams series. The vagueness surrounding members of the Justice Club made it a little hard to follow at times, but the suspense started early and lasted throughout the entire book. Deceitful Moon begins three months after the end of the first book, Caribbean Moon, and I enjoyed the overlap between the two. This [...]

    10. This series, 'The Manny Williams Series', just keeps getting better. 'Deceitful Moon' is full of thrilling scenes, mystery, suspense, some intense action and of course, deceit. The storyline blew me away. I loved how it played out. This book has a lot going on, but it's not confusing. The characters were great. Except for Argyle- he's an arrogant, egotistical, evil Hannibal type. He truly makes the perfect bad guy. Manny is a strong willed detective that is loyal to a fault. He makes the series [...]

    11. Deceitful moon is the second of Rick Murcers novels about Detective Manny Williams, and in this one, too, he shows us the action from both the protagonists' and the antagonists' view. A few twists occur which had me convinced part of it was a dream, but not so.Like Caribbean moon, Deceitful moon is well and engagingly written, and sees the return of what seems to be the Moriarty to Williams' Holmes, dr. Frederick Argyle.

    12. Good mystery thriller, full of suspense and strange twists in this 2nd Danny Williams series, downloaded it directly after the first one, Caribbean Moon, which is probably the best way to read this book. The characters are authentic, at least for the cops, can't say I have known many serial killers. The plot makes you hang on for the ride. Now, for the third one, which picks up right at the end of the 2nd with several free chapters to hook you!

    13. First I have to admit that I enjoyed this novel. However I will not be reading anymore of Rick Murcer's books. I'm already tired of the story line that has spanned his first two books. Writing a story arc that lasts 3 or more books feels like a promotional gimmick to sell more books.

    14. A very good thriller with continuations from the first book in the series. Wanted to read the third, "Emerald Moon", but Kindle does not carry that book. Will get to it later. Rick Mercer has has a good character in Manny Williams and his gang. Hope to read more is his books.

    15. I really enjoyed this second Manny Williams Thriller. I was a little disappointed in the ending but it will not stop reading the next two books.

    16. I am truly enjoying this series. The plots are great , the peripheral characters are interesting, the dialogue is good.

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