The Tunnel

The Tunnel

Ernesto Sabato Colm Tóibín Margaret Sayers Peden / Mar 29, 2020

The Tunnel One of the great short novels of the twentieth century in an edition marking the th anniversary of the author s birth An unforgettable psychological novel of obsessive love The Tunnel was champion

  • Title: The Tunnel
  • Author: Ernesto Sabato Colm Tóibín Margaret Sayers Peden
  • ISBN: 9780143106531
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback
  • One of the great short novels of the twentieth century in an edition marking the 100th anniversary of the author s birth.An unforgettable psychological novel of obsessive love, The Tunnel was championed by Albert Camus, Thomas Mann, and Graham Greene upon its publication in 1948 and went on to become an international bestseller At its center is an artist named Juan PabloOne of the great short novels of the twentieth century in an edition marking the 100th anniversary of the author s birth.An unforgettable psychological novel of obsessive love, The Tunnel was championed by Albert Camus, Thomas Mann, and Graham Greene upon its publication in 1948 and went on to become an international bestseller At its center is an artist named Juan Pablo Castel, who recounts from his prison cell his murder of a woman named Mar a Iribarne Obsessed from the moment he sees her examining one of his paintings, Castel fantasizes for months about how they might meet again When he happens upon her one day, a relationship develops that convinces him of their mutual love But Castel s growing paranoia leads him to destroy the one thing he truly cares about.For than sixty five years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English speaking world With than 1,500 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up to date translations by award winning translators.

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      • Ernesto Sabato Colm Tóibín Margaret Sayers Peden

        Ernesto S bato naci en Rojas, provincia de Buenos Aires, en 1911, hizo su doctorado en f sica y cursos de filosof a en la Universidad de La Plata, trabaj en radiaciones at micas en el Laboratorio Curie, en Francia, y abandon definitivamente la ciencia en 1945 para dedicarse exclusivamente a la literatura Ha escrito varios libros de ensayo sobre el hombre en la crisis de nuestro tiempo y sobre el sentido de la actividad literaria as , El escritor y sus fantasmas, Apolog as y rechazos, Uno y el Universo y La resistencia , su autobiograf a, Antes del fin, y tres novelas El t nel, Sobre h roes y tumbas y Abadd n, el exterminador Escritores tan dispares como Camus, Greene y Thomas Mann, como Quasimodo y Piovene, como Gombrowicz y Nadeau han escrito con admiraci n sobre su obra, que ha obtenido el Premio Cervantes, el Premio Men ndez Pelayo, el Premio Jerusal n y la Medalla de Oro del C rculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid.Ernesto Sabato was an Argentine writer, painter and physicist According to the BBC he won some of the most prestigious prizes in Hispanic literature and became very influential in the literary world throughout Latin America Upon his death El Pa s dubbed him the last classic writer in Argentine literature.Sabato was born in Rojas, a small town in Buenos Aires Province Sabato began his studies at the Colegio Nacional de La Plata He then studied physics at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata, where he earned a Ph.D He then attended the Sorbonne in Paris and worked at the Curie Institute After World War II, he lost faith in science and started writing.Sabato s oeuvre includes three novels El T nel 1948 , Sobre h roes y tumbas 1961 and Abadd n el exterminador 1974 The first of these received critical acclaim upon its publication from, among others, fellow writers Albert Camus and Thomas Mann The second is regarded as his masterpiece, though he nearly burnt it like many of his other works Sabato s essays cover topics as diverse as metaphysics, politics and tango His writings led him to receive many international prizes, including the Legion of Honour France , the Prix M dicis Italy and the Miguel de Cervantes Prize Spain.


    1. One of the giants of Latin American literature, Ernesto Sábato (1911-2011) lived most of his life in Buenos Aires, Argentina and periodically committed his own manuscripts to the flames, noting in one interview with wry satisfaction how fire is purifying. Fortunately, in addition to many essays, three of his novels survive. Before commenting on ‘The Tunnel’, his first novel written in 1948, some observations on his other two: ‘On Heroes and Tombs’, Sábato’s dark, brooding 500 pager i [...]

    2. «ΘΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΑΡΚΕΤΟ ΝΑ ΠΩ ΠΩΣ ΕΙΜΑΙ Ο ΧΟΥΑΝ ΠΑΜΠΛΟ ΚΑΣΤΕΛ, ο ζωγράφος που σκότωσε τη Μαρία Ιριμπάρνεο. Υποθέτω πως η δίκη βρίσκεται στη μνήμη όλων και πως δεν χρειάζονται περισσότερες εξηγήσεις για το άτομό μου. Κι είναι αλήθεια πως ούτε ο διάβολος ξέρει τι είναι αυτό που πρέπε [...]

    3. Sabato’s The Tunnel (1948) resembles Camus’ The Stranger (1942), for both are spare, short novels featuring murderer-protagonists as first person narrators, men who are profoundly alienated not only from their societies but also from any meaningful personal relationship. But the two protagonists are very different from each other too. Camus’ hero Meursault, a shipping clerk, is an unimaginative man alienated from his own emotions; Sabato’s hero Castel, a well-known painter, experiences h [...]

    4. It was just about the stroke of dawn, lilacs started to bloom, the birds were singing along, the orchestra was about to embark on, I got up early and decided to plunge myself in books, I'd a few options- The Tunnel, Beauty and Sadness, and Requiem: A hallucination, I chose The Tunnel, for from excerpts of the book, it occurred to be an existential tale of an account of relationship of an artist-Juan Pablo Castel- with Maria Iribarne whom he murdered, I was listening to Shine on your crazy Diamon [...]

    5. La felicidad está rodeada de dolor. Primer libro que leo de Sabato. Muy bueno. Es una lectura breve pero intensa. La soledad y el asco existencial sartriano es palpable en cada página, y estuvo muy bien tratado, al igual que la locura del amor llevada a su grado delictivo. Lo recomiendo sin un ápice de duda.

    6. En "El Túnel", así como en "Crónica de una muerte anunciada" no importa el "cómo" sino el "por qué". Ya desde las primeras líneas, el narrador genera el spoiler: "Bastará decir que soy Juan Pablo Castel, el pintor que mató a María Iribarne". A partir de allí, la trama intrincada para llegar al final de este túnel laberíntico (sobre todo el que está dentro de la mente de Juan Pablo). ¡Una novela TAN dostoievskiana! Castel es una especie de Raskólnikov argentino con su propio crimen [...]

    7. Podés encontrar esta y otras reseñas en mi blog.«() en todo caso había un solo túnel, oscuro y solitario: el mío, el túnel en el que había transcurrido mi infancia, mi juventud, toda mi vida.»Por fin leí este clásico que tenía pendiente desde hace años y tuve que dejar pasar bastante tiempo para para poder escribir algo más o menos coherente, fue un libro que me voló la cabeza y me dejó destruido cuando lo terminé.Uno de los motivos por los cuales retrasé esta lectura fue que p [...]

    8. You know I was going to review this book but then it occurred to me that I would never know if you have read my review. I mean yes, I do get likes but suppose people are liking them without reading them. Of course, why would anyone do that? Two possibilities seem to suggest themselves – either they want to make a fool of me by making me keep writing reviews that no one reads or to distract me from something. Of course, that in itself calls for a mass conspiracy because so many people from so m [...]

    9. " والذاكرة بالنسبة لي، أشبه ما تكون بنور باهت يضيء متحفاً قذراً " هكذا فكر " خوان بابلو كاستيل " وهو يقاوم أزيز ذاكرته السقيمة التي ذكرته بشكل وقح بأنه قتل " ماريا أيريبارني" وهو قابع في زنزانة ذاته قبل أن يكون سجيناً في قفص الإتهام " إن العالم لفظيع حقيقة لا تحتاج إلى برهان "فكر [...]

    10. The Tunnel by Sabato, inspired by Dostoevsky and Kafka, is not just an intriguing novel but also an important existential classic. It cannot be totally denied that there are some similarities between Castel of this novel and Meursault from The Stranger but Castel is not too nihilistic in his views. The heart of Castel might have been frozen, but there was a drop or two of love - just enough to feed the birds.Solitude is often thought of as something self-warranted. Sometimes, even a man who buil [...]

    11. If you want to foreground a sociopath-misogynist-stalker's sense of urban isolation and alienation against a woman's prolonged emotional and physical abuse at the hands of the same person and call it existentialist literature, your choice. Just don't expect me to appreciate it.

    12. النفق عنوان معبر جدا عن عزلة بطل الرواية وكأنه يعيش في نفق من صنع أفكاره بداخله عالم لا حدود له من الافتراضات والتصورات وهوس التحليل الدقيق لكل فعل وقولالرائع هنا أحاديثه مع نفسه التي رسمت بدقة شخصيته وتركيبته الذهنية والنفسية المليئة بالتعقيد والغرورالرواية اعتراف منه بج [...]

    13. “El hombre tiene tanto apego a lo que existe, que prefiere finalmente soportar su imperfección y el dolor que causa su fealdad, antes que aniquilar la fantasmagoría con un acto de propia voluntad.” El pesimismo, la soledad y la obsesión hecho libro. Probablemente esto resumiría mi percepción de este libro, y diría mucho de él sin decir nada, pero es lo que se siente. Cada palabra dicha por Castel, nuestro narrador, refleja una naturaleza perturbada por el desprecio hacia su entorno y [...]

    14. It should be sufficient to say that I am Juan Pablo Castel, the painter who killed María Iribarne.That is how the story unfolded itself. It began with that one sentence - a simple, staightforward confession. After I finished the novella, it felt like waking up from a dream. Not just a normal dream but a nightmarish one. The kind that leaves you dazed as its after effect.There was one person who could have understood me. But she was the very person I killed.It's no secret that Castel was the one [...]

    15. Disculpen la brevedad de esto y su tardanza, lo que ocurre es que estoy bastante corto de tiempo para el ocio. La mejor recomendación que me ha hecho un ex. Brillante libro, bastante directo y conciso; un texto que revela ese punto en que el amor —o lo que se cree que es— se vuelve enfermizo; la naturaleza de la mismísima obsesión, la toxicidad y la destrucción que conlleva. Si te gustó "Crónica de una Muerte Anunciada" de Márquez-bebé, seguro que disfrutarás de esta belleza."En rea [...]

    16. “La felicidad está rodeada de dolor.”Una breve pero sustanciosa e intensísima narración de tipo psicológico, escrita por el asombroso intelecto de Ernesto Sabato (1911-2011), quien antes de dedicarse de lleno a la literatura fue un brillante físico-matemático. El personaje principal de la novela es un pintor llamado Juan Pablo Castel quien desde la cárcel nos relata un fragmento de su vida que inicia cuando conoce y se enamora de María Iribarne hasta que, poseído por el odio, el des [...]

    17. Hell with it; I'm giving everything five stars. I just finished reading this short novel by the Argentine, Ernesto Sábato. How can you not read a book that begins with this line:Bastará decir que soy Juan Pablo Castel, el pintor que mató a María Iribarne; supongo que el proceso está en el recuerdo de todos y que no se necesitan mayores explicaciones sobre mi persona.(Suffice it to say that I am Juan Pablo Castel, the painter who killed Maria Iribarne; I suppose that the trial is still in ev [...]

    18. One of the first things I did after coming back home from my summer trip, is grabbing Ernesto Sabato's Tunnel for the second time. I had first read it in early 2008. It was in my head throughout the summer. I felt that I have missed the book and I need to re-read it. By it, I mean its mood, its characters, its amiable yet aggressive narrative style. The Tunnel is simply a great novella. It talks about one of the main reasons behind literary production: human loneliness and the search for a conne [...]

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    20. 4.5Menos de dos meses le faltaban a Ernesto Sábado para cumplir 100 años cuando le llegó el día de partir. El físico argentino convertido en escritor fue unos de los pesos pesados de la literatura en español y dejo tras de sí lo que se podría decir una de las grandes obras de la literatura latinoamericana, con su peculiar concepción del universo. La mayoría de la gente ha oído de este libro alguna vez en su vida. Es el túnel.Argentina. Mediados de los años 40. Juan Pablo Castel es u [...]

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    22. Decepcionado, solitario, tímido, exagerado, violento, visiblemente alterado; sin mujer, ni hijos, ni hermanos, ni buenos amigos; con una madre que ha muerto y un padre que no tuvo ni la importancia suficiente como para siquiera ser mencionado en la novela. ¿Cómo sería alguien que descubre que la vida no es más que un túnel con paredes sucias y ocasionales ventanas donde no hay rastro de luz verdadera sino hasta el final del mismo? Quizá sería como un Extranjero, como un señor Meuersault [...]

    23. Cui bono?I have been trying to finish this short novel for weeks. But I can only get through 10 pages at a time. I've finally given up. I don't get it. Is there something beyond an obsessive/compulsive folie a deux that I am simply unable to comprehend? Someone please explain where I am going wrong.

    24. صدق من قال إن هذه الرواية قد كُتبت بيد مجنونالقراءة الاولي لإرنستو ساباتو وأظن أنها لن تكون الأخيرة فغرابة الرواية تجعلني أفكر في قراءة رواية أخري له ، فشخصية بطل الرواية الذي يكتب مذكراته بإسلوب مضطرب يقترب كثيراً من شخصية بطل رواية ( الإنسان الصرصار ) لديستويفيسكيفقريباً [...]

    25. Δυο μέρες βασανίζομαι τι να γράψω για αυτό το βιβλίο αλλά αδυνατώ να βάλω τις σκέψεις μου σε τάξη. Για να δούμε:#1. Ιστορία απλοϊκή#2. Ο Σαμπάτο έχει απίστευτη δύναμη γραφής.#3. Ο Σαμπάτο μπήκε στα άδυτα της ψυχής και του μυαλού ενός περίεργου ανθρώπου και έφτιαξε μια δίνη συναι [...]

    26. "en todo caso, había un solo túnel, oscuro y solitario: el mío"Hacía ya un largo tiempo que no me "caía" adentro de un libro de ésta manera. Desde el momento en que Juan Pablo Castel, narrador de esta historia, comienza su intenso relato, no pude parar de pasar las páginas hasta terminarlo. Todo el laberíntico proceso de cambio que sufre el protagonista, siendo testigos de como la mente se le va turbando en cuentagotas, rompen en un clímax final donde la resolución ya la sabemos de ant [...]

    27. On a tiny planet that has been racing toward oblivion for millions of years, we are born amid sorrow; we grow, we struggle, we grow ill, we suffer, we make others suffer, we cry out, we die, others die, and new beings are born to begin the senseless comedy all over again.Meet Juan Pablo Castel. He's 38 years old, a painter. Cynical. A killer. In his mind, there are two kinds of people. Himself and the rest. He spends his whole life moving in what he describes as a tunnel, while evreyone else is [...]

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    29. Really wanted to nail this in one sitting, but still managed it in two, wow!, this still retains it's power to shock all these years later, disturbing and even funny, Sabato features possibly the most chilling ending I have come across to date. Narrated by an artist in jail (that being Juan Pablo Castel)who practically goes about stalking a woman named Maria after he spots her eying one of his canvases in a gallery. From this moment on he forces his way into her life, learning she has a blind hu [...]

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